Romina Ch. 02

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So my fantasy has turned into reality; I am kneeling in front of my first shemale sweetheart in a locked room in the library where she works. She is wearing nothing but high heels, stay up stockings and her skirt is bunched up around her hips. Saliva is dripping off my chin as Romina’s entire 8.5 inch cock is down my throat. Her balls are also brushing my chin and the cocktail of her perfume and the salty taste of her pre-cum is intoxicating.

This is the most liberating feeling I have ever experienced – a beautiful sensual women with her large thick penis in my mouth. Romina increases the speed of her thrusts slightly and, whilst my mouth is going slightly numb from being stretched around her girth, I can feel the sensation of more blood rushing through her veiny shaft, causing the head of her cock to swell even larger in the back of my throat, as she becomes increasingly excited.

She is moaning and really hard in my mouth now and is starting to dig her long fingernails harder into my scalp. Her thrusts are becoming more urgent as she whispers ‘Honey I think I am going to cum soon’.

A few moments later I can feel her buttocks start to tense and I can taste a little squirt of pre-cum in my mouth so I know her moment of ecstasy is approaching. I want to feel her cum on my skin so badly, so I pull her cock out of my mouth, holding it by the base so as to direct the head towards my face. I close my eyes and can feel the first squirt of hot cum hit my forehead and start to drip down the bridge of my nose. The scent Kurtköy Grup Escort of her cum is so arousing. The second squirt hits my cheek. I want to taste her in my mouth too so I quickly position my open mouth with my tongue sticking out under the head of her squirting cock and take the last surges of her hot seed into my mouth. Her thick cum tastes as good as it smells as I swill it around in my mouth before swallowing it.

Romina’s fingernails release their tension on my scalp and I feel her relax after releasing her big load onto my face and into my mouth. She looks at me and says ‘Babe that was amazing’ as she kneels down to pick up her discarded panties to wipe her remaining cum from my face.

She kisses me deeply and tells me that it is my turn. Then she stands up and wriggles out of her bunched up skirt, before walking over to a table and lying back on it. She then raises her long legs, holding them together, pulling her knees back onto her lovely breasts, to show off her magnificent cock and balls, still dripping with cum, sticking up between those to die for stocking legs.

As I strip my clothes off, her pretty face peers around from behind her legs and she tells me she wants me to fuck her. I walk over to her, feasting my eyes on her magnificent figure until I am standing with my cock a couple of inches from her ass. She hands me her cum soaked panties which I wipe on my cock and her asshole for lubrication.

She quivers as she feels the head of my cock touch her asshole. Then Kurtköy Manken Escort she reaches round with one hand to position my cock perfectly to penetrate her, using the other hand to separate one of her buttocks slightly. I push my pelvis forwards and can feel her tight little ass start to stretch open over the head of my cock. She lets out a little ‘Oooo’ and then tells me to push it slowly right in.

Gradually as I start to move a little more quickly and a little harder, she opens her long legs into a V shape and I reach up with both hands to grab the heels of her red soled patent black high heeled shoes while I fuck her.

Romina looks so beautiful lying there with her pretty face, a little sweat on her upper lip, shapely breasts and erect nipples. I can still picture her lying there with her big, long fat cock starting to harden again, still dripping a little bit of cum from her earlier orgasm.

I stop thrusting and take a moment just to look at her, she smiles sweetly at me so lean over and kiss her deeply. As I start to fuck her again, her stiffening cock starts to flap up and down on her flat tummy with my thrusts, so she uses one of her elegant manicured hands to start wanking herself. As she plays with her cock this causes her asshole to tighten slightly which in turn causes me to become more aroused and even more erect.

Romina is moaning and gasping and I am in a state of mental and physical bliss as I am joined to her, moving in and out of her wonderful body. Her cock is fully Kurtköy Masöz Escort erect now as she wanks it and I gaze at it in wonder as her slender hand moves up and down its shaft as I penetrate her.

I can feel that I am going to cum soon so I tell her and she gasps that she is too and starts wanking her cock faster and harder.

As I start to cum, I thrust my cock all the way into her tight butt and she lets out a yelp shortly before her own cock erupts another round of thick cum onto her breasts and stomach, as I shoot my load into her heavenly ass.

I collapse onto her, feeling her big cock pushing against my stomach and her cum all over her breast becomes smeared against my skin as I hold her and kiss her.

We lie there for a few moments kissing. Then she asks me to use her panties again to mop her cum off her breasts and stomach as she needs to finish her shift and only has one set of clothes, so I do so caringly.

As I withdraw from her ass, it gapes slightly and my cum starts to run out so I bunch up her panties before gently pushing them up into her hole to soak up the fluid, leaving only a little strap of lace sticking out so she could remove them when she had got back to her halls of residence after finishing work.

I help her get dressed and tidy her hair until you would never have known that we had just had red hot sex. I got dressed too and we both exchanged phone numbers, agreeing to meet again, before we both slipped quietly back into the library un-noticed.

As I walked home I was still aroused by the thought of that beautiful women, with her big cock hidden under her skirt and her panties pushed up inside her ass to stop my cum running down her legs, going about her business as a librarian.

I could not wait to see her again.

To be continued…