Rich has an Adventure Ch. 03


This has cross dressing, feminization, and attempted rape. If you’re looking for a story with a lot of sex, this isn’t it. It is the follow up to my previous stories about Rich/Rachel and Sarah. It is best to read those to understand this story.


Sarah and I settled into out apartment and to living together as a couple. School started and we each began classes. I was living as Rachel all the time now, and there was no reason for me to do anything else. Caroline, Sarah’s mother arranged for me to get a legal name change to Rachel, then she had another suggestion.

“You’ve been stopped by the police a couple of times now.”

“I’m starting to hate the police.”

“Because your license says you are male, they’ve threatened you.”

“They said they wanted to put me in a men’s lockup.”

“That would be horrible.”

“What can I do besides drive super careful?”

“Get the gender on your license changed to female.”

“But if I do that…”

“You don’t have to get bottom surgery.”

“Bottom surgery?”

“Gender correction surgery – surgery to turn a penis into a vagina.”

“But I don’t want…”

“And there’s no reason you’d have to get that. I’ve got a doctor that will sign off that you are transgender, even without that.”

“You think I should…?”

“The police wouldn’t have the leverage over you then.”

“But I thought you had to go through it all.”

“You can be certified as transitional, not completed.”

“I kind of still think of myself as…”

“Are you Rachel or Rich? If you’re Rachel, you ought to go ahead.”

“I hate the cops having any leverage over me.”

“Then we should do that.”

Sarah arranged for me to get facial hair removal. We looked at both electrolysis and laser, and found that electrolysis took multiple sessions because it killed one hair follicle at a time, while laser could do an area at once. I didn’t have much chest hair, but we did that as well. No more worrying about shaving again, at least my face – underarms and legs would still need it but that’s okay. Sarah threw something else at me though.

“Rachel, love, there’s something else I’d like you to consider, though I know you’re reluctant.”

“I don’t like the sound of that.”


“I don’t want hormones.”

“And I don’t think you should. I checked into it. Often males getting HRT become sterile, and sometimes become impotent. Neither of us want that.”

“Then what?”


“You mean…?”

“Yeah, and stick with saline filled. That way if they leak, it’s not the same kind of problem as if the silicone filled leak.”

“But I have the breast forms, and I glue them on.”

“But no more problems with gluing, and when I play with them, you can really feel it.”

“I don’t know. When were you thinking of having me do it?”

“If we do it right away, you’ll have nice boobs to fill your wedding gown when we get married.”

“It seems like a big step.”

“You’ll still be very much male where it really counts for both of us.”

“How do we pay for this?”

“My mother will cover it. She said it would make getting the gender change easier. That and the laser hair removal show intention to transition.”

“But I’m not going to fully transition.”

“And I don’t want you to. I like what you have between your legs and I like what you do with it.”

“It seems like my whole life is being turned upside down.”

“Getting married and having a baby is turning both our lives upside down.”

“What else are you going to want me to change?”

“Rachel, baby, I love you and want to be with you. I don’t need you to change anything else.”

Sarah spent a long time kissing and stroking me. She ran her fingers though my hair, then went from kissing my lips to kissing my ears, then down my neck. She unbuttoned my top and opened it, then unhooked my bra. She stroked my breast forms that I had glued on.

“Rachel, baby, it would feel so much better for both of us, if this was real skin and real breasts I was touching.”

“How long would it take to heal?”

“Probably a few weeks, and you’d have to wear a support bra particularly at the start of that.”

“It just seems like…”

“Baby, you’re my best boy and my best girl. I just want it a little better for both of us.”

“How big were you thinking of?”

“Just a b-cup, about like what you have with the breast forms. About the same size as me.”

Need I bother saying that I was booked for breast implants the very next day, with the work being done only a few days later. Rachel wasn’t some pretend thing, it was who I really was, everywhere expect between my legs. As much as I loved Sarah, I hoped that would be the end of my changes.

My new boobs hurt like hell for several days after the implant surgery. I had to wear a special bra to protect and shape them and keep them in place. I had incisions that I had to clean at least daily. They gave me some pain pills and antibiotics to Kurtköy Esmer Escort lessen the pain and keep the whole thing from getting infected.

The pain dropped off after about a week, but I still had to take things easy and wear my special bra. For a while, at least, my new boobs were off limits to Sarah, but the doctor told us that would be the case. They were also swollen for a while, so we held off on selecting a wedding gown for me until the swelling went down.

Once my new boobs were open for business, Sarah wasted no time. Now you wouldn’t think that stroking my boobs would be significantly better than stroking my flat chest, but somehow it was. Sarah began by taking her thumbs across the underside of each boob. It surprised me but my nipples began to stand up as she did.

She stroked her thumbs across the underside of each breast, working her way up on each stroke until she was just below the nipple on each. Then with her other finger, stroked across the tops of each boob, not quite reaching the nipples. I moaned and squirmed and was almost desperate for her to go further. She bent over and kissed just above my right breast, then just above the left.

Sarah lowered her head to my right breast and kissed her way around the outside of both breasts in a figure eight. Then she repeated it, but going up on the edge of each boob, then again, a little deeper, until she was circling each nipple, but never quite kissing the nipples themselves. Finally, she took one nipple in her mouth.

She opened her mouth wide, taking as much of the breast in her mouth as she could, then closed her lips slowly, sucking it into her mouth as she did, letting the nipple pop free at the end. I was amazed by the feel, then she repeated it with the other boob. She spent some time kissing and sucking on my brand new boobs, doing her best to make me glad I had them.

After spending some time kissing and sucking on my boobs, she kissed me then gently pushed my head down toward her boobs, where I tried to make her feel at least as good as she’d made me feel. Look, I got the boobs to make Sarah happy, but she clearly appreciated that, and wanted to make me happy in return.

We spent a long time pleasuring each other’s breasts, then I kissed my way down between her legs and began to lick her sweet little pussy. Sarah had some bulge in her tummy from our baby, but that didn’t keep me from licking her to a great orgasm. After I did, she rolled me on my back and rode me until I came inside her. We spent a long time after, lying side by side, kissing, stroking, and touching each other, until we fell asleep from exhaustion.

Once the swelling in my boobs had gone down, we went to get fitted for wedding gowns. Sarah wanted me to wear one that was cut almost down to my navel, showing my new boobs in a discreet manner. She found one with a bodice that would allow her to somewhat hide her growing belly. We each looked great, and Sarah’s mother paid for it all.

What I found was that Caroline’s family had the money, and they were named Lopez. When she married her husband, Sarah’s father, they agreed to make sure he had a great job, but he took her last name, in place of his own, which had been Driscoll. Obviously, we talked about last names after the marriage, and Caroline wanted me to take Lopez as my last name.

At this point, I certainly wasn’t going to argue with her. Caroline was providing Sarah and I a place to live, along with providing me a job, and paying for the wedding. I agreed and Caroline and Sarah both hugged me, and of course Sarah kissed me. Caroline found a church and minister who were quite willing to marry Sarah and I, and made all the wedding arrangements.

Things seemed to be going well, and we neared the wedding date. We scheduled one rehearsal and a dinner to follow. Sarah’s sister Suzanne, my sister Julie, and our friend Kelly were among the various bridesmaids. Sarah and I each had separate dressing rooms. I was in my dressing room and had been helped by Julie and Kelly, before they were called away for something else.

While I was still in my dressing room, Sarah’s father, Andrew came in the room. I was basically decent, just touching up makeup and hair, at that point. I was surprised to see him though. He walked over to me, with a nasty look on his face, and I wondered what in the hell was going on.

“So you’re on the verge of marrying my daughter.”

“Yes, sir.”

“I’m not sure what I could do to stop that, even though I think you’re shit.”

“Sarah and I love each other.”

“When I called you in my office that time, I thought you were a lesbian.”

“Didn’t stop you from making me suck your dick.”

“If I’d known you were really a faggot, I’d have had you do that several more times.”

“I don’t have sex with guys.”

“Right. Then why did you let Ben fuck your ass?”

“Where did you hear…?”

“You can’t hide anything from me, faggot.”

“I think you need to leave.”

“I’ll leave, all right, once you suck my Kurtköy Eve Gelen Escort cock again.”

“I’m not going to do that.”

“I suppose you’d rather I fucked your ass, like Ben did.”

“I’m not doing anything with you. I want you to leave.”

“I’m not leaving until you put out, one way or another.”

With that he walked over to be. I’d been backing away from him throughout the conversation, and was backed nearly into a corner. He grabbed my arm with one hand and a boob with another and started groping my breast. I tried pulling his hand away, but he was a lot stronger than I was.

“Let go of me.”

“Not a chance, bitch. You can either get on your knees, or bend over the table.”

“I’ll scream.”

“The rooms here are well soundproofed.”

“The bridesmaids will be back any second.”

“I made sure they’ll be busy for a while.”

“Let me go, damn it.”

“I had your mouth last time, I think I want your ass, this time.”

I tried fighting him, but he physically turned me around and began to push me so I was bent over the table. He held both my hands behind my back, holding them up so I had to be bend over to avoid dislocating a shoulder. As he held my hands with one hand, he began pulling up my skirt with his other hand.

He got my skirt up around my waist, then started to pull down my panties. I was fighting as best I could, crying and struggling. He had my panties down, and I heard him pull down his zipper. Before he could stick his dick in me, I heard a sound behind us, and the sound of Caroline’s voice.

“Well, I always knew you were a sleazy piece of shit, but never thought you’d go so far as to try to rape your daughter’s bride.”

He released me and turned around. I quickly pulled down my skirt and pulled up my panties. He pulled up his pants and boxers as he replied to her.

“I came in to check on her and she wanted me to fuck her.”

“You stupid bastard. Did you think I wouldn’t make damned sure there was surveillance equipment here?”

“You’re lying.”

Caroline smiled as she replied. “Bet me. And I have your whole little exchange recorded, including your admission that you forced her to suck your dick previously.”

“You’re taking that out of context.”

“Unless you want sexual assault charges, you’re going to agree to a divorce, with very little money, and you’re going to leave your job at my parent’s company.”

“You can’t do that.”

“Of course I can. Your prenup says so, and I have lots of proof of your previous affairs, as a bonus.”

“I’ll get lawyers and we’ll fight this all the way.”

“You think I can’t hire more and better lawyers?”

“I have friends who are excellent lawyers.”

“How many of those will stick with you, if this comes out?”

“What do you mean?”

“Push this, and the judge will see the video of what you did here.”

“We’ll keep that from being admissible in court.”

“Then that would just force me to release it to everyone who knows you.”

“Please, after more than twenty years of marriage, I deserve better.”

“Most of those years, you were having affairs, with all manner of women.”

“I need time.”

“You need to leave here right now. You can take your personal possessions from the house, and get the fuck out of my life – completely.”

“You haven’t heard the end of this.”

“Push it, and the whole world will know what a piece of shit you are.”

I stood shaking in the corner as all this played out. I barely believed it, and was just grateful that Caroline came in before he could do what he was planning to do. Mr. Lopez turned, looked at me, then looked at his wife before storming out of the room, slamming the door as he left. Caroline walked over to me, put her arms around me and hugged me hard.

She helped me get to a chair, where I sat down, still shaking, and now crying over it all. She sat beside me, petted my head, and held me. It took several minutes before I completely regained my composure. I sat there knowing I had been only seconds away from being anally raped by that man.

“Rachel, I’m sorry you had to go through that.”

“I knew he didn’t like me, but I didn’t think he’d…”

“But before too long, he will be out of my life, your life, and Sarah’s life.”

“You really recorded what happened here?”

“I don’t bluff – not with that much on the line.”

It seems she had suspected that her husband would pull some kinds of shit, and had prepared for it. As we sat there, Julie, Kelly, Sarah, and Suzanne came in the room. They came over and swarmed around me, trying to comfort me, as Caroline, patted me on the head, got up, and left.

The rest of the wedding preparations went smoothly, and before long, the big day arrived. Sarah looked beautiful in her gown that cinched just below her breasts and spread out loosely from there, to kind of hide her baby bump. Both our dresses were floor length, though as I said, mine was deeply cut to show my cleavage.

A Kurtköy Evi Olan Escort year earlier, I’d never have believed I’d be in a church, wearing a wedding dress. I was marrying a woman who was sweet and beautiful, even if she’d changed me in ways, I’d never have changed otherwise. I suppose there was still a part of me that rebelled at how I’d changed, but how do you argue with getting someone like Sarah, whatever the cost.

Sarah’s father stayed away from the ceremony, and had been told to stay away. My mother walked me down the aisle, since my father said that would be way too weird for him. After she walked me down the aisle, Sarah’s mother walked her down the aisle. She had a baby bump, though she hid it pretty well. Still, Sarah was stunning.

We joined hands at the altar, and the minister gave us our vows. We exchanged rings, kissed, and were announced as Sarah and Rachel Lopez. We came back down the aisle to the cheers of the people there. We did all the obligatory wedding photos, then proceeded to the reception. Sarah and I each had a bouquet that we threw to the assembled women. Suzanne caught my bouquet and Kelly managed to catch Sarah’s.

We each had on garters, and I removed Sarah’s, and she removed mine. We threw them to the assembled men, and I couldn’t even tell you who got them. Sarah danced with her mother, since her father was not welcome there. I danced with my mother, since my father said there was no fucking way he was dancing with me.

Sarah and I had our first reception dance to Heaven, the DJ Sammy with Do, Candlelight version. It was a beautiful slow mix and we held each other tight as we danced. In some ways it was harder to believe that I was with this beautiful young woman, than it was to believe the transformation that I’d gone through. We each cried, and kissed at the end of the song.

Kelly gave a little speech, talking about how she’d brought me to Suzanne’s party and introduced Sarah and I. Thankfully she didn’t mention that I was a guy who she’d dressed up as a girl. She talked about how she knew that I was going to steal Sarah away from Ben, the ex-boyfriend. That was kind a surprise to me, and though some of the guests knew about me, I was happy she didn’t tell more.

Suzanne also got up and made a speech. She said that as I began to tutor Sarah in math, she knew there was something more than just two girlfriends studying together. She said she was surprised that Sarah had tumbled for me, but she was happy for us and hoped that she could find someone who made her as happy as I made Sarah.

We toasted the wedding, though Sarah and I toasted with ginger ale. I know, one glass of champagne would not have hurt her, and no one would bitch about her have a little champagne on her wedding day. Still we felt it was better, and we saved one bottle of the champagne to drink after our baby was born in a few months.

We got married near the winter break from school, and Caroline paid for a honeymoon for us, going to Florida. We had a bit of a snag getting on the flight. They have those body scanners, and even wearing the gaff panties, they showed that I had more than they expected to see. Sarah explained that I was transgender, but without bottom surgery.

The screeners weren’t completely happy with this, Sarah accompanied me as we went to a separate room to have a woman pat me down and make sure I wasn’t carrying anything illicit. It was a little embarrassing but we made it through and got on our flight. Of course, by now my ID showed me as female, and I was dressed in a comfortable skirt and top.

The rest of the trip down was fine and we arrived to what felt like very warm weather to us. We had a hotel near the beach, though the hotel had a beautiful pool. We each had cute swim suits and went out to the beach. Now someone had told me that the north end of that beach, which had a lot more foliage nearer the water, was an unofficial clothing optional area, but I had no intention of taking off my suit, not the top and especially not the bottom.

This was not an area that got a lot of traffic from college age people, but there is no fully escaping it. We had a few guys try to hit up on us. Sarah told them we were married to each other and certainly not looking for any guys. Most of them took it pretty well and went on their way. We had two guys who were a little pushier.

“You girls have no idea what you’re missing.”

“No, we know exactly what we’re missing. We’ve both been with guys and gotten our fill of that.”

“We’re better than whatever guys you were with before, and we can do things to turn your world inside out.”

“We’re happy with our world exactly the way it is, and we’re happy with what we get from each other.”

“Damn, if you two don’t want guys, then why are you so sexy?”

“We get sexy for each other, and we get really sexy when we’re in our room alone together.”

“How about some tag team type shit. You two can get each other off, then we’ll join in and swap out.”

“What part of ‘no’ don’t you get?”

“We just want to get to know you girls better.”

“You already know us as well as you’re ever going to.”

“Shit, cut a guy a break.”

“If I cut something, I’ll be cutting off something you don’t want to lose.”

“Bitch. And if you two are lezzies, how did you get knocked up?”