Rachel Ch. 01


This story features m-f and m-m and m-f-m activities. If you don’t like the thought of this, please don’t read it. It’s also based in England, using UK English. Your feedback will be welcome!

Our First Meeting

We’d been meeting on the web for a while, swapping photos of each other, and getting each other going by showing off. We were united by a love of wearing soft sweaters and cardigans, stretched tightly over our rounded breasts. I was always dominant as he liked being punished for his little winkie… and it certainly was little, from the photos I’d seen. Then he’d sent me photos showing his wife Janice, dressed in a beautiful white ribbed V-necked cardigan, as she helped him with his arousals and his punishment. He was called Rachel, and he became my sissy Rachel, as I am Mistress Maude. I used to like sending him photos of me dressed up and fully aroused. And I’d think if him tossing off to my photos…

I’d started with photos wearing my twinset and skirt, with my bulge clearly visible, and had then graduated to showing off my hard cock, with its firm helmet tight and throbbing. In return he’d send me pictures of his cock wanking off over my pictures – just what you want a nice sissy maid to do. What got me going most, however, were the pictures of his wife, and her breasts peaking out from that cardy. I used to toss off very quickly at the thought of having her all to myself, while Rachel sat by and watched us.

Then one day it the dream became reality. The email suggesting we meet, and the time and date suddenly confirmed. It would be a chain hotel on the outskirts of Manchester, at 7.30 on a Tuesday evening. About half way for each of us to drive, so easy to get to. We decided not to meet before we’d dressed up, so I’d eaten and had a couple of beers before. I guessed Rachel and Janice would be eating too, and that made it feel somehow more arousing. Then I checked in – Room 353. I knew Rachel had booked in 347, which turned out to be just across the corridor.

Nervously I took my clothes out of the suitcase. I’d decided on my powder blue twinset, as Rachel had seen photos of me in it, and it was also very arousing for me to wear – soft cashmere, deliciously tight over the skin. I stripped off and showered, noticing my growing organ and soaping it well. I decided not to cum right then, but to save it till later. I checked the curtains were really shut, dimmed the light, and slipped on my tiny stretch thong, pulling my cock firmly up and feeling the delicious strap tight between my legs. Then I pulled on my tight pink stretch panties, then my stockings – hold ups so no need for bulky suspenders. Then my bra and boobs. I’d got a largish pair, 38D, so I checked them for roundness, and adjusted them in the mirror. I carefully slid in my nipples of tied wool, then made sure they looked suitably pert and aroused before I slipped on my blue sweater. It was a round neck sleeveless sweater and very tight, but as I smoothed it down so I felt my cock surge as the body I saw in the mirror just looked so gorgeous.

I stroked my boobs gently, and eased my cock harder, resisting the urge just to toss off at the image. Then I pulled up my white knitted skirt – it was just a tube of ribbed white wool, but it clung gorgeously, revealing all my details. I went for a black belt to provide a macho colour contrast, and show I was a dominant kind of girl. Then I slipped on my blue matching cardigan, and, fingers fumbling in excitement, buttoned myself up. I left the bottom and top buttons undone, so the v-neck showed off my sweater and somehow accentuated my bulging breasts. Reaching in my bag I found the pearl necklace and pearl bracelet that completed my look. Then, squirting a little of my wife’s perfume around me, I was ready!

I’d decided that my thick dressing gown would hide everything quite nicely, but still felt really strange about crossing that corridor. So I called Rachel’s mobile to see if she was ready – or even had arrived. What if she didn’t show at all?

Suddenly her voice answered: “Hello?”

“It’s me, Mistress Maude, and I’m ready for you now. Are you ready for me yet?”

“Errr, well, yes I think so,” came the reply, then I heard her say as a whisper: “Janice, are you ready yet, it’s Maude and she wants to come in now!”

The answer must have been a yes, as she continued: “Er… yes, Mistress, of course we are ready for your every command. I will be waiting at the door – just give two knocks.”

“Very well, I’ll see you in a couple of ticks, there’s a good girl!” I said, keeping my voice that kind of bossy style that I’d been practising.

So I carefully put the room key in my dressing gown pocket, checked again that the gown was done up tightly with no clothes showing, then tried walking with my arms over my chest to hide my boobs. Maybe I should hold a towel – yes, that looked much better. And I’d better put some condoms in my pocket too… I switched off the main light, leaving just a small side light beside the bed, then listened Kurtköy Öğrenci Escort at the door. The corridor seemed quiet – so off I went, closing the door carefully behind me.

It felt a long walk, though it was only about a dozen paces. Then I saw the room number – 347 – so knocked twice, firmly. I waited only about 20 seconds, but it felt like ages, then the door opened a little.

“Who’s there?” it was Rachel’s voice.

“It’s me, Maude, so let me in right now!” I said, walking in through the doorway.

I took in the scene, with Rachel on my left taller than I’d imagined at about 5’11”, with a blonde wig and delightful tight pink cardigan. She was into buttons, and I spotted the extra ones she’d sewn on to her short dark skirt. Below the skirt were stockings and little girly socks inside pointed high heels. She did look a gorgeous little lady. There was music playing too, in the background – Hotel California seemed strange for Manchester, but at least it would hide any noises we might make. Behind Rachel in the room was a double bed, and the other side of that was Janice, in her amazing white cardigan and a white knitted skirt a bit like mine. And she looked so sexy standing there, with her hands on her hips, that I had to pinch myself that this was real.

We just all took each other in, before I said to Rachel the line I’d been practising: “Ah Rachel, you do look beautiful tonight, come here and kiss me girl, then introduce me to that darling lady over there!”

“Yes, mistress,” whispered Rachel, seemingly glad that I’d taken the lead, “Of course mistress. Shall I kiss you on the hand?”

I smiled at her: “Yes, that would be fine for now!” and offered her the back of my hand to kiss. Her lips were warm and her tongue tickled as she kissed me for the first time.

“Here,” I said, “please take my dressing gown and hang it up, there’s a good girl.” and I undid the belt before slowly taking it off.

“Oooh mistress, you look so gorgeous in the flesh!” smiled Rachel, “If you don’t mind me saying so. I do love that blue cardigan of yours so much.”

“Well as you know Rachel, I do like a maid who knows her place. Just kiss the sleeve of my cardy, then introduce me please.”

“Of course miss,” said Rachel, letting her lips linger on my cardigan sleeve, before hanging my dressing gown on the door, and sliding the security chain across the door. She breezed past me with a brief ‘Excuse me’, then stood between me and her wife. “This is Janice, my wife,” she said, lowering her head.

“Ah Janice,” I smiled at her, “I’m Maude – very pleased to meet you!”

And I began to move towards her as she replied: “Well hello Maude, I’ve heard so much about you, but you do look so lady-like in person!”

By now I’d passed Rachel and was standing in front of Janice – who was about 5’7″ against my 6′. I slightly lowered my head to look straight in her eyes, feeling my cock hardening strongly. Then I put my hands out to hold hers, and pulled her towards me so that I could kiss her lips. We put our arms around each other, feeling the soft wool covering our two bodies, and as I pressed my lips against hers I was aroused even more by her tongue which pushed straight out into my mouth, licking my lips as I opened my mouth to let her in. We carried on kissing for a while, both getting aroused by each other, and by the thought that Rachel was watching just a few yards away.

“Mmm Janice!” I said, smiling at her, “you certainly kiss very well – I hope you’re as good at everything else tonight…” Then, thinking I might be doing her down, I added: “as I’m sure you will be! Now, what shall we do with Rachel – she’s been watching us all this time. Isn’t that a bit naughty, don’t you think?”

“Yes, she is very disobedient, and needs spanking all the time.” said Janice, looking sternly at her husband. “Bend over the bed – now!” she ordered, and I watched as Rachel took up the position.

We both moved behind Rachel, and Janice lifted up her skirt, showing off a white suspender belt and tight white panties.

“Let’s smack him in turns!” said Janice, smiling over to me; “You go first – and hit him hard, he deserves that, you know.”

So, smiling back at Janice, I brought my hand down on Rachel’s bottom, with a noisy smack – which made my hand sting a bit too.

“You’re not used to spanking, are you Maude?” said Janice “Try holding your hand firm like this!” and she smacked his panty-covered bottom with a powerful smack. Rachel groaned. “Now you try again!”

This time I kept my hand hard, and smacked him like I meant it. It felt good, and I smiled up at Janice: “Better?”

“Yes, much better. Now if you smack him from this way, you can also get your hand to whack his balls – see?” And she moved between his legs with more of an underarm movement, but one which caught him straight between the legs. “Now you go.”

I moved into position, squeezing close to Janice so I could put my arm around her waist, Kurtköy Çıtır Escort stroking the soft wool of her cardy. I also leaned over for another kiss, and again loved the feel of her keen tongue, coming into me as soon as our lips met. As we separated, I moved to smack Rachel, but thought I’d rather embarrass him a little more. After all, if I was going to have Janice, I needed to get him out of the way and suffering.

So I brought my hand down as Janice had, but instead of just smacking him I reached under to grab his balls and cock through the thin fabric of his panties. His balls were full but his cock felt like a little thin sausage as I groped my fingers around, exploring him.

“I know, Janice,” I said, looking up as I gave her husband a good feel, “We should get him ready for his humiliation now. Come on, let’s lie on the bed, and get him serving us.”

“OK!” she smiled, and climbed onto the bed, past her husband’s head still resting on the mattress.

“Right, Rachel, up you get.” I was in bossy mood, and moved to sit next to his wife on the bed. “Now you are going to be a good servant for us both as we make love. You are going to be our hand-maiden, attending to us. You understand?”

Rachel nodded. “Yes, mistress.” she said.

“OK, well first I need your skirt and panties off, so I can see this little winkle in the flesh that I’ve only ever seen in photos. Go on, slip your skirt off… now pull your panties down.” We both watched while she did.

“Now lick them, for us, come on, let’s see that tongue on your panties.”

I leaned forward as he licked, fascinated to see his cock, forgetting that Janice had seen it lots. “Oh look, Janice!” I said, “She’s got such a teeny winkle! Look at it!”

And I just reached out to touch his shrivelled end, which looked kind of half circumcised with folds of skin hiding his bell end. It felt soft and floppy, but as I touched it, it began to harden between my fingers.

“Well I think he fancies you, pet.” said Janice, looking at me and coming forwards too. “He doesn’t go hard like that for me – only when I spank and smack him. But look, he’s getting all hard in your hand!”

And as I held his cock, it was indeed growing. Still no bigger than a boy’s cock, but hard and stiffening all the same.

“Well we can’t let him have all the fun, can we?” said Janice, “what about me?” and she undid the top button of her cardigan, looking sexily at me.

“I’ll have you in just a minute!” I said, “but first let’s get Rachel out of the way and in some pain. Have you brought any toys with you?”

Janice smiled: “Well of course we have, come over here and let’s choose one for him.”

She got off the bed and went into the bathroom, so I followed, letting Rachel’s cock go. She looked disappointed, which, I thought, was good.

In the bathroom Janice was rummaging round a big toilet bag, and pulled out a couple of vibrators, a butt plug, some oils and packs of condoms. “I think we’re ready for most things!” she smiled. “What do you fancy?” And she looked at me with that sexy look, and the mirror behind just accentuated her sexy body.

“Well first off, how about taking off your skirt?”

“Oooh you are forward!” she teased, but quickly reached to the side, unzipped it and let it drop to the floor.

Her panties were stretchy tight white cotton, clinging to her every curve as I stood there watching her. She did a little wiggle of her hips, so I just had to go over and kiss her again. I knew that Rachel was watching us from the bedroom, but this was all part of his humiliation. Again her soft lips yielded for me, and her tongue darted out into my mouth. This time I stoked her waist, moving my hand up the soft fabric of her cardigan till I could feel the swell of her breast. I just carried on up, feeling her soft warm body yielding to my touch. As my hand slid over her breast, I could feel the hard nub of her nipple beneath the wool, so squeezed it gently. She felt gorgeous, and soon as I held her closer I pressed my hips and shaft towards her belly. She was now stroking my bottom over my skirt, then I felt her hands begin to slip it off. I thought of objecting, but then decided to let her – it was getting hot anyway. Soon my skirt was on the floor and her hands stroking gently over my panty-clad bottom as I stroked her breasts.

After a while we stopped kissing for air, then realised why we’d come into the bathroom.

“Well I think this butt-plug should keep him quite for a while.” I said. “Does he like it?”

“Well I’ve pushed it in him a few times, but he can’t cum with it in – so it should be fine for now!” replied Janice.

“And do you oil it before pushing it in – or just finger him a little?” I asked.

“Well I usually oil it – but we could get him to suck it, couldn’t we?” Janice smiled at me.

We were developing a good plan now. Janice grabbed the butt-plug, I picked up the oil and a vibrator, and we went back into the Kurtköy Elit Escort bedroom. Rachel was pretending she hadn’t been watching.

“You’ve been watching again, haven’t you, you naughty girl!” said Janice, sternly. “Now bend over the bed and open your legs!”

We watched while Rachel took up the position, moving her arms back to hold the sides of her bottom open. She knew what was coming all right. Janice moved the far side of him, and I moved to the near side. Janice took the butt-plug and held it in front of Rachel’s face.

“Now suck on this!” she ordered.

Thinking that I’d got nothing to do, I took the top off the oil, before dribbling a few drops between Rachel’s legs. Then I clicked the dildo into the on position, listening to its whining noise, before moving behind Rachel and slipping it up and down along his crack. He moaned, till Janice shoved the butt-plug deeper in his throat.

I was quite enjoying this, and kept my eyes on Janice, who kept looking back at me. One time I just eased my cock harder and she gave me a look as to say, ‘come and take me!’ then moved her mouth into an open sucking shape, licking her lips.

I smiled back, and pressed the dildo firmly in towards Rachel’s anus, slipping it round a couple of times, before pushing it home. I then made big movements with my arm, to let Janice know I was shafting her husband in front of her. She moved her arms too, showing me she was shafting his mouth at the same time. I slipped a hand under his body to feel how his cock was getting on – yes, it was tiny again, just a rubbery little teat sticking down. Great – he was now ready.

“Come on, Janice, let’s get that butt-plug into him now – he’s ready for it” I looked across at her. She pulled it out of his mouth, then came round beside me.

“Mmmm you’re doing a good job with that dildo – but this butt-plus is fatter, so we’ll make him squeal yet. Do you want to push it in, or can I?”

“Well you’ve done it before, so it must be my turn!” I reasoned, and smiled as she handed me the solid rubber toy. It was indeed fatter than the dildo, with a big head, narrower waist and short stubby handle.

“Well, sissy Rachel, I’ve given you a good shafting with the dildo, so now try this!” and I pulled the dildo out and shoved the butt-plug in.

Rachel groaned again, and her body quivered as I pushed it into her ass. I made sure it was firmly home, then lowered my hand under him to check out his cock.

“Still a weenie winkle, then!” I teased. “Now you can watch what a real girly man can do for your wife, with a real cock for pleasure. Get over in the corner, and stand facing us, with your hands on your head.”

I felt quite bossy now, watching Rachel as she got up with some difficulty to a standing position, the butt-plug firmly inside her ass. When she stood in the corner she was only a yard from the bed, so I could keep my eye on her winkle, all small and shrunken. Now she could see how it was done.

“Right Janice – panties off please, and lie here on the bed, in front of Rachel. Must make sure she can see everything.”

Janice just did as I told her, so I had my first glimpse of her cunt as she lay down and opened her legs in front of me and Rachel. She wasn’t complete shaved, but she kept her hair very short, with the folds of her cunt hairless and moist as I looked closer.

“Just watch, Rachel.” I said, looking in her eyes, as I knelt down on the bed besides Janice. First I bent down over her head to kiss her lips, and her hands came around me to hold me. I broke off the kiss to order her back.

“Hands behind your head, Janice, just like Rachel.”

Again she just did as she was told, so I kissed her lips again, feeling the firmness of her tongue as she pushed it into my mouth. Now I could stroke her with one hand, taking my weight on the other, so I began to fondle her right breast, sagging now she was lying down, but still deliciously soft to touch under her soft cardigan. I squeezed her nipple again, testing her response by her kissing movements. She seemed to like it, so I stroked more, moving my hand to the buttons on her cardigan, and gently undoing them one by one. Soon I could feel the warmth of her skin as I kept up my stroking and squeezing, her nipples now hard as cherries as I stroked them.

I broke off the kiss to look at her, lying there in front of me. And to glance across at Rachel, having to watch as his wife was fondled in front of him. I could see his prick had firmed up a little, so smiled to myself. Then went back for more from Janice. More kissing, more stroking her breasts, then licking and sucking her nipples. She was fantastic, and I was getting hard as a board.

Then, slowly, I slid my hand down her belly, and across to push her thighs apart till she was right open. Then as I held my lips over hers, and pushed my tongue into her mouth, I slipped a finger over her clitoris, teasing it and feeling her whole body writhe under me. It was going to be a good night! I fingered her some more, before slipping lower towards her vagina, and opening her folds to Rachel’s view. I didn’t say anything – no-one needed to. It was just me and Janice making love in front of her humiliated husband, standing there hands behind his head with a butt-plus up his arse.