Porshe’s Escapade Ch. 03


Hi all it’s Porsche finally back and able to tell you about another escapade.

My male half has been so busy lately with work and vacation etc. that Porsche just hasn’t had time to play.

So for my first free day in a long time I decided to be Porsche all day long.

I got out of bed and dropped my boxers to the ground and walked naked to Porsche’s bathroom. I drew up a hot bubble bath and lit some candles. I slowly dipped my naked body into the hot water, a little at a time.

I relaxed in the bath for what seemed an eternity, then I shaved my entire body head to toe to remove every single hair. I left a sexy little landing strip on my pubic mound but otherwise had a smooth sexy bronzed body.

I stepped out of the bath and patted myself dry. I stood in front of the mirror now looking at the little box that had come from my friends Dick and Jane. I just stared at it because I was not sure how it would work but decided I would try it.

I opened the little box and took out the peculiar metal piece. I looked at the instructions again and re-read the phase that said, “to help you with your manly problem.”

“Hmmmm,” I thought.

I figured it was some kind of chastity device, it was stainless steel and looking like the letter t. The stem was about 2 inches long and curved like a hook, and that part was about one inch and the top of the t was also about 2 inches.

So here it goes. I took my flaccid cock in the other hand and held it by the base with a couple fingers so it was facing me. I started sliding that hooked part of the t into my urethra. My God I shuddered as I did so, slowly sliding the inch of metal into my penis. It felt like nothing I’ve ever felt, very strange. With it slid all the way in the stem of the t laid flat against my penis and next I had to bend the top of the t around the shaft. This process didn’t go easy but with a little force they bent around and once they touched seemed to snap or lock into place.

My penis seemed extremely flaccid now and seemed to shrivel more too. The t was in place wrapped around the shaft and hooked into my urethra.

I walked into Porsche’s bedroom and put on a tiny little black satin g-string. There wasn’t too much of a bulge with my little clitty all locked up. I then went back to the bathroom to finish getting ready.

I rubbed my body down with lotion making my skin smell so feminine and so silky smooth. I started applying all my makeup, my foundation and blush and eye liner and dark pink eye shadow and mascara making my eyes so incredibly sexy. I put on sparkly pink lip gloss and affixed my big breasts. I apply a little makeup to make them blend in but they look so amazing, so real against my bronzed skin. I then put my wig on and I’m ready. God I look so sexy, so feminine.

I look down past my big breasts, down past my flat stomach, and see my little g-string is fitting so much nicer. I pull them down a little and holy shit! My cock is almost gone! My testicles seem to have shriveled and pulled into my body and my shaft is shriveled to almost nothing. It just looks like shriveled skin with the steel device connected Kurtköy escort bayan to it.

My God a bit of panic struck me know but I thought, hoped that was what the note meant by saying it would take care of my manly problem. I tried to undo the metal piece, tried to see if it would come off but nothing doing. I did seem to get a little pleasure out of playing with it but nothing got hard, nothing grew bigger.

I figured I could talk with Dick and Jane and they would tell me how to remove it, for now there is just no visible sign that I have a penis.

I sat down at the computer in just my little black g-string and logged on to my chat room, set up a new room and sent a message to my friends Dick and Jane hoping they would come on.

I checked my email while waiting and to my extreme surprise I had an email from my ex-girlfriend from many years before. To make a long story short she found out I dressed up as a girl and found my secret stash of girls clothing and toys and that was that.

Now I haven’t had any contact with her in so many years that it was really weird she sent me an email. I opened it up and read her email.

“Hi, I know its been a really long time and I hate mentioning the past but there is a way for you to make a bunch of money, like 10 grand if you want. I have this buddy with rich friends and they are looking for a cross dresser for this guys bachelor party and I thought about you. Sorry if I thought wrong and if I did you don’t need to respond but if it interests you email me back and I’ll fill you in all the details.”

After a lot of consideration I thought since it was so much money and I look so good as Porsche and I am really starting to feel more comfortable as Porsche I should give it a shot. If anything I could back out if I wasn’t feeling it.

I sent her an email back, I gulped, hit the send key and then had to wait.

Still no Dick or Jane so as I had been eying up Dick’s big cock on my desk, I took it and started to suck it up and down. I got it nice and wet with my saliva and took a little spit in on my fingers and moving my thong aside I rubbed my little pussy hole making it so wet. Holding the cock behind me with one hand I squatted over it and slid it up my tight little hole. I took it all the way down to the balls.

As that cock filled me all the way up I got an email back, It read “the stylist will be by to meet you tonight so I hope your available and the bachelor party is next week, email me back if you have any questions.”

I didn’t think I had any questions but I was filled up with a big cock that I was slowly grinding up and down on. I turned my attention to the large dick inside me and started sliding more of it in and out of me while I rubbed that little mettle device a little which made me shudder.

I couldn’t help but imagine a bunch of drunk horny men at the bachelor party making me suck their cocks. Thinking of this and the many other things that could happen made me so hot and made me grind up and down harder and harder on that dildo. It was rubbing my prostate just right and before I knew it I was shuddering Escort Kurtköy with an earth shattering orgasm.

My cum must have been absorbed because just a small amount leaked out. I was really surprised and a little sad, I wanted to lick up my cum, but the orgasm was amazing!

Still no word back from Dick and Jane but I did get another email that the stylist would be over in 3 hours.

I thought I would go take another bath and get ready. I soaked in there forever and just made sure I was silky smooth. After I patted myself dry I rubbed sexy lotion all over my sexy body, especially on my big breasts. I smelt so sexy and feminine so next I put all my make-up on.

My face looked so beautiful, sexy pink sparkly lip gloss, nice big eye lashes with charcoal and blue eye shadow, my eye lashes sculpted so feminine. God I looked so hot and sexy, so feminine.

I walked over into Porsche’s room and picked out what I would wear.

I slipped on a sexy little pink g-string, it was lacy in the front with just a little string down my ass crack. I strapped on a matching lacy pink bra around my big D cups. Next I strapped on a pink garter belt, then pulled up a pair of pink fishnets with lacy tops and attached the garters to them. I then finished it off with a pair of fuchsia stilettos with 6″ heels and the ankle straps wrapped up my calves.


I lastly slipped on a sexy white sleeveless dress with little spaghetti straps and lace detailing along the bust and the bottom. It came to mid thigh on me just covering up my pink thigh high fishnets.

I went back to the bathroom and put on my french manicure nails and perfume.

Wow again!

So it had been about 3 hours and I thought I heard a car pull up.

I went to the window and saw a women step out of a silver Mercedes. She had short blond hair and very pretty and she wore a business suit.

She got to the door and rang the bell, I opened the door and said, “Hi, I’m Porsche.”

“Hello, I’m Christie, your stylist.”

“God you are gorgeous Porsche!”

“Thank you.” I believed I blushed.

Christie started examining me, touching me, rubbing her hands all over me, making me really hot.

“I’m sure not going to have much to do to get you ready sweetie.” Christie said.

She was feeling up the front of my body, along my thighs, my stomach, my breasts, making me more hot when she leaned forward and kissed me deeply, sliding her tongue into my mouth.

I was really surprised but kissed her back. She stepped back from me with a look of lust in her eyes, she unzipped her pants and pulled a big black cock out. Had to be 9 inches.

Now this wasn’t a real cock, it was a strap on and to my understanding was double sided, the other part was slid up her little pussy.

“Kneel down bitch and stuff this in your mouth.”

I got down on my knees without even thinking and grabbed the big cock with my left hand around the base and sucked and stroked the rest.

She made me keep sucking and stroking that big black dildo. I kept stroking with one hand and slurping up and down on the Kurtköy Rus Escort rest. She was moaning too the whole time.

Finally she said she needed to stuff this big black meat inside of me and to stand up, turn around and bend over.

I did.

Christie slid up my skirt and pulled my g-string aside to reveal my little hole and she licked it over and over, making it nice and wet.

Christie stood up, took my hand and led me over to the couch where she laid down on her back,

“Crawl on top of me sweetie, ride my big black cock!”

I got on top of her and reached behind her grabbing the cock and lined it up to my little hole. She was grabbing my hips and forced my down onto it.

I tried sliding up and down on it as it penetrated me so deeply, but she started bucking her hips up, impaling me on that cock.

I don’t know how much was inside of me but I was so full of cock and she was fucking in to me over and over and over.

Suddenly I heard the door open, I looked back over my shoulder as Christie kept sliding the cock into me and oh my God, there was my ex-girlfriend wearing the same kind of suit as Christie.

As she closed the door I was kinda squirming to get free. Christie grabbed my head turning it to her she stuck her tongue into my mouth and kissed me passionately while also slamming all that cock into me. She pulled away and said, “Shh it’s OK.”

Lisa was then standing next to me running her hand through my hair and she unzipped her pants and also pulled out a large black cock, the same size as Christies.

Lisa slid her cock into my mouth as Christie continued fucking me with hers. I was bobbing my head up and down trying to get as much as I could down my throat and Christie was trying to slide as much cock inside me as she could.

Lisa pulled away from me and Christie stuck her tongue back into my mouth. We were kissing deeply when I felt Lisa’s cock pushing into my hole as she was trying to slide her cock up into me too.

My God!!!

Christie pulled away again, “Relax sweetie, this is going to happen.”

Oh my God, Oh my God, was all I could think as I started to get stretched open wide as Lisa slowly impaled me on two cocks.

Slowly she pushed inch by inch inside of me as I stretched to take the two cocks inside me. It hurt but as it stretched started to feel so good too.

Christie was kissing me to relax me and Lisa was grabbing my hips pushing into me. After God knows how long it felt like I was gaping open and then Christie and Lisa started sliding in and out at the same time.

They kept going faster and faster as they fucked me over and over going deeper and deeper, I felt like I was going to pass out but the pleasure kept growing and growing till I was bucking back into them. They were moaning and fucking me hard and deep and that pleasure built up until I couldn’t take it anymore and burst with an enormous orgasm as I screamed out and Lisa and Christie kept fucking me then they too let out a deep cry as they had orgasms.

Oh my God that was amazing!

Lisa pulled out and got off me and I rolled off Christie and she got up. They put their cocks away and got situated. Christie came over to me kissed me and said, “See you next week sweetie.” Lisa came over and kissed me and said, “You are so gorgeous, I’ll email you in a couple days.”

Then they left.

To be continued…