Nyssa’s Boston Pee Party Pt. 01


Note: This story is for die-hard watersports fans only. If being pissed on, bathing in or drinking urine, or puking offends you, then please do not continue reading. If you do and get offended anyway, then don’t complain that you think it’s disgusting.

Nyssa had always been a water girl. In fact, her first and middle names were in reference to a water-loving tree, Nyssa aquatica. Her mother was a professor of silviculture, and being that water tupelo (Tupelo, Mississippi is actually named after it) was her favorite tree, had named her daughter, Nyssa Aquatica Carlisle, after the genus.

As a girl, Nyssa lived up to her aquatic name. She learned how to swim at a young age and was always playing in the bath, or as she got older, the pool, a river or wherever else she could shuck her clothes off, and swim or walk around nude. While she was in college, she met her boyfriend who was very much into watersports, although a variety quite different than what she was used to! She was shocked, the first time he inquired if he could urinate on her in the shower, but reluctantly agreed anyway. As it turned out, she absolutely loved it! Soon, she was allowing him to piss all over her body, including her face and hair, and one day, she opened her mouth and swallowed a gulp of his golden nectar. At that point, she was hopelessly hooked on pee and everything it involved.

Word quickly spread, and Nyssa was soon invited to all of the frat parties, where everyone in attendance – male and female alike – would approach her as she sat nude in the bathtub, and piss all over her, soaking her hair and warming her cold tits and erect nipples with steaming hot urine. Sometimes, there would be enough of it in the tub that by the time the night was over, she could actually bathe in it! Her boyfriend, Randy, absolutely loved seeing his little piss mop soaked in everyone’s urine, and always eventually ended up fucking his pissy little slut in front of everyone.

As Nyssa’s all-important 21st birthday approached, Randy decided to make it a very special day for her. She had once confided to him that in addition to being pissed on by many people at once, it had always been her dream to either take a long shower from a large supply of fresh urine, or to completely immerse herself and swim around nude in a pool filled with it. Both were pretty far-fetched fantasies, although the shower might not be that difficult to pull off, if enough people were present to fill a gravity-fed system like you use on camping trips.

Swimming in a pool full of piss seemed to be pretty much impossible, as the amount of time and people it would take to fill a vessel of that size would allow that much urine to spoil and turn into ammonia before it was anywhere near full. He was determined to make it happen, however, for his special little piss loving whore’s special day.

Randy shared his outlandish idea with some of his buddies, looking for feedback and suggestions. One of them, a beefy quarterback on the football team named Bill, had an excellent suggestion.

“Well, it ain’t no swimming pool,” he began, “but my uncle has a pretty big farm, and they put these huge tanks of water on wagons and pull them behind the tractor to irrigate the plants, ‘cuz they can’t afford one of those giant sprinklers on wheels.”

“How big are they?” Randy inquired, his interest piqued. “I don’t want a little puddle of piddle here; I want a pool of piss. Something big enough that she can fully immerse herself and maybe even bob around in.”

“Three hundred and fifty gallons.” Bill replied. “They’re four feet square, and almost six feet tall. Your lady’s only five foot six or so, so she could tread water – well, urine – and even swim around a bit without her feet touching the bottom. She can even submerge herself completely while still standing straight up.”

“Hey, that sounds perfect!” Randy exclaimed. “She’d love that!”

Just as quickly, however, his grin of excitement waned, and a look of dark disappointment crossed his face.

“But there’s no way in hell we can get three hundred and fifty gallons of piss in there without it going rancid.” he pointed out.

“Sure we can!” another attendee to the piss party powwow named Phil, piped up enthusiastically.

He was a technically a science nerd, with an IQ of 153, but just about everyone liked him because he didn’t look or act like an egghead. He worked out, was into popular music and could hold his own against a lot of the jocks in sports, and had once even kicked the shit out of an activist who got in his face while he was walking down the sidewalk.

“It takes about twenty four hours for human urine to go rancid under normal conditions.” he explained. “How many pitchers of beer can a guy go through on a Sunday afternoon alone, watching games on TV?”

“Two or three for me,” Bill offered, “and I don’t even want to know how you know how long it takes for that to happen!”

“At a gallon per pitcher, that’s a couple gallons of piss per person, over say, twelve Bostancı Escort hours.” Phil continued. “How many people were you planning on inviting?”

“Anyone who wants to drop by.” Randy answered. “It’s an open invitation. There could be as many as three hundred or so. Maybe more; I don’t know.”

He smiled and nodded in realization.

“One gallon of piss per person would just about fill it!” he exclaimed exuberantly. “If everyone shows up early and starts drinking beer – or soda for those younger peeps – it should be topped off and overflowing by late afternoon! Even if it’s a bit short, we can add the garden hose and fill it the rest of the way. It’ll still be full of urine; just diluted a bit is all. It’ll be watered down anyway, so maybe a little yellow food coloring in there will top it all off.”

“Perhaps we should send out instructions along with the invitations.” Phil suggested. “Drink as much as you can, but you have to piss in the vat!”

“We’ll have to put it outside anyway. We could build a deck on one side!” Randy said excitedly. “Everyone can piss in it from there.”

“She likes being pissed on too, right?” Bill followed up. “Let’s get one of those plastic kiddie slides from the Home Korner, and anyone who wants to piss on her first, can watch it run off her body and down into the pool. It’ll be like a water feature, except it’ll be filling with piss instead. Those tanks aren’t completely clear, but you can sort of see through them. Everyone will be able to see her swimming around in that tank full of piss.”

“She’ll love it!” Randy burst out. “Anyone who wants to jerk off on her can give her face a load once she’s in the cesspool. A pool full of piss AND cum. She’ll absolutely love it! I’ll bet she’ll have an open mouth for all the cum and even more piss than she can swallow! Thanks for the great ideas, Guys. Now, let’s work on putting all of this together and making it happen in time for her birthday. I’ll fill her in on everything tonight, after dinner. The only problem is, where can we do it? We need a lot of space and someplace private if she’s going to be nude and stuff.”

“I’m sure my uncle won’t mind donating the vat or the space,” Bill chuckled, “as long as he gets an eyeful.”

“He can participate all he wants!” Randy exclaimed. “See what you can do, okay?”

That evening, he informed Nyssa of the idea he had planned for her big birthday bash. She listened intently and became very excited, as he laid everything out; swimming in piss, getting pissed and creamed on, and swallowing as much as she wanted.

“Oh my god, that will be SO hot!” she gushed. “I can’t wait for it to happen. You know I’m going to have to masturbate while I’m in that tank, Sweetie! Right in front of everyone! I can’t fucking wait; oh my fucking god! I just love it, Randy! I love you so much. Let’s go practice. I want you to piss on my face and in my mouth so I can swallow it. I’m very thirsty after that pizza we had for dinner anyway, so this will wash it all down.”

They went into the bathroom, and she sat in the empty tub so that Randy could position himself to be able to piss all over her face and head, and shoot it directly into her eager mouth as well.

“Since everyone is going to be pissing on you all day long,” he began, as a golden jet of urine streamed from his dick and onto her very pretty face, “I think you should take your clothes off and spend the whole day totally nude. That way, none of your clothes will be ruined, and everyone can see exactly what you look like in all of your glory, even when you aren’t being the party’s piss mop, you little exhibitionist whore.”

“Mmm, I like that idea.” Nyssa agreed, as she swallowed a mouthful of her boyfriend’s nasty, yellow urine. “You know how much I love taking my clothes off and walking around nude. I’ve always wanted to be nude in public too, so this would be semi-public.”

While the taste of urine is repulsive to most people; salty, horribly sour and bitter all at the same time, she actually enjoyed the taste, and drank it willingly; like a glass of sweet, lemon-colored soda. In fact, when she did drink a bottle of yellow soda, she always fantasized it was actually a bottle of someone’s fizzy piss that she was guzzling down instead.

“Mmm, damn that’s good!” she exclaimed, as she swallowed another mouthful of the stuff; sloshing it around in her mouth and savoring it as though she were tasting a glass of fine wine at a famous California winery. “You had cinnamon rolls earlier, didn’t you? I can taste the cinnamon and sugar in it. You should try eating them more often, Babe. I like it!”

“I’ll keep that in mind.” Randy replied, as he aimed his dick all over her head, and soaking her hair with pee.

As the days ticked by, the group of friends continued with their plans for Nyssa’s pee party, or Nyssa’s Boston Pee Party as it was quickly becoming known. Bill’s uncle had in fact, enthusiastically agreed to let the event take place on the farm, as well as Ümraniye Escort donating the water tank for the little piss mop to take her disgusting dunk in, on the condition that she suck his dick as many times during the day as he could handle. Randy agreed to the stipulation – informing Nyssa of the rule – and she too, quickly agreed. It wasn’t like she wasn’t going to be gulping down loads of everyone’s cum anyway.

The morning of her fantasy birthday party dawned with a mix of sun and clouds, and pleasant temperatures. The official start time was 7:00 AM, to give everyone plenty of time to drink as much as they could to fill the cistern with urine for the little lady to bathe in later on.

Upon arrival, Nyssa pulled off the sweatsuit she was wearing, with nothing on underneath it, and proceeded to strut around completely nude. She immediately fell in love with the sensation of being clothes-free outdoors, as well as showing off her bare body around other people. It wasn’t going to be easy for her to put her clothes back on, when the day was over!

Bill and an older man in his early fifties approached Nyssa, as she took her first legal cup of beer from the tap on the side of an event truck, supplied by a local craft brewery. Randy had quite cleverly billed the entire thing as a fundraiser (he was charging five dollars a head to cover costs, with any left over going to a local charity), so the brewery had donated the beer.

“Hi Bill.” she said with a smile, as she sipped the dark ale. “Is this your uncle?”

The man smiled and extended his hand.

“Yes, I’m Bill’s uncle Doug.” he replied. “We’ve spent quite a bit of time getting everything ready, and I’m sure excited about everything.”

He stared at Nyssa’s bare body and smiled.

“Any time you want to come back and dress like that, you have an open invitation.” he said with a grin.

He cleared his throat gingerly and continued.

“Now, there was that stipulation about using the farm…” he said awkwardly.

“Of course!” Nyssa replied with a smile. “I can do it here, or if you’d feel more comfortable someplace else?”

“My bladder’s already full.” Doug responded. “Why don’t you sit on the slide and let me make the first donation to the tank? Then, you can do it there.”

“Sounds good to me.” Nyssa agreed, as she followed the man up the set of steps to the deck where the upper end of the slide was securely fastened in place.

She set her drink on a small table that was next to the slide, and reclined on the plastic chute; resting on her elbows, and spreading her shapely legs a bit to get comfortable. She was going to be spending most of the day here, so a canopy had been placed overhead to keep the sun off of her untanned skin and keep her from burning. Music began playing over the sound system, as Nyssa readied herself for her first taste of piss for the day.

Doug dropped his jeans and positioned himself over her face and let his bladder relax. This was his first leak of the morning, so it was quite strong and dark, and full of salts and other toxins that had been filtered out overnight. Nyssa opened her mouth and took a quick swig, before letting him finish drenching her face and hair with his sour swill.

“Mm, it’s so strong!” she exclaimed, as the excess ran from her body and down the slide; dribbling into the large, translucent container below. “It’s like a really dark ale.”

It didn’t seem like much right now, but over the course of the day, it would gradually fill with each guest’s urine until it was a pool of pee for her to slide into with a glorious splash, and frolic about in, as she masturbated in front of her adoring guests.

For now, she was content to lean in and take the host’s cock into her slutty mouth. Doug smiled and sighed, as she slid her lips up and down the length of the shaft, flicking her tongue all along the underside.

“Oh, that’s nice!” he exclaimed, as he grabbed her urine-soaked hair and held her head close. “Take my load, Baby! I’m cumming!”

With that, he ejaculated into her mouth, sighing blissfully as she swallowed his thick load of semen. Nyssa smiled, and licked her lips hungrily; wanting more. Not to fear, however, for there were plenty of guests that would be making deposits into her personal sperm bank account throughout the day.

As for the guests, they began showing up in droves, with Doug retreating to the adjacent hay field to direct them to park in rows a hundred feet in length. Before long, dozens of cars were parking, and the dozens turned into hundreds. Most had more than one occupant, and after only a few hours, it became evident that the cistern was going to be full of golden nectar much earlier than expected. There had to be over six hundred people in attendance, and there was a nonstop line of guys and gals to piss on the birthday girl, and the guys to shoot loads of cum into her greedy mouth.

One rather brash young lady, decided to take things a step further, and pushed her crotch Anadolu Yakası Escort into Nyssa’s face as she let her bladder loose. The birthday girl gulped as much as she could, and followed it up by licking her guest’s cunt dry.

Nyssa gulped down many mouthfuls of urine over the course of her nonstop golden showers, along with a couple hundred loads of cum; not to mention all of the beer she was guzzling as well, so she was already feeling a bit bloated when she had a couple of chili dogs and fries for lunch, washing it all down with a fresh cup of Randy’s piss.

Around one o’clock or so, Randy appeared on the deck next to his slutty girlfriend, with a wireless microphone in his hand.

“Ladies and Gentlemen,” he began, “I want to thank all of you for showing up today, to make Nyssa’s twenty-first birthday a special day for her to remember for the rest of her life. As you know, there was a little concern that there might not be enough people to fill the tank, but with the turnout we have, Not only will there be enough, it’s almost overflowing already, so it looks like she’s ready to go now! We could have gotten something even bigger for her to actually swim around in, it looks like.”

“There’s always next time!” someone hollered from the crowd, eliciting a round of laughter.

“Yes,” Randy replied thoughtfully, “that’s certainly a possibility. Now, let me hand the mic over to the birthday girl herself, Nyssa Carlisle!”

A loud round of applause broke out, as Nyssa took the mic and smiled weakly. With all of the urine, cum and food in her stomach, she wasn’t feeling too hot at the moment. She had gulped over three hundred loads of cum, and each one was anywhere from half to a full teaspoon. That meant that there was well over a quart of sperm in her stomach, along with a lot of urine and the two chili dogs and fries.

Nyssa spread her legs and let her full bladder relax; spouting a geyser-like stream of golden pee onto the slide. It tinkled into the pool of piss below, and more clapping ensued at the sight of her peeing herself.

“I want to thank all of you for showing up today to make my birthday fantasy come true!” she gushed. “In a few minutes, I’m going to slide into that vat full of your wonderful piss and totally submerge in it. Then, I’m going to masturbate in front of you all until I cum, and I can’t wait!”

Suddenly, she looked a bit ill. Her eyes bulged, and her cheeks puffed, as she became quite nauseous.

“Are you okay?” Randy inquired with a concerned look on his face.

“I think I ate too much cum.” Nyssa replied, as she handed the mic back to her boyfriend. “And drank too much piss and beer on top of it. I feel sick. Oh shit, I’m gonna puke!”

She was still reclined on her elbows, and she let out a loud belching sound into the mic as she vomited all over her chest and stomach. Wave after wave of cum, piss and partially digested food erupted from her guts and covered her tits and belly; running down between her legs and onto the slide. There was so much in fact, that it was running down the chute like a thick, noxious wave of a flash flood, covering the plastic in a thick, slimy and putrid coating.

Nyssa continued barfing all over herself for close to two minutes, before her heaving finally subsided. She was completely covered in her own vomit, and would have normally been mortified at what had just happened, but with the alcohol in her system, she wasn’t feeling terribly concerned at the moment in the least.

“Feeling better now?” Randy inquired, tilting the mic back in her direction.

Nyssa paused for a few seconds, and then nodded.

“I think so.” she replied. “Fuck, that was gross! But it was hot too! Here’s a bonus, Everyone. I’m going to masturbate in my own vomit first. You can watch me squirt all over the place before I slide into all of that yummy, golden, bladder nectar you were all so generous to provide for me.”

She lay back into the noxious puddle of puke and spread her legs again, and began rubbing herself unabashedly in front of the hundreds of spectators who were gawking at the sight. It was all being recorded by dozens – if not hundreds – of people, so there would be plenty of footage appearing on the Internet in very short order.

Nyssa gazed out at the crowd and smiled, as she felt the early twinges of an orgasm. Being nude in public and masturbating in front of so many people was a tremendous thrill for her, and she was going to have a doozy of a climax, that was for sure!

“Oh, this feels so wonderful!” she gushed. “Oh, watch me cum, Everybody!”

Her hips bucked wildly, and a stream of silvery liquid shot from her sopping wet cunt. She continued playing with herself, and had several more violent eruptions squirt out of her vagina. Eventually, her orgasms faded, and she lay there smiling in delight at everyone.

“That,” she whispered into the mic, “was fucking incredible! I wish I could do this in front of you every day. Oh my god, I feel like such a whore. But now, this what you all came here today – pardon the pun – to see; me totally submerged in a vat of your own piss. I’m going to slide into it and sink all the way to the bottom. Then, I’m going to resurface and tread in it; bobbing up and down and drinking as much of it as I can.