My Girlfriend’s Sister


In all my years, I had never sat down to watch the Summer Olympics. Apparently, at least according to Michelle, my more or less girlfriend, this truth about my life was unacceptable and needed to be corrected. To that end, Michelle made arrangements to watch the Games at her sister’s house the first Saturday during the festivities, and I was happy to oblige. It gave us something fun to do on a summer day that was too hot for me to go out on anyway. It would also allow me to finally meet Melinda, Michelle’s sister, whom I had yet to meet despite my having been sort of dating Michelle for a solid two months now. Not to get ahead of myself, but after the events that transpired, just the thought of watching the Olympics might be enough to give me a boner.

My only reservation with making these plans was that Melinda’s presence would make it unlikely that Michelle and I would be boning this day. She and I were both very sexual beings, and our busy schedules during the week made Saturdays our usual release days where we would fuck at least two or three times. I was actually a little disappointed that my girlfriend so eagerly neutralized the potential for much-needed intercourse for this day, but I knew spending time with her sister was important to her. I also knew my meeting her sister was something that was long overdue from Michelle’s perspective.

Mel lived about 40 minutes away from Michelle, which was a big factor in why I had yet to meet Mel. We arrived right at lunch time, walking right in as if we were at home. I entered right into Mel’s kitchen, and there stood Michelle’s sister, who was putting the finishing touches on a meal she had made for us. I noticed right away that this family must have great genes because Mel, a few years Michelle’s elder, was really attractive.

While I would still choose Michelle over her sister, Melinda was quite a babe. She was taller, about 5’4″ maybe, whereas Michelle was very short at 5’1″ or so. Mel’s skin, hair and eyes were darker than Michelle’s, all brown, and her body was very thin but toned. I could tell she worked out, but it looked sexy and not weird. She also had a fantastic ass and a nice, firm rack, though not as good as Michelle’s. Both girls fell right into my preference of petite brunettes.

Mel, who lived alone, was a very friendly host, too. Without describing the tedious details of the day we all spent together, I took a real liking to my girlfriend’s sister and her happy disposition – and that killer body didn’t hurt. Had she been anything other than related to my girlfriend, I would have been trying to sleep with her, I kept thinking. Michelle and I had a pretty open relationship, but even in our setup, I figured her sister was off limits.

Naturally, Michelle and I were both a little worked up all day from not being intimate in a while, a fact that became more and more evident throughout the day. While playing lawn games, eating delicious food and watching the Olympics were all enjoyable, I really wanted to sneak away with Michelle and fuck her. Perhaps that release would keep my mind off nailing her sister, too! I was struggling internally, to say the least. It was hard to keep my thoughts on anything but sex while these two sexy girls pranced around me, both of them wearing short shorts, tank tops and flip flops, leaving little to my overactive imagination.

As we got into the evening, it became evident that Mel was just as sex-crazed as Michelle, and the sisters were actually really close with each other and very comfortable sharing about their sex lives. My presence didn’t deter their conversation either, which was a little awkward, but I welcomed it. I did learn that Mel had gone a while now without getting laid, which only made me hornier. I couldn’t help but think how happy I’d be to break that slump for her. However, I dared not say a word.

Later that night, while Mel was in the kitchen cleaning up and Michelle and I were on the couch with the Olympics still on the TV, Michelle said to me out of the blue, “You want to fuck her, don’t you?” We may or may not have had a few drinks.

“Who?” I blurted, though I obviously knew to whom she was referring, seeing as there were only three people in the whole house.

“My sister!” Michelle hissed. “Don’t tell me you don’t want to tap that!”

“She’s your sister!” I hushed back. There was no way I wasn’t in a trap, I thought.

“So?” Michelle asked. “I don’t care if you sleep with some random skank. You think I wouldn’t rather you be with someone I actually know? Beside, she could use a little action.”

I tried to rebut. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to fuck Mel. Actually, sex with Mel sounded really fun right about then. But she was Michelle’s sister, and I knew this scenario couldn’t possibly play out well. However, before I could get a word in edgewise, Mel came back into the room.

“Oh, what are we whispering about?” she asked, smiling.

I couldn’t think of anything to say before Michelle blew the whole thing open: “He was just telling me how sexy you are and how he would fuck you if Trabzon Escort you weren’t my sister.” Sure, I did feel that way, but I had said nothing of the sort.

Mel grinned, she too maybe or maybe not a little intoxicated. “That shouldn’t stop him, right, Shell? It wouldn’t be the first time.” I’d later find out Mel was referring to a previous night when the sisters had shared a boyfriend, but in that moment, that last sentence was lost on me.

“We can take turns!” Michelle said excitedly, her speech slightly slurred. As the girls chattered, my mind swirled. There was no way I was about to fuck two hot sisters. That stuff didn’t happen in real life. My thoughts even wandered toward an all-out threesome, something I had never done with two girls before. I didn’t let my brain go too far out, composing myself primarily by figuring the girls were pulling my leg. It had to be a joke.

“Are you coming?” Mel asked me, and I realized she was already halfway toward the second bedroom.

Michelle laughed, a little tipsy, perhaps. “I hope he’s not yet!” she joked, “but if he’s already cumming, I’m sure we can get him back up again.”

I stayed on the couch frozen, my heart pounding. Still convinced it was a joke, I finally decided to play along. “If you girls say so,” I said confidently as I stood up and followed Mel into the bedroom. Michelle trailed behind, making me think all the more that the whole thing was some kind of prank. All I could do was wonder what she was planning as she came in behind me.

Prank or not, I was liking what was unfolding before me, as Mel immediately took her tank top off once Michelle and I were in the room. Michelle then walked up behind her sister and helped her by taking off her bra while Mel let her long, brown hair down, which fell around her shoulders. Pulling the bra away, Michelle reached down and pulled Mel’s shorts down as well so that the 30-something Italian girl was wearing nothing but a thong as she grinned back at me.

“I bet you like this,” Mel said just as she backed up and took a seat on the bed. I was speechless, but the tent in my pants was all that was needed to communicate my true feelings even better than words could.

“Which one of us do you think has a better body?” Michelle asked, giggling as she walked back over toward me while Mel was now lying on her back on the bed. I figured the best answer to that question would be to say Michelle had a sexier body, and I think I believe that anyway, but before I could manage a real response, Michelle interjected, “Fuck her first, and then tell me.”

“Could you help me with this?” Mel said to me, pulling at her thong. Her hair was splayed around her head on the bed as she looked up at me. For some reason, I looked over at Michelle, trying to figure out what was going on, considering Michelle was still here.

“I’m not leaving until I watch you go inside my sister,” Michelle said. “And then I’ll go. Come on!” To hell with it, I thought, and started to take off my own clothes as I walked over to the bed and help my girlfriend’s sister out of her thong. Within seconds, she and I were both completely naked, and I joined Mel in the bed.

Hovering over my new friend, I looked down, and my eyes traced up from Mel’s shaven pussy up to her boobs which were slightly rising and falling with her breathing, then to her pleasantly smiling mouth and beaming eyes. She spread her legs to welcome me in, and in that moment I finally realized that I was actually going to have sex with my girlfriend’s sister. Not even considering some of the other fun times I have had in my experience, I was one lucky bastard.

Without another moment of hesitation, I propped myself up and took my hard dick in my hand, while Mel spread her legs even wider for me to allow me access into her sweet love canal. Mel and I looked steadfastly at her twat while I pushed the head of my cock into it, bringing a soft moan from her as she muttered under her breath how good it felt to finally get a dick inside her. I didn’t know how long her dry spell had been going on, but considering the circumstances, it must have been significant. I was happy to be snapping it for her.

As inch after inch of me slid into Mel, I looked over at my shoulder at Michelle, who stood in the doorway and watched on. “You should join us,” I said, desperately hoping for a threesome now, to no avail.

“Maybe later,” was all Michelle said with a wicked grin on her face before she departed and closed the door behind her. I guess I could be only so fortunate. Once Michelle was gone, I thrust fully forward so that my entire penis was deep inside Mel’s pussy.

Mel was exceptionally wet, to say the least, and her pussy clung nice and tightly to my engorged cock. We giggled a bit as we adjusted to each other’s bodies, I bewildered as I tried to remember the last time I had made love to a woman I had met that very same day. It was certainly the first time I had slept with a girl who was a sibling to another girl I had fucked. As I began to grind up against Escort Trabzon Mel, she ran her hands up my arms to my shoulders and then pulled me down, closer to her as I felt her ankles ride up my legs toward my hips.

“Give it to me,” she whispered. “I want this so bad.” She was matching the motion of my pelvis by grinding back into me, my cock filling her wonderful cunt for just another moment until I started to thrust in and out of her. “Yeah! That’s it,” she moaned. She stayed still for a moment as I drilled her pussy nice and hard, going faster and faster as I grew more comfortable with this new female body. Once I had a steady rhythm going, Mel started to hump back into me, meeting each of my thrusts. Her ankles were now pressed against my hips, her fingernails in my back as we fucked on her guest bed all while her sister, my girlfriend, was just a few yards away in the living room.

I grunted with each thrust into Mel, my balls slapping against her taint, while Mel moaned and squealed, her eyes shut, her fingers bracing into my flesh. I watched with delight as Mel’s boobs shifted up and down each time I slammed into her, sweat beginning to form between them as our intercourse grew more and more intense. Perspiration was starting to drip from my forehead as well while I continued to plow into my girlfriend’s hot sister.

After several minutes of giving it to Mel in the missionary position, I slammed into her with one more hard thrust and then pulled out and directed her to her hands and knees. Without a word, Mel scrambled obediently according to what I had asked, and soon enough I was greeted with her lovely ass and her open pussy. I wasted no time setting up behind her and inserting my prick back into that tight, wet pussy that had been sufficiently broken in. Then I rested my hands on her hips and prepared to go fright back at it.

We both sighed, and Mel pushed back into me before I could even get going, so I decided to remain still for a moment and allow her to do the fucking. For the next couple minutes, I watched on as the sexy, slender brunette pushed back and forth, her ass cheeks slapping against my waist each time she came back on me, her hair bouncing wildly around her head as she fucked me faster and faster. Before long, I was too aroused to stay still, and I sank my nails into her ass and held her still as I did the fucking now, going hard and fast right away, rocking her entire body as I fucked her.

Mel’s body shifted forward hard each time I thrust into the girl. My balls were slapping against her clit now, and the bed was creaking beneath us as we fucked and moaned. I began to wonder what Michelle was thinking as she could undoubtedly hear my banging her sister. I still wished she would join in, but it didn’t matter because I was already having a night I would never forget. For now, I was more than happy to slam in and out of her sister to my heart’s content until I was ready to cum.

I fucked Mel doggystyle intensely, slamming in and out of her over and over again, the two of us moaning like animals. I continued to bang her right through her orgasm, during which she shuddered and moaned. I watched as her hands gripped the sheets beneath her and she went still while I kept up my pace, slamming back and forth, in and out of her while her pussy convulsed around my dick. I didn’t relent until I could feel my balls welling up and ready to explode, eager to return the favor Mel had paid me by cumming for me. In the heat of the moment, I wasn’t sure how to finish, so I just said, “Do you spit or swallow?” I’m not even sure why I said it that way, especially considering I gave her only two options among so many good choices out there.

“You’ll just have to find out,” Mel said, ceasing from the slight rocking of her own body that she had begun doing again and instead pulling away from me as I let go of her. My cock exited from that warm, wet hole but was soon greeted by another one as Mel turned around and, still on her knees and propped up with one hand, guided my slick cock into her mouth and greedily sucked on it.

“Shit,” I moaned as I watched my girlfriend’s sister suck off her own juices off my cock and edging me closer and closer toward what was going to be a surely amazing orgasm. “Shiiiit,” I cursed again, holding it out as I held off my orgasm for as long as I could so as to heighten the pleasure. At last, I unleashed a furious load that exploded inside Mel’s mouth. In answer to my question, Mel kept up and swallowed the whole thing, sucking my cock dry before she pulled back and let it slip out of her mouth with a slight popping sound, leaving me completely and utterly satisfied and amazed.

I fell back from my knees onto my ass as Mel stood up, a sly grin spread across her face. She got off the bed, picking up her tank top and shorts as she made her way across the room. As she put the garments back on, she said to me, “I’ll tell Shell you’re ready for her.” Shit, Mel had satisfied me so well, I wasn’t even sure I had anything left for my girlfriend, as fun as the idea Trabzon Escort Bayan of fucking them consecutively had sounded right up until I came down her sister’s throat. Without managing a response, I watched Mel leave the room and close the door, leaving me to recover on the bed.

Not a minute later, Michelle came in. In the background, I could see Mel heading upstairs where she would be going to bed, as I’d later come to learn, leaving Michelle and me alone in her guest room for as long as we wanted. “I hope you’ve got something leftover for me!” Michelle said as she came over to the bed. I honestly thought I would pass out from the loss of energy from fucking Mel, but wouldn’t you know it, Michelle knew just what to do to get me going again. After a brief strip tease, Michelle’s clothes were at her feet and her fantastic naked figure stood before me. Already, a little blood was rushing back into my spent cock.

“Your sister has an awesome body,” I said, “but I still like yours better.” Michelle smiled and crawled up into the bed with me, getting between my knees and eyeing my cock.

“Just for that,” she said, still smiling, and then never finished but instead began to suck on my cock which surely still had traces of her sister’s juices on it. Within a minute, I was fully rigid again. “There’s my boy,” Michelle said, her eyes beaming as she sought some relief for herself. “You can fuck my sister all you want as long as I get what I need too.”

“Did your sister’s juice on my cock taste good?” I said to her with a grin.

“Gross,” Michelle said, letting go of my cock. As I lay there, Michelle climbed on top of me, taking no time to stuff my cock inside her tight, wet pussy as her knees rested on either side of me while I now lay on my back. Michelle groaned as she sank lower and lower onto me until my entire dick was secured inside her. How many guys can say they’ve had their dick in two different sisters within 10 minutes?

Michelle immediately began to ride up and down my cock, and I responded by holding onto her hips and guiding her as she bounced on me. Her hair and boobs shook with her body while she fucked me firmly and vigorously, knowing it was going to take a little longer to get me to cum again, seeing as I had just had an orgasm not even 15 minutes earlier. By now, though, I was sufficiently turned on again as my sexy girlfriend expertly fucked me.

My hands traveled from Michelle’s waist up to her tits as she continued to rock up and down me, panting as she did. After a few moments, I pulled her down on top of me and began to fuck her myself, holding her in place against my chest as I thrust in and out of her tight pussy over and over again, trying to work myself up to an orgasm. Next, I rolled over on top of her and really gave her the business. Once on top of Michelle, it wasn’t long before I made her cum, her arms and legs wrapped around me, her body shuddering and moans leaking from her throat as I had now satisfied both sisters.

“Cum inside me,” Michelle begged. I held her close to me, her legs still wrapped around my waist as I pounded her hard and fast, my cock pumping in and out of her, my balls slapping against her taint. Our sweat mingled together as the smell of sex filled the room, a smell that had certainly already been in the air from my previous episode in there. Speaking of which, all the while as I nailed Michelle to that mattress, her sister was above us either sleeping already or listening to the delightful noises of her little sister’s getting railed by the guy by whom she had just been satisfied moments earlier. All of it was almost too hot for me to comprehend.

At last, I had my second orgasm in less than 40 minutes, moaning as I shot out as much of a load as my balls could manufacture in that short time. I held myself up and moaned loudly as I came inside my girlfriend’s pussy. Still cumming, I opened my eyes and looked down at my lover, who was grinning uncontrollably, her eyes filled with delight as she accepted my seed into her vagina. At last, once I had finished cumming for the second time that night, Michelle relaxed her legs around me, and I pulled out before collapsing on the bed beside my beautiful girlfriend. My cock was a little sore from all the action, but, boy, had it been worth it.

Michelle slowly got out of the bed and started to dress again. “We got to get you home,” she said. “It’s after midnight.” Damn it, I thought. Time really had gotten away from us. I got dressed too, and we made our way out of the house and toward the car without seeing Mel. I surely hoped I would see her again soon, though.

“I know she’s your sister,” I started.

“Stop,” Michelle said. “I honestly wanted you to do it!”

“No, that’s not what I meant,” I said. “I was going to say that maybe we can do a threesome next time.”

A very brief silence was followed by a goofy grin and the words, “Sure, that’s a little weird, but maybe we can.” Maybe Michelle was a little tipsy when she said that, but I, for one, was doing well enough to drive by now and was fully in my right mind without any regrets. I could only hope Michelle – and Mel – was feeling the same way as we made our way back first to Michelle’s place before I headed home. As too-good-to-be-true as this development had been already, I couldn’t help but hope that there was more yet to come.