My Date with an Online Dom


I had been speaking with a wonderful Dom online for several weeks. It had gotten to the point where we were in contact several times a day, and had grown quite comfortable with each other. He lived just a 4 hour drive from me, and suggested he drive up, so we could see if the chemistry was the same in person as it was online. Now, I’ve only had a computer for 4 months, so this was my first RL meet with anyone. We had agreed in advance that there would be no sex this time, and I had a very worried daughter, whom I told that I would not allow him to bind me, either (I’m a rope slut, he’s a Kinbakushi).

One of the things we had in common is a love for camping and nature, so he wished me to meet him in a secluded outdoor setting. That being a terrible location for a first date with a stranger, yet not wanting to disappoint him, I came up with the perfect plan. We went to my Moose Lodge after hours. The grounds are large, wooded, and no cop would dare to patrol the property. BUT, we allow camping there, and I have friends who live in a camper on-site. I contacted them, explained the situation (as well as I could to a vanilla), and asked them to keep their window open, and be on the alert for any sounds of trouble. The Dom knew nothing of this.

We had a marvelous time, and the conversation flowed quite freely. At one point, we went into the large, screened pavilion to escape the mosquitoes. We drank champagne and Escort Bayan talked for hours. I excused myself to avail myself of the ladies room, and he went to the car for another bottle of wine. When I returned, he was not where I had left him. In the darkness, I saw the glow of his cigarette in the deepest shadows and went to him. In the glow of the moonlight, a coil of rope shimmered on the table. My heart stopped, then began hammering in my chest. I couldn’t tear my gaze from it! Like a snake, deadly, yet ohhh so fascinating. He had positioned two chairs, side-by-side, and perpendicular to the table. I sat in the empty one, between him and the table. There was an empty chair positioned behind mine. The conversation picked up just where it had left off with no mention of the rope.

Now, he had been infatuated with my hair since we first met. He couldn’t keep his hands off it (it’s longer now than in the photos). He continuously twirled it round and round, then slowly wrapped it 2 or 3 times around his fist, un-wrapped it, and started over. I felt a pleasant tension as he did this, but never the slightest pulling sensation. I was so used to it by then, that I didn’t even really notice it any more. We talked for another half hour, as he gave me every opportunity to remind him of our “No sex or bondage” agreement. I did not. COULD not. I was so mesmerized by the rope that I struggled to pay attention Bayan Escort to the conversation.

Like a bolt of lightning, he struck. My hair wrapped firmly in his grasp, he suddenly yanked my head back roughly (I cried out in surprise), he put his mouth to my ear and growled “I’m going to tie you, Taylor!” (I moaned), and it was ON! He released my hair and moved to sit in the chair behind me, picked up the rope and started his preparations. As he did this, he calmly explained that he was going to recreate the wallpaper I have on my phone (a beautiful black & white of a woman’s arms bound behind her), that there would be no sex, and that he would do nothing that would jeopardize my health or safety.

He told me to lift my arms. I did so, and he pulled my shirt off. Then he told me to put my hands behind my back. Heart beating wildly, barely able to breathe, I did so. Then magic happened. At the first touch of the rope, our true natures merged in perfect harmony. He, the artist. Me, the canvass. My heart began the slow, steady rhythm that signals the beginning of sub space and time stood still. He was one of the best bakushi I have ever encountered. Gently, reverently, weaving his rope around me. Causing me to tremble, as if a current of electricity were running through me. Then suddenly, violently, pulling the rope taut before placing a knot in it. I would gasp each time it happened. He would Escort give a low chuckle.

When he had finished binding my arms, he wrapped the rope around to the front, binding me to the chair. He stepped around in front of me and began to bind my breasts. I don’t remember many details, as I was deep in sub space. But he later told me that it took hours to finish, and that I was moaning so sweetly the entire time, that it nearly drove him insane, trying to keep from tearing my jeans off and take me against my will. But he remained true to his word.

I have vague, hazy memories of him sitting in the chair next to me, and of us talking for quite a while, as I sat bound. Then he got up and began to slowly untie me. He gave me my shirt and told me to dress, as he coiled his rope. I don’t remember much after that until I got home. And I don’t recall ever having an orgasm that night. But I must have had one after the other when deep in sub space, because when I got home and went to change for bed, my jeans were soaking wet almost to the knees!! LOL

I slept for 10 straight hours. Deep and dreamless. Something I haven’t experienced in the many years since I began having nightmares on a regular basis. And I awoke with a feeling of freedom and hope for the future that hasn’t left me for a moment since then. But it was like a tease. As if I were a junkie coming off the wagon. The needle was placed in a vein, delivering the thing I desire most. But the plunger was only pushed halfway. And now I am left waiting for the right person to deliver the full dose. To take me to Heaven, and beyond. And the ache I feel is deep, and profound, and excruciating in its intensity.