My Cup Runneth Over Ch. 06


This is the latest chapter in a series of seven chapters. If you have not started at the beginning you will miss much.


We left our group where Josephine had recounted her experiences the night of our last meeting when ultimately she got engaged. After much congratulatory comments and best wishes, there were cries of “How about Joan. To which Joan replied,

“Well, I cannot match that. You know that I have been secretive about my love life.” We all shook our heads. “I think some of you likely think I am a lesbian but you would be wrong. The senior partner in the law firm I am associated with who is a widower and I have had a relationship for the past two years. However, we both agreed that we could not let our relationship become known as I have been up for admission to the partnership and we did not want anyone to think that I got preferential treatment.

The day of the last meeting of our group John came to my office just before I was to leave and join you and Jean Paul and asked if I was available for dinner. I responded that unfortunately I had a prior commitment. While he looked disappointed, he smiled and said, “Will you come to my home after you are finished? I have a surprise that I think you will enjoy.” I said that I would hence my rather rapid departure at the end of the last meeting.

When I arrived at his rather palatial abode he met me wearing a deep red smoking jacket and an Ascot tie, very much the gentlemen.

“Come in my dear; let me take your coat. You look very ravaging tonight. Come through to the sitting room, I have the fire lit and a bottle of bubbly on ice.”

I knew the way so went ahead of him; I became conscious of him paying a lot of attention to my derriere. I must confess, I did emphasize my wiggle to give him a bit of a thrill. He had the champagne in a bucket sitting on the coffee table that sat in front of the sofa and beyond that was a lovely fire. He opened the bottle and poured two flutes, passing one to me. Without any further actions he raised his glass and said,

“Darling, here is to the newest partner in the firm.” I almost dropped my glass. He took it from me and putting his arms around me drew me to him and gave me a most passionate kiss. “Now let’s drink to your Urfa Escort partnership. We raised our glasses and toasted.

“John, I cannot thank you for all of your support and to the other partners for accepting me into the firm.” John responded,

“Joan, you earned it all on your own. Now we don’t have to be circumspect around the office, I don’t care who knows. Take another drink and then I think we should celebrate in another way.” I did as I was told and then he moved closer to me taking my face in his hands and bringing our lips together. Our mouths opened and our tongues did the dance of the sabers until we were breathless. John kissed my ears and my neck and fondled my breasts. I was in heaven. I felt his hand reach up my back and run the zipper down until it hit my bum. Holding my hand he helped me out my dress and then taking it from the bottom pulled the camisole over my head leaving me in only my bra, panties and nylons. I had worn a garter belt to hold up the nylons, something I rarely do and I was glad I had. John buried his face in my cleavage and kissed my breasts; I could feel him reach behind me and I was surprised at the dexterity he had undoing my bra. Looking me straight in the eyes slowly pulled the straps off my shoulder letting the bra sink off my breast exposing my nipples. His gaze went to them and one at a time he took one in his mouth and started to suck, then using his tongue teased each until I thought that I would scream.

I could feel myself getting wet and he seemed to sense my need. While having one hand behind my back holding my chest to his mouth I felt the other trace my right leg from the top of my stocking to my panty line. Oh how I wanted him to not stop. I was happy that I had worn tap panties so there was not elastic to prevent his hand to find its goal. His lips left my breast and he said,

“Oh Joan, you are so wet and if we don’t do something about it I think I am going to cum in my pants.” We both laughed and holding hands walked as quickly as possible to his bedroom. I undid his shirt front and he shed it quickly; then I proceeded to undo his belt and the button and zipper on his pants allowing them to fall to his ankles. He kicked his shoes off and stepped out of the legs Urfa Escort Bayan of his pants leaving them in a puddle at his feet. His erection was obvious and through his boxers I grasped his penis. We stood there for a moment, our chests pressing against each other. “I need you Joan, like now!” He said with a throaty voice. He pulled my panties down to my knees and gently eased me back onto the bed. I realized that in anticipation he had turned the bed down, the duvet at the foot. He bent over me and kissed each nipple again and then his lips moved south over my ample belly and then his lips found the bare leg above my stockings. He reached down and pulled my panties down, sniffing the crotch and then throwing them over his shoulder. He then went back to kissing my inner thighs and before long had his face buried in my vulva. At that point I could hardly bare it and cried out, “John, hurry up and eat me and them for all that is important put you penis where it belongs!”

“Not until I eat you sweet heart. At my age I can only come a couple of times a day and I want you to cum as often as you can.” With that he dove right in. I could feel his tongue run from my anus to my clit. It had been too long since I had been worshiped in such a fashion. Then two fingers went into my vagina and his lips found my clit. He had eaten me before but not like this. He was tender and patient. His fingers found my G spot and between that and his attention to my clit I started to tremble. I found myself pinching my nipples and within moments I went over the top screaming,

“Oh John, don’t stop! Oh yes, right there, right there and I came like I never had before.

John sensed that I needed a rest. He climbed up and lay next to me kissing me gently.

“Do you know you squirted? You have virtually soaked the bed and almost drowned me in the process. You have never squirted for me before.” I responded,

“Oh John, I am sorry about the bed. I don’t know that I have ever squirted before. Let me make it up to you. Do you want a blow job first?” John responded that no he wanted to have me make him hard and then we should truly make love. I took his penis in my hand and stoked it then putting it between my breasts gave it a good Escort Urfa massage.

John said, “Joan I want to be inside you. Which position would you prefer: it is your night? I told him I wanted make love in the missionary position so that we could look into each other’s eyes. John smiled and I lay on my back with my legs spread. He crawled between them and took his cock and rubbed it against my slit that was soaking wet from the oral stimulation he had provided. He then found my vagina and inserting his cock started to move it in and out first at a leisurely rate. He paused and took my legs bringing them up on his shoulders so that he could get in deeper. With this he increased the tempo and my boobs started to bounce.

I cried out, “Oh John, I am getting close.” And with that I began to rub my clit with one hand and squeeze a nipple with the other. We were looking straight into each other’s eyes and as I was about to cum I saw John’s eyes roll back and he gave me a couple of more heathy shoves before resting his hands on either side of my chest moaning oh yes, Joan! This was sufficient to push me over the top and I came and came wondering if it would ever stop. When I opened my eyes John was leaning over me with the biggest smile on his face I had ever seen.

“My Darling, I think we should have a shower and then get some sleep. Tomorrow is another work day and you need to go home and change unless you are prepared to wear that dress you had on tonight to the office. The boys would love seeing that cleavage but the girls will be jealous. We had a quick breakfast and I went home and changed into something more appropriate.

There was a reception at the end of the business day when the new partnerships were announced. There were cheers all round and many came and congratulations were extended to those who had been named. John and I decided to keep our relationship quiet until a few months had passed so no one would conclude that I had an inside track.

We all congratulated Joan on her promotion and the fact that she was in a meaningful if somewhat discrete relationship. They asked about my night as I had not gone to the bar either. I was not prepared to share the marvelous time I had with Jean Paul and simply said that I had helped him take his equipment to the car and then after thanking him, had gone home without coming for a drink. Having had wine with dinner and being concerned about drinking and driving. I am not sure they all believed me but one never knows.

To be continued…