Modified Ch. 05


Penny is sitting in her biology class, tired and sore, trying to make sense of what just happened to her. She went to the campus nurse’s office hoping to take control of her situation, but instead was dominated by an insane doctor. The doctor tied her to the examination table and then proceeded to ram a huge dildo into her pussy, all the while telling her how she had created her, and how Penny was now the perfect lesbian lover. As mortified by the situation as she was, she also had never felt such intense pleasure before this. And when the doctor stroked her cock at the same time as she filled her with the dildo, her orgasm (or was it orgasms?) was so intense that Penny briefly passed out. What was that doctor’s name? Kuchov? Kruchov? No. Krutov. Yes, Doctor Krutov. So rather than getting help from the doctor, she instead got some sort of booster shot and then screaming orgasms at the hand of the doctor. And then there was the strange man that seemed to be following her. Who was he, and what did he want with Penny? On top of all that, her mistress Jasmine seemed to be up to something. She slipped some of Penny’s cum into Selena’s orange juice this morning, which, just like April the previous day, seemed to turn her into a sex craving slut. What was Jasmine planning on doing? And what did this mean for Penny’s future?

Outside the G building where Penny’s class is in session, Victor sits on a bench away from the busy walkway, pondering his arrangement with Dr. Krutov. He was hired to do surveillance on Penny. He didn’t ask questions, he’d certainly done more than his share of jobs that were morally questionable. He set up cameras in the sorority house and tailed Penny. But as the demands from the doctor increased, including depositing the groggy Penny back into her sorority house room, it had now gone way farther than he was comfortable with. Today he informed the doctor that Penny was at the nurse’s office, and shortly after the doctor arrived and rushed in. Victor didn’t know what happened in there, but he’s sure it was fucked up. On top of all this, the doctor was just not nice to work for. She was rude and disrespectful. He also realized that she was dangerous and wouldn’t hesitate to take him out if she felt she needed to. Like if she decided he knew too much, which he probably did. Given the powerful position she was in at the university, she probably had the resources to really fuck up his life. So for the moment he must continue to be at the doctor’s beck and call. But he planned on keeping his eyes open for way out.


Penny somehow managed to make it through biology class and is now sitting down with Jasmine for lunch. Jasmine notices immediately that something is bothering Penny. She definitely looks more ruffled then when she last saw her, with her hair a bit tangled and her makeup a little smudged. On top of that, Penny is acting distant. During yesterday’s shopping trip she saw Penny open up more to her, but that spark has disappeared.

“Ok toy, what’s going on?” Jasmine inquires.

“Nothing mistress. I’m just a little tired from my classes.”

SLAP! Jasmine slaps Penny hard across the cheek. Several people turn and stare as Penny reels in shock at the suddenness of it.

“Clearly there is something more than that, toy. I would have thought this was obvious, but here’s commandment number three. Toy will never lie to me. And really this shouldn’t need to be a commandment. Now the slap was because you’ve forgotten your training. What’s this “I’m” tired from “MY” classes? Toy will address herself appropriately!” Penny cringes, realizing her mistake.

“Now I’ll ask again, toy. What’s going on that has upset my toy?” Jasmine’s voice softens. She reaches out and caresses Penny’s hand. Feeling the soft touch, Penny breaks down. Her eyes fill with tears.

“Oh mistress, it was so… so…” Penny drops her face into her hands. Jasmine caresses Penny’s hair, waiting patiently.

“Take your time, toy, and tell me what happened.”

“I… shit, I’m sorr… Shit!” Penny blurts out, frustrated. She takes a deep breath. “Toy did a bad thing, mistress.” More tears form in her eyes, streaking her makeup.

“Tell me what my toy did,” Jasmine responds patiently.

“This toy went to the nurse’s office to see if they could, umm… fix this.”

“You did WHAT???” Jasmine shouts at her. This could be catastrophic! What if Penny is exposed, if word gets out about her? That would destroy all her plans. And for this to happen while Jasmine is supposed to be watching over her? She could lose her position at Delta Omega. Shit! Why did I let her go to class by herself?

Jasmine takes a deep breath and reels in her emotions. “Tell me exactly what happened!”

“There was this doctor, Dr. Krutov… She seemed to know about my… about this toy’s penis.”

“Go on.”

Over the next hour Penny relates everything she can remember about the visit. She tells Jasmine as much as she can remember about what the doctor said to her. Jasmine repeatedly quizzes her on this, trying to Pendik escort bayan get every tiny detail from Penny. Jasmine slowly feels relief after deciding that Penny hasn’t been publicly exposed. Jasmine slowly begins to piece together more of the story behind Penny. “So this Dr. Krutov is at the source of it. I wonder how much she really knows about her creation. And how did she know that Penny was at the nurse’s office?” she ponders. And then Jasmine begins to get excited, realizing her plans are not in danger, but this could actually help her. “So Dr. Krutov did this. Well, maybe there’s a way to use this…” Jasmine muses.

Finally satisfied that Penny has told her everything that the doctor said, Jasmine begins quizzing Penny about how the doctor used the dildo on her; how this felt; how big it was; what her orgasms felt like. Penny replies with embarrassment about how good it felt, how full she felt with the big dildo. And being forced to remember and relate what happened is triggering a tingling between her legs again.

“So toy likes a big cock, hmm?” Jasmine asked bluntly.

Penny blushed. “Yes mistress.”

“Toy would like it if I found a big cock that she could fuck.”

“Yes mistress,” Penny replies softly. “Toy just doesn’t know how anyone would want to…” she trails off.

“Shhh, just let me worry about that. Tell me what toy is.”

Hesitating, then, “This toy is a slut, mistress.” Penny feels embarrassment, but also feels her cock begin to grow. She is beginning to accept that she really is a slut. She has always liked sex, some (or maybe a lot) of people would have called her a slut in her past life. But now! As much as she feared what her future might be, thinking back over the last couple days she realizes that these were the most intense sexual experiences she’s ever had. They may be the result of her modifications, but the feelings are no less real. And talking with her mistress about it has sparked a desire for more. It has also brought her closer to her mistress, someone she can talk to and share her thoughts and fears. Though Jasmine could sometimes be harsh, Penny has grown to trust her, even after only these few days with her. She is beginning to feel that Jasmine will take care of her when she really needs it.

Interrupting Penny’s reflection, Jasmine asks, “Does toy feel any different from the drug that the doctor administered?”

“Toy isn’t sure…” Penny hesitates, not sure if she should continue. “This toy is very horny again, mistress,” Penny concludes, looking down at her hands. “Toy would like to help you with whatever it is you have planned. But…” Penny hesitates again. “But this toy is afraid of what will happen to her, mistress.”

Jasmine reaches over and takes both of Penny’s hands in hers. “Now listen,” Jasmine says sternly. “We are both Delta Omega girls. The sorority has given me the responsibility to take care of toy, and I take this responsibility very seriously. I will do everything in my power to protect you. Toy must trust me, and everything will turn out wonderfully.”

“Thank you, mistress.” Penny nearly wells up in tears again, this time from relief and happiness. After an emotional morning, Penny now feels like a great weight has been lifted from her.


After finishing lunch, the two girls walk outside and begin to make their way home. After only going a few steps, a shiver goes through Penny and she hesitates, pulling back from Jasmine.

“What is it, toy?” Jasmine asks, sensing Penny’s fear.

Penny whispers softly to Jasmine, “It’s that man over there… in the black shirt. He’s been following me I think. I saw him outside my class and again outside the nurse’s office.” Jasmine looks over Penny’s shoulder and sees the man. She considers what this might mean. Who would want to follow Penny? Is there a connection between him and Dr. Krutov? Is there someone else interested in Penny? What about Stacy? Does she have the resources to do something like this? Or could there be someone else that knows about her? Finally she makes up her mind.

“Toy, I’m going to go talk to him. Go straight home, do not talk to anyone. Toy will go to her room, do her homework, and wait for me there. Is that clear?”

“Yes mistress. But is it…” Penny pauses, a look of concern on her face. “Please be careful mistress.”

Jasmine and Penny walk towards the man. Jasmine moves ahead of Penny and introduces herself.

“Hi, I’m Jasmine St. James. And you are…?” That’s all that Penny hears as she hurries on her way.


Penny thrusts her hips upwards, trying to get more of the sensation that is currently teasing her cock. She pulls on the ropes that bind her hands and groans in desire. She slowly awakens and opens her eyes, seeing Jasmine hovering over her with a feather in her hand. She groans again. This has become her normal morning routine. But today is Saturday, so no rushing off to classes. It seems like a lifetime since the pledge party last weekend. It’s been a week of submitting Escort Pendik to her mistress; a week of sexual depravity with her sorority sisters; a week of incredibly intense orgasms. Penny closes her eyes again and reminisces about the events over the last couple days.


After classes on Monday when I was sent her home so Jasmine could talk with the strange man, I was in my room doing homework when Selena burst in, mad as hell. I was lying on my bed trying to read my biology textbook. I was naked, since it just seemed easier than trying to find clothes that would accommodate my cock, which was hard and dripping. Apparently that booster shot from the doctor really did have an effect, since I was going crazy with horniness. It took all my will to not stroke myself to orgasm, but I knew that was not permitted by my mistress. Selena’s curses were directed at both myself as well as Jasmine. But then her words were cut short when she saw my cock. She started stammering, walking slowly towards me with her eyes glued to my rod. When she reached my bed, her hand reached out like it had a mind of its own. I froze in shock, but when her soft fingertips ran from the tip down the underside, I was overcome with lust. Ignoring the alarm in my head that said my mistress would not allow this, I reached down and put my hand around Selena’s and guided it up and down my cock. Pleasure surged through me and my cock strained for relief. Her fingers were soon coated with my juices and sliding easily up and down. I was panting with desire. Selena’s eyes were glued to my rod, a look of awe on her face. I begged her to stroke me faster. She complied, her hand moved more quickly. It wasn’t long before my cock erupted, spraying cum all over my tits and face, and splattering against the headboard. It continued to spurt as I writhed in pleasure. Once it finally stopped its spasms I was left panting and coated in my own cum. Selena removed her cum coated fingers and slowly brought them to her lips. Again as if her fingers had a mind of their own, she began to lick my cum off of her fingers. Then, finally realizing what she’d done, a look of horror crossed her face and she ran out of my room. I spend the next hour cleaning up the mess. Later when I confessed to Jasmine what happened, she used a hairbrush and turned my ass five shades of red for my disobedience.

The next evening Jasmine summoned me to her room. Walking in, I found Selena naked and on her knees, arms tied behind her back, her ass in the air and her head down at Jasmine’s feet. Jasmine looked relaxed as she sat back on the love seat. Her legs were crossed and her foot was bobbing in front of Selena with her high heeled shoe hanging from her toes. I don’t know how Jasmine managed to make this happen; maybe she slipped her another dose of cum. But in the year that I’ve known Selena, she has more than once made rather racist remarks, and now to see her at the feet of my black mistress was quite a shock. My cock was already hard with expectation from Jasmine’s invitation to her room, but now walking into this erotic scene sent an extra jolt through it. And yet I also felt a twinge of jealousy seeing my mistress giving her attentions to another girl. Jasmine ordered me to undress and kneel behind Selena, which I quickly did. “Show me how much you want it,” Jasmine was saying to Selena. Selena whined. “Please!” Jasmine allowed her shoe to drop to the floor. Then I heard the sounds of Selena sucking on Jasmine’s toes. Jasmine nodded to me, and I moved in closer to Selena. My giant rod brushed up against Selena’s dripping opening. Selena’s hips push back, trying to reach my cock. I held my position, just brushing up against her for several minutes while Jasmine enjoyed humiliating Selena. Selena continued to kiss Jasmine’s feet and sway her hips. “Beg me,” Jasmine finally demanded. Selena whined again, and then began begging to be fucked. “What will you do for me?” Jasmine asked her. “Please, anything. I just need her cock in me!” she responded breathlessly. Another signal from Jasmine and I pushed forward, sinking deep into Selena’s pussy. I couldn’t believe how wet and hot her pussy felt wrapped around my cock. She let out a scream as I pulled back and then thrust in deeper. “Don’t move, toy,” Jasmine commanded me. “I think Selena needs to be punished for all those things she said.” Jasmine handed me a large hair brush. “Spank her ass toy! And if toy doesn’t do a good job, toy’s ass will be next!” I took the brush, and with my cock still buried inside Selena’s pussy I began to spank her ass. I didn’t need much encouragement, happy to take give back to Selena for all the nasty comments she’d made about me. With each impact of the brush on her ass I could feel her pussy grab my cock. I began to enjoy this feeling, and soon was looking at the very red ass of Selena. “Enough, toy.” I reluctantly stopped and waited for further instruction. “Beg me again,” she said to Selena. Through teary eyes she pleaded with Jasmine. “Please… please let her fuck me.” Jasmine nodded to me and I grabbed Pendik Rus Escort Selena’s hips and began to thrust harder, my jealousy spurring me on to pound into her, to continue to punish her for taking my mistress’s attentions. Selena cried out. I developed a steady rhythm, and squishy sounds filling the room as our juices intermingled. Soon she was cumming, crying out and squeezing my cock with her spasms. I wasn’t given permission yet, so I struggled to hold back my orgasm. But still I continued to ram my cock into her. Selena came again, screaming. Finally Jasmine gave me a nod. I began hammering my cock deeper and harder into Selena. I began cumming, spraying deep into her pussy. Selana came a third time, squeezing my cock. I filled her pussy with cum, which quickly overflowed, forming a puddle on the floor. I continued to ram into her until my spasms finally ended. Shortly after that I was dismissed by Jasmine, and I was again filled with jealousy as I left my mistress with Selena.

The rest of the week was a blur of seducing more sorority girls. There were visits from Katrina and Lillie, and another visit from April. Somehow Jasmine had them all begging, consumed by their sexual desires. And I dutifully followed Jasmine’s orders, either fucking them, or getting hand jobs or blow jobs depending on what suited Jasmines fancy. And every one of them begged for more.


Penny opens her eyes again and looks down. Jasmine has the tape measure in her hand and is once again measuring her hard cock. “Wow, toy, this is truly amazing. Ten and one half inches in length. And let’s see… seven and three quarter inches around at the base. I see it’s still growing, though not quite as quickly. But look, it takes two hands to be able to wrap my fingers all the way around it!” Jasmine firmly slides her fingers up and down its length, her fingers coated with the slippery mess of pre-cum. “Yes, you do have an amazing penis, toy.”

Penny’s desires spiraling upwards, she begs her mistress, “Please mistress, may this toy lick mistress’s pussy?” Penny knows by now that this is the only way that Jasmine will allow her relief.

“Why of course, how nice of toy to ask!” Jasmine maneuvers her pussy over Penny’s face. Penny looks up and feels butterflies as she sees Jasmine’s beautiful opening above her. She breathes in her scent and strains her head up to try to get her tongue to reach her.

“Aww, toy, you just love licking me, don’t you!” Jasmine squeals with delight. She lowers down slightly; Penny can just touch her tongue to her outer folds. “Tell me how much you want it, toy!”

“Please mistress, toy loves your pussy. Please let toy pleasure you!”

“Mmm, I love to hear my toy beg!” Jasmine lowers herself and Penny immediately sinks her tongue as deep as she can into her. Jasmine groans in pleasure and rides Penny’s tongue for several minutes.

“That’s it, push that tongue in deeper! Do a good job and I will give a special treat to toy!” Jasmine is stroking Penny’s cock firmly with one hand while pinching one of her nipples with her other hand. Penny struggles, unsure of how long she can last. She speeds up her tongue and Jasmine moans again.

“We are going to a party…” Jasmine says breathlessly. She grabs Penny’s head and directs her tongue to her clit. Penny happily flicks her tongue quickly across it, hoping to bring her to orgasm soon.

“And I know my toy will enjoy it!” Jasmine grinds harder against her tongue. Penny tastes her sweet juices as they flow into her mouth. She seems particularly excited this morning. It appears that whatever this party is about is exciting her mistress. Jasmine moans as Penny nibble on her clit.

“That’s it, cum now toy!” Jasmine’s orgasm sweeps over her and Penny’s cock explodes at the same time. Somewhere in the fog of orgasm Penny realizes that Jasmine is capturing Penny’s cum in a zip lock baggie. Regardless, Penny’s cock continues to spew cum, her body tensed, hips thrusting upwards as she cries out.

Penny eventually calms down and Jasmine unties her. “Come on, toy, time to get cleaned up. We have some preparations before the party!”


After showering, dressing, and eating breakfast, Penny finds herself in the kitchen with Jasmine. She directs Penny to get out a large mixing bowl, a pan, measuring cups, and several ingredients.

“We are making brownies for the party, toy. Very special brownies! I expect toy will not give away our secret, now will she?” Jasmine asks.

“Of course not, mistress,” Penny replies.

Penny helps her mix the ingredients. Jasmine checks the recipe, and then carefully measures them out. Penny realizes she is substituting some of the butter and eggs with the cum she captured from this morning. Penny looks over to Jasmine with a look of concern.

“I suggest that toy doesn’t lick the bowl,” was all she said.


It’s around 8pm and Penny finds herself being led to the Zeta Phi frat house by her mistress, carrying a tray of brownies. Penny is wearing a low cut top that is more revealing than even she was comfortable with in her old life. Her somewhat more conservative pleated skirt comes to just above her knees, and it is loose enough to cover her appendage, at least for the moment. Penny slows down look pleadingly over at Jasmine.