Memories of the Cake


My wife, Sara, loved her birthday gift from me this year. It meant a lot for me to give it to her, I knew how much she loved Ann and I. Who knew all it took to finally get Sara pregnant was a threesome with her ex girlfriend? I’m not complaining at all, I have a beautiful baby girl, a loving wife and I just got promoted to Chief Petty Officer at work. Things are really going my way these days, I don’t think I could want anything else, well, maybe one thing. Ever since that night, I sometimes catch myself drifting back to it, mostly when I am standing duty or giving a test for the class I teach on Naval Nuclear Chemistry. I can’t get over the feeling of another woman other than my wife, it was so different that it was intoxicating, almost like a drug. I’ve always been 110% faithful to Sara until that night and I knew when Sara saw Ann it was acceptable if I slept with her. I don’t think Sara would ever approve of anyone else, ever.

When Lakota was born, Ann gave birth to my son, Jackson, up in Norfolk. I’ve never seen him, and I doubt I ever will with the way Ann’s husband Kyle is. Kyle is what we call in the Navy a “prick.” He’s jealous of anyone that looks at Ann, male or female. He keeps her on a tight leash, I nearly had to beg to get her down here to Charleston for Sara’s birthday. Now, she has my son, the only other than Lakota to share my blood. Sara can’t handle another pregnancy, this one almost took her from me, why take the chance again?

It’s been a long day at work, I had OOD duty last night, having to stay and keep watch over the Nuke school kids on duty. I just want to go home, hold my daughter, kiss my wife, and go to bed. I turn onto our street, seeing an unfamiliar Chevy Avalanche in my drive, I get a little hesitant. I don’t want my loser of a mother and father in law here upsetting Sara. They don’t claim her or come see her unless they want money. I pull in the drive, parking in the Chevy with my Dodge Ram full-size. If this joker wants to leave, they have to ask me first. I breathe a sigh of relief when I see the Virginia plates on the truck, it’s not my in-laws, they would be coming from Kentucky. I get the feeling it’s someone we know from our time up on the Eisenhower in Norfolk, I hope I’m right.

I unlock the door and take off my boots at the door, the house is strangely quiet. I step through the foyer and see Lakota lying on the floor on her blanket asleep, and a little boy next to her also asleep. I look over at the sofa, and much to my surprise there is Ann, asleep in Sara’s lap. My wife looks up at me, with a worried look I’ve only seen a few times since we have been together. She carefully replaces her lap with a pillow, slowly getting up as to not wake Ann. Sara comes to me, wrapping her arms around me, and I can feel the sorrow in her, something has happened today, something big, to bring Ann all the way from Norfolk to Charleston. Sara beckons me into the kitchen, and I follow with a questioning look on my face.

“Why is Ann here with Jackson all the way from Norfolk? What happened today?” I question her, as silent tears fall down her face. “Kyle threw her and Jackson out, all she has is what’s in her truck out there. He filed the divorce papers while she was visiting her parents in New York. When she got back to Norfolk, all that was left in the apartment was the divorce papers and what he let her have. She showed up here this morning shortly after I woke up. She has nowhere else to go, she can’t go back to New York.” I nod, I’ve been in that situation before with my ex-wife, Dawn. She cheated on me while I was out to sea, when I finally caught wind of it, I was nearly broke with no home to go home to. Not long after my divorce was final, I met Sara and things began to turn around.

“Alright, they can stay as long as they need to, but you know we only have another year left here and then we’re moving home to Montana for my recruiting duty before we go to the West Coast. I hope by then things will be cleared up enough that they don’t have to go with us to Montana, how in the hell would I explain to my family that I have two women living with me and that both kids are mine?” Sara sighs and hugs me, she is weary, taking care of two babies for just today alone has taken quite a toll on her, I don’t think she has quite recovered from her complications with Lakota yet. “Go to sleep, I’ll be up after I put the kids down.” She breathes into my chest. “No, I’ll help you and we’ll go to bed together.”

She knows better than to argue with me, she walks back into the living room, picking up Lakota, heading off upstairs. I lean down, picking up the fragile, yet so familiar body of my son. I look into his face, his eyes open for a brief moment and I realize I’m looking into my own eyes. He is mine, there is no doubting that, the black hair, the hazel eyes, but most notably, he has the same dark skin as Lakota. Both my son and daughter are darker than my wife and I. My daughter is half Native, my son only a quarter, but they are both equally dark. I hold him to my chest, as if he has always been in my life, what I would have gave to been there the night he was born. When Ann wakes, I’ll have to ask her about it.

I put Jackson in Lakota’s crib with her, her tiny arm resting gently on his chest as if she were hugging him. Even she knows he belongs here with us, as a family. I smile at them, as Sara Trabzon Escort pulls a light blanket over them. “They’re beautiful Jack, they look so cute together.” “I know Sara, I know.” With that, I go back downstairs, picking Ann up off the sofa, and putting her in the guest bedroom upstairs. She restlessly thrashes on the bed, I pull the blanket over her. She doesn’t deserve Kyle doing this to her, all for her loving Sara and I. I don’t think she ever loved him, I think he was just a body replacement for Mark. Mark was who she always wanted, but Mark could never face his feelings and went off and married someone else. Sara and I agree that we don’t think Ann ever really recovered from the pain. I sit down on the bed, brushing a stray hair from her face, she smiles, I’m glad to give her that small pleasure. I know how heartbreaking it is to have someone hurt you like Kyle did her. I get up, slowly moving towards my bedroom, to my bed, to my faithfully waiting wife.

I walk into the bedroom, there she stands by the window, bare, her tanned skin radiant, ever since her pregnancy, I can’t resist Sara. Before Lakota, I found Sara irresistible, but now it’s unbearable. Her back is to me, her long hair flowing freely down her back, how I love to run my hands through it. I wrap my arms around her, her skin warm against mine, I nuzzle her neck, letting her know how much I adore her. She turns around in my arms, unbuttoning each button of my khaki’s with slow precision, the look in her eyes makes me shiver. It’s a look I’ve seen less and less since Lakota was born, Sara just hasn’t had the energy, and I’ve been working too many hours at the school. She quit her job at the USMS to be home with Lakota, to be home for me.

Her eyes burn with a fire that I haven’t seen since that night Lakota was conceived, it makes me take a sharp breath. Sara runs her nails down my tight white t-shirt, as she unbuttons my pants, kneeling in front of me. I close my eyes, my hands automatically go to her hair, as my pants pool around my feet and I feel her fingers hook into my boxers, pushing them down my legs. Her nails rake my skin, and I shiver, “Oh God baby, I missed you.” I hear her chuckle, as she takes me into her hands. Her fingers brush my balls, I almost want to cry out “Baby, fuck me please!” but I don’t want to wake anyone up. I can feel her warm, moist breath near me, the anticipation is worse than death when you’ve gone this long without getting fucked. Sara takes me in her mouth in one swift motion, licking my head, caressing my shaft with her hands. God how I want this, I want to scream the walls down, but I want her even more, I want to please her and I as one. Sara keeps sucking on my cock, thoughts are lost, gone forever, as her tongue expertly works over my head.

It’s been too long, I can’t stand here much longer, my knees want to give, the muscles in my thighs start to tremble, her tongue feels so good on my cock, Jesus, I’m going to come. Sara is the only woman other than Ann that could make me come sucking my cock. It’s at the moment I want to break that I feel it, another pair of hands strip me out of my khaki shirt, the ribbons, the anchors, my name forgotten on the floor. Her fingers run over my chest from behind me, I know those hands all too well, I open my eyes long enough to see the look in Sara’s eyes from below, my God, shivers run down my spine. Ann’s hands pull my t-shirt over my head, as her nails run over my neck, I gasp, I hear her giggle, and my brain kicks into overdrive.

Ann’s nails run down my body from the back of my neck down to my ass, as she comes around in front of me, joining my wife in sucking my cock. Ann’s tongue teases my balls as Sara strokes my shaft, licking my head. Ann’s other hand caresses Sara’s nipples into a hard state that makes my mouth water. I want them both, pregnancy has made them both so much hotter than they were, I want my hands, my mouth, my cock all over both of them. Sara gets up off her knees, leaving Ann to administer to my cock, as she kisses me, teasing my bottom lip with her teeth, what more could a man ask for? I love getting my cock sucked, especially by these two, they know how to make me come in less than a heartbeat. I look down at Ann, her blue eyes bright in the daylight, glassed over with a passion that sets my cock on fire. What any man would give to have two women want them like Ann and Sara want me now. Have I died?

Ann gets up, her hair falls over her shoulders as she grins evilly at me. Sara lets go of me, following Ann over to the dresser. I watch as Sara kneels in front of the dresser as Ann hops up on the top of it, Ann is at a perfect height for me to fuck her, or for Sara to eat her pussy. Ann’ s feet rest on Sara’s shoulders, I see my wife gently part her outer labia with her fingertips, as her tongue flicks over Ann’s clit just once. Ann moans deep, looks like it’s been awhile for her too. It still amazes me how they do things like this without words, it’s as if they can read each other’s minds. Sara gently inserts fingers into Ann as she sucks a breath through clenched teeth, Sara grins, licking that hot little clit. Just watching them makes me want to bend one of them over and release this hunger in me, but I know so much better to wait my turn. At that moment, Sara gets up grinning at me, and begins to put on my khaki shirt, Ann nods, beckoning me to Trabzon Escort Bayan her.

I wonder what the hell is going on, as I walk over to Ann, her hands gripping my cock, leading it to her warm, wet, waiting pussy. Just as Sara walks out of the room, I hear it, the unmistakable sound of my daughter crying. Torn as to what to do, Ann wraps her arms around me, pulling me in close to her. “It’s okay Jack, Sara said so.” I would be stupid for not giving in and taking that order. She nips at my ear, making me groan and shiver, my ears are just one of my weaknesses. I put my hands on the mirror above her bracing myself, I know this is going to be one hell of a ride. Ann scoots down to the edge of the dresser, she’s at the perfect height, I take her hips in my hands as I sink into her. The feeling is intoxicating, yet so right, so familiar, as she engulfs me with her body, her heart, her soul. All I can think of is her, even as my wife tends to my children. Don’t get me wrong, I love my wife, but I’ve come to realize that I love Ann too.

She gasps in my ear as she slowly moves her hips, making room for me, I move mine to match her as she squeaks in pleasure. I chuckle deep within my throat as I pull myself nearly out of her and then nailing her good and hard, repeatedly. Ann’s nails dig into my back as she moans in my ear, an animalistic sound from down deep. My God, I’ve never been in this position with Sara, I’m very deep inside Ann. It feels amazing, so much so that all I want to do is keep fucking her. I look up in the mirror above her, and see myself in the mirror, fucking Ann. Oh God that alone made me want to come, seeing her eyes closed, her mouth open just enough on my shoulder, lost in the pleasure I’m giving her. Every muscle in my body rigid, wanting, needing to release in her.

“Jack….” I hear her whisper, breath hot on my ear, making me moan a little in my throat. “Yeah Darlin’?” I ask her, my voice tight with want. “I want you to finish me like this, make me come like you did that night, please.” I nod against her neck, thrusting deep within her for all I could do. Her nails raked across my back, I couldn’t help looking up in the mirror, small red threads of blood ran down my back, her nails were now on my neck, I could only hope she didn’t tear it up too, that would be hell to explain at work. I felt it coming, the lightheadedness of an impending orgasm. I wanted to come, Oh Lord did I, but I wanted her to come first, wanted her to be pleased before me. It was something I learned from Sara, putting all others before self. Ann’s hands moved down to my ribs, holding on for dear life as I drove myself into her, wanting that release. Her fingers dig into my flesh as she cries out my name into the night air. I feel every muscle in her grip me tight, stroke me like a lover as her juices wash over me. A few more strong strokes and I feel it, my body lets loose, all the muscles in me turn to jelly, as I spill myself into her. My head falls on her shoulder, she kisses my forehead tenderly as her hands glide up and down my back.

Her hands stop, as I gain the strength to pull away, and there is a horrified look on her face. I turn to walk away, seeing her in the mirror looking at her hands, tears forming in her eyes. “Oh my God! I’m so sorry Jack, I was just too wrapped up in you to realize what I did. Oh my God I am so sorry!” I smile at her in the mirror, “It’s okay darlin’ as long as you enjoyed it, that’s all that matters.” I walk off towards the bathroom, I need a shower, need Sara to tend to my new wounds, need sleep. I’m so tired I’m not even hungry and that’s odd for me. I turn the hot water on in the shower, sitting on the sink, inspecting my wounds in the mirror. That’s going to leave a mark for awhile, but a small amount of pain for a pleasure like that, there is no questioning that trade. I get in the shower, the hot water on my scratches makes me hiss, but after a few seconds it doesn’t hurt anymore.

I feel a cool draft, realizing that I’m not alone in the shower, but I know that smell all too well, it’s my wife, the perfume barely noticeable. “How are the kids?” I ask as I wash my hair, I feel her palms on my chest, resting there, touching me. Her voice is quiet, I really have to listen to hear her, she must be exhausted. ”They’re fine. They were hungry, Jackson needed a change. But they went right back to sleep once they were fed. I just sat in the rocker in the nursery holding your son. How was your playtime?” I turn my back to her, she draws a sharp breath as her fingertips touch the wounds. “It was good Baby, but not like you and I.” I kiss her forehead as she hugs me, the touch of my wife is much different than the touch of my lover. My wife is forever, my lover for only as long as I can hold her. “Ann is asleep in the other bedroom, I told her if there was anything she wanted to help herself, that we were going to bed. I’m sure she is capable of handling the kids on her own.” Sara takes the soap in her hands, rubbing it all over my body, gently washing me.

Her touch makes my body relax, I nearly fall asleep standing up. I kiss Sara on the lips, very tenderly, almost chaste, as I step out of the shower. It’s not that I don’t love her, that’s not the point, I’m dead tired. I know she understands, she takes care of Lakota all day, it’s almost the same. All I do is baby sit kids at Escort Trabzon work, maybe teach a class or two, that’s it. I sit on the sink again, Sara begins to rub a small amount of Neosporin into my wounds, I want to fall asleep, I’m that tired. She nuzzles my neck, I open my eyes, looking into her eyes, I caress her face with my hand as I gently kiss her. Her eyes carry a worried look, I smile at her “Don’t worry Baby, I’ll be ok after some sleep.” She knows I’ve been working long hours at the base, trying to get things organized since we lost our Senior Chief last week.

I stumble over to the bed, pretty much falling into it. Sara lays down next to me, brushing her fingertips down my side. “I love you Sara, always…” I whisper. “I know Jackson, I love you too.” I don’t remember much after that, other than waking up around 10 that night, wide awake. The house is silent, except for Sara’s light breathing beside me. Luckily, I have tomorrow off from work, so I can sleep like this. I pull on a pair of jogging pants, and kiss my wife before I leave the bedroom. I peek into the guest bedroom, Ann’s asleep, which I guess is a good thing. I continue on towards the nursery, being as quiet as I can. I stand over the crib, taking my daughter in my arms, holding her against my chest, she’s so beautiful. I’ve been lucky, for all the complications Sara had with her, she still came out strong and healthy. I crook Lakota in my arm, and pick up Jackson in my other. They could nearly pass for twins, they might as well be, the only thing they didn’t share was the same mother. My son yawns, a soft squeaking sound coming from his tiny mouth. Lakota’s eyes open and she smiles, I smile back, kissing her on the forehead before I put her back in the crib. “Goodnight sweetheart, sweet dreams.” I brush her face with my fingertips, and sit down in the rocker with my son.

He looks just like me, there is no way I could deny him. If they go to Montana with us, I’m going to have to come clean to my family, that my son is from Ann and Lakota is mine with Sara. I don’t think that will go over well, until we explain that having Lakota almost took Sara’s life, they love her to death and would hate to lose her. “He’s beautiful isn’t he?” I hear in a language I haven’t heard since I left home. I look up, Sara is standing there in only my uniform shirt, her bare legs soft in the moonlight. My khaki’s never looked better than they did that night on her, Sara would have made a great Navy officer. I had to think for just a few seconds, translating what she said and digging up the correct response. “Yeah, he’s one of the more beautiful things in my life.” I get up, putting Jackson back in the crib, as Sara brushes my fingers with hers. Her hands look so delicate next to my farm weathered hands. I was nobody before I came to the Navy, I never would have met someone like Sara back in Montana, this has been a good life for me.

I caress her face with my fingertips, a gentle, loving smile comes across her lips, as I lead her back to our bed. I sit down on the bed, Sara Is standing within reach of my hands. I run my hands up her thighs, her body involuntarily shivers, and I chuckle. My fingers unbutton each button of my shirt, as my hands take hold of her hips. I pull Sara close to me, my nose right between her breasts, inhaling deep of her. Her hands are in my hair, I can feel her breathing becoming uneven as my mouth finds one of her nipples, taking it between my teeth, nipping, nibbling, as my tongue teases it into rock hard flesh. My fingers gently sweep up and down her back, as I suck on her nipples. I can hear her quietly moaning above me, there is no rushing this. It’s something we both need, something we both want so much.

Gently, I get up off the bed, nuzzling her neck, nipping on her ears, Sara gasps and shudders, I know her all too well, I know what gets to her the best. I slide my shirt off her shoulders, teasingly pushing her onto the bed. I look down at her lying there, beautiful in the moonlight, her eyes bright looking up at me with all the love and want a wife can have for her husband. I step out of my jogging pants and lie down next to her, her skin soft against mine. I kiss her deep on the mouth, my tongue dancing with hers, my head swimming with thoughts of her. Of all the women I’ve been with, Sara drives me to the edge of insanity and brings me back begging for more. I can feel her fingers traveling down my body, searching for me. I shiver just a bit as her fingers wrap around me, tenderly stroking me. I moan into her neck as I work my way back down to her nipples. Her breasts are even fuller and more gorgeous now than they were before Lakota, I can’t keep my eyes off her, even if I had to, I work her nipples between my fingers before I start sucking on them again. I feel the muscles in her body tighten, God, she wants this, just as much as I do if not more. My fingers explore farther down her body, as my mouth follows, teasing every inch of flesh in-between with nips of my teeth. I kiss the scar that Lakota gave Sara, as I do I look up into her eyes, and the look is almost pleading, I want nothing more than to please her. My fingers dance over her clit, Sara’s back archs, as a loud gasp escapes from between her lips. I gently push two fingers into her warm, wet, welcoming pussy, “Oh God Jack!” she nearly screams. I lock her clit between my teeth, flicking it with my tongue as my fingers slide in and out of her, getting wetter and wetter. Her hips move in time with my fingers, as her breathing becomes ragged, I know I can make her come this way, but I have better in store for her. I just want her good and hot, wet and oh so ready for me.