Meeting Mallory Pt. 03

Huge Ass

“Come on Sugar Daddy,” she teased. “If you plan on fucking me like this all week I’m going to need some new things to wear. And you better plan to keep fucking me like this.”

I laughed, stumbling a bit as I pulled up my shorts, then I pulled on a polo short and grabbed my wallet. Clasping her hand I led us back out to the pool area along the walk to the lobby and hotel store.

“Try to control yourself in the store, you perv,” Mallory said as we entered the lobby.

“You never let me have any fun.”

“Behave here and your luck may change,” she said and kissed my cheek.

In truth, the store was pretty much a giant hard on for me, at least the corner we were drawn to. It’s true, my taste in bikinis is old school, but there was nothing the resort wasn’t selling. She was drawn to hangars of leopard skin colors and already so cat-like all I could do was nod when she spun to show me one.

“That’ll work,” I said, trying to be cool. Then a light blue string bikini with triangle cups caught my eye. I reached for it and Mallory stopped me to take it herself.

“Don’t touch, you’ll get cum all over it.”

I laughed so hard the woman at the counter looked over at us, about Mallory’s age, wearing her own resort version of khaki shorts and a polo shirt.

“See what you did, now she’s on her way over,” Mallory said.

Slight and blonde, with perky b-cups turning up her shirt and sweetly pushing up a name tag reading “Katey,” she stepped over to the rack on Mallory’s left.

“Are you folks finding everything OK?” she asked. I swore I saw her lick her upper lip quickly. That’s when I knew there was no chance she’d mistake us for father and daughter. I was now in Sugar Daddy territory.

“Well, he’s kind of a prude with bikinis, so what have you got with fuller bottoms?”

“I think you look like a man with good taste, and we have plenty in these shelves. She picked up a pink pair, and held them against Mallory’s hips. “You’d fit these well, we have a lot of tops to go with them, too, everything from barely there to sports bras for support.”

By now Katey was looking all over Mallory’s body and I was getting hard yet again.

“You have such rounded breasts, too, I would love to have those.”

“I think a bandeau top is a good idea, what about you, baby?’

All I could do was not, I was already resisting the urge to melt to the floor.

“Come back this way a bit,” Katey said and she took Mallory’s wrist with her left hand. “Let’s have a look together, we’ll be right back.”

Off they went, with me looking a little sheepish and a lot horny. I considered getting a beer, but this was way better than alcohol even though I couldn’t hear them except for a couple of laughs. As they headed to the dressing room, Mallory turned and waved with a couple of fingers. When she slipped inside the room, Katey turned and winked, too, giving me a glimpse of her ass, a bit thinner than Mallory’s.

I looked around the rest of the shop, resisting the temptation to get closer to the dressing room. After about Sivas Escort 20 minutes they came out grinning, shoulder together as they moved toward me. Mallory’s hands were empty, but Katey held on to the leopard spot and blue string bikinis.

“We saw a few that will be awesome for Mallory. But not all of them were that perfect fit, so I’m going to check what we have in the back.”

“Cool,” I said. “Do you want us to swing back when everything’s ready?”

Well, Mallory gave me your room number, she may need some more help fitting them so I’ll come by in an hour or so.”

My grip on the rack tightened, and Mallory smiled as she wrapped an arm around Katey.

“Gotta love the personalized service at this place,” she said.

“Thanks, Katey,” I said, stepping forward. “I’m Charlie, by the way.”

Mallory was turning to leave and I was a step behind her when Katey tugged me back. On tiptoe, I felt her tongue almost in my ear. “You should buy her new panties, too. The ones she’s wearing got a little wet. See you soon.”

I knew I was blushing when I caught up with Mallory.

“What was that about?”

“Your panties. She says they’re wet.”

“That’s been happening today.”

“Where to now? A quick drink? A little lunch?”

“We better get something to eat, build up your strength.”

Do I seem like a weakling to you?” I chuckled as we entered the open-air café at the far end of the pool. I sat with my back to the pool, I just wanted to look at Mallory.

She slipped into the seat next to me, making it harder to look at her, but easier to caress her thigh as we ordered. I traced her skin with my fingertips, moving up and down lazily but steadily. Mallory’s expression barely changed, but she edged her chair closer to me. Settling in again, she spread her legs.

“You’re definitely going to owe me some panties,” she said, sipping her iced tea.

“Jeez, I cum all over one bikini and now I owe you a wardrobe?”

“Think of the fashion show you’ll get,” she answered. Her fingers pressed over my shorts, she knew where to find my hard cock.

“If you make me cum in my boxers, are you going to buy me more?”

“I’m not going to make you cum here. I’m going to get you worked up for the personal delivery in a bit. Just think about what I’ll be rocking for you.”

Mallory kept a steady press over my cock, up and down as I felt her wet spot grow on her panties. One hand on my fork, the other toying with her to see if she’d squirm or moan. But she knew how to keep her cool, even as she shifted her hips to be a little closer to my wandering hand.

I slipped a finger inside her, then pulled it out and licked it.

“Suddenly I’m hungry for more than a chef’s salad,” I laughed.

Mallory looked at her phone. “Katey texted me, says she’ll by in 15 minutes, found just what we were looking for.”

“Ohhh, she texted you? Did you exchange numbers in the dressing room?”

“She told you she makes personal satisfaction a priority. We should get going, can’t leave Sivas Escort Bayan her waiting.”

I set down my napkin and got up from my chair. Ever the gentleman, I pulled Mallory’s chair out, too.

We held hands walking back across the pool area, arriving just as Katey strolled up from the other direction.

“Hi guys,” she waved, holding up a bag. “I was able to find a few things for Mallory.

I jiggled the pass card again, then opened the door for both of them.

“Would you care for a drink, Katey?”

I uncorked a fresh bottle of champagne and grabbed three glasses.

“I think a small one would be great, but I need to make sure Mallory likes what I’ve brought. If she does, we can celebrate.”

Katey took Mallory’s hand this time, guiding her to the bathroom. By now my cock was jumping out of my shorts.

I settled back on the couch, drink in hand and turned on the TV in time to catch two twentysomethings tribbing their way to an orgasm beside a fireplace.

“Can’t you even wait?” Mallory yelled from the bathroom as Katey snickered.

“Sorry, I forgot we had company,” I answered.

“Behave yourself,” Mallory said as she emerged from the bathroom in a light blue string bikini, triangle cups tight on her breasts. She turned for me, showing a cheeky bottom mostly covering her ass, then stepped aside as Katey came out.

I nearly dropped my drink. She emerged in a green and orange tropical print bikini, high waisted with a bandeau top.

“No shit,” was all I could say.

“I told you he’d love it,” Katey said to Mallory, then pulled her close for a kiss. Their tongues moved together, their hands exploring warm skin. They broke the kiss and sauntered toward the couch.

“How was the fitting?”

“You tell us,” answered Mallory, kneeling in front of me. “I think I can see how much you like it.”

With a slow tug, she began unzipping me. Her look never left my eyes as she licked her upper lip. She unzipped with her right hand and pulled Katey over with her left.

“Need a little help here, some personal service,” Mallory said.

I was bursting through my boxers by now, and Katey edged her way in between my legs and tugged on the waist band as Mallory pulled my shorts over my ankles and feet. She flicked her tongue over the head as soon as it was exposed as Mallory dropped my shorts and then knelt on the couch.

My hand caught her breast as she moved in for a kiss. I palmed it, our tongues moving together. Katey peeled off my boxers then tongued her way from balls to head.

“She looks like she’s good at that,” Mallory said breaking our kiss. “Is she?”

“Ooooooohhhhh,” was the best I could summon as Katey opened her mouth and took half of me in.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” she said and kissed me again before dropping back to the floor with Katey.

“Mmmmm, sorry, I might have gotten a bit carried away,” said Katey, her hand still on my cock. She stroked it while kissing Mallory, then I pulled her to me. Our tongues met before Escort Sivas our lips as Mallory watched us then slipped my cock into her mouth.

I slipped down one side of Katey’s bandeau top. While not as full as Mallory’s her breasts, with dime-sized nipples now hard, had a pertness to them that drove me wild. I caught her nipples between my fingers and pulled lightly. Lifting her to my mouth, I sucked her exposed right breast. Nipping lightly as she pressed my head to her body, I trailed my fingertips down her tight abs and over her bikini bottoms.

Mallory moved my hand to the side, and as she stroked my long, wet shaft, she slurped Katey’s pussy lips. Katey pushed her top down on the other side and held my head as we lavished her body with oral love.

She pulled her head back from Katey’s pussy but not her fingers holding her bottoms. My cock head brushed over her bottoms and pussy. “Turn around Katey,” Mallory said.

Katey did just that, settling in over my cock as Mallory held it in place. In it slid in one motion, deep inside as I pulled her back to my shoulder.

“Oh my God, girl, you weren’t kidding about his dick,” she gasped, then squealed as Mallory began licking her pussy again. Katey wrapped her right arm around me and pushed Mallory’s face into her pussy with her left hand.

Mallory buried her face into Katey just above my throbbing cock, dabbing at her clit as Katey rocked over my cock. Our heads beside each other, we kissed as I fucked her, though it was hard to fully thrust inside her. Her pussy was spasming, her feet wobbly as she settled just above my knees.

And Mallory was voracious, Dancing her tongue over Katey and sometimes on my cock as it was exposed before slamming inside her.

“OhhhgoddddI’mmmmgonnacum,” Katey announced. “Ohhhhyesssscumming, mypussyiscumming.”

By this time the tide was rolling deep inside me and my toes were curling, but I knew how I wanted to finish.

“Mallory needs to be eaten,” I said, easy a quivering Katey up off my cock. Together we sat Mallory on the couch as Katey knelt in front of her as I lined her up for a doggy style fuck to the finish.

“Fuck my pussy,” Katey said as she looked over her shoulder. Then she deftly untied Mallory’s bottoms and lapped her pussy.

I was in even deeper than when she was on my lap now, pushing her forward into Mallory’s clit. With her hands on Mallory’s hips, Katey was balanced between my cock and a mouthful of pussy. I tried to pace myself, mixing shorter strokes with long thrusts, but as I bottomed out one more time, I felt the flash of my orgasm and a blast of cum.

I pulled back and thrust my cock into her bottoms just as Katey found Mallory’s joy. The bottoms quickly filled with my cum before I slammed back inside her for the final shot of cum. By that time, she was pulled taut to Mallory’s pussy as it slammed upward into her face. Mallory let out her low wail that picked up in pitch as her orgasm swept over her. Although it was softening a bit, I left my cock inside Katey for a couple of pushes, then pulled out.

Katey kissed her way back up Mallory’s body then shared her juices in a long tongue-rolling kiss.

“You two are insane,” she said when turning to me for a kiss as well.

“He’s like a cum machine, I swear,” Mallory said, leaning to me for a kiss, too.