Mark’s Dark Desires Chapter II


Chapter IIMark awoke the next morning, as usual with his morning hard-on. He laid there in his bed, thinking about spying on his sister taking her shower last night. His right hand reached down and circled his thick shaft as he softly stroked his rigid cock. He closed his eyes and in his minds eye, envisioned Kayla’s sweet butt pressed against the shower glass as her fingers rubbed her bulging pussy mound.He stroked his shaft a few more times when he decided to get out of bed and go to the bathroom to take his morning piss. He was wearing a loose pair of old gym shorts as he walked down the hall towards the bathroom. He was so glad their parents were going to be away another two weeks in Europe on vacation. As he walked, he was thinking of how he was going to seduce his sister so she would have sex with him.As he turned the corner into the bathroom, there stood Kayla at the sink, washing her face. His cock began to throb as she was wearing a thin white t-shirt that he could clearly make out the outlines of her large breasts. Her nipples were poking out as she leaned forward over the sink. She was absolutely stunning in every aspect.As his eyes dropped lower, he couldn’t believe it as she was wearing only a pair of sheer black lace panties that covered about half of her sexy butt cheeks. The panties were sheer enough that he clearly could see each perfect globe of butt flesh and the gorgeous crack up the middle. Pre-cum oozed from his swollen cock head.“Good morning Kay.” He said as he moved behind her towards the toilet trying to hide his massive hard-on.“Are you almost done? I have to pee pretty bad.” He asked her.“Morning Mark. I’ll be a few minutes yet. If you really have to go that bad, go ahead. I won’t watch.” She replied back as her pussy was tingling as she hoped he would go for it.Mark stood there for a second, holding his rock solid cock inside his shorts and was istanbul travesti trying to decide what to do. The toilet was right next to the sink so it was nearly impossible for him to go without Kayla seeing his throbbing cock in the mirror. He gently stroked himself as he decided to go for it.“Ok sis, but no looking.” He said knowing she was going to look somehow.He stood at the toilet, three feet from his gorgeous little sister and pulled his shorts down to his knees. He was covering his hard thick cock with his hands as he slowly aimed it towards the bowl. He was so fucking hard but he knew he had to piss badly.He was standing there holding his throbbing shaft, a good eight inches of thick throbbing cock meat, right next to his sweet and sexy 18 year old teenage sister. His cock was getting harder, not softer so he could pee. Seconds felt like minutes as he stood there pointing his erect cock toward the toilet.Kayla couldn’t believe her brother actually pulled his cock out right next to her as she continued washing her face. What she thought Mark didn’t realize was that she could look at his beautiful cock right there in the mirror. Her juices were soaking her panties as she examined her brother’s gorgeous cock in the mirror. She watched as his hand slowly ran up and down the full length of his blood engorged member.She couldn’t believe how huge the head of his cock was, all purple and thick looking. She wondered how, if given the chance, could any girl fit it in their mouth or if her pussy would stretch enough to allow it inside her. She studied the thick veins running down the length of his shaft. Her nipples were now fully erect and puffy as her breathing was getting heavier by the second.Kayla was so turned on and aroused, she would soon rape her older brother unless she got out of there. For some reason, she insisted he was going to be istanbul travestileri the one to make the first move. Reaching for the towel, she dried off her face and threw the towel at Mark’s face. As she did so, with his face covered for just a second, she looked directly at his huge cock. It was so beautiful and just perfect. Her panties were completely soaked.As she was leaving the bathroom, she said, “You better take care of that thing before it explodes.”Mark knew Kayla was checking out his cock but he couldn’t help himself. He wanted to pull her panties down, bend her over the sink and slide all eight inches deep inside his sexy sister’s tight pussy. What he didn’t know was that was the same thing she was thinking. Unfortunately, neither of them was brave enough to cross that incestuous line.He knew his sister was aroused as her erect nipples were clearly visible through her thin t-shirt. After she threw her towel in his face, he quickly pulled it away just in time to see her gorgeous sweet panty clad ass exiting the bathroom. His cock was so fucking hard. He had to jerk off right then.Without closing the door, he moved to the sink and grabbed the wet bar of soap. He got some soap on his hand and in about five hard strokes, shot a huge load of his hot cum into the sink. What he didn’t realize was that Kayla was standing in the hall, her hand in her panties with three fingers deep inside her pussy as her thumb strummed her throbbing clit.They were once again only a few feet apart as both of them shuddered and trembled as their bodies swept through intense waves of pleasure as their orgasms consumed their bodies. Kayla quietly retreated to her bedroom to catch her breath. She couldn’t get the picture of her older brother’s huge swollen cock out of her head.After Mark had his release, he was able to finally soft enough to relieve himself. travesti He surprised himself that he exposed himself when his little sister basically dared him to. As he stepped out of his shorts and turned on the shower, he was trying to think of ways to seduce his sister so she would just climb into his bed and fuck him.He stood in the shower, hot water flowing over his head and shoulders, imagining sliding Kayla’s sexy black panties down and pressing his thick cock into her from behind. His cock was once again getting hard. All he had to do was think about his sexy little sister and he was immediately getting hard. She aroused him completely in every way he could imagine.The rest of the day, both of them felt a small degree of sexual tension. They had breakfast together, watched some TV until it was lunch time. They ordered out for pizza for lunch. In the afternoon, some of Kayla’s sexy friends came over, as always to use the pool. Mark didn’t join them as he just watched their gorgeous teenage hard bodies from the safety of his bedroom window.Today was the first time this summer, it was only June, that Kayla’s friend Jessica showed up to swim and sun bathe. Jessica was the hottest of Kayla’s friends who was almost as sexy as his sweet little sister. She was a sultry and very sexy blonde, stood about five feet four inches tall, and had a deep dark tan, gorgeous blue eyes and rather large breasts for her small frame.Jess always gave him a good hard-on and today was no different. She was wearing a very small white string thong bikini that left very little to the imagination. His sister was wearing her light blue thong string bikini which rivaled Jessica’s as to which exposed the most skin. All the girls were absolutely gorgeous in their own way. His cock was always hard when they were around.The other two girls, Samantha was a brunette with a little baby fat yet to loose yet very attractive and the other, Brittany was a very lithe little redhead. She was very skinny and always very light skinned. Sam had very large round natural tits and Britt had very small perky ones with huge nipples. It seemed Britt’s nipples were always poking out begging to be sucked.