Lessons From a Family Ch. 03

Close Up

I had enjoyed my morning with Susan and her son, Randy. As I reflected on my two visits to Susan’s home I realized she like things about sex with a man that had been new to me. She enjoyed a man having anal penetration and she expected her men to eat cum. She had used her fingers in me, and Randy had used fingers and fucked me. I had eaten my own cum from her mouth and his ass. He had eaten his cum after it was sucked from my ass by his mother. She and Randy also thought nipple stimulation for a man was as good as for a woman. I had to agree, I enjoyed every act with them.

I had enjoyed meeting Randy and wanted to learn more about him. So I called Randy and asked him to come over for some beers. He said he would be over in an hour. I used the hour to clean myself with two enemas. I showered and shaved, including my package. I wanted to be desirable for a him if he wanted me.

When Randy arrived I had dressed to show that I wanted more sex with him. I was wearing a terry shower wrap with a Velcro closure and was bare chested. When I let him in I knew he had the same intentions as I. He was wearing an open denim vest over shorts with an elastic waist. Both of us wore flip flops.

I got us beer and we sat on the sofa so we could be near each other. As we talked I learned Randy had been working in the oil fields in the Gulf. He worked 30 days on and 30 days off. He did not keep an apartment. When He was off he had traveled over most of the United States and Canada. He said he was still not ready to find a woman and settle down. He told me about his family. He is the oldest son and had gotten an MBA after a BS in engineering. His sister, Kim, is away at university, and the younger brother, Jim, just turned 18. Jim is the star forward of the high school basketball team. Randy’s father is a businessman with ownership in several companies and Susan runs several residential rehab and nursing facilities.

Randy said the whole family stays nude hat home except when they want to put on something sexy to seduce someone. He explained they also go to naturist resorts and boat nude. They are all bisexual and enjoy swinging. They are looking for a new man and woman to take Jim’s virginity on a boating vacation in June, after graduation. Jim has not yet been involved in the family sex play.

He saw me looking at him, wondering. He repeated he was bisexual, enjoying women and men. He observed that I seemed to enjoy both also. I had to agree, and told him that he was my first man.

My being his first seemed to excite him. He adjusted his package and I noticed his dick had left a Escort Bayan wet spot on his shorts. He asked for another beer. When I brought it, he asked if I had any porn to watch. I went to the TV cabinet and got the only disc I had. It was straight man/woman fucking and sucking. We started watching it. Randy removed his vest and played with his nipples. I also played with mine. Randy reached for my wrap and pulled it from me. He bent to suck me deep as he stoked my balls. I warned him that I would not last long if he kept sucking. His eyes met mine and he nodded. Soon I groaned and shot into his mouth. He looked at me and swallowed all my cum. He sat up and explained that I had eaten his cum at Susan’s house but he had not had a chance to have mine.

He asked if I had enjoyed being fucked by a man.

I replied, “Yes, and are you offering seconds?” I asked.

He stood, taking me by the hand. Seeing the bathroom he said, “Let’s shower together.” I rose with my wrap still on the sofa. He dropped his shorts on the floor and we held hands as we went to the shower.

In the shower we started by shampooing each other’s hair. This was also a first for me, with a man or a woman. Just touching, and rubbing another’s head was stimulating in a new way. As was having the same done to me. We used shower burshes on each other’s bodies. Then we started using only soap and hands.

After rinsing the soap off we began to kiss, mouth to mouth, man to man. Another first for me. As we hugged I could feel both of our dicks getting hard. I reached for his, and he for mine. We looked at each other and stroked our dicks. He said, “Let’s jackoff in here so we can last longer.” I nodded and moved my free hand to his chest to play with his nipples. He did the same with one of mine and sucked the other. I came first, even though I had cum less than an hour earlier. He lifted his cum covered hand to his mouth and sucked it all off.

I wanted to suck him. I wanted his cum in my mouth. Giving a blow job was another new experience for me. I knelt on the shower floor, opened my mouth and gently sucked him in. I grabbed his cheeks and pulled him to me. I opened wide and took about half his 7 inches. I pulled and released his ass. He soon knew what I wanted. We moved so my head was back to the shower wall. He began to fuck my face, holding me by the side of my head to keep me from turning away.

He stopped to take my hands back to his ass. He put one through his legs and in the crack with one hand pulling the cheeks apart. He took the middle finger of the hand in his crack and Bayan Escort pressed it to his asshole. I knew he wanted me to finger him. As I put the finger in I pulled his cheeks more apart. I pushed the finger deep. I curled it so I massaged his prostrate.

He put his hands back on the sides of my head and returned to face fucking me. As I got over my gag reflex he put all of his dick in my mouth. In, out, in, out, his dick in my mouth, my finger in his ass.

I felt his ass tighten in one hand, and around my finger of the other hand. I let him pull back and stop with only the head in my mouth. His cum filled my mouth. I began to swallow and only lost a few drops. He pulled me up and we shared another long kiss.

We dried each other and decided we both needed some time to get ready for more action. We went back to the sofa and watched the porn to the end, and having another beer.

I made us sandwiches and we talked more in the kitchen. We talked about jobs, women, and sports.

After about an hour Randy took me by the hand, standing up from the table. He pulled me into another kiss. He looked at me saying, “I am ready to ass fuck.”

We walked to the bedroom where he got on the bed face up. He asked me to get some lube, which I retrieved from the nightstand. Randy put out his open hand and I gave him the tube. He took a portion into his other hand and began to stroke his dick as I knelt over him. I kissed and sucked his nipples. I nuzzled his neck. I leaned over his face. He sucked and kissed my nipples. I got hard as he also stroked my dick.

Randy said, “Stay like that.” I had been on my hands and knees as I sucked his nipples.

Randy got on his knees and moved behind me. I felt the cool lube as he put it between my cheeks and on my asshole. Then he began to apply more and put in the first finger, twisting and stroking. I noticed he added another finger when he put more lube in. He continued twisting and stroking. I asked if he was going to add more fingers. He said, “No, I want you be tight when I fuck you.” He put the lube on the bed by my knee. I felt him moving closer behind me.

Now his legs touched the backs of mine; I felt his hardness in my crack. I raised and lowered my hips, showing him I wanted to give myselfto him. He moved his hips in a circular motion, making me want him more. But he did not try to fuck me yet. He leaned over my back, nuzzling my neck as he used one hand to reach for my chest. He stroked and fingered my nipples, moving from one to the other and back, making them hard and pointed. He began to squeeze Escort and pull them. We continued the motions with our hips.

Randy moved up off my back. I felt him lean back and put his hand between us. Then I felt the end of his dick at my hole. I tried to relax. As I blew my breath out, Randy pushed the head into me. We both stopped, allowing me to get more relaxed. Randy began rocking back and forth. Each forward motion pushed more into me. After just a few minutes I felt his hips against my cheeks. Again we stopped. I need to relax more and he wanted to last longer. I noticed my dick was quite soft.

Randy said, “Damn, that’s the tightest hole my dick has ever been in.”

I took it as a compliment, replying, “You dick makes my asshole feel better than I ever thought it could. Now, start fucking me.”

Randy slowly started stroking in and out. I began moving back and forth to meet his actions. As we moved into each other I felt him get even deeper and his legs pushed harder against mine. Our motions got quicker and my hard-on began to return.

Randy reached for the lube. He first applied more around his dick, making the strokes easier. Then he reached around and began jacking me with his lubed hand. He also went back to my nipples with his other hand. I had most of his weight on my hips, and we both slowed our fucking. I began to moan. Randy knew I was about to cum, so he began to fuck me harder. I heard him moan too. He buried his dick in me and I felt it jump, knowing he was pumping his cum deep in my bowels.

He had brought me to a place of no return. As I said, “I’m cumming”, he moved his hand from my nipples to under my dick head. He pumped my dick as I pumped all my cum into his palm. He leaned up off my back and sat back on his legs, pulling out of me. I rolled over to see him bring my cum to his mouth. He looked me in the eye as he sucked all my juices off his hand, saying, “Mmmmm.” After he swallowed it he said, “It was time for me to enjoy your cum.”

Randy and I laid beside each other, hugging, and I kissed some of my cum off his face. When we had our breath back, Randy said, “Time for me to eat more cum.” He rolled me onto my back, putting my legs over my shoulders. He put his mouth on my asshole, kissing a few times before he put his lips around it and began sucking and tonguing me.

When Randy though he had all his cum out of my ass he wanted to leave quickly. I asked him why he needed to go, and he said, “I have a date with a cute girl tonight. It’s our first date, and I don’t want to taste and smell like ass crack, so I want to go home to shower.”

We laughed and I walked him to the door. I asked, “If she is good, will you share?”

Another day, more new sex acts. This was the first time I had been fucked and the first time I was rimmed. I think I love that family.