Lazy Saturday

Big Dicks

It was one of those lazy rainy Saturday afternoons. I was bored and lying in bed. Jason was typing away at his computer laser focused on one of his many work projects. We always argued about him working on the weekends. It was the only time we truly had together. Why would he want to spend it working?

I sat up and looked over at him. He looked so beautiful when he was concentrating. Now I wanted him to set his mind to something else.

“Jason,” I said his name like I was asking a question.

“mhmm?” he responded not taking his eyes off his screen.

“Leave the work and come cuddle with me.”

“Babe I’m almost done. I just need to finish this spreadsheet and we can cuddle all you want.”

“But I want you now,” I protested. He didn’t budge. He wouldn’t even turn to face me.

“I can’t. I’ve already gotten into the flow of things. If I stop now I’ll lose my groove.”

“You can get back into your groove later.”

“No, I’d rather just finish it now. Please give me like 10 minutes.”

There was silence for a moment. I was ready to play dirty.

“Daddy?” I said my eyes tekirdağ escort still fixed on him He stopped typing. He knew what he had to do when I called him that.

He turned to face me. There was a wild look in his eyes.

“Are you really gonna do this right now?” he asked. His voice lowered and I sensed his body tense in his chair. The anticipation was killing me.

“Come here,” he said almost in a whisper.

I got up from the bed and started to walk towards him.

“No,” he said sharply. “On your knees.”

I dropped to the floor and crawled towards him keeping our steely eye contact the whole way. When I got to him, he placed his hands on my neck and lowered his mouth to my right ear.

“You really want my attention don’t you.”

I looked down at the bulge in his sweatpants. I definitely had his attention.

He kissed me. Softly at first but then it evolved into a reckless hunger.

He stood me up and turned my back to him. He still held my neck with one hand and slid the other into my panties. I moaned in response.

“You tokat escort never really wanted to cuddle, did you? This is what you wanted.”

“Yeah.” I said my voice shaky from his fingers sliding in and out of me.

“Daddy’s not too happy with you right now. He’s just trying to get some work done but you want to be a little brat huh?” his grip on my neck got tighter. I reached for his hair behind me.

“Do you like that?”

“Uh-huh.” I managed to let out.

Two fingers turned to three and I buckled beneath him.

“I want you to say it,” he growled.

“I like it Daddy.”

“Now rub your clit for me baby.”

I did as I was told my legs slowly turning to jelly.

“I think I’m gonna come.” I said between moans.

“Not yet sweetheart.” He said taking his fingers out of me and putting them in my mouth.

“You taste good, don’t you?”

I nodded in response.

He pushed me onto the bed and got on top of me. His arms planted on the bed next to each of my shoulders.

“Look at you,” he traced a finger down my trabzon escort nose. “Daddy’s little Princess. So, fucking gorgeous.”

He kissed me again.

“Yeah you do taste good.” He said before kissing my breasts. Giving each one as much attention as the other. He made his way done to my stomach with a hot trail of kisses and then he went lower. He got to my inner thighs and kissed then licked then bit softly.

“Please” I begged. He knew I couldn’t take it anymore. He tasted me and I melted. The feeling of his tongue caressing my insides got me even wetter. He always knew how to tell a story with that tongue and by the climax I was climaxing. I dug my fingers into his hair and called out his name. The orgasm left me feeling dazed. He lay down beside me while I caught my breath.

“That was so good baby. Thank you.” I said a smile on my face.

“I’m glad to hear it,” he said before holding me in his arms.

I loved the things he did to my body but I also loved the moments after when we basked in the glow of satisfaction.

“You’re so beautiful,” he said to me. “You’re literally glowing right now.”

“Well I can thank you for that.”

He kissed my neck.

“I guess you did get your cuddle after all,” he laughed.

“I always get what I want.”

I could feel his dick throbbing against my back.

I turned around and kissed him. Then I kissed him there. Until he came.