Kissin’ cousins.


We spotted each other as soon as I walk through the pub door. Doreen sat at a table with her husband Bill. She looked great. I had dropped in on impulse as I passed, felling the need of a cold pint of beer on a warm July night. They both waved at me with beaming faces. Bill stood unsteadily and held out his hand. “Didn’t know you were in town,” he said as we shook. His speech was slurred. “I got in yesterday,” I replied, ” I thought it was time to pay mum a visit, or to be more accurate, mum thought it was time I paid her a visit.” I kissed Doreen on the cheek before sitting down. She smelled nice. “How long are you here for Vince?” she asked, ” not another flying visit?” “Couple of weeks max, depends on the fun available.” I had emphasised ‘fun’. I went to the bar to get a round of drinks leaving Doreen with a smile and blushing slightly. ‘Fun’ was what I called the time Doreen and I had masturbated each other when we were young teenagers. The memory of her with her knickers round her knees and trembling to my touch lived with me still. She had remembered the code word. It had started with the usual, ‘You show me yours and I’ll show you mine.’ We brought each other to orgasm despite of our inexperience. It was the first time she had seen sperm. It was the second time I had fingered a pussy. Doreen was my first cousin and two years my junior. Bill was fifteen years older than she was, and her second husband. The first one had divorced her when they discovered it was improbable she would have children. I carried the drinks back to the table. We chatted about family, the state of the traffic on my trip up from Essex and generally put the world to rights. The landlord called for last orders. Bill gulped the remains of his pint down and staggered to the bar. Doreen and I didn’t want another. “Bill is well on his way,” I remarked. “That’s normal for a Friday night,” she replied, “we’ve been here since opening time. When the fresh air hits him, I have to carry him home. Good job it’s not far.” She wore a thin blouse, the bra cupping her voluptuous breasts just visible. “You remembered then?” I asked. She looked at me from under her black lashes, a small smile playing at the corners of her full lips. “Remembered what?” “The ‘fun’ we had when we were kids.” “Of course I did. You were the first boy to touch me there.” She smiled, “I sort of got a taste for it after that and let a few boys grope me, but they were never the same. There’s something special about your first sexual experience.” “I have to agree with that. You were the first girl to jerk me off. I’ve relived that pleasure a few times since.” “Memories are a wonderful thing,” she replied, crossing her legs. I noticed her nipples were more prominent. “With hindsight is was no big deal, but at the time it was frightening and exciting. I was certain my mother would know I had been up to no good with a boy.” “You managed to hide your guilt?” “It seems so, and that gave me the all-clear to enjoy life; which I did.” Bill weaved his way back to the table, beer slopping over his fingers. I changed the subject. It didn’t take him long to down his larger; soon we were making for the door. I wrapped one of Bill’s arms over my shoulder and supported him round the waist as he staggered along, trying to weave from side to side on rubber legs. One thing in Bill’s favour; when he’s drunk he becomes very mellow, istanbul travesti even over friendly. We got him indoors and he slumped in an armchair. He was having trouble keeping his eyes open. His hairline was receding and his face becoming florid and puffy. A roll of fat hung over his belt. At thirty eight, he was an unattractive man while his wife was young and very beddable. “Ok boys, coffee all round?” I replied in the affirmative and Bill mumbled something. Doreen stood in front of him. “Why don’t you turn in darling?” She glanced quickly at me. “Saturday tomorrow; you can have a nice long lie in.” I helped Bill to his feet just as rain splattered on the window. “Where the HELL did that come from. That wasn’t forecast?” I cried. “It was actually Vince,” replied Doreen, “it wont clear away until late morning.” “Not much chance of getting a taxi with the pubs chucking out.” I said resignedly. Bill was steadying himself with his hand on my shoulder. He patted me. “No problem my old mate, stay the night in the spare.” He belched loudly. I considered it for a moment, “That’s very kind of you Bill, ok by you Doreen?” “Of course it is. It will be a pleasure to have you.” She looked away quickly. I couldn’t work out from her expression if the innuendo was meant or not. Hardly likely, she had married Bill six months ago. I hadn’t made it to the wedding. I helped Bill climb the stairs, which he did slowly, with one hand on the banister and one on the stair treads. I left him as he veered to the toilet and returned to the lounge and the aroma of fresh coffee. I sat down on the couch as Doreen entered from her kitchen carrying two steaming mugs. She sat beside me, not in an armchair, her perfume just discernable over the coffee. We heard the toilet flush upstairs and footsteps over our heads as Bill stumbled around in the bedroom  undressing. Then the house fell silent. The sound of the rain on the windows was interspersed with the swish of a car moving along the road outside. We sipped at our coffee; the mugs seemed to go to our lips in unison as we sat next to each other, our thighs touching softly. It was a warm night, the drink was hot but I was aware of the heat emanating from her shapely body. I wondered if she was feeling the same sexual tension as me. My interest in her had turned to a huge lust producing a hunger in the pit of my stomach. Her bubbly nature had gone, she was quite; in a world of her own. I looked at her and she turned her head towards me. Her large brown eyes gazed unblinking into mine. Her full lips parted slightly showing a glimpse of white teeth. As she watched me I studied her black glossy hair that fell to her shoulders, her small button nose, the point of her chin. My eyes travelled down to her breasts, her hips and her stocking clad legs. We made eye contact again. She looked at me steadily, unsmiling, breathing deeply, a slight sheen of perspiration on her face. She stood up gracefully. “I best check on him,” she said, as she walked to the door, her hips swaying. I listened to her mounting the stairs unhurriedly, her movement above my head. I took the empty mugs into her well appointed kitchen and placed them on the worktop. I stayed there until she reappeared. “How is he?” “Dead to the world.” She stood close to me, her eyes downcast; she seemed to be shivering a little. She looked istanbul travestileri up, her eyes were brimming, her lips trembling. I placed a hand on her cheek, which she pressed into my palm, her eyes closed. I cupped her other cheek and drew her face closer until our lips meet softly. Suddenly her arms went round my neck and crushed her mouth to mine; her juicy tongue invaded my mouth. I sucked on it as I backed her up awkwardly until her thighs contacted the kitchen table. She lay back almost panting, her knees parted. I stepped between them eagerly. I was dizzy with lust. At last, I was going to fuck Doreen. My trembling fingers fumbled with her blouse buttons. “No!” she gasped, “too dangerous to undress.” I pulled her skirt up round her waist; she lifted her buttocks to make it easy. There was a damp patch on the back of it. At least her panties could come off. I hooked my fingers in the waistband, again her hips lifted in the air to aid their removal. Her unconfined delta of black pubic hair sprang out to delight my eyes. Untrimmed; just as nature intended. I left her underwear dangling off one ankle. Her knees came back and parted wide, opening her plump labia to the strong kitchen light. Her prominent clitoris pointed at her moist, glinting pink petals and the dark portal of her sweet vagina. I hurriedly unzipped and drew out my granite cock, followed by heavy balls and presented it to her beckoning opening. The aroma of sex drifted up to my flaring nostrils. As my engorged gland touched her labia she gasped a little noise. She pushed herself up on her elbows to watch the entry. She was not smiling, just an intense look of fascination. Her eyes widened when she saw how well endowed I had become. I guided the tip of my purple bulb until it nestled in her wet opening. A clock started to chime the midnight hour. “She looked at me, “have you any idea how long I’ve waited for this Vince?” she whispered in a husky voice.   “As long as I have maybe,” I replied. I started to push slowly, my knob picking up her copious juices as it slowly advanced. I gripped her naked hips. She was flexing her pelvic muscles making penetration tight. Her tongue curled over her top lip in concentration. Her pink petals folded in with the friction. We both gasped, as with a little jerk, my knob passed her pelvic bone. She glanced up at me with her intense look and quickly back to the action. Centimetre by centimetre I fed my shaft in, slowly invading her soft eager body. “Jesus Vince! I’m on the verge already,” she announced in a whisper. “You are delicious Doreen,” I said truthfully. The penetration continued until my aching balls pressed against her buttocks, our pubic hair mingling. My head went back, “At last, at long last,” I groaned. I started to withdraw. “No! Not yet,” she said, gripping my hips and pulling me back into her. “Let me feel your throb.” I could feel her soft, warm flesh surrounding my cock. Her vaginal walls flexed exploring me, savouring my presence filling her cunt. “God Vince, why has it taken us so long?” A few seconds later she shuddered and squeaked. “Don’t you move,” she gasped. Her hips started to thrash wildly. Her eyes were screwed shut, tears trickled down her cheeks. She moaned loudly as she worked my shaft against her clit. Her tits wobbled enticingly inside her blouse, sweat glistened in the travesti hollow of her throat as her pelvis bucked and jerked as she rode my penis greedily. It was torture to stand there motionless. Her violent shaking reduced to trembles as her orgasm abated. She was panting with the effort she had put into her own pleasure. “God! I needed that,” she whispered hoarsely. There was a slight pause. “Your turn Vince,” she quietly ordered me, “don’t spare me. I want it hard and deep. Hurt me Vince, hurt me.” Her words were music to my ears; my straining prick seemed to expand in response. I hadn’t realized how uninhabited and sexually voracious she was. At family gatherings she was always demure and a ‘nice girl’ as far as the aunts were concerned. I withdrew my cock until the back of my knob checked against her gripping pelvis, my wet shaft glinted in the light. Her head was on the table, she held her legs back, eyes wide staring at the ceiling, lips slightly parted. I plunged in to the root hard and deep making her gasp, she spread her legs wider to make sure she got ever last centimetre. Again and again my cock drove into her with all the power my loins could muster, giving her maximum length. I grunted with each thrust, she gasped and groaned. The table creaked in protest and the sound of flesh slapping on flesh created an alarming amount of noise. She started to shudder again, her hips moving in unison with my brutal in-driving. The table was the perfect height for fucking. I could adjust my strokes to caress her g-spot, her bearing down on the squelching withdrawal caused her ultra sensitive clit to contact my shaft. She started to squeak as her orgasm grew. She clamped both hands over her mouth to stifle her sounds of joy, her eyes wide as if terrified. A pink flush appeared on her face making her look more desirable than ever. Unselfishly we gave each other our best to tease out every last fragment of bliss. Doreen removed her hands from her lips. “Cum inside…me…Vince,” she gasped, “I…need to…feel every last…drop of…your spunk…in me.” I didn’t reply. It would not be long. The thrill of fucking such a responsive girl, and not just any girl, but Doreen, was too much. I couldn’t make it last much longer. God! I pounded that girl. My pubic hair was matted with her fluids. I felt the stirrings of life in my full testicles. “God…Doreen!” I gasped. She felt the extra urgency of my vicious thrusts. Her body shook violently and her hands clamped to her mouth once more. The overpowering ecstasy of my sperm gushing along my shaft made me feel faint as the first jetting splattered into her willing vagina. “Yes,” she cried as she felt my hot juice bathe her insides. “Yes!” again at the second splash. Too loud. She repeated “Yes!” at each ejaculation. She was weeping with joy. I kept thrusting long after my spunk was spent, willing my cock to retain its strength. It betrayed me. I slowed, panting and sweating with the work I had put into our enjoyment. She was the best fuck I had ever had and I told her so. For a girl to show you how much she enjoyed you is good for the ego. My sticky, defeated cock slid out of her. A small pool of liquid that had gathered between her thighs shimmered in the light, I watched some frothy sperm dribble out of her adulterous pussy into the pool. Doreen lay on the table recovering while I tucked myself away. The metal of my zip had laddered her stocking. I helped her haul herself into a sitting position. She tossed her black tresses. “That wasn’t your first time was it? Your girl friend is a lucky lass.” “Bill is a very lucky chap.” I replied. She giggled, “it’s agreed then we are go for each other.