Jen , Carol’s Goodbye


I woke up that morning to the sound of something in my room. I rolled over to see the lovely sight of my two favorite girls standing next to my bed.

Jen looked down at me smiling, “Hey sleepy head. You know you should be careful about who you give your house key to.”

Carol was standing next to her and laughed at what Jen had said.

I yawned trying to wake myself, “My God, what time is it?”

Carol looked at her watch saying, “Its just after ten this fine beautiful morning. I think we need to wake you up.” Having said that she threw back my covers and jumped on the bed next to me.

Jen laughed and did the same, saying, “Yep time to wake you up.”

It had been two weeks since I last saw them and what a day that was. I was so sore after what they had done to me it took me two days to recover.

I was awake enough to notice that they were both wearing shorts and had obviously been spending a lot of time out in the sun as they both had nice tans.

They both sat on there knees next to me as I rolled over to face them propping the side of my head up. I asked, “Spring break is almost over, shouldn’t you guys be heading back to school.” Jen said, “Tomorrow is when we leave, but we wanted to give you a little something to remember us by until Xmas.”

I laid back down smiling, “I see, well nothing like enjoying a good wake-up call from to beautiful young women.”

I like to sleep in the nude and Carol took notice saying, “Look Jen he has a morning hard-on.”

Jen looked and giggled then turned to me smiling, “Happy to see us this morning?”

I laughed, “Oh yes, nothing like being woken up by two good looking females first thing in the morning. What more can a guy ask for.”

Carol had slowly made her way to the left side of me while Jen sat crossed legged on my right.

Jen said, “Lay back and enjoy, while we play with your cock and balls.”

I propped my head up using two pillows to get a better view as I watched Carol throw her left leg over my thigh pushing the opposite leg with her foot. Jen saw this and did the same with her right foot. They both pushed against the inner thighs of my legs spreading my legs open.

Jen reached into the drawer of the nightstand where she knew I kept the small bottle of baby oil and squirted some all over my groin area.

Carol reached in and grabbed my cock with her right hand and my left nut between the fingertips of her other hand. Jen did the same from her side, grabbing my right nut. They began uşak escort to stroke my cock in unison while they each fondled one of my balls. The gentle squeezing and tugging of my nuts between their fingertips sent shivers of excitement down my legs into my toes. I watched as they slowly stroked my cock its full length making it grow with each stroke. Carols thumb and index finger made contact with the sensitive area at the head with each up stroke. All this caused me to react by raising my hips slightly up from the bed.

I could not help but moan with ecstasy as I watched these two tan beauties manipulating my cock with such expertise. I had known them for most of their lives and watched them grow up through High School and go on to college. They were best friends of my daughter who just returned to her school, they have always been around the place. Needless to say as they grew into such fine young women their curiosity regarding sex grew as well. I just happen to be the lucky recipient of their curiosity several years back. I was in the right place at the right time, to coin a phrase. They have gotten to know my sexual desires quite well and just what exactly excites me the most, as well as my body’s reaction to their stimulations.

Carol took notice of this as she said to Jen, “His nut feels tight between my fingers.” Jen said, “This one does too, I can feel his skin tightening around my fingertips.”

Carol leaned over close to my face smiling asking, “How you doing Mr. C.? Gonna cum for us soon?”

I could feel her gently tugging on my nut pulling it out and back letting it fall back in.

Jen had a firm grip with her fingers around the shaft and I could feel her fingers pressing into the big vein running along the underside as she milked them upward into Carol’s fingers, finishing the stroking process up to my swollen head. I could feel Jen’s fingers being more active in my nut sack as several times she let my right nut slip out from between her fingers. She quickly tracked it down by delving her fingertips inside me to find it. Feeling this excited me even further as I threw my hips up higher until she found it and gripped it pulling it back out and continued to roll it between her fingers.

Jen smiled down at me each time she did this. She said, “His nut feels like a little marble between my fingers.”

I was becoming quite excited as I threw my hips up more quickly and forcefully. The girls quickened their hand stroke pace. My breathing increased van escort and I felt my heart racing with each stroke. They continued to smile and chat with each other as they talked about what they were doing to me. In no time I began to ooze precum from the tip of my cock. Seeing this Carol released my cock and knelt in between my legs. She then lowered her beautiful face to a point just above my oozing cock head. Jen continued to stroke my cock in full measure using both hands squeezing out more precum. I felt Carols fingers grab onto both my nuts. Seeing her beautiful smiling face inches from my cock as she looked at me from that angle excited me even further. She could see how excited I was becoming as I attempted to thrust my cock into her face. She looked at me and said, “I can smell you’re cum and I want it all over my face.” Carol lowered her face pressing her right cheek against my swollen head as Jen used her hands to guide it along her skin. Carol’s tan skin felt smooth and supple against the head of my cock as Jen guided it down the side of Carol’s face and across her pouting full her lips.

I watched in amazement as my sticky clear precum left a trail across her face and lips. Jen giggled saying, “That looks so good.” Carol said, “This is something I wanted to do for a long time. It feels so warm on my skin.”

Carol’s skin was flawlessly smooth as I continued to watch Jen stroke and guide the head of my cock across it. I could feel and see the slit open as it rubbed across Carol’s supple skin. Before too long Carols face was covered with sticky rivulets of my precum across her lips, nose, and chin. I was throwing my hips up uncontrollably as I watched the head of my cock push against the soft tan skin of her face. Carol was moaning with delight each time she felt more of my precum ooze onto her face.

Jen urged me on verbally saying, “That’s it give her all of it.” Carol’s fingers expertly delved into my nut sack this whole time and before long I was ready to explode. I felt my heart pounding in my chest and my blood racing with excitement. I moaned uncontrollably each time Jen stroked my shaft and pressed the head of my cock into Carol’s face. She looked down at me as I began to squirm out of control and said, “This is what I call giving face. He is beginning to lose it Carol.”

Jen felt this as she said, “It won’t be long now his cock is swelling and twitching between my fingers.”

Jen raised up her long left leg laying her calf across my erzincan escort lower abdomen in front of my shaft. Seeing and feeling the weight of her beautiful leg resting at the base of my throbbing cock was all it took to push me over the edge. I groaned loudly gripping her calf and threw my hips up into Carol’s beautiful face as I felt the orgasm overtake me. Jen saw my reaction announcing with a smile, “Here he cums!” as she guided my purple head across Carols full lips. I saw Carol smile as she closed her eyes in anticipation of my first load. She squeezed my balls firmly jiggling them as I shot my load into her smiling lips. I watched it splatter across her lips and along the side of her nose.

Jen said, “Whooowheee, good one!”

Carol moaned as she jiggled my balls some more coaxing out another load and Jen jerked her gripping fingers up to my throbbing head forcing a second load from my twitching member. I watched it shoot into Carol’s chin and streak up to her bottom lip. Jen was relentless throughout my orgasm as she rubbed the head of my cock across the bridge of Carol’s smooth pointy nose causing another load to streak across it. Small drops of it landed in the bangs of her hair.

I looked into Carol’s face covered with my seed and said, “Oh my God, your face is beautiful.” Jen laughed, “What a beautiful mess you have all over your face Carol.”

After all was done Carol left the bed saying, “I have to see this,” and ran into the bathroom. Upon seeing her face in the mirror she laughed, “Oh my God this is amazing! I look like one of those porno women.” Jen finished off what little cum I had left in me by rubbing the head of my shrinking cock against her beautiful shapely calf. As she did this, the shakes of excitement in my body slowly began to subside as I released a long relaxing sigh. I felt my heartbeat slowly return to normal. Still rubbing my dripping cock against her smooth tan leg, Jen looked down at me and smiled saying, “I see you really enjoyed that.”

Carol came back into the room rubbing my spent seed into her supple skin like a lotion saying, “That was incredible, feeling his hot cum shoot into my face. I could feel the head of his cock swell and open against my lips and face each time he shot a load.”

I rolled over saying, “Oh my God what a wake up call.”

Jen rolled me back onto my back using the heel of her right foot. Carol bent over and kissed the head of my seeping cock saying, “Mmmmm, that was something I have always wanted to feel.”

They rose up from the bed and threw the sheet over my spent body. I watched as they walked out. They quickly waved goodbye smiling back at me. I watched them leave admiring their tight Asses and long legs as they left down the stairs. I closed my eyes knowing I would not see them until Christmas.