Big Tits

I have read a lot about all these super-hung studs meeting all these perfectly shaped, large-titted women that would knock the Pope into masturbation and I guess I feel a bit envious of all these lovely people.

I’m not extraordinarily built. I am overweight, not flabby, just overweight. My cock falls far short of the twelve inch long cocks that seem to abound on these studs in this country. And, while I have met and bedded many “pretty” young ladies, none of them–or maybe all of them–were perfect in every way.

I was in my early thirties when the following story occurred and was in much better shape than I am today.

I once met a woman whom I shall call Jane, an older lady, who was a fantastic person. After she had a stroke that left the right side of her face sagging and paralyzed, her husband divorced her and left her on her own so that he could chase a more perfect woman. One of her friends, who I had been taking to bed on a fairly regular basis suggested I look her up. She did tell me about the stroke but I really thought nothing of it. So, a blind date was arranged for the following Friday. I was to have supper at the woman’s one-room apartment and we would see where it went from there.

I was ready for a “mercy fuck” and get out of there as soon as I could, but things didn’t work out that way. Supper was a very good meal that showed she Sinop Escort had taken some time to cook. After I got past the stroke damage and started talking to Jane, I found that the “mercy fuck” was out the window and that I really started wanting her for the whole person that she was and not for her looks or lack thereof.

Jane taught me backgammon that first evening and after several games we ended up playing with a fuck as the prize the winner. Of course, it didn’t really matter who won since we were the only two playing. I lost, as I expected I would, and Jane led me into her bedroom.

We both nervously stripped out of our clothes and stood in front of each other as naked as the day we were born. Jane was a tad shorter than my 5’9″ and was not slim, but not Rubenesque either. Her breasts were on the smallish side which I somewhat like and she had the hairy pussy that I dearly love on a woman believing as I do that natural is beautiful.

Jane took me by the hand and we climbed up on the bed. She told me that she hadn’t been fucked since her husband had divorced her, that nobody wanted an ugly woman to take to bed. Our hands explored each other’s body and we cuddled and caressed our way to our ultimate goal. My cock had already reached its full length of about six and a half inches and was ready, but I wasn’t sure that Jane was. Sinop Escort Bayan I let my Roman hands and Russian fingers do the walking and found a very moist and hot pussy waiting for my cock to enter and enter I did.

Jane was as tight as a virgin and I took my time sinking balls deep inside her body. My cock, short as it is, bottomed out and hit the head of her cervix at about the same time that my balls nudged up against her ass cheeks. Jane moaned her appreciation and we locked our lips in a passionate kiss that lasted through the first two minutes of our sensuous fuck.

I could feel her cunt walls gripping my cock as I slowly moved in and out in a deliberate rhythm that was guaranteed to prolong the act. I felt Jane shudder several times before she asked me to fuck her harder and faster. I willingly obliged though I knew that at this new tempo I would not last long in her very fuckable pussy. Her moans grew louder the faster I pounded my cock into her now loosening vagina. I could feel the inner pussy lips as they slid in and out wrapped around my invading spear.

After only a couple minutes of further rutting, I could feel the familiar tingle in my balls and the start of my sperm on its journey into this woman’s lovely, lovely body. I warned Jane of the impending eruption and she begged me to fill her cunt with my hot Escort Sinop cum. I did so in spurts that seemed as if they would never end. Finally they did and I rolled off Jane though she managed to insure that we were still connected where it mattered. We kissed and whispered sweet nothings for what seem like eternity though it was only a few minutes.

Once we had come down from our sexual highs, Jane went to wash up and told me to wait for her at the backgammon board without putting my clothes on. I did as she asked. When she came out of the bathroom, I took my turn and relieved myself. When I got back to the living room, the backgammon board was set up for a new game. The bet was the same, but this time I won and it was my turn to take Jane into her bedroom where we made love slowly and sensuously into the wee hours of the morning before falling asleep in each other’s arms, still joined at the genitals.

Jane fed me breakfast that Saturday morning and we spent the rest of the day just fucking each other for all we were worth. And, that was the start of something truly beautiful that lasted for quite some time. We eventually parted as friends when I was transferred out of state and we finally just drifted apart, but both of us retain our memories of that joyous time.

So, what is beauty in a woman? In my opinion, beauty in a woman is as simple as being a woman. The breasts, the vagina, and all that there is of any woman is the same and yet different in each individual. If the woman is fat or skinny, if she is large breasted or small, or if she has a tight pussy or loose, it is all beautiful to anybody who looks beyond skin deep.