It Started in the Dining Room…


She walked into the dining room barefoot, wearing just a white v-neck t-shirt that came down to just the bottom of her ass. I was standing a few feet away and moved toward her. I wrapped my left arm around her shoulders and kissed her. It was around 10 PM, we’d finished dinner a few hours earlier and the youngsters were tucked in bed down the hall, doors closed.

As I kissed her I reached down and cupped her bottom with my right hand. I was surprised to find she wasn’t wearing panties! Her bottom is medium sized, firm yet supple, just right. I squeezed it gently, then moved my hand up and around to the front and found her lightly haired pussy. As I lightly stroked her slit she gasped into my mouth. There was a hint of moisture there, she was already thinking of this. She was prepared, she wanted me to take her! I was being sought out by this lusty woman! That excited me, bringing my 8 inch cock to hardness quickly.

I played with her pussy for several minutes, stroking between her labia, slightly inserting my middle finger into her, just up to the second knuckle. I squeezed her clitoris gently between my thumb and index finger. Her wetness increased, coating my fingers with delicious fluid. I brought my hand to my mouth and sucked it off, wetting my fingers even more with my saliva, then returned to kissing her so she could taste herself.

I reached for her slit again, pushing my fingers, now two, further into her. She was pressed tightly against me, her breathing becoming shallower and more rapid as I stimulated her clit, pulled on her pussy lips. I still held her by the shoulders, pulling her in tight while french kissing her, my tongue deep in her mouth battling with her strong tongue.

I then pulled her hand from the chair back she’d been clutching and put it on my cock through my shorts. I was as hard as steel. Her decision to come to me so wantonly was not unusual, but it was not expected and so doubly excited me. She rubbed it up and down, then grasped it through the cloth. “You are so hard.” she whispered. “All because of you.” I responded.

She pulled my zipper down, reaching in to free my long cock. “You are the biggest man I’ve ever been with, please be gentle.” she said. “I don’t promise anything.” I replied. She stroked me while I continued to probe her vagina, feeling even more secretions coat my finger, pooling in my palm. I was beyond reason with her, she was driving me crazy with lust.

We kept this up for several minutes and I pondered taking her right here, at the dining room table. It was plenty sturdy enough being a four legged table. But we are on the second floor of the house with a large window at the other end of the table. There were no window coverings, no shades or curtains of any kind. I considered this as I anticipated turning her over the table and doing her from behind, but not for long.

I pulled her closer, moving around the table to the side, pushing the chair there out of the way. I pressed her against the table, kissing her passionately, taking her breath away. She continued stroking my eight inch long cock, it thick with need in her small hand. My right hand slid upward, across her smooth, tan skin and inside her shirt, fondling her small, perfectly shaped breast. I tweaked her nipple and she groaned in appreciation.

I then moved my hand from under her shirt and turned her to face the empty table. She braced herself against the table top, fully aware of my intent, spreading her legs shoulder width apart to give me better access. I dropped my shorts to the floor, stepping out of them. We were both now bottomless, just wearing shirts.

I teased her with the head of my steel hard cock, coating the tip with her juices unnecessarily as I was already leaking copious pre-come from the tip. She moaned in response. I was taking stock of this, given our relatively exposed position close to the window, waiting for her to object. She didn’t Samsun Escort and I pressed forward into her pussy from behind.

She’s tight, very tight in fact, as she’s never had natural childbirth. Her pussy was soaking, and felt like a velvet glove. I could feel every inch of her pussy with my cock, the ripples of muscle grasping at me. She grunted with my entry, I pulled back to allow her to become accustomed to my size. I pushed in again, going in almost halfway, then back again. In further the third time, again extracting a grunt from her throat. I pushed in about six inches, then withdrew. I’d felt her ass against my thighs, so soft. I became more excited at that and pushed in harder, filling her up.

I could feel her stretch around the head of my cock, her pussy so tight where only I had ever been. I found that extremely erotic, I had never felt such a tight pussy in this area near her cervix and it always added to my pleasure, and verified her claim of my being the biggest ever in her. I pressed in harder, holding myself in her deeply, allowing her pussy to stretch some, to get used to my cock there.

She moaned, “So deep, you’re so deep. You’re stretching me, take it slowly.” “I will, just hold on for a minute, you’ll get used to it.” I told her. I waited, my cock throbbing inside of her, pulsing with my heartbeat, flexing up and down in her. After just a minute I pulled back slightly and then pushed back in, hard. I repeated this a few times, then began a fuller, longer, stroking, working up to a full on, forceful fucking.

I fucked her hard and long. I have great stamina and am very fit and strong, so I am able to pound her for a long time. She collapsed across the table, holding onto the other side with her arms stretched out, her ass fully exposed with the t-shirt pulled up. I held her ass, moved my hands up to her waist to get a better grip. We fucked for several minutes, possibly ten minutes or longer, then I pulled her up off the table, withdrawing.

I turned her around to face me and kissed her soft lips again. I lifted her onto the table and again inserted my raging manhood into her tight, wet, pussy. She wrapped her legs around me, looking into my eyes. I could see her hard nipples through her light t-shirt as I fucked her. Her breathing was ragged as my cock stroked across her clitoris in this position. She leaned back, her hands on the table, elbows locked to support herself. Not once did she acknowledge the window to her left, but I continued to be aware of it, wondering if anyone was looking in. It would not be an easy view, they’d have to be across the street and looking up to see us, but still I wondered.

I continued to fuck her, my urge strong. I began short stroking, just inside her pussy, knowing this would stimulate her more than deep strokes, and would focus intense pleasure on the head of my cock. I was right and soon I felt the explosion building inside me. She was nearly there, I could feel the incredible slipperiness of her excitement coating me, making the feelings more intense. My breathing was rapid, I was sweating with the exertion and finally I was there. I spurt into her, sending strong pulses of cum deep into her pussy and she came, shaking and groaning so much I had to cover her mouth with mine to keep from waking the kids. Her pussy convulsed on my steel hard cock as I pounded into her, shooting stream after stream of cum.

After a few minutes we broke apart, panting. We kissed again, more gently but with no less urgency than when we’d started. She broke away and went to clean up. I cleaned up in the other bathroom, and waited for her return.

She came back, now dressed in a dark red chemise with panties. “Wow, you look delicious.” I told her. “This is just for you to look, no touching. I have bills to pay.” she replied. “Aww, well that’s going to last for only so long.” I said. “You’ve had your fun, just let me Samsun Escort Bayan write some checks to mail tomorrow.”

We continued this banter for a few minutes, me naked having removed my shirt. She did sit down and pay some bills after stepping outside to smoke a cigarette. We talked about mundane things, trying to ignore what had happened earlier. But I was hard again, which is saying something as I am in my late forties. But there it was, she could clearly see my state of arousal. “Why don’t you play with yourself, I like to watch.” she told me. “Really? Okay, I can do that.”

I reclined on one of the couches and started stroking myself, wetting my cock with saliva. I pulled on my balls, played with them, all while she sat in the chair positioned at ninety degrees to the couch and watched me. I could look at her by tilting my head back, she was just watching and sipping on a cup of coffee. Dressed so sexily she excited me more, her small figure looking so inviting in the lacy clothing. I played for about ten minutes, seeing her grow more excited as I did.

I’d had enough. Playing with my cock was not enough for me, I had to have her again. I rose from the couch and stepped close to her. I pulled my cock down close to her face and pulled her close. She opened her mouth and took me in, licking my cock head. I reached down and pulled on her right nipple as she pleasured me. Reaching down further I found her pussy. She was soaked! She must really like watching me. She started going down further on my long hard cock, and played with my balls.

I pulled her mouth off my long hard cock after just a few minutes and pulled her to her feet. I kissed her, thrusting my tongue deep in her mouth, tasting myself as I tasted her. She moaned with desire into my mouth. I’ve not described her, she’s five foot three inches tall, and very thin, about 100 pounds. Small breasted with well-defined bone structure. Deep hollows behind the clavicles I love to suck on.

I determined I was going to take her again, right there, right now! I put my hands under her ass and lifted. She squeaked as I did so. “What are you doing?” she asked? “Just you wait, you’ll see.” I replied.

I reached the top of my cock with her pussy, my cock was so hard it was pointing up like an 18 year old’s cock, and rotated my hips to guide myself into her. I had never fucked anyone standing, and neither had she, so this was a first. I slid into her with little effort since I’d stretched her earlier, dropping her light frame onto my eight inch cock. I moved her up and down while she held onto my neck, looking into my eyes, trying to determine if she liked the position. As she groaned at my sudden intrusion deep in her pussy I began walking to the bedroom thirty feet away.

We reached the bedroom and I bent over the bed, lowering her to it without my cock leaving the confines of her tight pussy. She squealed again in surprise, and I began fucking her with deep rapid strokes, giving her the full length of my cock. I kissed her, or at least tried, but she resisted because she’d been smoking. I kept working to kiss her but she turned her head left then right to avoid my mouth. I held her head very tightly, turning her face to me and forcing her to kiss me. Her pussy flooded my cock and balls with her juices, she became filled with desire by my forcefulness! I increased my efforts, fucking her harder and faster while I kissed her, the sound of flesh slapping against flesh filling the room, the sound magnified by the juices.

She responded with more pussy juice streaming out of her pussy. Breaking the kiss she gasped, “Harder, fuck me harder.” I did, pounding into her, hitting her clit with my groin, my balls bouncing off her ass, our skin making a loud slapping noise as our bodies slammed together, her legs pulled up around my waist. She grunted with the effort, moaning with the excitement. Her tight body Escort Samsun tensed even more as she felt another orgasm take her. I came inside her, filling her with my second load of the night, sweat pouring off my body as I spasmed above her.

Wow, that was some night. We slipped into deep sleep very shortly after that final fuck of the night.

The next day is Saturday. We’re alone in the middle of the day, the boys are out playing with friends. She’s at the kitchen sink, dressed casually in tight yoga pants and a thin top. Her ass is enticing to me and the yoga pants show it off, stretched over her round cheeks, beckoning to be touched. I come up behind her, stroking her shoulders in a light massage. I reach around her, stroking her waist and hips, pressing my groin into her ass.

She’s enjoying the attention as I grow harder. “If you want this cock you’ll have to pull your pants down.” I tell her. I want her to show me how much she wants this.

She doesn’t hesitate, straightening just enough to reach the waistband on both sides and push her pants over her shapely hips and to her knees. She then returns to her dish washing. I’m beside myself with excitement, I’ve had a dream like this for years. I pull my now rock hard cock from my own pants and push into her. No foreplay, no teasing, just fucking right now! She moans as I penetrate her for the third time in less than twenty four hours!

I begin fucking her, pulling her juices out of her pussy to coat my cock and make penetration easier. This works and soon I’m fucking her with long and deep strokes while she holds onto the sink. pushing back into me. She’s fucking me as much as I’m fucking her, adding to the pleasure. I don’t last long, unusual for me, and soon am cumming in her very wet pussy while she grinds her ass against me, getting off on the sudden and very open fucking.

We break apart, breathing hard. She pulls her pants back up as I zip up and she continues to finish her task.

A few weeks later. I’m scheduled to take our classic convertible car to visit my father. She’s been acting strangely, holding me back from leaving on time. I can’t figure out why she’s behaving so oddly but shrug and go outside and start the car. I come back in to say goodbye, when she grabs me. We’re on the stairs, near the bottom. She kisses me hard, and rubs my cock through my shorts. Now I get it, either she’s horny as hell or she’s trying to keep my from leaving by offering me sex. That will work, I figure, for a little while at least.

I turn her away from me facing sideways on the stairs and she braces against the wall. I feel her up, running my hands over her lovely small breasts through her shirt, then reach one hand into her shorts and rub her pussy over her panties. She’s panting and writhing with need. I unsnap her shorts as my cock has responded (when doesn’t it) and pull them down to her knees. With the kids in the back yard I figure we have a few minutes. I turn her to face up the stairs and release my cock from my shorts and underwear.

With her shorts now around her ankles I push into her from behind, her kneeling on the stairs. I begin thrusting into her with short strokes, then longer and longer, going deep. I’m thrusting hard into her and she’s moaning with desire when we hear the patio door above us slide open. Quickly we gather ourselves, pulling up our shorts as the kids yell for Mommy.

She deals with their short query as we walk toward the bedroom, down the hall at the top of the stairs. We’re entangled in a kiss, so full of passion, breathless. “I’ve left the car running.” “Well, go turn it off, we’re not done!” she states emphatically. Reluctantly I turn and dash down the stairs and outside to turn the car off. I go back inside and find her standing by the bed, fully clothed.

“I thought you’d like to help me undress.” she says. I take her in my arms and kiss her, then begin removing what little clothing she has on. She likewise undresses me and we go about making passionate love on the bed with the door closed. More conventional, I know, but the lead up made it that much more enjoyable.

I did finally get to Dad’s place, but much later than planned.