Father Uses Huge Asset Ch. 05

Alexis Texas

Richard and his wife, together with Martin, had been invited to the wedding of Tim and Pippa.

Pippa was the daughter of Richard’s main business associate called Kevin. Tim was employed by Richard’s company. Martin, Richard’s son, and Pippa had a brief relationship which failed for the usual reason – Richard.

Pippa had the looks of someone from a rich family. She spoke with a posh accent and had very pretty blue eyes. Sally had turned up at the wedding in her customary mini skirt expecting Richard’s attention but Pippa had assets which even the very beautiful Sally was struggling to compete with – massive firm tits. The plunging neckline and unnecessary wonderbra meant that the men in the room all were mainly looking one way – Pippa’s cleavage. Richard thought her new husband Tim looked uncomfortable with the way she looked, as did Pippa’s father, Kevin, who spent half an hour telling Richard that his daughter should have dressed more modestly for the occasion, as should his wife.

Kevin was extremely rich and gave his daughter everything she wanted. Pippa hadn’t done a day’s work in her life and had been just 20 when Richard first met her at Kevin’s house. Richard’s dick had twitched in his trousers when he saw her but he had been involved in a major deal and so had not been able to spend time with her. He was amazed to hear that his son was dating her 6 months later. Kevin was very pleased as he could see the financial benefits of such a match.

Martin brought Pippa round for tea shortly after their relationship started and she wore a low cut tea shirt above a visible black bra which pushed her massive tits together and dangerously near her chin. Richard had enjoyed screwing Martin’s first girlfriend, Fiona and especially her tits but Pippa was in the premier league when it came to tits.

Richard was sure she noticed his dick twitching in his trousers as she entered the room and she smiled at him and said

“Hello again Richard. Your father didn’t speak with me last time I met him Martin. He was far too busy doing boring business with my dad.”

She crossed her arms under her incredible tits and pouted. She then turned and chatted to Martin and his mother for an hour or so before dinner. Richard simply sat at the table and strummed his fingers on his rock hard cock which lay inside his trousers down his left thigh.

Richard sat next to Pippa at dinner with his wife and Martin opposite them. Richard saw his son ogling his girlfriend’s double E sized tits and thought to himself:

“I don’t blame you for looking son, thanks for bringing her to me.”

Martin had in fact cum between her tits a few days earlier and it had been the best moment of his life and he felt like he was king of the world. Pippa had barely needed a tissue to wipe away his dribble and had been uninspired by his desperate desire for her. Studying Richard’s trousers before dinner she could clearly see a huge thick bulge twitching with desire for her oversized tits. She was therefore now enjoying wanking his huge rod in her right hand under the table whilst sipping wine and chatting with Richard’s wife.

Richard knew he could resist cumming as long as he didn’t look into her huge cleavage but he felt it was an incredible turn on to discuss the week’s activites with his wife whilst their son’s girlfriend explored the huge head of his cock and thick smooth shaft with her right hand and occasionally tickled and groped at his huge sperm filled balls with her fingers.

His pleasure was interrupted when his wife suddenly dropped her knife. If she looked under the table she would be looking straight across at his huge ataköy escort manhood throbbing in Pippa’s tiny hand. The game would be up.

He knew his wife would never leave him and that he would continue to cheat on her but it wouldn’t be nearly as much fun if she knew about it. The power came from never getting caught. His wife began to duck her head to lean and pick up the knife when Pippa said:

“Oh let me and dived under the table.”

“Thank you Pippa, very kind of you” she replied.

“No problem at all” she responded. As she reached the knife she turned and took the chance to stretch her lips over Richard’s huge cock. Richard wanted more than anything to thrust his hips forward but he resisted.

After dinner Richard’s wife left for a posh charity do which she was attending with Pippa’s mother Sue.

Richard tried to keep control as Pippa sat next to Martin and smiled suggestively at Richard whilst, when Martin wasn’t looking, pressing her boobs together and forcing the t shirt to strain impossibly to contain her assets. Richard could contain himself no longer. Pippa had teased him to the point where he felt his dick was about to explode.

Pippa then suggested leaving for the evening with Martin and this was clearly intended to make Richard jealous.

Richard quickly suggested that instead they all go out in his sports car and they both agreed. Richard had numerous 2 seater sports cars but only one which had tiny back seats and so thet took this one and Martin sqeezed in the back.

Richard’s brain was racing as he desperately needed to get Pippa alone. She was arching her back in the front seat and openly staring at his twitching cock. Martin sat in the back, oblivious to her wicked tease.

Richard slammed the brakes on outside the supermarket.

“Martin, nip in and get us all something to drink – something expensive” Richard said.

He needed 5 minutes alone with this amazing stuck up tease and he couldn’t wait. Martin reluctantly dragged himself into the shop and Pippa turned her attention to the log which was stretching Richard’s trousers to breaking point. Her hands started massaging his cock through the trousers and she had just reached his zip when there was a sharp tap on the window. The game is up thought Richard. I can’t explain this, Pippa’s cleavage in my face and her hands on my cock. He turned to face his son.

He was surprised to see a female policewoman smiling lewdly at what she had discovered. He lowered the window and she said “It seems like you have a problem there sir but that the young lady is handling it – so to speak.”

Pippa smiled and undid the zip and allowed the monster to spring free.

“Officer, could you do me a favour” Richard said smiling at her as she gawped at it. “Please go into that shop and hold everyone in there for an hour on a drugs investigation. He slipped £2,000 into her hand.

“May I ask why?” she said.

“My son is in there and I am going to fuck his girlfriend” he said arrogantly.

Please inform him after an hour that I paid “1,000 to get him released more quickly” he said passing her another grand.

“I have your number plate so I may look you up” she said smiling down at his throbbing cock.

“I look forward to it.”

The next thing Martin knew the shop had been sealed off and all he was told is that an investigation needed to be carried out.

Pippa and Richard arrived back at the house. They were still laughing and Pippa was still teasing him with her cleavage. They went upstairs to his office where she peeled off her t-shirt to reveal avcılar escort her lacy bra which supported her massive firm bouncy tits. He released his monster and asked her to compare it with Martin’s. She grabbed it and pressed it between her deep cleavage.

“I didn’t even notice when his cock was between these, but I think I might notice yours”

she said in her posh sweet little girl’s voice. His 15 inch cock started driving between her tits and was easily long enough to reach up into her mouth and back into her throat. This is what he had wanted all evening and once again he had made it happen. She looked so pretty sucking on him desperately whilst his hands squeezed and enjoyed her huge tits. He was building to a huge climax when someone suddenly opened the bedroom door.

Richard’s heart stopped for the third time that night. He turned and saw Sue standing there with her mouth open, Kevin’s wife and his wife’s best friend. Sue was just 5 or so years younger than his wife. They had returned and Sue had come upstairs to find her daughter whilst her friend sorted out the charity things downstairs.

This was Pippa’s mum who was looking at her daughter’s lips around Richard’s huge weapon. He had his huge cock down her throat and the shaft was wrapped in her huge melons. Sue just stood there for a few seconds before saying:

“Your wife is downstairs. Lucky it was me who came upstairs first huh. Enjoying my daughter’s tits are you. Ever wondered where she inherited them from, big Dick”?

With that Sue bent forward and pressed her huge 40FF tits together. They didn’t normally sag at all but when Sue pressed her arms around and underneath her tits the sight was even more amazing as her cocktail dress she had worn to the charity do barely contained her amazing boobs which were even bigger than her daughter’s.

She looked at Pippa:

“Are you enjoying Richard’s large, well, should I say unbelievably large cock darling. More than Martin’s I would guess? What would Kevin say, Richard?”

Sue just smiled at him, looking between his throbbing cock and his eyes. Sue added:

“My best friend is downstairs and God knows where your son is. Your best friend, my husband, thinks you are an honourable man but you seem to be staring at his wife’s huge tits with your dick down his daughter’s throat.”

With his eyes fixed on Sue’s tits he felt his balls spasm and his dick increased in size impossibly. Pippa had no ability to take this amount of cum as a night’s teasing was released down Pippa’s throat. He pulled out and covered her face and hair and created a river between her tits.

He still had plenty left and he beckoned Sue towards him. As she slid his huge slick cock between her enormous firm tits she whispered “Kevin would kill you if he knew.”

He pressed his cock between her lips and to Pippa’s amazement started to fuck her mother’s tits and head. He came endlessly down Sue’s throat and said arrogantly: “You may have been married to Kevin for over 20 years but 20 seconds of my cock is worth more than all those years with him.” His cock was pressed down her throat and was releasing cum endlessly when he gave her an ultimatum:

“Sue, you have a 5 % share in the company Kevin and I have invested in. He stands to make £10 million tomorrow if you vote with him on the share deal, if you cast your vote for me I will make the money. It has been a private competition but he thinks he has the edge because of your vote. Betray him or you will never feel this monster after tonight.”

“What makes you think I would vote for you” Sue asked as beylikdüzü escort his cock finally left her mouth.

He flipped her over and drove his cock inside of her. She shuddered at the enormity of it as it filled her pussy the way Kevin’s cock never would. Pippa giggled: “I think that is the winning move by Richard mum – poor dad, he never had a chance.”

When Kevin heard the result the next day he was livid. He phoned Sue to ask what had happened. Her vote should have secured him the deal and more importantly he would finally have got one over on Richard.

“Sue, did you vote today” he said urgently.

“Oh yes, Richard said to vote for him as it would help you. Oh! (she stifled a groan) Do you want to speak to him? Hold on, he is just here… Oh fuck yes, ram your enormous dick in me you stud.”

Thankfully she had pressed mute before the final sentence. Richard had screwed his business partner and now he was screwing his wife again.

“I win again Kevin” he said as he blasted his cum into Kevin’s wife and grabbed her huge tits.

Sue took the phone and said to Kevin: “Don’t tell me Richard has screwed me, oh God, (the oh God related to Richard thrusting back inside her but Kevin thought it was shock about the money) out of a lot of money Kevin? Don’t worry, I am sure I can convince him to give me half back.” She hung up and pressed her tits into Richard’s face. Can I? she laughed as he sucked her huge nipples and mauled her massive firm tits in both hands.

“Something tells me I am going to be competing with my daughter for this dick but I am always a winner too Richard. Your wife is my best friend and she trusts me implicitly but I can’t get enough of your cock.”

Richard had therefore turned up at the wedding wondering just what would happen. As he sat at the table alone he stared at the table containg Pippa and her mother. They were competing for how much cleavage they could show and he strummed his fingers along his rock hard cock. Next thing he knew there was a hand on his cock and as he turned Sally was crossing her long legs and whispering in his ear:

“Let me do that for you.”

Richard replied:

“Sally, your boyfriend and my son and wife are standing 10 yards away.”

“Lost your nerve eh. Well this is worth taking risks for” she said unzipping him.

“And it is 3 days since you have had your hands on these legs”

she said and she crossed her long legs and she smiled into his eyes as she started giving him a hand job.

Richard caved in and started worshipping her firm tanned thighs with his hand and Sally slid under the table and took the cock head in her mouth just before Martin walked over. Richard couldn’t believe he got himself in these positions. No one had seen Sally slip under the table and he now proceeded to force his cock down her lips whilst Martin moaned to his father about what a bitch Sally was.

He wasn’t really listening and his eyes drifted past Martin to Sue who was staring straight at him.

“Naughty man” she mouthed. “Cum now”.

Richard realised someone knew exactly where Sally was and what she was doing. Sue pressed her tits together whilst she sat next to Kevin and the sight of those tits compared with Sally’s expert manipulation of his weapon meant that he had to fire.

He turned to Martin as he started to explode and said with some diificulty:

“I heard you and Sally broke up and the office rumours are that she is seeing some stud. I’m sorry”

Sally squeezed his balls and the volume of cum increased down her throat.

“I know she is very pretty son but I am sure you will find another girlfriend soon. I may have to bring Sally round for dinner as Sally and I are working very closely together right now” he said as he finally started to pull his dick from her lips.

He looked over at Sue who mouthed “me next” at him. Richard stroked Sally’s hair under the table and smiled at his good fortune.