Fast Leather


“Bastard!” I fume as I march down the street one night. “Bastard! Bastard! Who does he think he is? How could he do that?” I lean against a wall of a pub and then turn and kick it, but my heels are high, 4″ heels, pointed toes with studded ankle strap, and it hurts bad. “Fuck fuck fuck!”

“You know, talking to yourself is a very bad habit” drawls a voice from a doorway.

“Who’s there?”

Slowly you step forwards, 6′ of denim and leather, your eyes shaded still. “What’s the prob, sexy?”

I’m still raging. “The problem, sexy” I say, pacing up and down, “is that my boyfriend is a fucking huge fucking wanker and fucking fucks me off.”

“Bad night, sexy?”

“Oh yes. He’s dumped me for another man.”

“Well that’s a fucker alright.” You offer me your cigarette, but I shake my head. “You’re stressed, hon, you need to chill out.”

“I don’t feel like chilling out, I feel like being very, very violent, I want to get physical, I want to fight, I want to hit, I want to scratch, and I want to scream.”

Slowly you exhale. “Come for a ride. Escape all this. Something hard and firm throbbing between your thighs. You’ll like it. It’ll feel good.”

I pause from my pacing and take a deep breath. “Well that would certainly make a fucking change. But I’m not exactly dressed for it.”

You walk round me, looking down at my leather dress, fishnets and bondage shoes. “No problem babe, just unzip the zip up from the bottom of your skirt. Higher than that. Higher. Don’t be shy, we’re both adults. Good, now just wait here, I’ll be right back.”

A minute later you’re back carrying two helmets, and you help me strap mine on, and show me how to climb onto the bike. And then we’re away, my arms wrapped round you, laughing with exhilaration. You drive out of the town and into the country and soon we’re speeding along empty roads, faster and faster round the bends until I’m almost screaming with excitement.

Suddenly there’s the sound of sirens and the police are chasing the bike for its speed. Instead of slowing you speed up, and I cling on for dear life. We speed along and into the forest, the trees masking us from view as you turn down small roads. And then suddenly you pull a sharp turn and stop, hidden behind some trees in a carpark. We have lost the policecar and we’re all alone. I take off the helmet and look all around. We’re by a small ruined church in the woods with a graveyard of slanting and tumbled mossy stones.

You see me looking round curiously and lift me down. I go to re-zip the dress, but you stay my hand, and lead me towards the church. Inside it’s bare, except for an altar stone, a couple of carved angels looking down sorrowfully from pillar tops and a few beer cans in the corner. A large hole in the roof lets the moonlight stream in.

“Ever fucked in a church?” you whisper, your arm round my waist.

I shake my head. “Never been in one. Not religious.”

“I’m gonna fuck you now.”

“Good. I want it hard and fast.”

“Maybe. Gonna make it one you’ll remember.”

Before I can reply you’re crushing me to you violently and I feel your beard against me, scratchy as our mouths open and we’re exploring with our tongues, tugging your bottom lip, you biting my neck. Your hand is pulling my skirt up to bare my ass and I fumble with your jacket, but again you stop me and instead I fumble with the laces on the bodice of my dress so that my breasts are bare in the moonlight. We pause and meet each other’s eyes for a second before you rip off my thong and slam me hard against a pillar, squeezing my nipples so hard that I cry out in pain.

“Is this what you want you fucking whore? A real man? Who can take you whenever he wants?”

I nod silently, biting my lip from the pain on my nipples.

“You’re my slut now, I’ve got you just where I want you. Nobody, nobody, knows where you are so you are totally in my power and you have to please me. And I want lots of noise, understand? Otherwise…”

I raise my eyebrows.

“Otherwise you’ll feel such fucking pain you’ll … wish … you … were…. dead.”

Totally freaked, I nod wildly.

From your pocket you pull a pair of handcuffs and cuff one of my wrists. You drag me over to the stone altar table. I stumble and fall, and you stop and kick me in exasperation before dragging me a couple of paces as I climb back to my feet. At one side you bend me hard over the cold stone and I moan. You reach my hands underneath the table, the cuffs only just do up, pulling tight into my skin, making me cry out.

“Hurts you, slut?”

“Yes sir.”

Laughter. “Good. Now bend your legs up behind you. Further. Further. Harder now, I really don’t think you’re trying hard enough here.” SLAP my bare ass. “HARDER, YOU BITCH! OK, just a bit of rope round your ankles, should give a nice burn.” Then you slip a collar round my neck and attach the rope to it, I can just breathe if I don’t struggle. “Good girl. Doesn’t that feel good now? All wide open and ready for me?”

“Yes xslot sir” I gasp.

“And let’s see now – yes, so wet. Yeah, you were wanting a bit of rough, weren’t you?”

I laugh with difficulty. “Yes sir.”

Walking round the side you pull my bound ankles higher and higher, until I’m gasping and screaming. Release. Then pulling again. Release. Then pulling again, and holding for so long I feel faint.

And then I’m down on the stone again and my legs are being untied, I’m gasping for air, big cool lungfuls. Now you spread my legs at the knee, so they’re hanging over the sides of the table. My cunt and ass are totally open to you. Slowly you run your finger round, exploring me, sending me wild with lust, making me gasp for you.

“Want me, don’t you sexy? Wanna feel my cock inside your slutty cunt, don’t you, sexy? Don’t mind being called that now, do you, sexy?”

“No sir” I gasp, between cries of pleasure.

“This good too then, sexy?” I don’t know what I’m feeling, but it sure isn’t your cock, widening my asshole so wide it feels it will split, making me scream out with lust.

“Oh fuck yes, please, please sir fuck me hard, want you filling me up!”

I feel you ramming me harder and faster, harder and faster, until I’m squealing and screaming. Your thumb is pressed against my clit, blowing my mind. And then it’s out and I feel your cock entering me hot and large, fucking filling me up to bursting, making me cry out again as you push so deep. With a shout I hear you cuming inside me, feel your hot juice in my body as you strain hard against my tight ring. With a final thrust you finish and withdraw, leaving me on the altar table still as you do up your zip.

You look down at me “Back soon. Don’t go anywhere, will you?” and start to walk away.

“Wait, please sir”

You stride back and slap my ass. “What is it, slut?”

“Please could you untie me? I won’t go anywhere.”

Head to one side, considering. “OK.” You undo the lock on the cuff and I flex my wrists and shoulders, the pain of the blood returning immense.

“Thank you very much Sir.”

“For what, slut?”

I catch your eye and laugh. “For everything sir, that was fucking awesome.”

“Was? I’m not finished with you yet. Now sit down there, with your arms wrapped round an altar leg. Good girl. I’ll be back sometime.” And with a swagger you’re away into the night.

My dress is undone this cold night, my breasts pale like a statue in the moonlight as I shiver, but as time passes I feel myself dozing, snapping awake, dozing again.

Obligingly I open my mouth to take in a finger and then sit bolt upright. You’re back, squatting in front of me laughing, some rope coiled over your shoulder.. “All fucked out, slut?”

“Yes Master”

“Wrong answer.” SLAP! knocks me down away from the altar and I feel my shoulder wrench, and cry out in pain. I become aware of music throbbing somewhere, and looking up past you I see you are not alone. You look back over your shoulder and stand up. “What do you think?”

Your friend snaps open a beer thoughtfully. “She’ll do. She tight, H?”

“Very tight” you say as you toss him the keys to the cuffs. While he’s undoing them you throw the rope over a beam in the roof and as I’m dragged to you, you tie my wrists hard above my head, so I cry out in pain again. “Sore, bitch? Good?”

Gasping I nod. “Thank you Master.”

You both laugh, and you pull the rope harder. He fetches a couple of fallen bricks from the corner and you lift me onto them, legs spread wide, shaking in my heels. You still have your arm round my waist, the other slides up the unzipped skirt of my dress to my thighs.

“Were you dreaming bad thoughts there, slut? You’re very wet. Or are we just turning you on here?”

“You Master, wanna be your slut so bad, wanna feel you inside of me…. Want you so bad it hurts.”

“Well now, that’s handy. Because it sure as fuck is gonna hurt.” You grab my skirt and pull it away from my ass cheeks, stroking them with your long fingers. You tuck it at the front and let go.

Behind me I hear laughter, and then I tense as I hear a strange noise – I’ve never heard it for real before but I know it’s a leather whip cracking. A couple of times more it cracks, then you walk round in front of me.

“Familiar, whore?”

“No, Master”

SLAP SLAP! You give me a back-hander and blood trickles down my cheek where your ring’s catches me. “Wrong answer again slut. Don’t you know what had you screaming earlier? Felt good inside of you, huh? Now you’ll feel it bite…”

Back round behind me again you stroke my ass with it before stepping away slowly. Stepping faster faster faster CRACK!

“aaaah fuck ow!”

Stepping away again, silence, CRACK! I cry out this time and I hear you laughing. Walking round the front without your whip you say “Gonna watch your face, wanna see your pain.”

Different footsteps this time – silence – silence – CRACK! “FUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCK!” I xslot Giriş scream and biting my lip feel the blood run. You lick it away from me, eye to eye, I’m wanting you inside of me so bad that CRACK! “SHIT!” I gasp.

You slide your hands inside my bodice now, cupping my cold breasts, tweaking the hard nipples, tugging them, pulling them harder until I groan with pleasure. CRACK! I almost burst into tears of frustration, it’s so distracting.

“What is it you want, slut?”

“Want you to take me, to fuck me hard, feel you rubbing my clit, squeezing my nipples, just want you everywhere and I want it so fucking bad” CRACK! “FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!”

Laughing you hold up your hand to stop your mate. Your hands slide round to my ass, and I feel you parting my cheeks hard again so they feel they’re about to rip. I hear your mate unzipping and his cock sliding inside of me long, hard and thin.

“That what you want whore?”

“Want you too Master.”

Keeping my gaze, you unzip too, and soon you’re pushing into my cunt, feeling the two of you against me with your denim, your leather, and your cocks filling me up. I’m screaming with excitement and exhilaration, my legs shaking on the blocks, my hands above me. I feel your mate shudder and cum in my ass and that’s so horny I’m screaming again, bracing myself against you, wanting to be your whore, your tramp, your slut always.

You pull out and untie the rope above me, and use it to pull me over to the altar, pushing me down hard and burying your face in my cunt. Sensing what I really want you climb onto me and soon I’m talking your cock inside my mouth, tasting my own juices on it while you’re exploring my cunt with your tongue, pinching my lips, tweaking me, making me arch so hard against you I think my back’s gonna break.

And then I’m cumming, I’m cumming, screaming like a thing possessed, and groaning I feel you spurt deep into my mouth, swallowing it all up, so horny, so slutty, so dirty. I lie there laughing now, dazed, my mind blown. You sit up and look down at me, smiling and as I roll over you slap my bare ass.

I start to lace my bodice up again carefully, but you adjust me to push my breasts painfully high, then pull the laces so tight I gasp. I climb down and zip down my skirt with difficult; it’s so tight I can barely stretch round to reach my ass.

Just then there’s the roar of more bikes, and I swallow nervously. You stride over to your friend and speak to him quietly, he nods and laughs and the two of you head out of the door.

I take my chance and look around, the windows are long gone of glass, and I climb up on a rock beneath one of them. Cursing I unzip my dress again and reach up, trying desperately to haul myself up. Just as I pull myself up gasping and can see the trees outside I feel your hand run down the back of one of my legs.

“Leaving us, sexy?”

Fuck, I think, as I freeze, very aware of your hand stroking back up my leg again. With difficulty I wriggle round so I’m sitting on the windowsill looking down at you.

“Sorry Master.”

“You’re mine now, you can’t run from me, you want me too much.”

I nod, my throat dry. “Are you going to punish me, Master?”

No reply, just a slow smile. You climb up onto the rock I’d used, your face level with my breasts, and I feel my nipples hardening. You reach up and tweak one, real hard, and I wince. Your other hand is high inside my skirt now and I part my legs, arching my back towards you.

Softly you speak, looking up at me. “What a slut you are. You know I’m gonna hurt you, you know I’m gonna make you mine, you know I’m gonna make you my whore and punish you until you bleed, and you still can’t say no.”

I nod in distraction, feeling your fingers sliding into my cunt.

“What do you say, whore?”

“Thank you Master.”

“Good girl. Now on you go.”

“Where Master?”

“You’re gonna run from me, it’s what you wanted, isn’t it?”

“Noooooooo, wanna stay and have you fuck me”

You withdraw your hand, sniffing it approvingly. “You have 15 minutes. Then we’re after you, hunting you down like wolves. Pain and punishment, slut, the further you get the more you get. Understand?”

“Yes Master.”

Easily you climb up beside me, and lower me down into the long wet grass of the graveyard. “Now do your skirt up and keep it done up. Keep the shoes on, I like the short steps you take that way and your ass wiggling.”

“Yes Master.”

I turn and run towards the darkness of the trees, hearing you howling and laughing from the church window.

I stumble into the starry darkness, over the lumpy ground of the graveyard. The wall is difficult to climb, but eventually I’m over it and am deep into the trees. It is an ancient woodland and I have to duck low under the trees. Weaving between them is nearly impossible in my leather dress, and it catches on the branches, scratching and ripping. My hair gets caught in branches, tugging and making me wince, and xslot Güncel Giriş I lose time untangling it.

Checking behind me there is not yet any noise, but as I turn back I trip and roll down a bank. My leg crashes against a tree and a thorn scratches deep into my arm, blood dripping on the wet ground, bringing tears to my eyes. I sit for a second cradling it, then crawl forward to a stream that’s running through the glen. I desperately try to cool my burning pain in the numbing water, and I take deep breaths before climbing to my feet again, shaking with the shock of both the cut and the water.

I look downstream to my rightt, and standing very still listen to the water. The burn gurgles quietly, but there is something else too – a wilder noise – a waterfall? Wading through the water to the other side I follow the grassy bank downhill, faster and faster, stumbling, falling.

A chill strikes me as I hear noises in the woods, whistles, shouts, howls. The fear and the pain of my arm force me to my knees and I throw up into the burn, wiping my mouth with a handful of grass, but then I’m up and running again, adrenaline kicking in again.

And at last I reach the waterfall, not as large as I hoped, just a few metres high, but there are rocks for me to edge over alongside the water. I slide again on the wet stones, crying out this time and freezing still, my hand over my mouth, lest I’d been heard. Behind the water there’s scare a space, and I flatten myself against the back of the rock.

For what feels like an age I stay there in the cold, wet, darkness, counting to myself, willing the time away, willing my pursuers away, and I start to slow my breathing again.

The hand thrusting through the water round my throat shocks me totally, my hands come up but I’m powerless as I’m yanked forward, forward into the pool below.

I scream and breathe in the water as I fall in. Though it’s not deep I’m the coldest I’ve ever felt in my life and I struggle up again, gasping for air.

Looking up, you are edging back up along to the bank, and there are now four of your mates looking down at me. I stumble towards you through the pool, defeated, and collapse at your feet.

“Get up, whore.”

I’m so exhausted that halfway up I sway and fall again but you yank me up by the arm.

“Drained, sexy?”

Barely able to nod, to whisper “Yes Master.”

I feel your hands slide round me and I lean back against you.

“Stand up straight bitch, what were you expecting, a cuddle?”

You look round thoughtfully then nod at your mates. “You two” and push me towards them. Together they start ripping my dress, slashing it with knives until my thighs and breasts are bare in the moonlight. I’m frozen in fear, but they are skilful with their blades and do not touch my skin. Then they’re stepping back and I’m shaking semi-naked in the middle of the group, trapped, no-where to run, looking from one to another, terrified, aroused.

“You like cock, slut?”

Nodding, whispering, “Yes please Master”

Laughing. “You are such a slut! Now step 3 steps forward. Turn around. Bend. Hold your ankles. Good girl.”

You have me offering my ass to a huge biker now, one built like a shed. I feel him exploring my ring with his fingers, they feel vast and I shake. The violent thrust of his finger inside of me makes me cry out, but I stay bent over, watching you watching me. He explores my ass, still tender from earlier, then with a twist another enters me, and another. I really am weeping now, silent tears trickling down my cheeks from the pain.

“Stand up, whore.” With difficulty I obey, my ass still very very full of his twisting fingers. “How many can you take?”

“Fingers, Master?”

“Cocks, whore.”

“However many you want, Master?”

“Correct, slut! You have won an extra finger.”

Screaming now, so intrusive in my ass. Then I’m being pulled backwards and he sits down, sliding out his fingers so I gasp in relief. You indicate for me to sit on him, and now he’s sliding his cock up inside of my ass so I’m arching my back again and crying out. He pulls me down on him so my legs are spread and my cunt is open, you can all see how moist you’re making me. Then another biker is kneeling between my legs, but as he goes to enter me you stop him, and indicate he should kneel over me to use my breasts. I hold them close and tight and feel the rhythm of his thrusting, the two men together then as I reach out for something to brace myself I find two more cocks and gently take them. I have four men fucking me now, all except you, the one I want most of all. The biker on top of me is shuddering now and I feel him spurt warm all over my breasts. He groans and sits back, then slaps me hard before rising. We keep fucking and fucking, my hands warm now around their cocks, all moving together while you and your mate watch us, laughing, as first one man than the other cums all over me, one on my face and the other on my breasts again. The biker underneath is cumming now and I’m just used by everyone, no pride, no dignity. He rolls over and slides out, and I’m lying in the grass again, sitting to look up at you.

“You’re filthy, whore, and your clothes are all ripped.”