Dive Bar Pt. 01


Laney realized instantly she chose the wrong bar to walk into. She cautiously towards the bar, feeling the eyes of the men around here looking up and down her rain soaked body. There were about 12 men in this dive bar and all of them had stopped their conversations to take in the sight of her erect nipples poking through her drenched white top.

“May I use your phone to call a cab?” Laney quietly asked the bartender.

The scruffy middle aged man smiled at her and nodded to another man towards the entrance. Laney’s breathing quickened when she heard the door lock, causing her already prominent breasts to bounce as the inhaled and exhaled.

“Excuse me, may I use your phone to call a cab?” She again asked, slightly louder and more direct. But she knee her voice was shaking and the eyes of all these men staring was getting Laney flustered.

The bartender leaned over the bar, poured a shot of whiskey and asked Laney “Is that really why you came in here? To use the phone?” He shot back the whiskey and looked around at the other men as to provide directions.

Laney thought to herself why else would I have come in this dirty dive bar full of middle aged dirty perverts?

She calmly responded to the bartender “If I cannot use your phone, may I at least have a shot of whiskey?” She figured at worst she could have a shot, escape to the restroom and dry off until Bayan Eskort the rain stopped.

The bartender ignored her request and began moving around the bar towards her. She backed up further from him but soon she was up against the wall face to face with the bartender. “Why did you really come in here?” He asked again.

Laney was flustered and shaking with discomfort. “Am I making you uncomfortable?” The scruffy bartender laughed, slowing tracing his fingers around her erect nipples. She didnt move or speak just stood uncomfortably gripping her skirt hem in shock. “Do you enjoy being uncomfortable?” He asked as his hand slid up lightly around her throat. As he lightly gripped her throat she felt his other hand slid under her blouse, filling his hand with her breast.

Laney began looking for a way out of the bar when she felt another set of hands sliding up her legs slowly and yet another caressing her ample ass beneath her skirt. She realized the sensation of being touched and ogled by these multiple men was causing her to get damp between her legs.

“She is wet.” One of the men gleefully said as his fingers penetrated her pussy. “She wants this.”

Feeling herself give into the rhythm of the mans fingers deep inside her, Laney knew she was not escaping now.

“Well then she came to the right place, didnt you sweetheart?” The bartender Anadolu Yakası Escort asked her. Laney nodded shyly.

Instantly, the men backed away and return back at their tables, and the bartender returned to the back of the bar leaving her up against the wall. She stood there confused, still soaked from the rain and the unexpected pleasure.

“You are dripping water everywhere. Take those wet clothes off and come get this rag to wipe up the floor.” One of the men instructed.

Laney slowly unbuttoned her blouse and dropped her skirt to the floor. “All of it” the man bellowed. She slipped off her tank top and panties into the pile of wet clothing. Within seconds a younger man had scooped up her clothing, dropping them into a trashcan. She was completely naked and exposed with a dozen men looking at her body.

She began to stop towards the bar to retrieve the rag when the same man bellowed again, “crawl”. Shocked, Laney slowly dropped to her hands and knees. Crawling slowly across the dirty, sticky bar floor she saw the rag drop in front of her.

Laney had no sooner picked up the rag to wipe up the water behind her when she felt the rough tread of a workboot on her back. “I changed my mind, you dont need that rag. You have a mouth.”

Unsure what was happening, she felt the rag taken from her and had her hair pulled back Pendik Escort sharply. She was surrounded by 4 men all stroking themselves above her face. With his boot still on her back, the man locked eyes with her and instructed her to open her mouth.

His bellowing voice made her weak. She opened her mouth and he spit directly into it. “Leave it open”.

Laney was full of anticipation and began to feel her wetness running down her legs. The men stroking themselves began to tell her all the plans they had for her that evening. She nodded in agreement and anticipation, mouth wide open awaiting their loads.

As they detailed their plans, one by one each began to cover her face with their cum. They laughed as Laney tried to catch each load in her mouth but failed. She had cum running down her chin and chest, covering her eyes and forehead. The feeling of warmth as they cum slide down her chin gave Laney a feeling of excitement. Without even realizing it, she looked up at the men and said “Thank you”.

They laughed as their eyes lit up realizing they had found the perfect little cum dumpster for their private dive bar. One of the men pointed out that there was cum dripping from her chin onto the floor. “What a wasteful little cunt.”

Laney instinctively thrust her face into the nasty bar floor. As the men yelled at her “Clean it up”. She licked every last drop from the floor and sat up proud of herself.

“You like cleaning with your tongue don’t you?”, “your good at following orders”, “good girl” and “what a pretty cum slut” the men praised her petting her head and breasts. She beamed with pride knelt on the dirty bar floor.