Dancing with Mr. Miller


Naked in the bathroom, Becca rubbed a small towel over her hair. The door behind her was open all the way. After the warmth of her shower, the air in the apartment gave her minor goosebumps. A shiver passed over her, light enough to be pleasant. She sighed at the relief of being clean and relaxed, hanging up the small towel and reaching for a large black one to wrap around her torso. Tucked under her arms, it just barely covered her rear. It would serve its purpose decently until she felt like getting dressed.

Becca stepped out into the apartment’s main space. A dark morning, with the thick clouds visible from the window. She went to the kitchen, putting some water to boil for coffee. As the appliance heated up, she wandered out into the living room. She turned on the sound system, queuing up an album to play while she waited.

The smooth but syncopated music began… “A String of Pearls” The piece was too seductive for Becca to stay still while she listened. She let the percussion guide her shoulders and before long the rise and fall of the melody had settled into her hips. Staring absently out the window, she swayed with the music, her left hand keeping her towel secure around her.

Smiling at her own coy display, she let an increasingly sensual nature slip into her dancing. She twisted her body gently, rolling her hips and letting her rear rock and wiggle beneath her towel. Becca pressed her thighs together more, her free hand roaming across her stomach and then sliding up her leg. She let the towel be tugged a little upwards with her motions, briefly exposing more of her shifting ass.

Becca toyed with the idea that she was being watched. She leaned forward a little as she writhed in place. She put her right hand just beneath where the towel hid her mound. Splaying her fingers on her bare thighs, she dragged her hand up her body. The gentle tugging against the towel was not enough to expose her… but only by the barest amount.

Her touch travelled up her stomach while she felt out the rhythm. She let the music live in her hips and in a playful tilting in her shoulders which caused her chest to rock within the confines of the towel. Becca slid her palm up under her tits, lifting and feeling across them both from left to right.

She giggled at her own reflection, bringing her hand up to her face. Swaying while she continued to squeeze her thighs, Becca played with her mouth. She let her little finger slide and tug over her lower lip. The sensual dancing was giving her more erotic urges, even as the one putting on the performance. Becca grinned at the thought, giving her finger a small lick.

She closed her eyes as the next track came on… “Begin the Beguine” Swaying with the luxurious notes of the clarinet introduction, she breathed deep and let her mind go blank. When a pair of hands began feeling their way around her waist, she only gave a minor flinch.

Lex stepped in close behind Becca, moving in time with his partner. She felt him kiss her hair, guiding his hips up close to her back. She could tell from the pressure behind her that she was already eliciting a reaction in him. She opened her eyes to watch his reflection in the window. He wore only the boxers he had worn to bed.

“What are you doing, you minx?” He whispered by her ear. Becca grinned.

“Just having a little dance, don’t you approve?” She murmured to Lex, letting a little extra wiggling push her against his cock. Lex drew a sharp breath before releasing it in a laugh.

“I didn’t know you had such a weakness for Glenn,” he remarked. He held her gently, matching the sway of her body.

“Come on, Lex, you know what I like,” Becca said, shifting her body seductively under her towel.

“Always dishing it out, aren’t you?” He said in a teasing tone. “But can you take it?” Becca raised a brow at her partner’s reflection.

“What did you have in mind?” she asked, smirking. Lex mirrored the expression.

“Keep dancing,” he instructed.

Becca nodded, continuing with the sways and twists of her dance. As “Tuxedo Junction” started up with its slinky, sly notes, Lex began feeling his way over his partner’s body. He pressed his palms Tekirdağ Escort to the sides of her naked thighs, moving up over the towel to her hips. His touch was a delicate fondle over her stomach as he placed a single kiss on the top of her shoulder.

“You have a motive here?” she inquired. Keeping her firm clutch on her towel, Becca briefly reached up with her other hand to caress the side of Lex’s face. She wasn’t quite certain what the game was. Not yet. Still, she enjoyed the intimate contact.

“Mhm, a test of your focus,” Lex replied. He massaged to her sides, moving his palms up and down as though memorizing her shape. Lex brought his hands up over Becca’s tits, squeezing them enough to make her sigh and bite her lip. He watched her expression in the window along with the rest of the tantalizing show.

“Ooh, I see,” she sighed provocatively, jutting her ass against his cock again. He chuckled and gave her an extra squeeze.

“Alright…” he whispered in her ear, sensing the challenge to his game.

His touch roamed around to her back, moving down until he was groping her squirming ass with both hands. With his ring and pinky fingers he pushed at the divot between her cheeks, pressing the towel inwards. Becca shivered. She hesitated in her dance and he diverted to a few playful pats to her rear.

“Keep dancing…” Lex admonished, tutting at her and chuckling.

“You jerk,” Becca said mirthfully. She continued to feel out the rhythm of the music while her partner continued to feel up her body.

Somehow the playful notion of winning had become quite important. The game was on: a tug of war to determine who would surrender to their needs first.

The balance of power tilted between the pair as their desires were stoked. Becca kept her dance sensual and tempting, smiling and humming as she went. It was almost enough to tip Lex out of his own intentions. It was a considerable effort, to resist throwing aside pretenses and not simply ravish his partner.

Lex’s touch was doing similar things to Becca. Her mind filled with ideas of turning around and kissing him… of reaching into his boxers and spurring him on. She loved to inspire his passion, to be wrapped in his energy when he gave in to pure lust.

“You’re too good at this,” Lex remarked, his lips at Becca’s ear. He squeezed and groped her tits through the towel, making her arch a little.

“Maybe I’m ready for level two…” Becca mused, smirking. She kept in rhythm despite the tingles his kneading motions were giving her.

“You think so?” Lex said doubtfully. He shrugged. “Well, you asked for it…”

He swept his hands quickly along her body, moving to the bottom edge of Becca’s towel. With his fingertips he teased up the inside of her thighs, sneaking under the black cloth. She gasped softly, her motions slowing as her concentration honed on her partner’s touch. With his fingers on either side of her slit he brushed in slow strokes against her mound.

“Mmh…” Becca made a small whimper, her hips rocking forward a little into this new tease.

Lex stroked against her delicate skin to the soft hair in the center, repeating this pattern without venturing to more sensitive areas or increasing the pressure. The combination of the contact and the effect it had on his partner was making Lex harder, flushing his own system with need. He was again tempted to drop the entire scenario in favour of taking her to the floor right then… But it gave him a giddy thrill to try and drive her wilder. He loved to push her past the boundaries she was used to. Even more importantly, he knew she loved it when he pushed.

“You’re so soft and sweet,” he murmured, kissing her cheek.

“You’re…” Lex’s teasing fingertips diverted Becca’s train of thought. “Damn it.”

Lex patiently petted Becca’s mons as she began to struggle to maintain her dance. The fluid swaying of her body had lost its consistent tempo. Most of her movements had devolved into squirming. The thrill of gaining more control gave Lex a moment of pause but he was able to regain his poise before Becca could notice.

“I could touch you like this all Tekirdağ Escort Bayan day,” he lied. He let the trail of his fingers waver a little under Becca’s towel. Just enough to suggest that he might do more.

Becca sighed in a mix of need and exasperation. She wanted him to keep wandering, for his fingers to find her clit, but admitting as much would be giving up the game. She closed her eyes to try and gather her composure.

Lex saw her grip loosening on the towel and seized the opportunity. He gave the bottom edge of the cloth a quick tug with both hands and it fell away.

“F-fuck!” Becca stuttered as she moved to catch it but missed in her surprise.

Bringing his hands back to her mound Lex pushed gently to guide Becca against him again. His boxers were the only obstacle to a complete skin-to-skin embrace. He grinned at Becca’s wide-eyed expression in the window.

“No more hiding,” he whispered in her ear, placing a lingering kiss on her neck. Becca’s shock slowly morphed into a giddiness at the idea of being exposed for Lex.

“I… hope no one’s got their binoculars out there,” Becca said, a new blush rising over her face.

“Shush,” Lex said, “aren’t you supposed to be dancing?”

“The music stopped,” she pointed out. He laughed softly and gave her neck a teasing lick.

“I’ll help you out,” he said, smirking.

Lex slipped his middle finger between Becca’s labia, tracing along her pussy towards her clit. He felt her already slick skin and nearly surrendered to a groan. His other hand went to her breast, massaging at her flesh. As his finger passed over her clit, he also began pinching and rolling her nipple.

“Mm, oh yeah,” Becca whimpered, wriggling from the stimulus. She shifted her hips and bit her lip.

The tone of her voice gave Lex a shiver of his own. He felt his cock twitch between them and he let out a ragged sigh. He began to swirl his finger over Becca’s clit, alternating light and medium pressure over her sensitive flesh. She responded with a long hum of pleasure, squirming under his touch as the arousal flared in her nerves.

“There you go,” Lex murmured. He watched his partner in the window, continuing to toy with her clit. It was amusing how much he could get Becca writhing with just one finger. He tugged her nipple a little more and rubbed his erection against her as she wiggled in a needy tempo.

He could have stopped then, the ache for her building in his senses was reaching a critical intensity. Becca had clearly lost the original goal of their game… but in savouring her abandon he was able to prolong his own self-control. Just a bit further… just a bit more.

For Becca, her perceptions were narrowing down to the single concept of pleasure. She couldn’t seem to care that she was losing control, that she was melting into this reversed seduction. How she appeared, the sounds she made, it had become a far away concern in the wake of her partner’s wonderful touches.

“At this rate you’re going to collapse, hon,” Lex observed.

“Ah…” she sighed heavily before she could manage a reply. “I am not,” she insisted.

“Hm, we’ll see about that,” he replied.

Determined to see his game continue in this new form, Lex increased his efforts. He brought his middle and ring fingers to either side of Becca’s clit, pinching and rubbing the swollen nub. As she let out another moan, he changed tactics… sliding his fingers past her clit and slipping them into her pussy. He sighed from the tingling thrill of touching the tight, soft, slickness of his partner.

He wrapped his free arm around her middle, unable to resist jutting his hips as he began moving his fingers in and out of her pussy. Lex fingered Becca at a leisurely pace, noticing a few trembles mixed in with her writhing.

She felt an added heat building in her core as he kept up the friction inside her. With the music gone, the only sounds were the lust from their voices and the wet clicks as his fingers fucked her. She panted every breath and she could hear the equally passionate sighs of her lover in her ear. Without a speck of composure left Becca writhed on Escort Tekirdağ Lex’s hand, her inner muscles squeezing on his fingers.

“God, Lex…” Becca whispered, feeling unsteady.

“Mm,” he hummed a satisfied tone as he curled his fingers inside her. He pushed his palm down against her clit and rocked his fingers in her pussy, pressing deep in small circles. The urgent need was coiling inside Becca. Her pleasure surged and subsided at an accelerating rate until it began to feel like more than she could bear.

“Oh… my god…mm,” Her whimper trailed off into a delirious hum as an orgasm rolled through her body. Becca bucked and trembled in Lex’s hold. He kept fingering her during the throes, making her swoon from the overload. All the strength went out of her legs and he tightened his arm around her, sinking gently until he brought them both down to the floor. Becca’s previously discarded towel bunched underneath them, a merciful buffer between bare skin and the cool surface.

Becca twisted around in Lex’s arms as he settled into a seated position. A little dizzy, she rested against him and gave a gasping laugh. A shiver swept through her and she clutched at her partner automatically. He smiled and kissed her forehead and her nose before gently meeting her lips. They kissed in a soft, lazy passion as the frenzy in Becca’s nerves waned to a glow.

“You lost,” he murmured when they parted again. She laughed and nuzzled into his neck.

“I did, but it was worth it,” she said. She paused a moment, enough for him to notice.

“What are you thinking?” Lex asked, his hands rubbing soothingly over her body.

“I’m thinking you deserve a prize for winning.” Becca’s breath tickled by his ear as she spoke.

She pulled away and let her hand slide over his chest, slipping quickly down to where his hard cock still arched beneath his boxers. Her touch was light but enough to rev up the ache in his system.

“Ahh,” Lex gave a low groan and shuddered. “I can’t argue with that,” he sighed and grinned.

Becca pushed at his shoulders, guiding him to lie back. As he settled she helped him slide his boxers off, biting a little at her lip while taking in the sight of his erection. She moved over her partner on all fours and leaned down to kiss him.

“I don’t think we need any more preamble…” she remarked. She leaned away, her tits swaying before him as she moved.

“No, we- fuck…” Lex felt the hot wetness of her pussy slide against the head of his cock and his words evaporated. He guided himself to meet her as she lowered her hips until his cock was halfway sheathed inside her. Both lovers moaned at once from the intoxicating contact.

Becca began to rock herself, back and forth on Lex’s cock. As she moved, he began to buck instinctively from below, so that he was sliding into her completely and halfway out in a heated rhythm. He watched her eyes close as she focused on the sensation. Wound up from the mutual tease, throbbing with need, Lex didn’t think he’d last much longer.

“Mm, don’t you dare wait,” she rasped. The passion in Becca’s voice made his cock twitch and she made a low hum of approval as she felt it.

Their motions had no reserve, no patience for drawing things out. Lex’s senses were overloading from the wonderful assault. Every thrust made her tits bounce and her voice give out a desperate moan. Every time he was buried his deepest her pussy gripped him tighter. She was so sexy and so completely his. There was no way for him to keep control. He grabbed at her hips to pull her down harder against him.

“Becca…” Lex gave a long groan of her name, his head tilting back as his orgasm spurted deep inside her. She writhed down on him as she felt his climax, the two of them trembling from the intensity. She stayed there as his pleasure peaked and flowed from his body. After a long moment of enjoying his shuddering and panting, Becca moved to lie on the floor with Lex. She smiled as he began to settle and find his breath again.

Drowsy from the release, he held his partner close and let the wave of satisfaction sweep through him. She pressed against him with a happy sigh and listened to his relaxed breathing. The sky visible from the window was beginning to brighten. Eventually they would need to rise from their cuddled mess, but for the moment they were both content to laze in the afterglow. The quiet lengthened between them, free of tension or the need to fill it.