Charlie’s Tuition Teacher Ch. 02


Next day, Charlie was restless in school. He was not able to concentrate in class as all he could think of was Jasmine Mitchell and her thick, long golden mane. He was not interested in anything else apart from Jasmine Mitchell, his new tuition teacher.

The bell rang at 5 PM sharp and Charlie got up at the same exact moment and started towards his home. It was as if his body was operating in auto mode. Involuntary reflexes that are set in motion by his body to take him home without any delay. It was purely animal instinct that is controlling him.

At home, he was waiting for 7:30 to come. He was sitting at his room with his army binoculars in hand, desperately spying Jasmine’s home. All he could see was Jasmine’s brother who seemed to have no other work other than carrying trash out to the garbage bin and to walk around with his dumbbells, ogling at the women passing by his home.

At 6 PM, Charlie saw the Jasmine’s brother arranging the bench press machine in the hall. The screen was open and a clear view was available to see what was happening inside. The high quality binocular actually did wonders as Charlie could see what was happening inside very clearly at maximum zoom. A black colour car suddenly arrived near Jasmine’s house and again the same tall lady with long, black hair came out of the car.

Charlie’s mouth dropped open as the lady’s long and thick braid was clearly visible in the daylight. It was a marvellous sight for his eyes and he followed the braid as the lady walked to the door and started ringing the bell. Her long braid went below her ass and almost near the end of her knees. Charlie has never seen such long hair, considering the fact that the matured looking lady was taller than Jasmine’s brother. Charlie said to himself that he is going to call Jasmine’s brother as Stifler.

Charlie saw the lady entering the house and his line of sight was gone for some time. He focussed the binoculars on the Hall and waited for them to come there. Finally he saw them entering the hall and the lady removed her jacket. She was wearing a tight sleeveless t-shirt and a trackpant. Charlie thought that Stifler must be her personal trainer. His dick also started getting excited by the events happening at Jasmine’s house.

The Ataşehir Escort Lady started doing warm up exercises as Stifler guided her. Throughout her stretching exercise routine, her long braid swung freely from the left side to the right. Charlie, without losing the view, gripped the screen with his hand imagining it to be the lady’s long braid.

Stifler was touching the lady’s body now and then throughout her stretching exercise and she seemed not to mind it. Then, Stifler demonstrated the lady how to do pushups properly. After observing him, she caught hold of her long braid and wrapped it around her neck two times and left it at her back. Still it reached almost near her buttocks. It was a sexy sight to watch with her long hair coiled around her neck. Charlie gave his cock a couple of squeezes.

The lady reached down into position and started doing the pushups while Stifler was staring at her ass in a lustful way. After 10 reps, she was unable to continue. But Stifler helped her do a couple of more reps by keeping his hands on her back and abdomen. She took a couple of minutes rest and then Stifler urged her to carry out the second set. It looked like he was motivating her to keep on working out without giving any break.

This time around he was touching her shoulders, back and ass more frequently to bring her into perfect form. It looked to Charlie as if he was the counting reps while motivating her, which gave a good enough reason for him to touch her. The lady was also concentrating on the pushups and so she did not seem to mind.

During her third set, she looked very tired and Stifler came around her and kept his palms on her thick, shiny hair and motivated her to do more reps. After the set was done, she looked worn out. But Stifler pushed her for one more set and was motivating her with serious expressions which made her start the fourth set. Now, Stifler got so aggressive that he caught hold of the woman’s braid at the back and was using it to make her push up. Charlie was so shocked to see this and he quickly got his shorts down, freeing his cock at once.

Stifler coiled the braid around his fist and made her do the remaining repetitions. He then released the hold and patted Acıbadem Escort her head while she was panting with sweat. He gave a thumbs up sign with a big smile indicating that she did okay. She looked kind of mad at his sudden change in behaviour. She stood up and Stifler helped her uncoil her braid around her neck surprising her more. He then corrected some of the loose strands on her head and when the lady objected, he started patting her back saying it is okay with a big smile.

After patting her back, he again took hold of her braid from her back and started commenting on it. It seemed as if he could not take his hands off her hair. Charlie’s heart was beating so fast and when he saw down, he realized that he has started masturbating almost unconsciously. When he looked back into his binoculars, he just glimpsed a view of Stifler carrying the lady around his arms with her braid around his neck, up the stairs and disappear.

“Shit!” Charlie cursed Jasmine’s buffed up brother.

The doorbell rang and Charlie looked up at the clock to see the time to be 7:30 pm sharp. He got up from the sofa, corrected his hair and went to open the door for his tuition teacher Jasmine. He opened the door to see Jasmine saying hello and walking inside. She was wearing her long blonde hair in a loose bun with looked like it would fall any second. Charlie followed her into the study room.

To Charlie’s surprise, she was not chit chatting with him like she did the previous day; but started with the subjects straight. She took the math book and started teaching him some of the numerical concepts and told him to work out some problems. Losing his hope, he started working on the problems at his desk.

Behind Charlie, Jasmine started to release her loose bun and searched for a comb from her handbag. Now and then Charlie took a sneak peek behind him to see her combing her long strands. Jasmine did not seem to notice Charlie’s stare or his lust in his eyes. She was 4 years elder than him and she saw him as her kid brother. In the middle she got Charlie’s landline number from him and gave it to someone while she was talking in her mobile. She instructed her friend to call after 15 minutes as her mobile’s battery had almost drained İstanbul Escort out.

After her call, Charlie reported that he had completed the problems and told her to check. So, she went to the big study table and checked on the problems. She found that he had made mistakes on every single one of them. She got angry and was helping him correct the mistakes when the phone on the study table rang.

The phone was towards the left side of Charlie and she had to reach to his other side to get it. She suddenly got excited by some news given by her friend and started asking for some details about it. She grabbed a pen to write down some stuff and had to reach Charlie’s other side again to get it. While getting the note, she accidently sat on Charlie’s lap unaware of his presence due to the excitement of the news delivered by her friend.

Charlie’s heart stopped as she sat on his lap with her long, blonde hair loose on her back facing him. All Charlie could see was her long and thick blonde hair and the irresistible fragrance that it was giving which froze him at the same position. He could feel the heat of her buttocks on his thighs which instantly made his cock erect, driving him mad. She was still scribbling something on the notepad as he took in the fragrance of her shiny, blonde hair.

After finishing writing on the notepad, she corrected herself and leaned a little back, comfortably placing her ass on Charlie’s cock and sandwiching his face with her Long hair, still unaware of him. She was constantly chatting and squeaking with excitement on the phone while Charlie dug his face on the beautiful, shiny stresses. He was completely in heaven enjoying every fraction of the second.

His erect cock throbbed on her buttocks and it is a mystery why she was still unaware of such a thing bulging on her buttocks. Not being able to control, Charlie pressed himself on her long hair and brought his arms over her abdomen and hugged her. Only then Jasmine realized what was happening and got up and apologised to Charlie for crushing him, not knowing the fact that she just did him a big favour by making his fantasy come true.

Charlie said its ok and corrected his glasses. Jasmine told him that she had to go somewhere urgently to attend an important event and left the house before Charlie could understand what was happening.

To be continued…


If you guys really want me to write more… This is the follow up to the first chapter which was written 2 years back in 2012.