Chapter VIII – Surprising Mandi (Part 1)


Suddenly waking from a sound sleep on Saturday morning, Dave’s words from yesterday’s phone call were ringing in my head….”Tomorrow you will have an opportunity to show off your amazing body and fuck someone you already know.  But that will be a surprise too.”I love surprises, particularly erotic ones that allow the exhibitionism and slutiness I was born with to be on display. Yesterday was the last day of my exciting and sex-filled four-day trip to Las Vegas on behalf of my employer, a rapidly growing and successful high-tech company in Silicon Valley.  Later this morning, I will be taken to the airport for my flight home. I knew I better get my tan, naked ass out of bed, finish packing, and pick out something borderline scandalous to wear when I meet Dave at the airport.  He has told me many times that he has no problem with my enjoying sex with others, but he doesn’t want to miss out when I wear something that shows off lots of my hot, young body.I want to be ready for whatever today brings.Choosing blue denim, ultra-low-rise jeans I hadn’t worn yet, I was pleased to see that it sat so low on my hips I was showing more than a hint of butt cleavage below my slender waist.  In the center of the front and back waistbands were matching scoops that emphasized my pubic mound and butt cleavage.  They were dangerously close to exposing the top of my bare pussy and succeeded in showing the top of my butt cleavage.  The sides of the jeans from my hips to my knees were essentially non-existent, with six wide, scalloped openings exposing most of my tan thighs.  A series of five looped rings held the front and back together.  The absence of tan lines, underwear, and a clean-shaven pubic area was an obvious necessity.My top was a thin, cotton, cut-off, long-sleeve, buttoned-front blouse with long narrow tails of material in front that could be tied just under my full, firm, and tan 36D breasts.  I was planning to keep the shirt tails tied and all but the top two buttons fastened during my travel but unbuttoning them all when I was inside the terminal in San Jose. A pair of five-inch-high slip-on platform heels, a dangly belly ring, and matching earrings completed the ensemble.  I took a long jacket to wear on the plane as I knew I would be too cold without it.  The absence of underwear would be evident to anyone who took even a brief look at me.  A quick glance in the storefront windows as I walked toward the hotel’s exit confirmed that I had the look I was after and would make Dave instantly hard.The Southwest Airlines flight back to Silicon Valley was smooth and trouble-free.  As soon as I was inside the terminal, I headed to the nearest restroom.  I took care of business, touched up my hair and what little makeup I had on, and the inborn bursa escort exhibitionist and slut in me came alive. I untied and unbuttoned the blouse, exposing my breasts, then retied the tails loosely enough that my tits were only about half covered.  The result was an enticing view of the inner swell of my tan breasts coupled with a wide swath of bare, tan, and toned abdomen emphasizing my narrow waist and flat stomach.  I could see that my nipples were in danger of being exposed should I move my body too aggressively but decided to chance that for Dave’s benefit.Tucking the jacket into my carry-on suitcase, I headed for Baggage Claim, where Dave said he would meet me. Walking along briskly pulling my carry-on suitcase, my nipples felt like they might tear through the thin material of my top.  A quick glance confirmed my tits were undeniably visible.  While the jeans felt secure on my hips, a casual observer might wonder if they were about to fall off.I was pleased to see several people glancing at me as they headed to their departure gates.  I always tried to make eye contact with them with a smile.  I was typically rewarded with a smile in return, together with a look of either approval or lust.  A few unaccompanied guys briefly turned and followed me.Eventually reaching the escalator, I started down the three-story trip.  Looking anxiously at the crowd below, it didn’t take long to spot Dave and his broadly grinning face.  I had a hunch that our greeting would not meet many family-friendly standards. Finally reaching each other, I immediately threw my arms around Dave’s neck, exchanging an enthusiastic, tongue-dueling kiss.  I was delighted when I felt one of Dave’s hands sliding down my mostly bare back and discovering that he had access to my butt cheeks and anal cleft.  Wasting no time, he slid a hand inside my jeans and explored my butt crack. I was enjoying our fervent embrace, and his cock felt like a steel rod as it pressed against my partially exposed pubic mound.  Our motion had caused my top to move around and expose one of my nipples.  I was thrilled and made no attempt to conceal anything.Taking both of my hands in his, Dave took a step back, extended our arms, and looked at me both lustfully and lovingly.  He grinned and said, “My God.  It’s only been four days since I last saw you.  But you look even more beautiful and sexy than I remember.  I have ‘a chariot’ waiting for us.  Let’s retrieve your bag and get the heck out of here as quickly as possible so we can get reacquainted.”“I couldn’t agree more.  But I’d better cover my nipples before I’m busted.”“Oh, please.  Allow me.” Briefly brushing the back of his hand over my exposed and aroused nipple, he rearranged the blouse just far enough that the nipple was no bursa escort bayan longer exposed. “There.  That should be enough to get us to our ride.  Once there, you can strip naked if you want.”“Only if you do the same.  Then I’ll climb on top of you, impale my ultra-wet and horny pussy on the impressive erection I’m feeling, and we’ll fuck our brains out while we are driven to wherever your surprise is taking us.“And speaking of the chariot, who is our driver, and will he or she be okay with us getting naked and fucking?”Laughing, Dave said, “That’s all part of the surprise.  You’ll just have to wait until the car pulls up.  But I’m confident you won’t be disappointed.”I quickly spotted my checked bag and grabbed it off the carousel while Dave texted our driver that we had my bags and were ready to roll.Walking out into the warm air and bright fall sunshine, my libido was now at full throttle and heading for the stratosphere.  I couldn’t wait for the mystery car and driver to appear.  The suspense of what was ahead for the rest of the day was almost unbearable. “Here it comes,” said Dave, standing next to me and pointing toward a late model SUV that looked slightly familiar.As it drew closer, I focused on seeing if I could recognize anyone in the car, but the glare off the windshield prevented that.  It finally pulled to a stop in front of us, and who should jump out of the passenger door, screeching gleefully and waiving her arms, but Leeanne, my soul-sister and one of my special female fuck-buddies. She was even more scantily clad than me.  Yellow, low-rise booty shorts, a thin, cut-off t-shirt ending just below her nipples and exposing the lower swell of her firm, tan C-cup breasts, and sandals with at least a three-inch heel emphasized her tan, nubile body. It had been several months since we had seen each other.  We were both jumping around like a couple of giddy high school girls.  Raising her arms as we embraced caused the t-shirt to lift up enough that both nipples were exposed.Leeanne looked so sexy that I couldn’t resist the temptation presented to me.  Using one hand, I reached around her waist and pulled her to me.  Then, running my other hand under her top, I squeezed her tits and gently pinched and twisted her nipples. Moaning loud enough to be heard over all the traffic noise, Leeanne got even by pulling my blouse open, exposing both of my breasts, and squeezing one in her hand. Catching my breath, I said, “Your touch is glorious, and you look and feel good enough to eat right now.”  Then I kissed her with an urgency and lots of tongue that could not be mistaken for anything other than genuine passion.I smiled shamelessly at Leeanne and said, “I’d love for the two of us to curl up naked in the back seat and drive escort bursa each other crazy.  But I’ve been away for four days and really miss Dave.  I’m so horny I need to fuck him right now.  Do you mind if Dave and I get naked and fuck in the back seat while we are being driven to the mystery destination?  Once we are there, you and I can pick up where we just left off.Before Leeanne could respond, her hunky husband, Devin, came walking around from the back of the car.  Seeing Leeanne and me in this naughty embrace, he wrapped his hands around my bare waistline from behind.  Then pulling me against his enflamed crotch, he planted a wet, sexy kiss on my neck.But he wasn’t stopping there.  Noticing my totally open blouse with Leeanne’s hands caressing one of my tits, he cupped the other one matching what Leeanne was doing to my other boob.It was my turn to moan, and when I didn’t object to what he was doing, I felt his other hand sliding down my midriff, searching for the top on my jeans.  When his hand finally encountered the top of my jeans, and realizing how close it was to my pussy, I sensed him suck in his breath. The combination of his kisses, his touches, and the realization that his fingers were less than an inch from my clit, caused a bolt of lightning to run straight down from my neck to my now flowing pussy.  I whispered in his ear, “You’re almost there.  Keep going.”With Dave standing close beside me, the four of us were rather well protected from passers-by catching a glimpse of our shenanigans.All these sexy embraces and partial nudity had my horniness hopelessly out of control.  Yet, here I am standing and being fondled in one of the most public places in San Jose, California, with three of the sexiest people on the planet, all of whom want to fuck me, and with me in complete agreement with those carnal desires.  But since there is no place convenient to pursue those urges, I grudgingly knew it couldn’t go any further here.I suddenly burst out laughing.  Laughter can be contagious, and Leeanne proved that by beginning to giggle too, and then Dave joined in. Still pressing his hard-on firmly against my butt, Devin said, “What’s so damn funny?”“Picture what the four of us are doing in a busy public place with nowhere to go to consummate our urges, not to mention the possibility of being arrested.  If you think about it literally, it really is either incredibly stupid or hilarious.  Take your pick.”Dave added, “With two pairs of young firm tits being exposed and played with, and the front of Mandi’s pants being cut so low that a person could easily slip their hand inside and touch what is undoubtedly a wet and more-than-willing pussy, I see Mandi’s point.  I think we’d better wait until we get to our destination rather than risking being arrested here.”Turning to Dave with my tits still uncovered, I gave him a passionate, tongue-filled kiss, then turned to Leeanne and said, “Can Dave and I please get in back, get naked, and fuck?”