Caught in the Shower Ch. 02

Gif Sex

I would recommend reading the first installment of this story, Caught in the Shower. All characters are 18 and older. The next Chapter is coming soon!


It’s been about two weeks now, since I happened across my dad taking his shower and masturbating. Despite racking my brains, I still haven’t figured out how to go about seducing him. I came to the conclusion last night, that it was time to turn up the heat!

This morning, my dad had asked me if I would act as his secretary again for an important dinner meeting with some clients from Denver. I had done this a few times over the past year, as his secretary’s husband flipped out about his wife going out with her boss. Some people were just so ignorant!

In the past I had made him pay big time for my services, usually making him give me some treat, or privilege I had been previously denied. My sex hungry mind was working overtime at the thought of what I might get out of this gig, and when he handed me his credit card and told me to go get something appropriate for a black tie affair, I was in heaven! I was going to dress to seduce him, and he was going to pay for it! Life couldn’t get much better. I took hold of his credit card, and headed towards the door to go to school. “Jen?”

I turned around, “Yes, Daddy?”

“Don’t forget the accessories. Subtle, but sexy. Nothing vulgar.” he turned back to his pot roast and crock pot, and I rushed over to give him a hug from behind.

“I won’t, Dad.” I pressed my breasts into his back, and heard his gasp. Smiling, I kissed his back and whispered, ” I love you’, and bolted out the door.

Joe turned from prepping dinner, and wiped the counter dry. His mind was racing at his reaction to her hug. When had her tits gotten so big? They had felt firm and ripe against his back, her nipples hard and tickling his skin through the thin layers of their shirts.

He wiped his hands on the dish towel, and surveyed the kitchen. It was clean and tidy, so he went to his office to check his email for the flight confirmations of his Denver guests. For some reason, the computer wouldn’t boot up, and he tried twice more with the same result. Frustrated, he cursed himself for forgetting his laptop at the office. He’d just use Jen’s then, and he got up and headed to her room.

Opening the door, he scanned the room, and sighed. She might be of adult age now, but her room still looked like a little girl lived in it. Perhaps it was time to redecorate from ballerina wallpaper, he thought with a chuckle.

Spying her laptop on the end table next to the bed, he sat down and flipped it open. He logged onto to his email, and searched through them for the one he wanted, and checking to make sure her printer was plugged in to the laptop, he hit print.

Then he opened one from his cousin in Dallas. It was a video, and he hesitated before downloading it. He went ahead with the download, intending to delete it once finished viewing it. His cousin was always sending him sexy women, or crazy accident videos.

This one was of a couple of motor cross riders, zipping around on their bikes, an obvious obstacle course. One went to jump a ramp, the other close on his rear tire. Predictably, they tangled up mid-air, and came crashing down. Surprisingly, neither lost their seat, nor control of their heavy bikes, finishing neck and neck.

He hit delete, and was about to close out of the media player, when the title of a video caught his eye. It said “Daddy”. Curious, I clicked play, and what I saw shocked the living hell out of me! There I was, in the shower, jerking my cock! How the hell did she get this? When?? I was tempted to delete it, but I didn’t want her to think that I was invading her privacy, but hell, hadn’t she invaded mine? I clicked stop, and looked to see if she had more of me, but that was the only one.

Then I saw one titled “Me”. I clicked on it, and it was her, playing with her tits. I gasped as I watched my daughter caressing her breasts. I could hear water in the background, and I could only guess that she was watching the video she’d done of me in the shower.

Mesmerized, I unblinkingly watched her fingers flick her nipples, then roll them around in her fingers. Her long fingers pulled her nipples, then let them go, causing her breasts to wiggle furiously. Despite myself, I felt my cock twitch, and begin to come to life. Slowly, I began rubbing myself through my sweats. I groaned as I watched her lift her hefty boob, and lick her own nipple. Her sweet pink tongue flicked it relentlessly, then her cherry lips closed around it, and began sucking. She stood then, and removed her panties. I was about to masturbate to my daughter masturbating while watching me masturbate. The only thing more ridiculous, would be if she somehow caught me doing this on film, I thought ironically.

Jen adjusted the camera angle, and lay back down on the bed. Her head was propped up on a pillow, and Isparta Escort her fingers began to slowly trace along her inner thighs. I suddenly wished they were my fingers working their way towards that sweet bald pussy. Bald! My daughter shaves her muff?

Her moan brought my attention back quickly. Her fingers found, and penetrated her pussy. “Oh, Daddy, lick me!” she moaned. That confirmed everything right there. My little girl was fucking herself while thinking of me! My cock jumped in my sweats, and demanded to be let loose. I lowered them, as I watched her fingers explore her tight pink clit. Two fingers flew in and out of her small hole, faster and faster. “Fuck me, Daddy, make me cum!”

Precum was oozing from the slit of my cock, and I rubbed it across the head before taking my cock in hand and stroking. Oh yeah, baby, I thought, I’d love to fuck that sweet pussy! Her ass lifted off the duvet, and by the way her legs were trembling, I knew she was close. I sped up my stroking, and felt my balls tighten in response. Her wailing sent shivers up my spine, and I knew that my orgasm was very close. I lay back on the bed, and lifted my t-shirt. I became aware of an odor, and turned my head. The panties she had taken off, were half stuffed under her pillow!

I grabbed those panties and brought them to my nose. The scent was fresh, and I buried my face in them. That is when I noticed that not only was this video recent, it was this morning!! The panties were still damp! I put the crotch of them in my mouth, and sucked on them. God she tasted so good! I heard screaming, and turned back to the video. She was thrashing on the bed, exactly where I lay, her hips bucking up and down, like she was fucking someone. Me. Then she let out a wail to wake the dead. “Daddy!” She cried out in a long, breathless wail. I watched her convulse, and that, along with the panties in my mouth were my undoing. My cum seemed to shoot straight out of my ass, flow through my balls, then up my thick shaft. I took the panties from my mouth, and placed them at the head of my cock. In seconds, I was filling them with my sperm, still moaning in ecstasy. I wiped the last droplets from the head of my throbbing cock, and slid the panties back under her pillow. Let her find her evidence, I thought. I quickly emailed that video to my private account, and shutdown the laptop.

The rest of the day, I was almost worthless thinking about the videos, her panties, and the erotic fantasy of having sex with her. I also thought back on the past couple of weeks, and her behavior. She had outrageously flaunted her sexy body in front of me, countless times. Little did she know just how successful she’d been in capturing my attention, however, I thought it was accidental. I began a little plotting of my own, to see how far my daughter was willing to go with dear old dad.

On my way to work, I stopped off at a jewelry store, and bought a little diamond encrusted necklace for her to wear to our dinner engagement, and then stopped by the florists. I purchased a dozen long stemmed red roses, and had them slide the thin black necklace box in with the flowers, to be delivered to our home at five pm, when she would be back from shopping.

Twice during the day, I thought about that video, and God help me, I pulled up the email, and relieved myself right there in my office. My cock was so hard, I just couldn’t leave it be! My secretary almost busted me, when she tapped lightly on the door and entered, I quickly scooted my chair in closer under the desk, and slapped the laptop shut. I blindly signed whatever document she had, not even glancing at what it was I was signing! I had it bad, and couldn’t wait for her to get out, so I could finish jacking off.

That night, when I got home, I was ambushed at the door by a small tornado. She flew into my arms, wrapping her arms around my neck, her legs around my waist.

“Daddy, its GORGEOUS!!” she rained my cheeks with kisses, her fingers curled into fists in my hair. I laughed, and reached up to support her weight, unthinkingly grabbing her behind to do so. What I felt should have shocked me, instead, it just caused my cock to pop up once again. Her bare ass filled my hands, and my fingers were in her crack, grazing the part of her I most desired at this particular moment. She was wearing an old nightshirt of mine, and nothing else!

I was half amazed at myself. It had been many years now, since I’d had four erections in one day. I didn’t know if I could keep up with this dynamo!

“I’m glad you approve, princess. I thought you deserved something grown up for doing me this favor.” I intended to give her a peck on the cheek, but she turned her head towards me, and our lips met. Her arms tightened around my neck, pulling my face closer. “Jen..” I mumbled against her lips, and realized my error. Her little tongue snaked into my mouth, and began dueling with mine. I groaned in ecstasy, my fingers tightening Isparta Escort Bayan on her pert bottom. This had the effect of spreading her ass cheeks wide apart, and my glance happened upon the mirror behind us.

My cock leapt in my pants. I could see her little asshole winking at me! I shifted her weight in my hands, and just that little movement bared her naked pussy to my view. “Baby, stop. This isn’t right.” Reluctantly, I let her slide down my body. I almost ejaculated in my pants when her pussy made contact with my cock through my trousers. When our bodies separated, I noticed the wet trail her juicy pussy had left down my shirt, and the huge wet spot as well. God but she was hot for me! How could this be wrong?

The buzzer began its insistent ringing, signaling dinner was ready. “We’ll talk about this later, young lady. Go wash up for supper.” I beat a hasty retreat, trying in vain to hide my arousal.

Dinner was a silent affair, and I thought about what I would say, when I confronted my daughter about this behavior. I wanted it, but I wanted it to be done right, and at the right time. But when I went up to her room, to tell her, she was sound asleep. Sighing, I stepped into the room, to turn off her light.

I looked down at my little girl, all grown up now. The nightshirt was twisted across her body, tightly molded against her large breasts. She must be a D cup by now, if not, then at least a very full C cup! Her nipples were extended, and hardened even in repose. She rolled over a bit, and the blanket fell from her waist, exposing her bald pussy. I gasped at the sight of those tender pink lips, and the little bubble of wetness pooled at the top of her slit. God how I wanted to taste that! I wanted to see more, and gently pushed her knee, which was bent and propped up, outward.

Her knee fell easily, such as one will when the owner is asleep. No resistance. This left her legs splayed wide open, and I watched in fascination as her plump pussy lips began to open, much like one of the tender rose buds I had sent to her earlier. Slowly, the petals opened, and I leaned forward to smell my little flowers fragrance. She smelled so sweet. The body wash she used was honeysuckle something. Erotic in itself, for there was nothing I would rather do right this moment, than suckle the honey from my sleeping daughters pussy!

I leaned over to turn out the light, intending to leave. Then I noticed my bottle of sleeping pills on her nightstand. I panicked for a moment, thinking she had taken them all, but the bottle was still mostly full. Had she taken one tonight? I thought back, and knew the bottle had been in my medicine cabinet the night before, so she must have. My deviant mind then realized, she was out for the night, and not much would wake her up!

My cock made up my mind then and there, that he was in charge from this moment on. I turned the light down a notch, but not to total darkness. I still wanted to be able to see her body, and any reaction she might have. Then I settled myself on the bed, my face between her legs.

I inhaled her scent for quite a while. I could not get enough of that smell. Then I realized I forgot to shuck my pants, and got up to do so. My hard member sprang out in relief. I gently sat back down on the edge of the bed. With my left hand, I gently stroked the exposed inner thigh of my little girl. She moaned in her sleep, and hiked her thigh up higher, widening her legs even further. I noticed that her inner thigh was pink and her face slightly flushed. Just that one touch had affected her this much!

Slowly, I reached up, and began unbuttoning the nightshirt she wore. Soon, I could see the creamy expanse of skin that was her chest and stomach. Gently, I parted the shirt open, and gloried in the view of Jen’s breasts. They were creamy white, with rose tipped buds, fully extended. My mouth watered at the sight. I flicked a nipple with my thumb, causing them to harden even more. Then did the same to the other breast. Little goose bumps dotted her breasts and down her stomach, then magically disappeared. I repeated the process, and almost chuckled as it happened again. God she was so responsive! I half wished she was awake, so that I could enjoy her full responses. Sighing, I knew that tonight this could not be. Perhaps another time? I leaned forward, and licked each nipple, suckling it lightly and loving the feel of them in my mouth. A small moan escaped her, and I quickly looked up at her face. She was still sound asleep.

Emboldened, I traveled lower. Kissing, licking and dipping my tongue into her belly button as I passed it. I watched the rise and fall of her chest as I made my way lower. As I did so, I saw her camera on the nightstand. Devilishly, I thought to leave her a moment-o of our time together. Let her masturbate to this, I thought mischievously. I reached over and turned the camera on, making sure that it had the entire frame set properly. Then I Escort Isparta continued my journey of her body. Finally, I was faced up against her pussy again. I inhaled deeply once more.

With my tongue, I teased her outer lips until her hips began to subconsciously gyrate in my face. It was erotic watching her body respond when she had no conscious thoughts to do so. I let my hot breath make love to her pussy for a full minute before snaking my tongue out to taste her for the first time. I closed my eyes in ecstasy as her flavor coated my tongue. Supreme! I had never tasted a pussy so sweet in my life. Not even her mother’s!

I took my time, licking in circles, using the flat of my tongue and sliding it up from her sweet hole to the tip of her engorged clit. Sucking that hard nub into my mouth, and bathing it with my tongue as I sucked it in deeper. My hands caressed her inner thighs as my mouth worshipped what was between her legs. I was a man possessed, by the power of her young pussy. I dipped my tongue into her hole, fucking her with it, over and over. Her breathing became ragged, and her hips bucked up into my face of their own accord.

I glanced at her face, time and time again, to be sure she was still asleep. Once assured, I continued my onslaught with my tongue. All at once, her body stiffened, and she magically filled my mouth with thick, white, creamy cum. I’d not had cum of this consistency in decades, and I hungrily lapped it up, diving in for more. Her thighs began to close, and I held them apart.

Quickly, I situated myself between her thighs, my legs under hers. I sat there, my cock straining eagerly for her sweet puss. Not this night tiger, I thought humorously to myself. I took my rigid member in hand, and began to stroke it firmly. More white creamy cum escaped from her oozing pussy, and I rubbed the head of my cock at the entrance to her pussy, scooping it up. It felt so soft, so slick, that I continued to rub the head along her slit, spreading her cum along her outer lips. I knew I was going to cum soon, but couldn’t tear my cock from her pussy. I loathed to break that connection at all. I drug the head from her clit down to her hole, and daringly dipped it inside. Her pussy grabbed at it, and held it tight. I could pull it out, if I only tugged on it, but I couldn’t. I sat there, stroking the shaft, while her pussy milked the tender head of my cock. I stopped stroking when I felt my cum rising, and when the feeling passed, I continued. I wanted to prolong this pleasure as much as possible.

Slowly, I ran my fingers up the base of my cock, to where our bodies co-joined. Then I popped the head out, ran it up her slit twice, and popped it back in. More of my shaft disappeared inside her this time. I gasped at the tightness of her womanhood. Daringly, I pushed my cock in deeper. It was heaven. That is the only way to describe what I felt at that moment. I pulled my cock almost all the way out, and slid him back in just a little more, feeling her barrier. My baby was still a virgin! I damned near came right then and there, and had to stop touching myself once again. No way was I going to let this experience end so soon.

When my orgasmic high subsided, unabated, I once again began slowly moving in and out of her pussy. I was only in her about three inches or so, but that was enough for the time being. The silky hotness of her channel milked my cock mercilessly. Her hips were bucking against me a little faster now, and I feared that all this movement would waken her. I reached out my hand, and began to stroke her clit once more with my thumb, while stroking my cock with my other hand, the head still buried within her. This had the effect both she and my cock were frantically searching for. Release.

It hit me like a ton of bricks, when her pussy clamped down on my cock, violent spasms upon my rod, milking it harder. Her wetness washed over me, and before I knew it, my seed was shooting into her hot pussy. I yelled out, “Nooo!” But it was too late! I had dumped my load in my baby’s pussy. Her virgin pussy. Oh, shit! What if I got her pregnant? All these thoughts rushed through my head, before I was even finished spewing my spunk inside of her. Guiltily, I cleaned her up, and covered her once more, then turned out the light. I gathered up my clothes and snuck out of her room. I was now thoroughly ashamed of my actions. How on earth was I going to look her in the face after this?

The next morning, after having molested my daughter in her sleep, I was up and out of the house early. Very early. I drove to a truck stop about 30 miles away, and had a solitary breakfast. I thought long and hard about what I had done to Jen. What she obviously wanted me to do to her, and what I would still like to do with her. Our lust was mutual, and now, we were both adults. Admittedly, I was older, and knew better.. But I had to give Jen credit. She was a smart young lady, and if she were tempted to sleep with men her own age, I would, as a father, wish her the insight to choose a man worthy of her.

I swallowed the mouthful of coffee I was holding in my mouth, and asked myself, “Am I not worthy of my own daughter?” The vicious circles my mind went through that morning, tore at both my heart and my head.