Casting Call Ch. 02


Alison and I made it back to the dressing room to find that it was empty. All the other girls had changed and were gone. It was the end of the work day, and it was likely that most of them had night jobs. Alison’s clothes were sitting on a pile in front of a locker where she had left them.

“Thank you very much for your audition,” I said quite honestly. “We’ll call you to let you know.”

She didn’t respond but sat down on the bench and held her head in her hands. I waited for a response but soon noticed that her body was shaking despite the robes and towels. “I’m no good,” she cried, breaking into sobs. “I don’t know what I am doing. I should have never left home. Dad was right. I was just a stupid little girl.”

“No, no,” I said, sitting down next to her and putting my arm around her, getting my dress shirt wet from her hair, but not caring. “You were good. In fact, you were the best I’d seen.”

“You’re just saying that because I’m crying. What about the guys in the ceiling?”

“What guys in the . . .” but then I remembered that I had forgotten to have the two imaginary guys crash in through the ceiling. For my first play at a casting director, I hadn’t done a very good job.

“You were just humoring me. You had to talk me through everything. I bet you didn’t have to do that with the other girls.” She cried a bit longer and then her head came up. “You don’t even have my phone number. How would you have called me to tell me anything?”

She quickly spun around so that she was kneeling in front of me, the robe falling off her shoulders. “I need this part. I am broke. I owe my roommate two months of rent and she is going to kick me out. I will do anything for this part.” She put her hands on my chest as she pleaded and they were slowly sliding down as her pleas became more desperate. “What else can I do? I’ve never gotten a part before. I need this to wor-” The words hung in her throat as her hands slid far enough to come to rest on my erection.

I had been hard since the moment she had stepped in the shower, what seemed like an hour ago now. She seemed confused at first, but then the light went on in her eyes like it had back in the lobby when she had stood and decided to go through with the audition.

“I’ll suck your dick.”

I was too stunned to respond at first. Of course it was what I wanted. I had wanted every woman I had seen today (save Bev) to jump my bone, but I knew it would never happen, and somehow even now with this beautiful wet woman dressed in a towel and loose tied bikini begging to get me off, I still felt like it wasn’t real.

“That is what I am supposed to do. That is how I get ahead, right? Get ahead . . .” she chuckled at her own joke, and the sobs were gone. So were her inhibitions. My belt was quickly opened, my button undone, and my zipper pulled.

“I, uh, I mean, but, I . . .” I had a choice then. I could stand and let her pull my pants off, or I could say no. Boy, that was an easy decision. I stood, she pulled down my pants, and my cock sprung free and hit her in the face. She giggled some more as she backed up a bit to examine me.

“Very impressive, Mr. Joe,” she said with a grin on her face. Her eyes locked with mine as her grin slowly widened and her mouth open. Never letting her eyes leave mine, she brought her beautiful face forward and nearly swallowed my cock.

I don’t know where I got the strength to hold on so many times, because I nearly blew the back of her head off right there with the world’s largest cum shot. I think it was her eyes that held me in check. They brought me into her world momentarily. A poor farm girl from a small Midwest town trying to make good in the big city is reduced to blowing a guy she thinks had the authority to give her her first big break. She had held on for this long and had been reduced to this, I would give her the respect of letting her at least perform.

She had clearly done this before, and after the initial plunge she began to play, licking my balls, and tonguing the tip of my dick to clean off the pre cum that was pulsing out with my heart beat that might as well be a bass line for a rock song. She knew how to keep me on edge, knowing how close I was to losing it.

She wrapped her lovely lips around my cock dragged them slowly down the length and then back up, pausing at my head as if she were struggling to pull past the engorged tip and then “Pop”ing her lips over it. She sat back and smiled at the fluids I involuntarily released. She slowly licked them off, one again keeping eye contact with me to help ground me, and then did it again and again and again.

I could feel the freight train of an orgasm building up in the back of my head like some sadistic migraine getting ready to explode down my spine, across the width of my body, and into her face. Just the idea of the orgasm was enough to set it off.

Alison felt the tension build to the point of no return and then suddenly backed off. She let Isparta Escort the precum drip onto the robe at her feet as she slowly pulled away from me, her eyes never leaving mine, still.

Curiosity of what she was up to now, took the steam out of my freight train for a moment, and my cock slowly let the pressure die down. She gave me that mischievous look that webcam girls have perfected so well, as if I was doing something I shouldn’t. She had now sauntered backwards out of arm’s reach and the distance was enough to break the lock of her gaze. I noticed her right hand then, as it slowly lifted the towel that hung just above her knee.

The strings of the bow tied on her left hip came into view first, lying calmly on her electric skin. The edge of the towel came high enough finally to reveal the whole bow and her free hand tugged playfully on one of the loose strings. She shook her head though, and rotated the raised portion of the towel around the front, pausing to show off her aroused clit pushing proudly through the wet material of the bikini. She even pulled up on the fabric to wedge the material even deeper into her spread lips showing off the outside of what looked like a clean shaved pussy.

My cock was back too full attention again, dripping as it saw fit, but the orgasm in the back of my mind was obeying its mistress, who once again shook her head, and let the towel fall back down in front as she continued to move the lifted edge to her right hip. Here found the string again, but she didn’t let go this time but instead sent her left hand sliding up that leg till it found the string on that side.

With the towel hanging down in front and pulled up on the hips by the taunt strings, Alison slowly pulled up and away from herself until the bikini came undone from beneath the towel. She let go of the left string and pulled the bottoms out from under the towel completely, letting the white cotton dress fall back to her knees, keep the prize underneath hidden.

She tossed the wet garment at me and hit me in the face, the glorious smell of the crotch filling my nostrils before falling down my tie and into my lap. My hands were braced on the bench from when I was fighting the overwhelming urge from before. I was probably pressing my fingerprints into the wood.

It was as if she noticed my formally dressed state for the first time. My pants were around my ankles, but as I was still wearing my shoes, they hadn’t left my legs. She squatted now, creating gaps in the bottom of the towel that should have allowed me to see in, but the shadows were too dark. She pulled off both shoes and socks and freed me of my anklecuffs.

She spread my legs then and shuffled in between them. My hands wanted to release from the bench to tear that towel off her, but not only could I not move, but this was her game, and I’d let her play it out. She came in as far as she could, my cock pressed vertically against the towel over her sternum.

She smiled in my face and I could smell the salty remains of my precum on her breath. She pulled at my tie to loosen it enough to get it over my head. She then slowly unbuttoned my shirt and opened it wide. I was wearing a tank-T underneath and she thought for a moment how to get it off with my arms locked in place, but now that the bottom of my dress shirt was out of the way, the bottom of my tank wasn’t that long.

She backed up now and stood again, her right hand once again going underneath the towel. Her fingers found her pleasure center, and I watched in agony as her hips rolled back and forth as she played with herself. She brought that hand out slowly and licked her fingers, which were clearly glistening wet. How I wanted to taste that! As if she could read my mind, her hand went back again. This time she fingered herself for almost a minute until I thought she was going to orgasm, but she pulled her hand out before she did, her knuckles webbed together from her thick cum.

She walked toward me, waving the hand in front of my face, letting her sweet aroma wash over me. My tongue came out, but she shook her head again and cleaned off her fingers with her own tongue. I was sweating bullets now in anticipation. And as if I was freeing a two-by-four from a vice, I carefully released my hands one by one from the bench and let my shirt fall to the floor behind me.

Alison didn’t seem to notice and continued her tease. Her hand went back under the towel again but this time it found the overlap portion on her right side and her and slid all the way up to the knot. Her fingers played with the folded over edge of the towel and finally pulled it free, holding both ends, one in each hand.

Instead of unwrapping the towel from her body, she rolled her body inside the towel until she had her back to me with the towel held taunt behind her. She playfully looked over her shoulder at me as she slowly raised the towel, dragging the lower edge against her thighs until the bottom Isparta Escort Bayan of her bare ass was just visible. She held it there for a moment, slowly dragging the thick hem of the towel against her smooth ass, giving the illusion that it was going up, but it wasn’t.

Then, she suddenly dropped the towel, so the top hem was at her waist, and she recinched the towel across her beautifully curved hips. She turned back around now with her arms crossed under her breasts, pushing them up and almost out of the bikini. Again, just as it looked like a nipple might pop out, she relaxed her arms, dropped them to her side, and reached up behind her to pull on the already loose string.

The top wasn’t giving her much support anyway, and now the two triangles of the bikini hung loose over her ample chest. She put her hand on her hips and began to sway back and forth, the two triangles moving like pendulums in front of her. They seemed to show a tit for a moment, and then slid back in place. She slowly raised her hands up her sides and bent her knees as she continued to swivel her hips back and forth in a seductive snake charmer’s dance. My snake was definitely charmed.

As her hands slid up past her armpits and over her collarbone, her right hand snagged a loose string that was tied in the bow around the back of her neck. Her hands continued up like the blooming pedals of a flower, pulling the bow apart at the back of her neck, until at the top of her dance, she flicked her wrist and the bikini top went flying across the room, finally baring her beautiful breasts to me.

Again, she had no tan lines and her skin was as smooth as silk. She continued to dance, syncopating the rhythm of her hips to some unknown beat. Her breasts swayed in response, hypnotizing my eyes with her erect nipples. They were the fullest breasts I had ever seen that didn’t sag one bit.

In addition to the dance of her breasts, the extreme motion of her hips was also taking its toll on the towel, and I watched in eager anticipation as the knot slowly loosened on her right hip and eventually came undone. Though she did nothing to stop it, Alison had slowly bent her knees, sinking down into her dance so that when the towel was free, it didn’t slide to the floor right away, but lay across her lap for a few tantalizing moments.

Feeling I had had enough, she then slowly stood up and the white cotton veil revealed the object of my quest. There was a narrow tuft of trimmed blonde hair above the thickest pair of pouting pussy lips I had ever scene. Her scent hit me again, and I swam in it, tossing my head back to inhale her deeply.

I brought my eyes back to the goddess in front of me and watched as she slowly sashayed toward me, her hips always in motion, breasts swaying back and forth and up and down as she continued her erotic dance. She moved again in between my spread knees and came up vertically so her daintily sunken navel met my nose. I inhaled her deeply again, and sent my tongue down in search of the honey pot, but instead she bent at the knees again and my tongue traced a line over her stomach onto the mound of her left breast. There she paused, moving back and forth and up and down slightly, allowing my tongue to trace circles around her erect nipple. She moved further to her left then, and my tongue traveled the valley between her breasts and up the second mound to trace like circles around her other areola.

She purred in delight and moved away slightly so she could drop to her knees on the robe. Her breasts now rested on the tops of my thighs and my leaky pipe lay on her cleavage. She brought her hands up to her chest and rolled her breasts over my cock, occasionally moving up and down to stroke the length of my hardened member.

Again she held me with her eyes as she stoked the fire in the belly of the freight train. I looked back into her eyes, her breasts beneath them blurring out of focus as they continued to roll my dick like a $1,000 cigar. Eventually my face told her I was going to blow, and she slowed her motions and concentrated on my eyes. Like staring into a bright light when you have to sneeze, I felt the sudden urge quell for the moment.

She then released my cock from her breasts and sat down on her heels to bring her luscious lips back in range. I knew I wouldn’t last long now, but I didn’t care anymore. The show she had just given me felt like it had lasted a full day, and after she was done with me I was going to give her a ride she would never forget.

Her lips closed around my cock slowly, her tongue running laps around my throbbing head. She moved up and down slowly, knowing this was the end, and making sure to bring this pot to boil smoothly. She gained speed, going up and down faster, her tongue spinning around my dick in perfect rhythm. In the back of my skull the train left the station and rushed my spine like a bullet leaving a gun. My shoulders rolled back from the shock, and the wave Escort Isparta of ecstasy energy flowed down to the base of my spine, around and under my pelvis, and out of the hardest bone in my body.

Alison bravely took the first shot with her lips still held loosely around my cock, but I must have filled her mouth with the first blow, and she released me before the second. I sprung up an inch or so, and the second stream traveled the length of her nose and hit her right between those beautiful eyes. Its volume was so intense it felt like I was pissing on her, but no piss had ever felt like this.

My hips recoiled after the second shot, and my cock was more parallel to the floor for the third shot, which took her just under her neck. Blinded in her eyes, her hand came up instinctively to my still throbbing cock and directed the fourth, fifth, and, yes, sixth ejaculations on to her to her breasts, as she simultaneously drooled out a mouthful of cum down her chin to drip onto her body.

My expulsions were over as my whole body shook from the intensity of my orgasm. Her hands continued to milk the cum out of me, covering her gorgeous body with my spunk, until a veritable lake formed between her legs. Her face was completely covered and her eyelids tried to flutter open under the weight, and she could only see a little bit as the fluid slowly drooled off her forehead. After another minute of my heavy breathing and her pumping of my cock, she finally released me and leaned back. She could open her eyes better now, and her fingers dragged away heavy streams of cum from her eyelids.

“That was amazing,” she said, also breathless.

“No,” I said between gasps, “you’re amazing. I’ve never seen anyone so beautiful as you.”

She giggled. “What,” she said, rocking back to her heels and slowly standing up, careful to keep her legs pressed together, allowing the lake of cum that had collected in her lap to slowly trace its way down either leg, now literally covering herself in my cum from head to toe. “Little old me, beautiful?”

“Don’t play with me,” I told her. “You could sale a million ships.”

She looked down at her body. “I think you sailed a million somethings my way. It looks like I need another shower. She turned and looked at herself in the full length mirror hanging on the wall. “Yes, I definitely need another shower.”

The dressing room was equipped with a pair of showers in the corner of the room, and she walked over to one gingerly, trying not to leave a trail of cum on the floor. I tried to follow her, but my legs wouldn’t work right now and I could only watch as she pulled the curtain aside and stepped into the stall, still in full view. She played with the idea of pulling the curtain back, but didn’t.

Soon she was once again standing in a stream of water. After rinsing out her mouth and cleaning off the superficial mess, she picked up the bar of soap that was offered and began to lather up. She already knew all the right poses, and now she did them without the bikini as an encumbrance, and I no longer had to imagine the soapy suds caressing her body.

She lathered up everything (and I mean everything), and then selectively rinsed everything off. As I slowly began to feel strength to my two legs, I also began to feel strength returning to my third. I pushed myself up from the bench and quickly shed my T-shirt, as I walked toward the shower stall. She was clean by the time I got there, but like out in the garage, she had showered with her eyes closed (she had to clean her eyelids after all) so she didn’t seem me till I was right on top of her.

She screamed, but only in surprise. It was a small stall, but I didn’t intend for there to be that much space between us for any length of time in the next hour or so. I stepped into the shower, picked her up under her armpits and hoisted her into the air so our lips met. She responded in kind by wrapping her legs around my waist and letting the back of the shower stall support most of her weight.

I crammed my tongue down her throat as my left hand cupped her ass and the other one found the side of her left breast. I worked her body like it was a Nautilus machine, shoving my tongue in and out of her mouth, fingering her pussy and asshole, and kneading her breast like it was a stubborn piece of dough. She responded in kind, her tongue fighting for supremacy in our mouths while her hips rolled on my experimenting fingers.

After not even a minute of this, my cock was back to full strength, and with both hands under her ass now, I lifted her body up, inserted post A into slot B, and let her down again. I immediately started pumping away.

“Yes!” she cried. “Oh, yes! Give it to me!” Her hands released from behind my back, and she pushed with her shoulders to lever me away from her. Her hands went straight down along the side of the stall and found purchase on a hand rail for the handicapped

Then her hips went to work.

She had some of the strongest legs and arms I’ve ever seen on a woman. She had her legs wrapped around me in such a way that she was fully supporting herself on her hands and my dick. I quickly saw I didn’t need to support her with my hands any more and moved them up to work her bouncing breasts.