Cassie Gets Caught


Note to readers: This is the long overdue continuation of “Family Dinner” and “Cassie Gives Back”. Thank you to those readers who never gave up. I hope this lives up to your expectations!

“You dirty little slut! You were teasing me all night!” Jack pounded into his niece’s tight, wet pussy. “You deserve to get fucked hard.” He pushed her down on the kitchen island where she sat, her bare skin shocked by the cold marble. He hiked her thighs onto his shoulders to get better leverage.

Cassie gasped from the cold surface and her uncle’s cock penetrating her so deeply. “Oh god, Uncle Jack. If this is how you teach me a lesson it isn’t going to work.” She moaned as he pulled her hips against his. “God, I’ll tease you more if it makes you fuck me like this.” She tried not to scream as he leaned over to suck on her nipple.

She knew she’d pushed him too far tonight. He’d never fucked her while her parents were in the house. They’d only gone up to bed five minutes before he’d lifted her onto the kitchen island and ripped off her shirt. They’d had a few close calls when family members had come home unexpectedly, but they were as careful as they could be. This was really risky.

Cassie leaned over to bite her Uncle Jack’s shoulder as he squeezed her tits and pinched her already sore nipples.

Uncle Jack grunted at the pain of her teeth and the vice grip her young cunt had around his cock. She drove him crazy. He couldn’t fuck her often enough or hard enough. “I’m cumming baby!” He thrust deep inside of her and released his seed into her already soaking pussy. She was on the edge, about to join him when they heard the sound of the garage door opening.

“Holy shit!” Cassie almost yelled as she pushed her uncle off of her and looked around for her shirt. “Troy’s home!” Her pussy quivered, so ready for a release that it was not going to get. She saw her pink shirt across the room on the floor and dove for it.

Thank god she still had her skirt on she thought as she pulled her shirt over her head. Uncle Jack was still mostly dressed and used the minute of warning they had to grab a sponge from the sink and wipe the island of any traces.

Where the hell were her panties? Cassie scanned the room and saw them by the fridge. She just had time to kick them under the kitchen table before the door from the garage opened.

She struck a casual stance against the counter and started laughing. Uncle Jack followed her lead and they acted as if they’d been having a conversation. She looked over to check Troy’s face as he took in the kitchen scene. She thought she saw him smirk for a second, but then it was gone. She was probably just being paranoid.

“Hey Troy,” Cassie greeted her older brother. “I thought you were staying at Jessica’s tonight.”

Troy’s face looked annoyed for a moment as he glanced at his uncle. “I think you mean Mike’s house, Cassie.” Oops, parents and uncles were not supposed to know he was sleeping over at his girlfriend’s house. Her parents sure didn’t know. Oh well, it was definitely not the biggest secret in this family.

“Oh, right, yeah.” Great, nice cover, Cassie thought sarcastically.

Troy’s face smoothed over. “He was being a dick. So now I’m here.” That must be code for they had a fight. Good, Jessica was a bitch anyway. She didn’t deserve to have a boyfriend as sweet and as hot as Troy.

Before Troy had a chance to ask them what was so funny when he came in, Uncle Jack said, “Okay kids, I’m heading home.” He headed for the garage. “Don’t stay up too late.”

Great, Cassie thought, leave me alone. She couldn’t move with her brother there. She wasn’t wearing her panties and her uncle’s cum would drip down her legs if she unclenched her thighs.

So it was against her better judgment that she asked Troy, “Everything okay with Jessica?” Why did she have to start a possibly long conversation right now?

Troy looked distracted for a moment, “Huh?” Had he been looking at her nipples poking through her shirt? “Oh, that. We broke up.” He ran his fingers through his Isparta Escort dark hair.

Cassie tried to suppress the loud cheer in her head and show some concern. “I’m sorry bro, are you okay?”

Troy’s perfect face hardened for a minute. “Yeah. It’s been coming for a while.” He was looking down again. At her tits? “Besides,” his blue eyes met hers, “I think there is someone new on the horizon anyway.” He grinned and his eyes seemed to sparkle.

Cassie felt the jealous beast try to claw its way out of her belly. “That’s great! Who’s the lucky lady?”

He shook his head mysteriously. “Too early. I’ll tell you when it’s a done deal. Goodnight, sis.” He sauntered of towards the stairs. She couldn’t help but notice how well his jeans fit his cute ass.

Cassie waited until she heard his door close upstairs to grab her panties from under the table. She pulled them on and hurried up to her room to bring herself to a long overdue orgasm.


The next morning, Cassie took a hot shower to wash away the traces of her uncle’s lust… and her own. She took her time, glad it was Sunday. She was looking forward to a lazy day. She knew Uncle Jack would be out of town today. She needed to rest her poor pussy.

She wrapped a fluffy pink towel around herself and walked down the hall to her room. She stripped off her towel and used it to dry her damp hair. She picked out sky blue lacey panties for the day and pulled them over her hips. She grabbed her orange ginger scented lotion and walked to her desk. Propping one foot on the chair she rubbed lotion into one leg, then the other. She was massaging the scented cream onto her arms when she saw the CD on her desk. It was on top of her laptop with a post-it note that read “Watch me” on the cover.

Confused, Cassie sat in her chair, still topless, and booted up her laptop. As soon as it stopped loading, she popped in the disk. Her media player started and a porn video came up. Some guy fucking a young girl on a washing machine.

She gasped when she recognized the guy’s thrusting ass. That was Uncle Jack fucking her in the basement laundry room! That was just last week. He’d surprised her while she was home doing laundry. He recorded it? When did he put the disk here? She hadn’t noticed it last night. Was there sound? She carefully unmuted the sound and was greeted with her own voice moaning, “Fuck me faster, Uncle Jack! My mom will be home in half an hour.”

Panicking, Cassie muted the video again. How the hell had he recorded this? She tried to be angry, but she couldn’t stop watching it. It was so hot! She slipped her fingers into her panties and started stroking her clit, watching herself get fucked. Her pussy was wet as she stroked her fingers along her bare slit. She brought her other hand to her tit and massaged it, pinching her nipple lightly. She was really getting worked up when someone knocked on the door.

She slammed the laptop shut. “Just a second!” She grabbed her white satin bathrobe off the back of the door and pulled it on, wrapping it tightly around herself.

“Come in.”

Troy poked his handsome head through the door, grinning. “Got a minute sis?”

“Sure.” Damn, her orgasm would have to wait.

He entered and closed the door behind him. “So? What did you think?” His gaze was serious.

Confused, Cassie asked, “About what?”

He smirked. “About my present.” He nodded subtly at the laptop.

Cassie crinkled her forehead, not understanding, as she looked over at the closed computer. She gasped as awareness struck her like a blow to the stomach. “You? That is from YOU?!” She thought she might vomit.

Troy winked at her and chuckled. “Yes, impressive isn’t it?”

She choked, struggling to speak. “You know?”

He rolled his eyes. “Of course I know. You two reek of sex every time I find you alone together. Not hard to figure out.” He strolled across the room slowly. “Last night was prime though. Mom and Dad were in the house! Are you crazy?” He Isparta Escort Bayan smiled seductively at her.

Her stomach pitched and rolled as she adjusted to the knowledge that he knew. “Oh my god, Troy. Do Mom and Dad know?”

“Now you are really talking crazy. Do you think Uncle Jack would be alive if they did?”

Cassie felt tears well up in her eyes. “Please Troy, you can’t tell them. We’ll stop. Nobody needs to know! It would ruin our family. If Mom and Dad…”

“Shhhh!!” Troy pressed a finger to Cassie’s lips to silence her. He wrapped his strong arms around her in a hug. “I’m not going to rat you out, sis. I would never do that to you.” He rubbed his hands up and down her satin-covered back. “Calm down.”

Cassie sniffled and pulled away and looked up at her big brother. “Oh thank you Troy! You scared the crap out of me!” She pulled away even more to lightly hit him in the chest. “Why did you do that? What is the video for?”

He rubbed his hands up and down her arms. “To teach you an important lesson, my little Cassie. You need to be much more careful.”

She nodded tearfully. “I will!”

“Now, we don’t want you to get in trouble.” His hands slowed to hold her arms. “Especially now that you will be fucking two of us.”

She nodded unconsciously, agreeing with him until she realized what he had said. “What?” She looked up into his eyes. She saw more than brotherly affection there. His eyes drifted down her neck to where her robe gapped, revealing the curve of her breasts.

“Yes sweetie. We’ll have to be very discreet.” He lifted one hand and ran the back of his fingers along the neckline of her robe. He pushed it to the side, baring a breast and one hard rosy nipple.

“Troy!” She felt the nerves churning her stomach turn to anger. “Are you blackmailing me?”

His eyes pulled away from her bared tit to meet hers. “Of course not! You are my sister and I love you dearly!” He paused, his eyes holding hers. “But I also have wanted to fuck this sweet body for years.” His hand cupped her breast now, stroking her nipple with his thumb. “When I found out Uncle Jack was getting to enjoy you, I thought you might consider me as well. I won’t force you into anything.” He pinched her nipple, contradicting his gentle words. “But I’m hoping to convince you it is what you want.”

Shocked, Cassie tried to pull away, only to find his hand had a death grip on her arm. He brought his other hand up to grip her face. “I told you I wouldn’t force you, baby sis. But that doesn’t mean I will give up easily.” Troy brought his lips down to cover hers.

Cassie tensed up as she felt him press her against his body, his lips moving against hers. When his soft sexy lips parted she felt hers do the same, inviting his tongue into her hot mouth. His hand released her chin and threaded through her hair to grip the back of her head. She let his hungry kiss consume her. Her brain went hazy as his tongue traced patterns inside her mouth. She slowly became aware of his hard cock pressing against her hip.

“Oh, Cassie.” Troy’s rough voice moaned into her mouth. “I’ve wanted to touch you like this for so long.” He released the grip on her arm to tug on the belt of her robe. She vaguely felt the material falling away from her skin as he tasted her tongue and bit her lips. She couldn’t believe she was standing naked in front of her brother.

His kisses migrated down her slender neck to her pale tits. He suckled her nipples and squeezed the soft mounds, making Cassie’s thighs shake.

“Say it, Cassie.” He looked up at her from between her breasts.

“Say what?” her breathing labored.

“Tell me you want me to fuck you, Cass.” He pressed a hand against her panty-clad pussy on the word ‘fuck’.

“Oh god, Troy. This is so wrong.” She felt her defenses crumbling.

“True, baby sis. But you already broke those rules with Uncle Jack.” He bit her nipple. “And you like being a slut with him, don’t you?”

Cassie gasped at hearing her usually protective brother call Escort Isparta her a slut. He must have learned from watching her with Uncle Jack what that word did to her.

Troy saw the reaction he expected. “That’s what I thought.” He bit her other nipple. “You like being the family slut, don’t you?”

Cassie couldn’t speak. She just nodded.

“But I still need you to say it.”

Her eyes met his. “Please Troy. Fuck me.”

He straightened up and brought his mouth back to hers, hungry and possessive. “That’s right slut. Your big brother will fuck you right.”

“But first,” he pulled away, making her reach for him. He dodged her hands and started to strip off his clothes. She watched eagerly as he pulled down his boxers. His cock was even thicker than Uncle Jack’s. She felt her pussy juices soak her panties. “Get on your knees, whore. I want to feel those pouty lips on my cock.”

She dropped to her knees and reached for his cock. He groaned as she stroked her hand along his length. “You want me to suck your cock, Troy?” Cassie teased him.

“God, yes!” He thrust his hips against her hand.

Cassie ran her tongue along his hard shaft and around the head of his cock. Pre-cum was already dripping out of the tip and she savored the saltiness as she sucked his cock into her mouth.

“Fuck,” Troy cursed and pushed his cock deeper into her mouth. Cassie teased and sucked and tried to take more of him inside her mouth. She could take in all of Uncle Jack but Troy was thicker. She struggled to fit him inside her throat, feeling her eyes water.

Troy gripped her damp auburn hair and pulled her face against his groin. He started to fuck her face slowly. “You are so hot, baby sis. You have the sexiest mouth ever!”

She reached under his cock to fondle his heavy balls.

“Dammit, Cass,” he pulled away from her. “You are going to make me cum before I get to fuck that tight little cunt of yours.” He reached down and lifted her up from the floor. He kissed her passionately for a moment before he turned her around and pushed on her back to bend her over.

Cassie fell forward and braced her hands on the desk. She felt him slide her soaked panties off her hips and down to the floor. She stepped out of them and kicked them aside.

“Tell me again, slut” he whispered this time as his hands caressed her naked ass.

Cassie looked over her shoulder and her gold eyes met his icy blue ones. “Fuck your sister, Troy.”

He shoved into her fully in one stroke, taking her breath away. He gripped her hips and slammed in and out of her. Years of pent-up sexual frustration exploded as he ravaged her harder and harder.

Cassie’s arms shook as she struggled to hold herself up against his pounding. She felt his thick cock stretch her pussy as he thrust more deeply on each stroke. She bent over further to support herself and her tits rubbed against the desk.

“Fuck me, Troy. Your cock is so fucking thick!”

Troy used his sister fully, squeezing her ass cheeks with his hands as his cock filled her again and again. He tried to hold off on cumming, gritting his teeth with the effort.

“I’m going to cum Troy!” He reached around and flicked her clit, sending her over the edge. Her pussy started clamping down on his cock as she rode through her orgasm.

“I’m going to cum too, sis!” He started to pull out of her, reluctantly.

“No!” she cried out. “Cum inside me Troy. Fill me with your hot cum.”

Hearing his sister say that broke his control and he flooded her hot cunt with his seed. He thrust deeply unloading a copious amount of cum inside her. His pace slowed until he slumped over her. His softening cock rested comfortably inside her.

“Damn. I love you so much Cassie.”

Cassie didn’t say anything for a moment. She was speechless as she felt his warmth flood her insides. She whispered, her voice hoarse, “Ditto, bro.”

They didn’t move for a moment as they tried to catch her breath.

Cassie stiffened as a horrifying thought popped in her head. “Mom and Dad??” She thought of how she’d screamed.

Troy chuckled, his abs vibrating against her back. “You are only thinking of that now? They are out until dinner time.”

Cassie relaxed. “Thank god!” She breathed easier. “Give me five minutes before I let you blackmail me into fucking my ass.”