Campus Complexes


Campus Complexes

By Fanta_Story

Chapter 1: Beta House

There was big game was on tap this Saturday, not THE big game but big enough. Both teams were nationally ranked. Spirits on campus were high. Anticipation was peaking. And so was the sexual tension. There was a party at the Beta house on Friday night as usual. Franklin could hear the music from a block away. There was music blaring from some of the other houses but Tim had the biggest amplifier on the row and he wanted everyone to know that the Betas ruled. Franklin had just taken another psychology 201 final and the thought crossed his mind: “The amp was just a substitute for something that Tim wished was bigger….” Anyway, Guns N’Roses always set the mood and the chicks got hot when shaking their bodies, craving the attention that the Betas and their guests would provide.

The girls craved attention. They would trade almost anything to get it. Bumping their fabulous asses against each other, check. Bouncing their boobs, check. Brushing up against the hot guys on the dance floor, check. Teasing and teasing and teasing. That was the best part, and the worst.

Most of the guys would stumble back to their rooms with the fantasies of the girls dancing in their cloudy minds and beat off thinking about one (or more) of them. A few lucky ones would sneak one into his room and lock the door. The deadbolt was always locked but if one of the guys needed privacy with a girl, the door lock was locked. It was a far better system than the ones their father used, that of leaving a tie wrapped to the outer door handle. Too many pranks involved other guys removing ties as a gag and hanging down the hall for the second roommate to show up and hear the inevitable, “Get the f— out.” Laugher all around.

The party was in high gear as Franklin arrived after walking the half mile or so from his apartment. His roommates were still hanging around when he left. They were both geeks, straight “A” students, engineering majors. They would likely not find a party, drool over a chick or find a mouth for their dicks that night. Franklin was a sophomore and could not finagle a place in the house likely until his junior year. If not then, his senior year. He lived off campus in a nice apartment with two bedrooms. He had a twin bed and desk in one of the rooms. The geeks shared the second room. It cost more for Franklin but it was worth it to Franklin because had many opportunities to bring girls back with him after a party or after an exchange.

Whenever he did, the geeks would inevitably gawk at him the next day. They usually did not see the girl but they heard the pounding, the springs of the mattress, the female groans and Franklin’s final grunt. Franklin figured that they either beat off in the shower afterward or under the covers.

There were a bunch of kids loitering on the walkway between the street and the front door. He knew some and recognized others. He didn’t care too which guys were there, although if they were Betas he flashed them a grin. He was interested getting a beer and watching the chicks.

He should not be drinking. Coach Thomas told the guys to maintain their bodies in prime workout condition. But this was baseball, a sport known for hard drinking and smoking (in previous generations) in the bigs. The fall was for conditioning according to the coaching staff. The baseball season for the team started the day after New Years, when they had to report to the clubhouse. Fall was football season, a time for fun and conquests.

He found his way to the keg and poured a red plastic cup full. Daniel, the house manager (a position of leadership in the house, akin to “all around gopher”) handed him the tapper. They made small talk and commented on, what else, the trim. The Beta house attracted the best. There was the tall brunette with the tight stone washed light blue jeans. Willowy is how the two boys described her. Long slim arms, great smile and great jeans, boy oh boy. Neither knew her name but Daniel saw that she had a DG lavaliere hanging from her neck. She was wearing a tight top, black and tan horizontal stripes draped off her shoulders accentuate he figure and awesome 32 or 34 cups. Besides the music and the beer, this kind of evaluation session was the entertainment for the evening. That entertainment was what caused so many guys to get back to their rooms with their heads exploding and pounding from the sexual tension. They shared a glance that they both understood. What kind of lucky guy would get a taste of that? Neither of them, for sure.

The party went on. The music got louder and the people had to shout to hear each other or filter onto the street for a conversation. That is where Franklin found himself when Patrick, another active who was a star quarterback in high school and now the captain of the Beta “A” flag football team. “We pulled the Lamb Chops (Lamba Chi Alpha) in the draw in the first round of the playoffs. We will need you on Monday, man. Four pm on the north field.”

Patrick Gaziantep Escort played quarterback and threw darts. He was one of the best quarterbacks in the intramurals. The Betas were in the first tier, got a bye and were paired with Lamba Chi in the second round. Franklin was barrel-chested from years of fastballs. At 6′ 5″ and 200 lbs. he was intimidating on the offensive line. Patrick needed the protection.

Just as Patrick was reviewing the details for the intramural game, three girls came down the walk to the street from the front door of the house. Girls always travelled in packs. That was in order to provide protection against the wolves on the row and whomever else might howl night. Franklin knew one of the girls, Erika from the Theta house. The Betas and the Thetas have a lot of exchanges. “Hi…Erika, right?” “Franklin, how is the curve breaking?” The girls laughed, although one of them did not know why.

At the last exchange, Franklin was bragging to the girls that he now had been scouted by three major league teams. At nineteen years old, his fastball had reached 92 miles per hour in a game against Vanderbilt last year when he was a freshman. One of the other Betas stuck his head into that conversation. “Girls, when his fastball reaches ninety five, his potential contract in the bigs gets to $20 million…per year.” That got a big reaction at the exchange from the girls. One of the girls asked—innocently but somewhat in jest—is that all it takes to make $20 million per year? The other guy jumped in—in order to take control of the conversation as well as to keep up the levity, “It required a massive curve ball as well, girls.” It was not his intention but that broke up that group. Two girls remained rapt. Some of them were defiantly in school for the MRS degree. Erika remembered the curve ball comment.

“Erika, where are you headed? We need a Theta here when the party gets really wild,” said Patrick. “We promised a girl in the house that we would meet her at the Lambda Chi party.” “Stay here. We are going to pound the Lamb Chops in the playoffs Monday. You really don’t want to be seen with those losers.” Girls called the Lambda Chi house by its proper Greek name. Guys on the row called them “lamb chops” in derision.

“Erika, who are your friends? I don’t remember seeing them at the last exchange.” “This is Stacy, a friend from high school and a pledge and Shannon, who is a friend of hers.”

Franklin is not the lady’s man that Patrick is. He could “make it rain” which was the boys’ way of saying that he made the girls wet. Now that could just be a lot of bull honky but it isn’t. On a couple of occasions, girls would stumble out of Patrick’s room in the house, hair disheveled and wobbling from being sore. Franklin was not there but he was told the following story. Patrick has a few girlfriends; two were his favorites, Karen Jeffries and Karen Sollis. Karen Jeffries was known in the house as “KJ”. Karen Sollis was affectionately referred to as “Big K” on account of her chest. No one really knew if the Karens were still students. Both Karens knew of the other. One time, the Betas were supposed to be at the Tri Delt house at 10 pm on a Thursday for an exchange. The guys were gathering to head over their together (even guys travelled in packs sometimes). “Where is Patrick? We gotta go.” His roommate chimed in, “Big K is in there. They will be done in a minute. She was just getting her hair fixed up.” From time to time, Patrick was so horny that he prevailed upon one of his hookups to get started despite the fact that Patrick’s roommate was in the next bed just four feet away. So the story goes that as “Big K” came out of the room, some of the guys were in the hall and she just blurted out, ‘I just got a fresh fuck go make sure that other bitch knows that’.” Boys will be boys and girls can be bitches.

It was Shannon that captured Franklin’s attention. She was a pixie, blonde, fantastic body and a smile that was captivating. The girls skipped away. On the way to Lamba Chi, Erika told Stacy and Shannon everything she knew about Patrick and Franklin and the curve ball. They giggled the whole way down the row.

Chapter 2: What a game…and the football team won to boot

The Betas had a “tailgate” as usual for the actives and the alumni, served hot dogs, potato salad and beer. Kickoff was at 7:05 pm so Franklin and a group headed to the stadium at about 6:00 pm. He arrived at 6:30 pm when the band was practicing their routines and the teams were getting warmed up. The weather was nice. Most of the students arrived in t-shirts and shorts but carried a sweatshirt ties around their waists.

Patrick found a seat at about the twenty yard line in the middle of a row, a good seat. At just about game time, he noticed that a Beta pledge had gotten up from the seat on the aisle. A minute later he saw that Shannon had occupied that seat. They exchanged glances and acknowledged each other. The game began. At half time it Gaziantep Escort Bayan was close and all the students in the seats between him and Shannon had left for halftime.

“Why is there always so much space between us?” asked Franklin. He was trying to break the ice. He was usually awkward around super hot girls. He was comfortable around most girls but Shannon was the kind of girl who made him nervous and tongue-tied. His question was awkward. “This is a Beta row, I did not think I was worthy.” “Come over here, I have some influence. You can sit right next to me.”

Shannon thought: “I don’t want to sit next to you. I want to sit on your lap!” She could not say that so she said, “I can come closer, but I am sure I will not be able to handle your curve.” He really wanted to say the right thing but could not, “If you play your cards right, I can show you how to catch my screwball.” That was inappropriate but she laughed. That laugh was not out of joviality because she did not find that a funny statement. She laughed because she wanted his screwball hard and fast later that night.

On Saturdays the sexual tension was hot on campus, especially for the kids who did not hook up the night before, like Shannon and Franklin.

Shannon was a senior who was focused on school full time. She wanted to attend law school, was a 3.7 student in Political Science/History. She studied very hard for the LSAT and thought she would score well when she received her scores in February. She was a gorgeous blonde with long straight hair (today pulled back in a ponytail that stuck out of her baseball cap). She could have dated more but school came first. Maybe she was just a late bloomer. At 22, she has only had two serious boyfriends. By the standards of the campus, she was way behind. Her friend Stacy had had thirteen lovers and she was a 20 year old junior. Shannon really wanted to catch up, to live a little but she lived at home did not have a lot of social-type contact with the other students. Shannon strolled down the row of seats. “Would this seat be OK?” “I have secretly been hoping that a beautiful blonde would appear at half time. Dreams do come true.” She read that, correctly; Franklin was interested.

They sat down and talked until the second half started. She did not know a lot about football and asked Franklin a lot of questions. She leaned in when she did, while flashing a killer smile, pearly white teeth. Franklin really wanted to look into her eyes but her shades made him wait for that. He was getting warm inside. And he was thinking all night about the hot girls from the night before. He wanted so badly to get lucky that night. She was sending all the right signals, although Franklin was inexperienced compared to most of the other Betas so he did not pick up on all of them. Besides leaning into his answers, she brushed his arm over and over. When their team scored, she was the first to lift her hand for a high five. When she did she tried to hug him as well and got close enough to feel his chest.

She was very interested in his body. Franklin was 6’5″, 200 pounds, huge shoulders, nice biceps (a little bigger on his left arm). He was likely to be the number one left handed starter when the season started. He had a warm, inviting smile and big brown eyes (he wore his blue tinted sunglasses on his head so she could enjoy his big brown eyes.

The game was close in the fourth with a lot of scoring so there were many opportunities for her to brush into him. With less than two minutes to go, their team was down by six points. It was tense. Their running back got the ball to the opponent twenty with thirty seconds remaining. Shannon was jumping up and down. Her wonderful breasts were giggling. Throughout the second half Franklin was looking to his right he could make a number of peeks at her great body and fantastic ass.

With ten seconds remaining, their team had a third and five. The running back who had already gained over one hundred and fifty yards and a major threat, got a pitch, the defense collapsed on him, everyone in the stadium thought that he would take a big loss. However, he stopped, cocked his arm and threw to an open receiver in the end zone. The place went wild. Shannon threw her arms around Franklin. For the first time, she could openly grab his pecs (her right hand went to his left pectoral and squeezed. Her left hand was around his neck and she pulled him in. He was nervous but he was ready. He bent down and their lips met for the first time. He figured it would be a short kiss but she opened her mouth, he followed. They kissed deeply for quite some time. The guy now behind Franklin bumped into him which gave him the excuse to squeeze her more. The stadium was going crazy. The band was in the middle of the fight song. She used her right hand to feel his left bicep again. It was hard. She was really getting into it. He got that signal. He grabbed her left butt cheek with is right hand. The revelry went on. So did they.

The Escort Gaziantep game was still tied and the field goal team jogged onto the field and set up. Anticipation was high.

Right through the uprights. The stadium went mad, again. They had broken their kiss to watch the PAT but with that point and the stadium erupting, they resumed. It was the nicest and most passionate thing that had happen to her all year (this was October already). His pants were getting tighter. She leaned against him. His bulge was pressing into her stomach.

The game was over. The band played for twenty minutes and ended with the alma matter. Shannon knew the words. Franklin did not.

The students in back of Franklin wanted to get to the aisle so Franklin and Shannon sat down to let them through. “So, will there be a party at the Beta house after the game?” Franklin had actually rehearsed this for much of the game so it sounded nonchalant: “Probably, but there is a better party in my apartment.” Shannon was a bit stunned and thought he was serious. He was a jock frat boy. They knew were all of the parties were. So she played it straight. “Who else will be there?” “Well, I invited all of the most important people I know. Let’s see…there is you. There is me. Actually, I ran out of RSVP cards so it was be a small party. I think I will cut if off there…unless you think that we need other people to entertain us.” He had a romantic side. Shannon was flushed. She was wearing the baseball cap so she had to look way up so the bill did not hit is forehead too hard. “That is the kind of party I have been hoping for.”

They left, followed the crowd into the campus. Most people went to the parking lots or the dorms. Franklin’s apartment was about a half mile past the dorms. They walked and held hands. She stopped to squeeze his powerful hand a few times, each time flashing her perfect while teeth. That is a very amorous sign, according to psychologists. He did not know that, neither did she. It was natural. She was getting excited.

“I have two geeky roommates who will probably be playing video games. Please just ignore them.” When they arrived in the apartment, the roommates were playing video games but stopped in the middle of the game when they saw Shannon. “Marty and Lance, this is Shannon. We would prefer not to be bothered,” and they quickly danced into Franklin’s bedroom.

Chapter 3: The budding romance

It was very uncomfortable for both of them. Franklin was shaking. He felt as if he was coming to bat in the bottom of the ninth. His heart was racing. Shannon wanted to see more of his great body, feel those abs and squeeze his ass. She wanted her mouth full of cock. All things being equal, they were similarly aroused and frightened. Totally understandable.

They both wanted showers but neither wanted to admit it. Shannon really wanted to experience a man. She was secretly pleased that things were progressing quickly.

Shannon took off the cap and let her pony tail down. Franklin was mesmerized by her long blonde hair, parted to one side, just like he preferred…in his fantasies. They kissed again, continuing where they left off in the stadium. He pulled her in close. She pushed her chest upward to press her breasts into him. He was about nine inches taller than she. She didn’t mind. He didn’t mind.

That kiss allowed him again to touch her ass. He squeezed. She squealed as she ran her right hand from his left pec to his groin. She wanted him to know she wanted everything tonight. And she wanted to know if he was strong everywhere. He was!

She had never just gone home with a guy. Both of her lovers had been relationships that lasted about a year.

She sat on the bed and started unbuckling his belt. She was inches from his bulge and scared. She was shaking and he could tell. She unbuckled it enough to pull it through the loops. He knew that he did not have to take the belt all the way off but she seemed to be having fun. She unbuckled the button, easy enough. Her hands were shaking. He pushed his pants down and stepped out of them. He was wearing black bikini shorts and his bulge was the size of a very large grapefruit in them. She wanted a bite of that.

She also wanted to feel his ass so she did. He was a perfect male specimen. His butt was solid. She kissed his abs and felt the ripples of his muscles. She swished her nose around the ripples.

It was time to move this to another level so she yanked his briefs down. His cock sprang forward towards her. It looked very nice. She had only seen two others and this was larger and thicker. She reached for it with her left hand and kissed the head. It was sensitive so Franklin…Mmmmmm. She licked the shaft and put the circumcised head in her mouth. Franklin felt good. She sucked on it and it gained a full measure of stiffness a minute later. She sucked for a few more minutes. She looked up. Franklin noticed for the first time that her eyes were green like emeralds. That really excited Franklin. Her face was wet with slobber. She was not trying to slobber (she knew that some girls bragged about giving wet sloppy blow jobs but that never appealed to her) but her mouth naturally produced saliva, like when you are about to bite into a juicy steak and your salivary glands start to work early.