Camilla Ch. 034


Leroy woke up at about a quarter to eight in the morning, to the sweet sensations of Camilla’s tongue, lips, and hand on his hardening cock. “Starting the day off with a little fun?” he asked, looking down at her from the head of the bed.

“Wanna put your thing in my poo-poo hole, sir?” she asked in her ditzy ‘Dolly’ persona, knowing that talking like that excited him all the more.

Without even answering, he got up on his knees, and she turned around, pointing her arse at him. Her legs were spread wide open so he could see her asshole, which was already lubricated. He slowly slid his erection through her tight anal orifice; both lovers moaned in unison. Then his phallus slid further inside her rectum; by the time it was pushed all the way in, Camilla felt this amazingly pleasurable impalement–all her anal walls were being probed and stretched by Leroy’s huge penis. Again, the thickness and length of his member astonished her as much as it excited her. With its largeness pumping inside her, she felt as though he’d gone halfway through her body with a most pleasing spear. She looked back at him, moaning her thanks. With her head on the bed to balance her, she fingered her hard clitoris. When he was about to come, he pulled his cock out and showered his come on her behind.

She giggled. “Ooh, that tickles,” she said. “Can you eat my pussy for me, please, sir?” she asked. “I’m almost there.”

He licked her vulva and put his tongue inside her wide-open anus. He fingered her G-spot and kept his mouth open to receive her come. It all spouted in his mouth; he didn’t miss a drop.

Now I don’t have to change my bedsheets again, he thought. “Want some breakfast?” he asked.

“What do you have?” she asked.

“Well, we could have Fruit Loops, or Count Chocula,” he suggested.

“Um, no thanks,” she said. “No offence, sir, but I’m a health freak. If you don’t mind, I think I’m just gonna take a shower and go home.”

“OK, I understand. Let’s do this again some time, OK?”

“Sure,” she said as she got off the bed and reached for her purse.


Camilla got home at about 9 AM. She was surprised that Candice wasn’t there. She must be with her boyfriend, Camilla thought. Her mother, Collette, called her and asked her to meet her at the house with Troy; the three of them would then go out to lunch again. Happy to continue with her plans to seduce her mother’s fiance, Camilla changed into a light blue lace top, jean shorts, and knee-length rainbow-striped toe socks with light and dark shades of blue, as well as pink, purple, and orange. Bra-less, she wore pink panties underneath. Camilla went to her mom’s home after eating breakfast.

Camilla first went up to her old bedroom and took off her jean shorts, since she wanted her step-father-to-be to see her in her pretty pink panties. Then she waited in the upstairs bathroom of Collette’s house. She looked out the window, hoping to see Troy’s car arrive first. She was drinking from a water bottle; increasingly desperate to urinate, but wanting Troy to see her do that, she was impatient for his arrival. After a few more minutes of dancing in discomfort, she saw his car come in the driveway. She pulled her panties down to her knees. When she heard him open the front door and walk in the house, she called, “I’m up here, in the bathroom.” He rushed up the stairs, and she sat on the toilet, still holding her urine in. She’d intentionally left the door ajar, so he correctly assumed she would allow him to enter the bathroom. No sooner had he opened the door, but her piss started tinkling on the surface of the toilet water. Sitting forward and grinning in feigned embarrassment, she said, “Hi, Daddy.” She Gaziantep Escort giggled like a little girl. “I’m going pee-pee.” She giggled again, louder.

He smiled as he looked at his beautiful step-daughter-to-be, thinking this was the loveliest urination ever. “This is the first time I’ve ever seen you blush from being seen undressed,” he said as he walked into the bathroom to get a closer look.

“That’s ’cause I’m so stinky now,” she said, giggling. She opened her legs and sat back so he could see the gold pouring from her pussy into the water.

He looked down between her legs, admired her pretty brown pubic hair, and said, “You don’t need to be embarrassed, sweetie. You’re so naturally beautiful, even your pee smells pretty.”

“Really? Thank you, Daddy,” she said with a giggle. “Where’s Mommy?”

“She won’t be here for another hour or so,” he said with a sly smile. “We’re all alone.” She let out little staccato squeals as she squirted out her last few drops of pee, then she got her perfumed wet napkins out of her purse and wiped her vulva clean. As she wiped, she put the heels of her feet on the toilet seat and, with her legs wide open, pulled up on her labia with the napkins so Troy could see her genitals. “Very pretty,” he said.

“What, Daddy?” she asked, as if she naively had no idea what he was admiring.

“Oh, uh, your toe socks, sweetheart,” he said, his eyes never budging a millimetre from her cunt. She finished wiping and stood up, They were standing less than half a foot apart from each other. She allowed his roving eyes to ogle her half-naked body, and she looked up at him with the wide-open, naive, trustful eyes that a child would have, one that knew nothing of the taboo of nudity. She allowed her panties to drop to her feet, and she kicked them off. They hugged, him gently squeezing her soft buttocks. “I’m so glad you’re not wearing any make-up, sweetie. You don’t need it. You’re naturally beautiful.”

“Thank you, Daddy,” she said as she rubbed her belly against his erection. “You’re so sweet to me.”

While looking over her to admire the sight of her piss in the toilet–as well as to see her bare behind–he said, “Your mom must be so proud to have such a beautiful daughter. And a smart one, too. I understand you’re starting university in the fall.” He was now fingering her anus.

“Yeah, I’m graduating from high school next week.” She looked in his eyes, her own eyes showing no disapproval of his lecherous fingers.

Suddenly, the front door opened. “Shit!” he whispered. “She said she wouldn’t be here for another hour. Hurry: put your clothes on.” Collette was coming up the stairs quickly, since she’d already had reason to believe, from their last lunch, that Troy and her daughter were getting a little too affectionate with each other.

Camilla ran out of the bathroom, still half-naked; he spanked her bare bottom and admired it as she ran out and down the hall towards her old bedroom. Trying his best to look guiltless, he ‘casually’ walked out of the bathroom to greet Collette, who was three-quarters of the way to the top of the stairs. “Hi, honey,” he said.

“Where is she?” Collette asked suspiciously.

“In the bath-bedroom,” he said.

Camilla came out of her old bedroom with her jeans on, as if she’d never taken them off. “Hi, Mom,” she said.

Troy breathed a soft sigh of relief and said, “OK, we can go have lunch now.”

As Collette and Troy started walking down the stairs, Camilla went into the bathroom to get her purse and panties, and to flush the toilet. At the sound of the flushing, Collette immediately looked back up towards the bathroom, and saw Camilla come out, Gaziantep Escort Bayan stuffing something distinctively pink into her purse. Those look like some of the underwear I bought for her three months ago, Collette thought.


After lunch, Camilla went to Carl’s Erotic Art. When she was allowed to go in the back studio, she was disappointed to see Belle all healthy again and ready to pose for Carl, but she was delighted to see the lovely model in the nude. “So, you don’t need me to pose, Carl?” Camilla asked. “Hi Belle.”

“Hi, sweetie,” grinning Belle said as she walked up to give Camilla a hug. “I understand you posed for Carl yesterday. Lovely pictures. You’re 18, of legal age to pose?”

“Yeah,” Camilla sighed, trembling with pleasure from Belle’s touch. Sensing the nude model’s receptiveness, Camilla gathered up the nerve to say, “You’re really beautiful; can I kiss you?”

“I don’t know: can you?” the lesbian model asked with a sly smirk. “Let’s find out.” Belle plunged her tongue deep inside Camilla’s mouth. Moaning Camilla frantically took off her shorts and top. She briefly sucked on Belle’s breasts and kissed and licked her belly as she reached down to take off her shoes and socks. When she was completely nude, squatting Camilla was about to taste Belle’s vulva when Carl suddenly took his sister and had her lie on the floor on her back with her legs wide open. Then he grabbed Camilla and had her on the floor on all fours, with her wide-open mouth millimetres away from Belle’s pussy.

“Don’t move,” he said. Then he went to his easel to start painting.

After about an hour of waiting for Carl to finish his meticulous brushstrokes and dabs, both Belle and Camilla were going crazy. He was being really cruel, bringing the girls so tantalizingly close to cunnilingus’ ecstasy, yet agonizingly so far away from its gratification. Camilla could only stare at Belle’s delicious labia, wet vagina, and hard clitoris, all so brown and perfect-looking. Belle had recently washed herself there, so it smelled fresh and pretty. Camilla was salivating. She didn’t suffer alone, though: Belle looked down at her pretty young would-be lover, remembering how gifted a kisser and licker she’d been an hour ago. Seeing the craving in Camilla’s eyes, Belle could only imagine the fire with which Camilla’s flickering tongue would lap her pussy, if she’d only been allowed to.

Finally, Carl said, “OK–I’m done.” Not a millisecond went by, but famished Camilla was already devouring Belle’s vulva. She practically stuffed her face inside the hole, licking, sucking, kissing, and buzzing all over the region between Belle’s legs. Belle, running her hands through Camilla’s hair, was screaming with satisfaction. “OK, I’m so not into seeing my sister get off: you two enjoy yourselves. Besides, I have a customer.” Carl left the studio and into the front.

The customer there was looking at the first painting Carl had done of Camilla. “This girl looks familiar,” he said. “If she is who I think she is, you’re an amazing artist. What a likeness.”

“Thank you,” Carl said. “Are you interested in buying the picture? I’m willing to bargain.”

“OK,” the customer said. “How much do you want?”

Carl said, “How about–?” He was interrupted by the clearly audible moaning and screaming from the back. Embarrassed, Carl said, “Oh, that’s just a porno movie. Do you want to make an offer for the painting?”

“OK,” the customer said, “Let’s say–“

“Oh my God!” Belle screamed. “I’m gonna come! Ahh!” Camilla’s buzzing on Belle’s clitoris was almost as loud as Belle’s screams.

The customer laughed. “How much you want for Escort Gaziantep the porno?” He and Carl laughed. “I’ll offer–“

“Ohh!” Belle came. Her sighs and moans grew slower and softer.

“Wow,” Camilla shouted. “You’re a gusher, too?” Camilla could be heard licking Belle’s come off her lips.

The customer, smiling, looked at Carl, who blushed. “There seems to be as much talent back there as there is out here,” the customer said.

The men bargained, agreed on a price, and Carl started wrapping the painting up when Belle came out front in a dress. Recognizing her from the other pictures, the customer greeted her. She said goodbye to her brother and left.

When Carl finished wrapping the picture, Camilla, still nude, poked her head out front. She saw the customer and said, “Oh, hi Mr. Williams!” Her right breast was visible to him.

“Hi Camilla,” Williams said with a lecherous grin. “I thought that was you in the picture. I remember that lovely breast; you naughty girl!” She giggled. “Will you be at Luvlee’s tonight?” he asked.

“Yeah,” she said with another giggle. “From six to one AM.”

“I’ll be there,” he said. “Bye.” He left the store.

Carl followed Camilla back into his studio. She was bent over with her legs spread wide open to display her wet vagina and already-lubricated anus. Her head was between her legs, and she licked her lips with her mouth wide open. He looked at her in a daze, even forgetting to close the door behind him.

“Wanna rape–uh, ravish me again, sir–I mean, Carl?” she asked.

“Sounds tempting,” he panted as he admired her pretty asshole.

“Which hole would you like this time? You’ve done my pussy–how about anal or oral this time?”

He rushed her, grabbed her, and put her on the floor on all fours. She screamed and breathed quickly and heavily as he forcefully handled her. He pulled out his already rock-hard phallus and pushed it against her anal orifice. She looked back at him so he could see the pleasure she felt in her eyes as he slid his cock deep in her ass. “Aah!” he moaned as he went all the way in.

“Oh!” she screamed. His cock was almost the same size as Leroy’s, and it felt just as good, if not better.

Carl grabbed her breasts as he pumped his shaft inside her rectum. Balancing herself on the floor with her left arm, the fingers of her right hand were tickling her pussy. She was really coming to love anal sex: with the right man, it was almost as good as vaginal sex. Certainly her vaginal walls were being intensely stimulated, however indirectly, by Carl’s long, thick cock. And she didn’t have to indulge a shit-fetish this time.

In their excitement, they hadn’t noticed the red light go on; of course, the door to the back was still open, and the lovers’ moaning and screaming drowned out any noise their new visitor may have made.

Carl was pumping faster and faster, and Camilla was screaming louder and louder. “Oh, my God! Oh! Carl, your cock feels so good up my ass! Oh! Fuck my ass!” she screamed.

The customer had his digital camera out, set to video. He filmed the remainder of the ass-fuck. Carl’s face wasn’t seen because his back was always to the door, but Camilla’s face was very clearly visible.

“Oh, Jesus, Camilla!” Carl groaned. “I’m gonna come!” He pulled his cock out. She turned around to let him spray all over her face. It happened so fast that she never saw the man who was filming them. Carl splattered his come all over her eyes.

She, too, came: she’d cupped her hand under her cunt so the come wouldn’t get all over the floor. She brought her hand up to Carl. “Wanna taste?” she asked him.

He gluttonously gulped it all down, and licked the rest off her hands. She left his come on her face, thinking he’d like to see it stay there for a while. This was all very convenient for their unknown visitor, so he could finish filming and leave the store safely and anonymously.

“This is getting put online for posterity,” Jim said as he walked outside.