Blindfolded Ecstacy

Big Tits

I open the door and stand before him, a vision, hot and mind blowing. Smooth creamy skin, long brunette curls, full ripe lips, fishnet stockings, stilettos. A black g-string hugs my pussy. Leather corset tightly laced with my breasts mounding out the top. His cock strains within his pants I see.

He licks his lips as I move towards him with languid feline grace. In fingerless black gloves, I hold a blindfold and whip. His hands tremble as a shiver races down his spine to his dick.

I trail the blindfold up his right arm, fingernails and whip against his left. His hands move to touch me. I stop him.

‘This is your fantasy, don’t spoil it. Keep still.’

I wrap my arms around his neck and secure the blindfold. My breasts press firmly against his chest, his pulse quickens, his dick stirs.

I pull away. He cannot see me but he can still sense and smell me. Shivers and tremors course through him, I see his nipples reacting. He holds his breath in anticipation.

I lightly kiss the side of his neck, nibbling his ear. Taking his hand I lead him to the edge of the bed.

‘Lie Kıbrıs Escort down,’ I demand.

He lies there, trembling despite the warmth of the room.

He knows a fantasy is about to be fulfilled, but has no idea which.

I straddle him. He groans and moves towards me.

‘NO!’ I command.

I stretch out across him, binding his wrists. Shifting my weight, sliding my body down his legs. His dick jerks violently. I spread his ankles apart and secure them.

An uncontrollable shiver courses through him. He sighs.

My lips brush against his. He jerks in surprise. His nostrils flare at the sweet smell of my skin. My mouth moves over his. My tongue forces itself deep into his mouth, only to leave again. I get off the bed.

He licks his lips, his body still jerks uncontrollably, as does his dick. I know he hears the sound of my footsteps, as I walk away. The door closes.

A while later, just long enough to heighten his expectations, the door opens and footsteps enter the room. Not just one set.

He gasps, straining to Kıbrıs Escort Bayan discern the movements. Feet press against his ribs and near his head. He dare not move a muscle, but give in to sheer excitement and anticipation of the pleasures to come. Another mounts the bed; between his legs.

My hands grasp his shirt. Cloth tears and buttons pop as it is ripped from his body. Shock and exhilaration hit him. He cries out, arching up slightly. His belt and zipper opened. A hand on either side begins to pull his pants down but the weight between his legs has gone.

I imagine what he must be thinking. How is she pulling them down? How can remove them yet put no weight on either side of me or the bed? Or — are there two of them? That would make four.

He jerks as cold metal touches his skin. Scissors slice through his boxers then hands tear them from him. I see his dick harden the thrills racing through him. I have him naked, his shirt in tatters. His dick stands up stiff, despite the trembling of his body.

Four hands run up his legs, fingernails drag Escort Kıbrıs against flesh. I lace my fingers in his hair. His nose wrinkles. His mouth and face are smothered by a pussy so sweet and soft he nearly comes. Groaning, regardless of the pain, his mouth hungrily clamps onto the musky flesh.

A hand squeezes his balls as another firmly grasps the shaft of his dick. Juices flow into his mouth and over his face. A warm, wet mouth clamps around the top of his dick. It throbs as two tongues lap and nibble; fingernails scratch and his balls are teased.

My whip stings his ribs. His body jerks, his nose jabbing into my pussy, his dick ramming into the mouths on him. He cries out in shock. He is fighting for control. Another hot mouth sucks his balls. I lash him again while I fuck his face and his dick and balls are devoured.

I am reaching my peak, clit rock hard and swollen, pussy dripping over him. The two lapping between his legs moan.

Arching, his head leaves my pussy and he cries out. His dick shoots cum into the mouths eating him, his juices dripping from them. I gasp and come over his face. A whiplash heightens his orgasm.

Exhausted, he collapses onto the bed. Footsteps move around him, a door opens and closes; then total silence.

At the end of the bed, I smile down at him.

‘Well sir, I hope you enjoyed your fantasy.’