Ashley’s Mix-up


Ashley was young but she was old enough to make her own choices. Even though she was twenty years old she still lived at home. Her parents required her to pay rent out of her regular job, however they never made her pay with the money she would get from babysitting. She was trying to get more babysitting jobs because of it. Her boyfriend on the other hand was not happy about this arrangement.

Mr. and Mrs. Harris had called her at the last minute to arrange for her to babysit their four year old daughter and two year old son. She wanted some extra pocket change so she canceled her plans with her boyfriend Josh and agreed to babysit instead. Josh was upset because they had planned to have sex that night and this was the third time she had canceled plans for a babysitting job.

In order to make it up to him she made plans for him to come over once the kids were in bed. This seemed to satisfy him for the time being. It had been 2 weeks since they had done anything sexually and they had yet to have sex. Both of them were still virgins and they planned to lose their virginity together.

Ashley decided to wear a sundress that was half way up her thigh. It was red and very form fitting on her slender frame. Her breasts were attempting to pop out of the top of the dress. She wanted to look her best for Josh that night. After all you can only lose your virginity once. She wanted to do it right.

She showed up to the Harris’s house early so she could figure out how the night would go. She knocked on the door and Mr. Harris answered. When he saw her his eyes widened and you could see a bulge starting to form in his dress pants. He cleared his throat and stood back to allow her in. He adjusted his pants to try to hide his erection behind her after she entered the house. Mrs. Harris came into the room to see him adjusting himself and smiled at him.

She turned to Ashley and greeted her warmly. “The kids have eaten and they should not be too much trouble to go to sleep. We should be out for a while so just watch TV or something to pass the time. Please do not allow anyone inside as usual.” she turns to Mr. Harris, “Are you ready Steven?”

He clears his throat again, “yes dear, let’s get going.” She grabs him by his hand and walks him out the door. Ashley immediately grabs her phone to text Josh. She tells him that she will let him know when the kids are asleep so he can come over. Her panties were already wet with anticipation. She watched the kids as they played squirming impatiently until it was their bedtime.

Once they were asleep in their beds she text Josh again to let him know it was safe to come over. She also made sure he knew not to park outside and to come in the backdoor which she would leave unlocked. She asked him to join her in the shower when he got there.

She went to the shower on the far side of the house. The one closest to the backdoor was off limits because it was in the master suite. She got undressed and jumped in the shower. It was not long before she heard him climb in. Her face was covered in water so she got down on her knees and turned him around to get to work. She rubbed his balls and slid his dick in her mouth. He sighed with pleasure. He seemed larger Kartal Escort in her mouth than he ever had in her hand. She had never given him a blow job before so she didn’t know what to expect.

He put her hand in her hair and helped her know what he would like. He kept a steady speed as he fucked her face. She couldn’t keep up because of her inexperience but she tried her hardest to do the best job possible. She didn’t realize how much of her saliva was dripping out of her mouth onto his balls because there was too much water and it was washing it away.

He increased the speed and pushed farther into her throat. He gagged her slightly every time he thrust into her throat. It made her throat tighten on his dick which drove him to fuck her mouth even harder. She massaged his balls with one hand and played with her clit with the other. She was moaning loudly as she got closer to her climax. He grabbed a fistfull of hair and thrust his cock deep into her throat as he came.

She swallowed all his cum and thanked him for cuming in her mouth. Then she heard, “Ashley?” that was not Josh’s voice. Her heart started to pound as she looked up at Mr. Harris. Her voice was shaking as she next spoke “what are you doing home so soon?”

“Well after that tempting dress you wore earlier I couldn’t stand to stay out long. Heather and I came back early to get a shower together. If we are in here then where is she?”

“Oh shit!!” Ashley replied. She looked at him seemingly more scared than before. “Well I was expecting you to be my boyfriend. So if you guys planned on a shower then they must be in the master bathroom shower!!” She turned around and bent over to turn off the water but before she could turn it off she felt hands grabbing her hips and pulling her back. She felt him pushing up against her and she pulled away from him.

“Mr. Harris!! What do you think you are doing??” He stopped for a second and pulled away from her.

“Seeing as you already serviced me it is only fair if I return the favor. Anyways you presented yourself to me so what did you expect me to do?” he pulled her back to him as she tried to stand up and deny him access. He pushed her on her back to keep her from standing up.

“Please Mr. Harris I am a virgin still. I am supposed to lose my virginity to Josh. We are going to lose it together. Please just let me have sex with Josh so we can lose our virginity together.” He continued to push her on her back to stop her from standing up.

He rubbed his cock up and down her lips with the other hand. Her pussy was dripping with water and juices. He pushed slowly towards her and her lips opened to accept his throbbing member. Just before he entered he pulled away slightly and pushed back towards her. She struggled against him trying to get away. She moans unwillingly as he teases her opening. She leans slightly into him and then remembers to fight against him.

“I promise you if he is in there with Heather then he is no longer a virgin.” Her heart dropped as she heard this and she started to cry. He pushed himself into her opening as she struggled against him. With a slight nudge he popped her cherry easily. “There you go Ashley now you are even Tuzla Escort with him.” He continues to ease himself into her. She stops fighting him and just cried as she was bent over for him to use.

He started to pump into her faster as she stretched to accommodate his large dick. Every stroke he stretched her more and more. Soon she began to enjoy it as well. She pushes back against him every time he thrust into her. She soon started to moan instead of cry. Her breath was heavy as he pounded into her pussy that was so recently virgin. Her pussy was so tight on his cock because she had so little that had ever been inside her before.

She moaned louder as he pounded her harder. She pushed herself into him faster. He felt her tighten even more around his dick as she felt something like fireworks exploding in her every nerve. Her body slowly relaxed and as she tried to catch her breath she asked him “W-what” she heaved, “the” she could only get one word out between each moan. “fuck…was…that…”

He smiled to himself. “That is everything you have been missing out on. That was a true orgasm.” He pounded her faster as he tried to quickly get her to reach another orgasm. Her moans soon turned into screams. Her tight pussy made it hard for him to last long. He pounded her even harder as he finally released his load inside her.

He milked his cum into her newly fucked pussy. He was still hard as he pulled out of her. She turned off the water and climbed out. She wrapped a towel around herself and Mr, Harris did the same. They walked together in their towels to the master bedroom. By the sounds coming out of the bathroom Mr. Harris was correct in his assumption.

She turned to him with new passion in her eyes. “You know what fuck him.” She climbed on the bed and pulled Mr. Harris on top of her. She kisses him deeply and spreads her legs willingly for him. His cock was still ready for more action. He slid his cock up and down her lips again to wet it with her juices. She whimpered for him but he did not let himself put his cock inside her. He slowly teased her pussy lips. He watched her eyes roll back into her head. Her breath was heavy.

She pushed herself toward his dick but every time she did he would pull away from her not allowing himself inside of her. “Please fuck me. Please. I want your dick inside me again.” He still continued to tease her pussy. He slid his head inside her and as she pushed against him he pulled away from her and out of her pussy. As he did this they heard the water shut off.

He whispered to her, “If you want it so badly beg me for it in front of Josh.” She whimpered but nodded her head to show she understood. The door opened behind Mr. Harris and Mrs. Harris entered the bedroom with Josh right behind her.

Ashley looked at Josh in the eyes and then looked straight into Mr. Harris’s eyes. “Please fuck me Mr. Harris like Josh never has.” With that he slid his dick inside her pussy fast. Heather knew she could not object to it after what happened with her and Josh in the master bathroom. Steven pounded into Ashley again and her breathing started to become heavy again. She looked straight into Josh’s eyes as she moaned to Steven. Anadolu Yakası Escort

Heather pulled Josh into her and kissed him deeply as well. She pulled him by the hand to the bed as she bent over it next to her husband while he fucked Ashley. Josh walked up behind Heather and pushed his hard dick inside of her as if it was something they had done before. Steven was pounding Ashley hard enough Josh barely had to move to fuck Steven’s wife. Every thrust Steven made moved the entire bed making it so Josh’s dick was also thrusted into Heather.

Ashley and Heather moaned together as they were both fucked. Ashley started getting louder as her orgasm began to build. It was obvious that Josh’s inexperience was having a negative effect on Heather and her ability to orgasm.

Heather looked at Steven, “Steven please fuck me so I can orgasm.” He looked down into her eyes and continued to fuck Ashley even harder. Josh tried to make Heather orgasm as well but he was not able to like Steven was with Ashley. “Fuck fuck fuck fuckkkkkk” cried Ashley while Steven brought her to another orgasm. Her screams filled the room.

“Please Steven let me orgasm as well” she begged him as he continued to fuck the babysitter instead of her. “Please please pleaseeeee I will do anything for you.”

Steven looked at her and said, “fuck him and make him cum inside you then after they are gone you will get fucked by me and I will cum in your pussy as well. However if you cum for him you will have a price to pay.”

Josh pounded into her even harder knowing that he was going to be allowed to cum in her. His breath was heavy. Heather began to get louder as he fucked her harder. She whimpered with pleasure. It was obvious she was enjoying herself more than before.

Steven pulled out of Ashley and had her turn over on her knees. He entered her from behind this time. She moaned loudly as his dick went back inside her. He slapped her on the ass. “Ashley do you enjoy my cock more than Josh’s?”

“Yes, I do. Your cock is much larger than his is.” He slapped her ass a couple more times and then she came hard on his dick. The juices from her pussy splashed onto Josh and Heather as well. This sent Heather over the edge into a screaming orgasm. As she orgasmed she tightened on Josh’s dick. He did not have the save resilience as Steven so the tightness made him cum as soon as she orgasmed. He pumped into her until his cock did not have any more cum inside of it. He pulled out of her and Steven looked at Heather.

“Be a good girl and clean your juices off his cock for him.” Heather obediently. She took him into her mouth and started licking her juices off of him. After a couple minutes of this he got hard again. “Now look what you did. You made him hard. You better finish him off again with your mouth this time.” Again she obeyed him.

He turned his attention back to Ashley as Heather sucked Josh’s dick. He slapped her ass repeatedly until it turned a bright red. He reached down and flicked her clit and sent her into another orgasm. He continued to pound into her. Her screams were still filling the room. She continued to orgasm on his dick. Behind them he heard Josh cum into his wife’s mouth. He then released his load into Ashley again and pulled out his dick.

“Go ahead and get dressed Ashley. We will call you the next time we need you to babysit. Heather come here and clean off my dick for me before we start.” Josh and Ashley both got dressed and left the house together.