Asexual Virgin Tries Sex Ch. 01


Layla: An Asexual Young Woman Tries Sex…and Ballbusting, with the help of her roommates

I: Her Curiosity

Layla was 25 and asexual — as she’d been telling her two roommates, Kait and Jasmin, for the past two years. At first they didn’t believe her and thought she was just afraid of dating or sex. “It’s OK to be a late bloomer,” Jasmin said. “I mean, twenty-five is pretty old to be a virgin, but it’s nothing to be ashamed of, sweetie.”

“I’m not ashamed of anything,” Layla insisted. “I told you, I’m just not interested in sex.” And this was true: for as long as she could remember, she simply had no interest, zero, in romance, relationships or having sex. When some of her friends had started having sex in high school, she couldn’t even imagine doing that. She hadn’t even kissed a man until she was seventeen, and it just felt sort of slimy and weird and unappealing to her, even though she thought that guy was nice and smart. Then all through college she didn’t have sex. She went on a few dates, feeling at times embarrassed or worried by her lack of interest, but when she was with a man she couldn’t muster up the least bit of interest in having sex.

The most she’d done was let a guy touch her breasts, which felt to her like being at a doctor’s office, and not very fun. That night, he’d urged her to go further, trying to unbutton her jeans, but she pushed him off and left the fraternity house quickly. After that, she never went on another date for the rest of her college years. She just studied hard, getting a degree in Biochemistry, and planning to go to a PhD program after college. Layla did have friends, and a nice social life, and overall she enjoyed her college years very much, developing strong mentee-mentor relationships with two of her professors, both of whom wrote such stellar recommendation letters that she was accepted to UCLA’s PhD program.

Now about halfway through the program, she was living with two roommates, who were also her closest friends at UCLA. They’d connected through needing to share an apartment and became friends, Layla liking that they were fun and pushed her to do more than just stay in the apartment and study. Kait was getting a Master’s degree in Social Work, and Jasmin was a senior, majoring in Art History, though she was already 24 because she’d taken two years to work in art museums in Europe before starting college. Both Kait and Jasmin were deeply impressed at how studious and intelligent Layla was, and how she always seemed to have good pragmatic advice. Kait considered herself bisexual, though she leaned toward men, and Jasmin was straight.

For a while, Jasmin suspected Layla was gay and calling herself asexual to avoid admitting that. Layla even wondered that herself and one night, watched some lesbian porn to see if sparked any sexual or romantic feelings in her. It didn’t, though. It was sort of interesting to watch, because Layla had had no idea what gay women did in bed, but after ten minutes, she felt bored and guilty that she was wasting time that could be spent reviewing new biochemistry articles that had been published. “I mean, I knew I wasn’t gay,” she told Jasmin later that night as they brushed their teeth. “I do like guys and think a lot of guys are cute. And nice. Like Markus.”

Layla was referring to another PhD candidate, studying molecular biology, that she often saw in the labs and would chat with, about science and academia, and also politics and music and movies and traveling, since Markus was an avid traveler whose lifetime goal was to visit every country in the world. “I just don’t have any interest in having sex with those guys.” Indeed, she never thought about Markus that way, never flirted back when he’d made some attempts to flirt with her, back when they first met, or wondered what it would be like to sleep with him. He was just her friend, nothing more.

“What about having kids?” Jasmin asked. “I mean, it’s not the only way, but having sex is the most efficient way to do it.”

Layla shrugged. “I don’t want kids. I’ve never wanted them.”

Kait came into the bathroom and sat down on the toilet: they were all comfortable with each other. “Are you guys talking about sex?”

“Or the lack thereof,” Jasmin laughed. “In Layla’s case, at least.” Jasmin herself was almost always dating at least one guy, usually more than one, since she’d broken up with her long-distance boyfriend last year.

“So wait,” Kait said, standing up and washing her hands. “Have you never had an orgasm?”

Layla blushed briefly. “No, I have. From–you know, doing it myself.” She did masturbate, but very occasionally, usually when she had insomnia and thought orgasming would calm her down enough to fall asleep.

“OK, good,” Jasmin said. “What did you think?”

“It’s OK,” Layla answered. “It doesn’t feel bad. Honestly, it’s not something I think about very much.”

A few months passed. One night, when Layla and Kait were in the bathroom together, Kait noticed a pale blue container Şerifali Escort of birth control pills that she knew weren’t hers or Jasmin’s. “Oh my god! Layla! Are you having sex?”

“What?” Layla asked, still flossing.

Kait pointed to the pills.

“Oh,” Layla said. “No. I’ve been having really bad cramps, so my OB-GYN prescribed them to see if it helps. And it does, actually. It keeps my periods regular, too.”

“Oh. Well, good.” Kait seemed disappointed. “Look, I don’t mean to belabor the point, or invalidate your sexual orientation, but… you really aren’t curious to have sex? Even once? Just to see what it’s like? I mean, it’s such a basic human experience.”

Layla kept flossing and didn’t answer for a few seconds. It was a timely question, actually, because recently Layla had indeed been feeling a little more curious. Jasmin was “seeing” a new man, and a few weeks ago, Layla had overheard her telling Kait about sex with him. It’s not that Layla was “turned on” by hearing about it–she’d never been turned on by anything in her life–but something did pique her curiosity. Maybe not much different than if she was hearing someone talk about skydiving, or snowboarding, and she’d feel curious about what it was like to do those things. Or in high school when she tried marijuana because she was curious after hearing one of her friends talk about how cool it was to be high. (Layla herself had only felt tired and disoriented from smoking pot, and had never done it again.)

“I’m sorry,” Kait said, touching Layla’s shoulder gently. “I shouldn’t have said that. You have a right to whatever choices you want to make. I guess it’s just hard for me to understand what being asexual is like.”

“No, it’s OK,” Layla replied, throwing the used floss away. “And actually, recently… I have felt a little curious, I think. I mean, I know I’m asexual, I’m not saying I feel desire to have sex or date guys. Just some curiosity. To see what it feels like. I guess it’d be silly to always wonder.”

Kait looked at her friend in surprise. “Are you serious?”

“Sure. It’s not a big deal, it’s not like I’m obsessing over it or anything. I’ve just been a little curious.”

“Well, we could probably help you out,” Kait said.

“I mean, I’m curious what it’s like to have sex with a man,” Layla said.

“I know,” Kait laughed.

Now that the idea was out in the open, the three roommates developed a plan over the next few days. Layla said Yes, she would have sex, just once, and Kait and Jasmin said they would help her make that happen, safely and comfortably. When Layla kept insisting she didn’t want to go on dates — she just wanted to experience what men and women did when they had sex — Kait made the bold suggestion that she and Jasmin be there for the event. “We can help you through it, make sure everything goes well and you have a full range of experiences. I mean, if you’re only going to do it once, might as well do it all and do it right, right?”

Jasmin seemed reluctant at first, but then agreed. “I mean, we’re all comfortable with each other. And we can make sure that nothing happens that you don’t want to happen.” She was a little worried herself about the petite and totally inexperienced Layla being alone with a man.

“I’m not doing anything with–you know–my butt,” Layla said. “It’s gross.”

“Sure,” Kait said. “I like anal, but that’s my preference. A lot of women don’t like it. You definitely don’t have to do that.”

The conversation shifted on to what man Layla might want to have sex with. “Maybe Markus?” she proposed. He was, at least, a man she liked and felt comfortable being around. And from a recent conversation with him in the lab, she knew he was single. And Layla might be asexual, but she wasn’t oblivious that he liked her and was attracted to her.

“OK, that could work,” Kait said. “But it might make things weird between you two.”

“Why?” Layla asked.

Kait and Jasmin looked at each other. “I mean, sometimes sex can do that,” Kait answered. “But maybe not.”

“Well, I’d rather do it with him than some random guy,” Layla said. “But it could be really awkward to ask him. Because he’ll think I like him — you know, like him — and all this is kind of hard to explain, I guess.”

“Why don’t you let us handle that?” Jasmin said.


“Sure. What are friends for?” Jasmin asked for Markus’s phone number and put it in her phone. “So when do you want to do this? Are you on your period?”

Layla shook her head. “No, it ended a few days ago.”

Kait nodded. “OK, we’ll talk to Markus and let you know.” She put her arm around Layla and smiled. “Are you excited?”

Layla shrugged. “I don’t know. Whatever. Anyway, I have to get back to studying.”

II: Markus Gets Interviewed (thoroughly)

Jasmin had texted Markus and asked if they could stop by his apartment to talk about something important. He had met both of them a few times, but they had never reached İstanbul Escort out to him directly. “It’s about Layla,” she had texted.

“Is she OK?”

“Oh, yeah. It’s just something that’d be better to talk about in person.”

Later that night they stopped by his one-bedroom apartment. Jasmin immediately thought Markus, a tall, slim white guy with a beard, looked kind of cute, even a little sexy, in his track shorts and sweaty t-shirt. “Sorry,” he said. “I just got back from the gym.”

He offered them some water and then they sat down on an old futon of his. “So…what’s up with Layla?” Markus couldn’t imagine what might be going on, or why Layla’s roommates had to tell him about it, instead of Layla herself. The only idea he had was that maybe Layla was sick, or depressed, and her roommates needed him to help her in some way. He was quite startled, then, when without further ado Kait asked if he knew that Layla was asexual.

“Asexual? Well, no, not exactly…” Markus thought of all the times he’d tried to flirt with her and how she’d been totally non-receptive. “But I guess it makes sense, now that you mention it.” He’d never known an asexual person, and tried to wrap his head around the idea of anyone having no interest in sex. That was not him, for sure: he had a lot of interest in it, but since his breakup last year, he hadn’t had much luck with dating. And when he got busy with his studies he preferred not to spend time on dating apps, anyway, and just masturbate, which he did very regularly. “But why are you mentioning it? Did I offend her or something? Is she upset at me?”

“No, no,” Kait answered. “Actually…she might be interested in having sex with you.”

“Wait, what? You just said–“

“I know what I said. And this isn’t anything romantic or even sexual, strange as that sounds. It’s just that she’s curious about what sex is like, physically, and wants to try it, just once. And when she was thinking about who to do it with, well, your name came up, as someone that she feels comfortable with, and that will act respectfully.”

Markus looked puzzled and sipped some water. “So, she doesn’t actually like me? I mean, like me–“

“No,” Kait said. “Not like that. She’s just interested in having a one-time sexual experience with someone. A man. And you’re a candidate.” She feigned getting up from the futon. “Unless you’re not interested. That’s fine. But in that case, we don’t need to take up any more of your time.”

“No, wait,” he replied, hastily. “I am interested.” Markus was trying not to betray just how much he was interested and not seem overeager. But yes: however it happened, whatever the reason she wanted to: to get to fuck Layla? Hell yes. And in a way this weird proposition was ideal, because he wasn’t sure he even would want to date her for real. He was so busy with his PhD program, and he never felt like he’d gotten to know Layla well enough to be confident he’d want to be in a relationship with her. But no doubt he was physically attracted to her. A lot. Her serious, intelligent face, with her big eyes and small upturned nose. Her petite body. Her natural blond hair, very straight, and so light it was almost white, matching her wispy blond eyebrows and–he had to stop himself from licking his lips right in front of Kait and Jasmin–probably her pubic hair.

He’d never been with a woman with a natural blond bush. Unless maybe she shaved. Either way, he’d have no complaints. And he’d finally get to see her breasts: Layla tended to wear baggy shirts, making it nearly impossible to see how big her breasts really were, and what shape they were. Her ass, too… Not even to mention that it seemed like she was a virgin! Markus nearly licked his lips again, thinking of how tight her pussy must be. He’d never fucked a virgin before; in fact he had sex for the first time when he was 21, rather late to the game. Layla, though! An asexual! What a prize! What a rare treasure her pussy was!

“I thought you would be,” Kait said, breaking into his reverie, which he realized was probably so transparent to the two women that he might as well have put captions under his face.

“So, when does she want to do it?”

“Not so fast,” Jasmin put in, thinking of the discussion she and Kait had had on the way over to Markus’s apartment. “We said you’re a candidate. We need to go through some things first, and if we don’t approve of you, it’s not going to happen. Layla trusts our judgment. Got it?”

“Um–sure,” Markus replied. “What kind of things?”

“Well, first of all,” Jasmin went on, “since Layla is new to sex, she might seem reluctant or slow at times, or tell you to stop doing something. But that’s just fear or nervousness talking, right? I mean, she’s agreeing to have sex with you, so you’d just keep going, right?”

He raised his eyebrows, thinking that he was in a PhD program for molecular biology. Did they think he was stupid or something? “Are you serious?” he asked. “Obviously if she tells Ümraniye Escort me to stop doing something, I’d stop. It’s all about consent and her being comfortable.” He deliberately added that hammy last sentence, because why not beat them at their own game?

“OK, good.” Jasmin smiled. “And we need you to get an STD test and show us the results. Will that be a problem?”

Markus shook his head. “That’s fine.”

Kait stood up. “All right. Fair enough. Text us when you have the results.”

“Hang on,” Jasmin said. “There’s one more thing.”

“There is?” Kait asked, looking at her friend curiously.

“How big is your dick?” Jasmin asked Markus.

“Um, what?” he replied.

“Jasmin, what–“

“Well, I was just thinking,” Jasmin interrupted. “This is Layla’s first time. And I don’t think she should have to fuck some monster dong. It’ll be too painful for her.”

Kait nodded thoughtfully. “That’s not a bad point. I mean, a monster dong would be painful for me.” She looked over at Markus. “Well?”

He chuckled. “You flatter me, but sorry to say, I don’t have a ‘monster dong,'” he said.

“Well, how big is it?”

“I don’t–I mean, just normal size, I guess.”

“Show us,” Jasmin said.

“Are you serious?”

“Look, we’re going to see it anyway. I told you, we’ll be there, helping Layla. So who cares if we see it now? I mean, you want to have sex with her, right?” Jasmin said that in a tone that implied Markus didn’t have much choice in the matter at hand.

He looked over at Kait, who shrugged. “We are going to see it sooner or later.”

Markus sighed. “All right. Whatever.” He took off his track shorts, and then, after a moment of hesitation, his boxer briefs. His penis dangled down, flaccid, in front of a broad thatch of dark brown pubic hair.

“Yeah, that’s normal size,” Kait said, estimating to herself that his dick was about 4 or 5 inches long. She looked over toward Jasmin. “That should work.”

“Well, wait, though. He’s not going to fuck her soft.” Jasmin nodded toward Markus’s crotch. “Get it hard, dude.”


“Jasmin…” Kait said, shaking her head.

“Oh, fine, if you’re going to be a baby about it.” Jasmin suddenly strode toward Markus and took hold of his cock, starting to stroke it. He looked startled, and squirmed for a second, but didn’t move away as she gave it a few soft pumps, then fondled his balls for a second. He grew hard rapidly, and Jasmin nodded in approval. “That’s not bad, dude. It’s not super long, but thicker than I expected.”

“Um, thanks, I guess.” He was starting to breathe heavier as Jasmin continued to stroke him.

“I want to really test the size,” she said, surprising both Markus and Kait as she pushed down her yoga pants and panties, bending over the back of the sofa. “Put it in, Markus.”

“Jasmin!” Kait cried out.

“What?” she asked. “I want to see how it’ll be for Layla. Markus, is it so bad if you get to fuck me, too?”

He didn’t think so, and quickly recovered from his surprise to step toward Jasmin and line up his cock with her pussy, which he noticed she kept shaved, though there was a triangle of dark stubble. He was beyond elated at this incredible stroke of fortune. He’d worked in the lab and then gone to the gym and had come home, thinking he’d do some reading or watch Netflix. He never imagined he’d be getting to fuck Jasmin–and soon enough, Layla!

“Wait,” Jasmin said. “You didn’t do the STD test yet. You got a condom?”

He said he did.

“Well, go get it!”

He rushed to his bedroom and came back in less than five seconds. While he was gone, Jasmin rubbed her pussy, sticking a finger inside to test if she was wet, which she was. Markus put the condom on quickly and then, again, lined up his cock with her pussy. By now it was clear her labia were swollen and she was eager to feel him inside her.

As this happened, Kait just watched, her eyes wide, not knowing what to say. She knew her friend was sexually aggressive and not especially modest — in the apartment, she’d masturbate (and fuck guys) loudly, knowing that Kait and Layla could hear her through the thin walls — but Kait still couldn’t believe how forward Jasmin was being now, though Kait also couldn’t bring herself to think there was anything wrong with that. And it was kind of hot, watching Markus slide his cock into her, easily, making Jasmin moan. “Fuck, that feels nice,” she said. “You’re a good size. Go ahead, let me see your technique.”

Markus’s “technique” was simple: to thrust slow at first, then fast, then faster, as he gazed down happily at Jasmin’s ass. He normally was not overly quick on the trigger, but it had been a couple days since he’d jerked off, and the novelty of this strange situation, fucking almost a stranger, in front of another stranger, overcame him, and after three or so minutes, he grunted loudly and came, pumping semen into the condom as his cock pulsed inside Jasmin’s pussy. “Fuck…” he moaned, slumping over against her back. “That’s fucking hot.”

Jasmin was still turned on, and started rubbing her clit — but then stopped. “Actually…since you came so fast, you can help me cum, now.”

“Oh–sure,” he said, reaching down toward her pussy.