A Lesson In Nappies

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Author’s Note: A nappy is just the British name for what, in the US, is called a diaper. I am sure that is common knowledge, but I just thought I’d mention it here to avoid any confusion on the subject.

All people and educational institutions named in the story are purely fictional, and are not based on reality. Any similarities to reality are coincidental.

A Lesson In Nappies

Chapter 1

Sophie Ridgewell stood in the supermarket looking at the vast array on offer with wide open eyes. She could hardly believe there were so many brands offering the same product, just under different names. Obviously there was high demand for such things, but until now it had not occurred to her there would be such a variety of options available.

She turned her head this way and that, letting her eyes roll over the different colours and designs of the packs. All were working hard to grab the shoppers attention, yelling at them to “buy me, buy me,” so much so that the message was so garbled, Sophie could not settle on which one she actually felt was best.

Things were further complicated by the differing quantities each pack held. Should she buy a pack of twelve? Twenty-four? Thirty-two? How was she expected to decide which would suit her needs if she couldn’t even figure out how many she’d need in the first place? It was a nightmare.

Why did the simple act of buying nappies have to be so damned difficult?

As she stood in indecision, Sophie couldn’t help but think back to just an hour ago. That had been the real start of this nightmare. She could feel the knot in her stomach, just remembering the anger smoldering in Mr. Jones’ eyes as he yelled at her in front of everyone in the class.

All she’d done was ask to be excused to use the bathroom, how was that worthy of the humiliation that had followed? All he’d needed to do was nod, then she’d have quietly slipped out of the classroom and been back without causing any disruption to anyone a few minutes later, after she’d peed. But no, Mr. Jones had just stared at her, his cold grey eyes blazing hatred at her as she’d made her request.

Sophie felt like crying, even now, as she remembered all the rest of the student’s eyes turning to look at her with amusement when Mr. Jones had yelled at her to go, but that she should think about investing in some Pampers, because if she ever disrupted his class by requesting to use the bathroom again, he’d have her thrown off his course in a heartbeat.

The embarrassment and humiliation she’d felt had been overwhelming. Her cheeks had turned crimson red as the muffled laughter had begun amongst the other students, and she’d not dared lift her eyes off the floor as she scurried as fast as she dared with such a full bladder out of the room.

In the bathroom the tears had come. Sophie had sat on the toilet, her pee flowing as the built up pressure subsided with blessed relief, and cried in great racking sobs. She could hear their laughter still, in her head it had followed her all the way.

Long after she’d finished, Sophie had still been in the cubicle, her eyes streaming and heart pounding. She couldn’t afford to be kicked off her Advanced History course. The fee for it had run into the thousands of pounds, had had to be paid upfront, and was nonrefundable.

She knew Mr. Jones had been serious about kicking her off his course too. He had built up a monsterous reputation amongst the students through his twenty-three year career of teaching at Milborne as a man who didn’t make idle threats. If he said it aloud, you damn well better believe he meant every single word.

Of course that had left her with a dilemma. Sophie knew she couldn’t risk ever raising her hand in Mr. Jones’ class and request a bathroom break, but she didn’t have enough bladder control to ensure it would never happen again. Just in the last month she’d had to leave class to pee three times after all. Maybe that was why Mr. Jones had finally gotten to the point of humiliating her so publically.

Why did her Advanced History class have to be the last of the day? If it was earlier there wouldn’t be an issue, but it fell right around that time when her body was in most need to expel all the fluids she’d drank whilst walking around campus from class to class, and with her dinner. It was so unfair. Sophie had been about to break down in tears again when Mr. Jones’ suggestion, made to mock and belittle her in front of the whole class, suddenly surged into her head.

She cast her gaze over the vast array on offer again now, as she stood in the supermarket aisle that housed the baby and toddler products.

Was she crazy to be doing this? How could she even entertain the idea?

Sophie reminded herself, not for the first time in the last hour, that she was twenty-one years old. Yet here she was seriously contemplating not only buying a pack of nappies, but wearing one to class tomorrow. It was surely insanity to even entertain the thought, but in her current state Maltepe Escort of desperation she could come up with no better options.

“Can I help you, Miss?”

The voice from behind her caused Sophie to jump and spin around. She had been so lost in her own thoughts she’d not heard the footsteps getting closer.

“Erm… I’m not sure,” Sophie said, feeling her cheeks redden all over again as she realised the person who had surprised her was actually a middle aged woman, who judging by her uniform worked for the store. She had an easy smile and bright eyes with the first start of wrinkles around the edges. Somehow, to Sophie, that made it feel more embarrassing to be talking to this lady. It was like talking to her mother.

“Are you looking for anything in particular?” The woman asked politely.

Sophie hesitated before she said anything. She didn’t think she could bring herself to ask for advice, not on something like this. Yet what other choice did she have? She didn’t even know where to start when it came to nappies, at least this woman would have some knowledge, after all it was her job to sell these things.

Feeling her cheeks burning, she did her best to compose herself, taking a deep breath and trying desperately to think of a way to broach the subject that wouldn’t reveal the truth that she was shopping for herself.

“I need some nappies,” Sophie said feebly, realising this was going to be harder than she thought. “And I’m not sure which are the best.”

“I see, well that’s no problem. Why don’t you tell me about your needs and we’ll see if we can pick the most suitable brand. Are they for a baby, toddler or older child?” The sales assistant asked. She gave Sophie a reassuring pat on the arm and waited patiently for the young woman to compose herself.

Sophie felt a surge of relief rush through her whole body. The sales assistant had said they made nappies for older children, that made things much easier. She knew they made them for adults, but there hadn’t been any she could find in this supermarket.

“They are for my younger sister, she has been having trouble with wetting the bed,” Sophie lied.

“Oh dear. Well, how old is she?” The lady enquired pleasantly, offering visible no judgements much to Sophie’s relief.

“She’s thirteen, but about my size,” Sophie said, holding her breath as the other woman nodded and looked at her for a moment, visually measuring her waist, before turning her attention to the myriad of products on the shelves.

Her heart was pounding and she could feel the heat rise in her cheeks, knowing they were flushed only serving to make her feel worse. She couldn’t help but think this woman secretly suspected there was no sister. Those thoughts made Sophie want to run, get out of there and just forget this whole horrible experience, but she was too far down the rabbit hole now.

“I think these would be best. Size 7 are the biggest size we stock, and they are extra absorbent which should mean she can sleep through the night without any leaks if she has an accident,” the sales assistant smiled as she pulled a twenty-four pack of Huggies Dry-Night pull-ups off the top shelf and handed them over.

Sophie took them and looked over the packaging. There was a girl looking around eleven or twelve years old smiling happily on the front. It suggested the product was designed for someone much younger than herself, but she didn’t consider that would be an issue, so long as she could get them on it would be fine.

“Thank you so much,” she said with a gratefulness that she couldn’t hide, feeling so delighted to actually have gotten through that conversation more easily than she’d dared hope.

“My pleasure, and believe me, your sister has nothing to feel ashamed of,” the sales assistant lady said with a broad smile. “Is there anything else I can help with?”

“No, this will be it, thanks,” Sophie replied. She’d been grateful, but what she really wanted most right now was to just buy the nappies, get home fast and run into her bedroom where she could be alone.

She quickly walked away towards the checkout counters, carrying the nappies under her arm. There was no need to worry, all it looked like to the other shoppers and staff who saw her was a young woman buying nappies for her child. Only Sophie knew it would be herself who would be wearing them. Of course that didn’t mean she wasn’t terrified that everyone would somehow be able to read it on her face, like she’d written her intentions in black marker on her forehead.

Thankfully there was no queue, and the girl on the checkout – no older than Sophie herself – was too bored with the job to even make any small talk as she scanned through the Huggies and took payment. That was absolutely fine with Sophie, the last thing she wanted was to talk about nappies with someone her own age. If she didn’t talk about them ever again with another living soul she’d consider it a good thing.

“Have a nice day,” Anadolu Yakası Escort was the only words the checkout girl offered as Sophie pushed the nappies into a plastic bag after paying for them.

“I’ll try,” Sophie mumbled in reply, although in truth she was dreading the next few hours. With that she left the supermarket in a hurry and rushed home.

Once in the safety of her own home some forty minutes later, Sophie finally felt a little more comfortable. At least now she wasn’t constantly feeling like people were giving her funny looks, or whispering behind her back.

She dropped the pack of nappies onto the kitchen table like they were a bomb, and stood looking at them for a minute, trying to build up the courage to actually do something. On the bus ride back from town, Sophie had tried to think what she needed to do step by step.

First thing, obviously, was to open them up and check the size. That should be the easiest thing of all, just pull one out and take a look, yet Sophie just couldn’t seem to bring herself to even do that. It felt like tearing open the packaging would be the first step on a journey she couldn’t turn back from once it had started.

“For fuck sake, this is ridiculous,” Sophie said aloud, feeling foolish after spending another minute just looking at the package sat there.

Without thinking any more, she tore the top of the plastic packaging open with her nails, smiling satisfactorily as it ripped easily. There was something cathartic about the act, in her head she imagined it was Mr. Jones she was tearing at. That helped a lot. His words kept flitting across her thoughts, his stern face flashing in her head.

With the first step taken, Sophie felt better. She didn’t hesitate this time, maybe if she did she’d lose her courage.

She reached into the hole she’d made and grabbed one of the contents. It felt odd to her initial touch, sort of smooth and cool, unlike anything she’d felt before. It was clearly some kind of flexible plastic derivative that coated the outer layer, intended to prevent any fluids seeping through.

Yanking out the pull-up she had been rubbing her fingers over, Sophie held it up and took a long, keen look. She’d hoped that it would be a bland, neutral, block white colour. Mostly it was, however the Huggies brand had made these particular nappies for pre-teens and to appeal to them, they’d added a few decorations.

Sophie felt a sudden surge of repulsion as she turned the nappy around in her hands, looking at the front and back, and realising that whilst most of it was white in colour, there were pale pink accents and more humiliating than that, pretty flowers and smiling teddy bear faces all over. There was no mistaking that these nappies were intended for children, not adults.

“Oh my God,” Sophie groaned as she looked in horror at the images.

To try and distract herself from the humiliation she felt looking at the outer decorations, Sophie slipped her right hand inside the nappy, rubbing her palm over the lining of it. She was surprised at just how smooth and nice the padded and absorbent material felt on her skin.

She felt a momentary sensation of intrigue as she caressed the lining. Just how good would that feel pressed up against her crotch? It felt amazing on her palm, much better than she thought it would, and she could only imagine how it would feel rubbing on her sensitive lips, or better yet her clit, as she walked.

Suddenly she caught herself thinking such things and felt embarrassed. There was no denying she’d strangely enjoyed the idea, so much so that Sophie had even gotten a little aroused. She chastised herself for it mentally, but not too much.

Trying to push those feelings of arousal aside, Sophie turned the nappy around again in her hands, then opened the waistband up to see how big it was and if she’d be able to actually put it on. For the first time she noticed the crinkling sound the material made as it was manhandled. It was so loud, distinctive, and hard to miss.

Much to Sophie’s surprise, the elasticated waistband stretched much more than expected when she slipped her hands inside and pushed them in opposite directions. Looking inside, the leg holes were possibly going to be a little tight, but was that really a problem? She thought not, it would be no different than wearing swimwear she reasoned.

Of course there was only one way to find out if the nappy would actually fit or not, and that to try one on. It was the next step logically, that was what Sophie told herself.

She felt nervous about the prospect. That was a big step and Sophie wasn’t sure she was ready just yet, so instead she started to run her fingers over the soft inner material again.

It felt really good, even more so than the first time. It was silky, and when she pressed her palm onto it, the padding moved and molded slightly to contours of her hand. Once more that set off new and pleasurable thoughts in Sophie’s İstanbul Escort head, and she imagined her cunt caressed by that softness.

An involuntary shudder passed up her spine, and she felt a tingle begin in her crotch. She’d never felt anything like it before, nor thought she would feel such a way in relation to such a taboo thing as wearing a nappy as an adult. Until now Sophie hadn’t even entertained the idea it could be anything other than humiliating, but as she let the invading thoughts and feelings grow inside, she was finding a strange fascination in the idea.

What harm would it do to try it on anyway? She was alone in her own place so nobody would know. Besides, if she couldn’t even put a nappy on privately to see if it actually fit, how would she ever dare to wear one in class?

Sophie felt a sudden rush of perverse excitement as she justified what she was thinking to herself. The embarrassment she’d felt whilst buying the pull-ups was now fading away. There was still that lingering feeling deep inside obviously, but it was starting to get slowly replaced by new sensations, pleasurable and oddly arousing ones.

She briefly contemplated if she should just get on with it here and now, but decided her kitchen wasn’t the best place to strip off. It would feel more natural in her bedroom, if there was anything natural about this whole affair.

As she hurried up the stairs, Sophie couldn’t help but squeeze the nappy in her hand, hearing the material crinkle. It was strange how just that sound was starting to have an effect on her. Somewhere in the back of her mind she associated it with feeling safe and loved.

Once in her bedroom, and not giving herself time to hesitate, or let the doubts get the better of her, Sophie quickly dropped the nappy onto the bed and undid the button on her pants before she pushed them down her thighs, allowing them to rumple on the floor at her feet. Next it was time for her knickers to go the same way.

Sophie stood naked from the waist down in her room. She could feel the air touch her cunt like a soft kiss on the wetness that slicked her fleshy folds. She realised just how aroused she’d gotten at that moment, her body had responded much differently from the start than her mind had to the prospect of what she was going to do, it seemed.

Her eyes fell to the nappy on the bed and the nerves came back resurgent. Those teddy bears and flowers made her feel dirty, yet now it was mixing with her budding arousal and creating a potent mix that was both pleasurable and scary in equal measures. It was that combination of knowing something is wrong, but knowing you’re going to do it anyway, that produces such a heady intoxicant.

Sophie felt her heart pounding and she took a deep breath, steeling herself as she prepared to take the next step. Thinking about it had been one thing, actually doing it quite another. Even though she was nervous, Sophie couldn’t deny – even to herself – that she was also feeling more and more aroused at being so naughty.

Biting her lower lip, Sophie grabbed the nappy and stretched the waistband again before she turned around and sat her bare arse on the mattress of her bed. She sighed as she felt the familiar softness of the sheets on her naked skin. It felt good.

Not allowing any time to talk herself out of it now she’d come so far, Sophie brought one foot up and slipped it through the leg hole of the nappy. She quickly followed the same process with the other foot and pulled the Huggies up to her knees before she put her feet on the floor and pushed herself off the bed so she was standing again.

“Oh my God,” Sophie whispered as she looked down at the nappy half away up her legs, her hands preventing it from falling back down. This was the moment of truth she knew. Either pull it up and her life would go one way, or let it drop and it would take another route.

Closing her eyes, Sophie straightened her back and pulled the nappy up.

Instantly, the first thing that Sophie realised when the Huggies was fully on, was that she’d been right in thinking that her thighs may be a bit thick for the holes in the pull-ups. It wasn’t too bad, but they certainly were tight on her flesh.

“At least I won’t have to worry about leaks,” Sophie said aloud to herself, trying to make light of this whole situation. She smiled despite herself, the absurdity of what she was doing making events seem unreal and comical.

The next, and more important, thing that came to her attention was just how fucking good it felt now that soft, absorbant material that lined the nappy was pressed against her crotch. When she’d rubbed her hand on it she’d marveled at the sensation, now she was experiencing it on her cunt it was a whole different ball game.

Because the pull-up wasn’t made for a woman her size, but rather someone smaller, it clung to her body more firmly as it was stretched by the curves of her round arse, putting pressure on her sensitive flesh.

“Holy fuck,” Sophie groaned as she moved her hips a little, feeling the pleasure of her moist lips against the bulky padding. Even the feeling of it on her arse cheeks was unexpectedly exquisite, the way it caressed her warm skin with its silky-smoothness making her shudder.