Uncle’s Whisper

Big Tits

Now I am defiantly not an expert writer, but I do pride myself in saying I always go A’s for English writing. I am nineteen years old. Not that you would think that after conversing with me. I have long red hair and green eyes. I am not the skinniest of girls. But my weight doesn’t bother me nor does it affect my sex life! I stand at 5,47 and have huge DD to E breasts. All and all I say I am a hot chick based on many comment given to me but the men around me. To say I am a good girl is a lie. I love sex and sleep with men many years older than me. Even in their 40’s and I have a fetish for married men. It all started when we received many guests at once. My uncle arrived from the south and was going to sleep in my sister’s room and grandparents came from city over and they were staying in my room. So my sister and I were sleeping in my mom’s room. My mother’s room was insanely cold due to the A/C and like an idiot I didn’t think to get a blanket to cover myself up as I slept on the floor on the mattress. Needless to say I froze my ass off! I could do nothing but endure the cold all night. The next evening after a BBQ we were all heading inside and to simply make conversation I said to my uncle how cold istanbul travesti I was the night before. Now my uncle is very attractive 44 year old. He is a married man and has 3 children with her. Of which the oldest, my cousin, is one year younger than me. My uncle is also a devoted Christian and has done missionary work for as long as I have been alive. But I am not an idiot and I know he sleeps around with women when he leaves town on business. In a way, cheating turns me on in such a bad way. As I was saying before, I was telling my uncle how cold I was the night before. And as the kind man he is he said I could sleep in his room with him. No in my head the gears are going into overdrive! What did he mean by this? I kind of shook it off as him being my kind loving uncle. And to be honest I think his intentions were pure. So that night we were on his bed trying to connect his laptop to our wireless internet, but it seemed the button was broken and we could find a way to get it to connect. He went for a shower leaving me to try and sort it out. When he returned from his shower he was only in jockeys, I pretended not to care and was trying really hard not to look at istanbul travestileri him. He is tall, handsome and half naked!!! It was hard. So we tried for about another 10 minutes to set up the laptop but he had fallen asleep. So I closed it and got up to turn off the light and left the door ajar not to make it seem weird that I was sleeping next to my uncle behind a closed door. I lay back down and he asked me to close the door so that the dogs would not come in. I did what he asked but he didn’t know I had put the dogs out for the night but I like sleeping in darkness so I didn’t really complain. I got in bed and fell asleep in a very uneventful way. Through the night we had rolled around and he was facing me and I am the person who likes to spoon no matter who I’m spooning with. So I turned my back to him and scotched in real close and whether he did it consciously or not he pulled me close and put his arm around me. I was so happy at that moment. He’s had was lying over mine and our fingers were interlocked. I liked being held and feeling safe. I pulled him closer to me and cupped my own breast with his hand over mine, his fingers resting on it. Now I was still travesti wearing my cloths, denim shorts and cute top so I felt a bit over dressed compared to my uncle who was in jockeys. But nothing I could do about it. I was secretly hoping that he had a hard on because of me but I could not tell because he was not pressing his crotch against my ass. But I kind of fondled my breast with his had involved too. In my wildest dreams I didn’t think anything would ever really have happened. Was just like a fantasy I was blowing out of proportion. Then the next moment my uncle turned me over on my back, but I didn’t know if he was sleeping or not. So I’m lying there half asleep, horny as hell and to make it worse my uncle had moved our interlocked hands from my big luscious breast to my crotch. Now I was about to go crazy and rape my uncle it he messed with me anymore, whether it be conscious or in his sleep! The next moment my uncle whispers in my ear, “Hey, I can’t have sex with you or touch you but if you want, you can touch yourself. I don’t mind it you do that ok. You can touch yourself. Ok?” I was naturally in shock by what he had said. Coming from my uncle of all people! But I also became wet instantaneously. I couldn’t speak but nodded my head and muttered, “uhh huh”. I must admit I was not sure what to do at that point. Because I like a guy who is in charge and lets me know what he wants. So with his hand still resting over mine on my pussy lips over all my cloths, I rubbed down hard.