Oh What a Night!

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My girlfriend Vanessa is beautiful, sexy and a Transsexual. This weekend she felt like going into NYC to hang out, dance, drink. Since she knew the NYC club better than me, I was ready to go.

Our first stop was Lucky Changs, for dinner and drinks. They have a lot of drag queens who are really good and look great as well. We were having a great time teasing and being teased by the entertainers. Vanessa decided, its time to go dance, so we hit the next spot which was hoping. I had never been there before and that’s when Vanessa says, its where she used to go hang out because that’s where a lot of Transsexuals go.

I am dating a Transsexual so I have no problem hanging out and having fun! After a few drinks and getting hot and sweaty from dancing, Vanessa asks me if I am having fun and I tell I am. She then asks me, if I’d like to have some more fun but she has this sly look about her, so I ask her, what are you getting at?

She asks me if I would be into having a threesome tonight? Without missing a beat I said of course. But then I remember, shit, Im not getting two women, well, I am but with two cocks! Vanessa brings over Mari, tall, built and very sexy!

Vanessa tells us to go dance, have fun and get to “know” each istanbul escort other. Mari had on this skin tight dress that showed off her awesome curves. I look at the bar and see Vanessa motioning me to pull Mari closer. So, I get behind Mari and start moving and Mari backs her beautiful ass right against my crotch and I am getting hard! She turns around and says, seems as though someone is excited and I said, can you blame me! We are working up a sweat and Mari says, lets get a drink, I grab her hand and walk her to the bar. Her and Vanessa go to the bathroom and when they come back, Vanessa says, we are going to Mari’s.

The three of us hop into a cab and we head to Mari’s place. Im sitting between the two of them, when I feel Vanessa and Mari start kissing my neck. i put my hands on each of their legs and I am slowly rubbing them. My cock is so hard and I just want to feel a warm mouth on it but suddenly we are stopping and are at Mari’s place.

We head inside and Vanessa says for me to do whatever she says and I obey. She tell me to kiss Mari and we start making out. Mari has a LONG tongue and I can feel it in my mouth and I start sucking on it, which is making her crazy. My hands are feeling are firm ass. escort bayan Vanessa tells me to stop and take off her dress. Mari turns around, I unzip her dress and let it fall to the floor. Mari is standing their with just her panties on, so I cup her breasts and start rubbing my thumb over her nipples, which are now hard while kissing her neck. I then start rubbing her nipples, when Mari reaches behind and starts rubbing the front of my pants and can feel my hard cock.

Vanessa then tells me to take off my clothes, which I couldnt get off quick enough. When I am naked, she tells me to get on my knees and take of Mari’s panties. I do as I am told and when I pull Mari’s panties down, Vanessa says start sucking! I do as I am told and I can feel Mari’s uncut cock getting bigger and bigger and bigger. Im gagging because the thing is fucking huge good 10″.

While Im busy gagging on Mari’s cock, Vanessa has undressed and is standing right beside Mari. Mari and Vanessa start kissing and I start to suck on my Vanessa’s cock. Suddenly I find myself holding two cocks and taking turns with each one.

Vanessa tell me to get on the bed and lay on my back, which I am eager to do. With that Vanessa and I are in a 69 and I Kartal escort am finally feeling a warm mouth sucking my cock! While we are 69-ing, I feel gel being applied to my ass, I know whats coming and want to feel Mari’s big cock in me. Suddenly I feel the head push inside and Mari slowly working that big cock into my ass. Im moaning while I have Vanessa cock in mouth, it hurts but soon I can feel my ass being pounded. Vanessa rolls off of me, so we can watch Mari fucking my ass. I wrap my legs around her and start pulling Mari into me. Mari tells me she is going to cum and Vanessa says cum. With that I feel her hot cum filling my ass. Vanessa says how was that, I look at Vanessa, roll her over and tell her I need to fuck you right now. I lube up her ass, my cock and I slide it right in. All this teasing has driven my crazy and I just want to blow a huge load.

I feel Mari behind me, grabbing me ass and pushing me into Vanessa. Then I tell Mari, lube yourself up again babe. She lubes up her cock and I tell her to fuck me at the same time. Her I am fucking my girl and getting fucked again by Mari. That was all I could take, I blew the biggest load of my life!

We spent the whole night fucking each other! Vanessa then told me that Mari is one of her best friends and she had told her all about me. Because I had been so good to her, Vanessa wanted to give me something to remember, that we could do anytime we wanted to.

I looked at Vanessa and said, I am so glad your my girl!!