Afternoon Delight


As always, the slight apprehension and nervousness was in my stomach as I rang the doorbell. My heart thumping in my chest as I hear your footsteps approach. Trying to tell myself to relax and breathe.

I was there to fix a couple of things around the house. That’s the story I was using if anyone asked. My heart skipped and my mind snapped out of the lost thoughts as the door opened. My eyes widened and my body warmed seeing you standing there. Wearing a thin white short house dress with subtle accents and designs. With the dress hanging loosely from your shoulders, I immediately could see that you weren’t wearing a bra. As I took more of you into my sight, the dress ended just above your knees showing just enough of your great legs and bare feet.

“Hi, I’m glad that you could come over. Come in.”

“My pleasure, anytime.” I say as I pick up my tool bag walk in. My little voice in my head saying, ‘Oh what a pleasure it will be.’

Watching you close the door, I follow you walk into the kitchen. I take this time to really gaze at you. The smell of a fresh shower and hint of perfume, the way your dress flows as you walk and the anticipation of what is to come, has me getting aroused. I’m definitely feeling the pressure in the front of my jeans.

“Would you like some iced tea?” you ask. “That would be great, thank you. It’s already getting warm.” I say with a smile and wink.

You giggle and I catch you take a quick glance at my crotch as you turn to pour the glass of tea.

“Care for some sugar?” you ask.

“Please, I like it sweet, like you.” I respond smiling.

Another little giggle from your direction. More pressure in my pants.

I set my toolbag down as you hand me the glass. Coolness in my hand helps to relax the pressure. There’s idle conversation about each other’s recent activities and small talk as we both drink our tea.

“Would you like to sit down at the table?” you ask.

“No. I want to stand so I can look at you.” I respond. Making it obvious looking you up and down. I notice you blushing. I smile at the reaction. Finishing the last of my tea, I set the glass on the counter and walk over to you.

“I see that you wore something comfortable, like I asked. Very good.” I said. Taking the glass from your hand and setting it down, I take both of your hands and raise them to my face. Feeling your hands on my face fills my body with warmth as my heart races. Taking your finger into my mouth, I begin to slowly suck your finger in and out of my mouth. My tongue swirling around, up and down enjoying the tease. I can’t take it anymore, I want to replace your finger with your tongue. I reach over and pull you close and kiss you. As our lips meet, my mouth opens and my tongue probes. Resistive at first to my advance, but then to my pleasant surprise your mouth opens, our tongues meet and start to dance. Deeper, more passionate the kiss as our tongues swirl. Breathing increased, small moans emanated from both of us. After a minute, I break the kiss and look deep into your eyes. I can see the uncertain but also the wanton desire.

“It’s time. You are mine now.” I say to you as I step back. I see you unconsciously look down at the bulge in my pants. “Take me to your bedroom.” I command.

Watching you walk down the hallway, I admired your ass again as I have every time I was around you (you know the times ;P). As we enter the bedroom, I see the chair placed that I requested. I tell you to have a seat in the chair facing the wall and don’t move. With a slight caress along your cheek, I walk over and reach into my “tool bag,” I remove a blindfold, gag ball and earplugs. Coming back to you, you look up at me with confusion and apprehension. “Relax and trust me” I say, as I reassure you, giving you a quick kiss on the lips. “I don’t want you talking, now open up and say ahhh,” as I insert the gag ball first and adjust it.

“Now, I don’t want you to hear what I’m doing, so put these earplugs in.” I hand you two soft foam earplugs and watch to make sure you insert them properly. “Can you hear me?” I say to you half joking.

Then the final piece, the blindfold so you can’t see what I’m doing. Standing behind you, I place the blindfold gently across your eyes, lightly stroking your hair clear. With the blindfold tightly secured, I caress around your neck and up to your face holding your head in my hands comforting you with another kiss on the top of your head. I watch you sitting there for a couple minutes, admiring the sight. You are mine now. It comes to

mind, I grab my phone and snap a few pictures. Then I get to work preparing for what’s next.

Every now and again, I’ll gently touch your bare skin and watch you flinch as I smile with a slight devilish grin.

After spending a number of minutes preparing things, it was time. I go to you and gently raise you out of the chair to your feet and slowly walk you to the edge of your bed. With you just standing there, I strip what’s left of my clothes off. Having taken my shirt off already, Kartal Grup Escort now was the arduous task of getting my pants off over my stiff cock. Having a slight giggle to myself as my rigid member bounced around when freed.

Now myself being completely nude, I come up behind you led by my protruding manhood. You jump at my touch as I run my hands over your body, feeling you. I can feel the goosebumps on your arms as I take your left arm back and your hand to my cock. You instinctively wrap your fingers around its shaft and squeeze softly. I let out a gasp but audible only to me. I feel your hand slowly start exploring, the head, the hole now oozing precum, down the shaft to my balls. The touch of your fingers is amazing. My cock twitching as you go.

Only enough allowing you to know that I’m aroused, I remove your hand from my throbbing cock. I ease you onto the bed, stripped of the covers leaving just the sheets. Guiding you onto your hands and knees to the center of the bed, I get you into position. With subtle movements, I get you positioned lying face down and spread eagle on the bed. Still wearing your dress and with your senses muted, I pull one foot over to the side and attach an ankle restraint. I can feel you tense up but give you a tap on the back of your leg to remind you…You are mine now. After attaching the restraints to your hands and feet, I get behind you and lift your hips upward and back. Sliding a couple of firm pillows under you, I now have your head angled down with your beautiful ass up in the air. I leave the bed and take you in. What a wonderful sight. Again, I don’t miss the opportunity for a few pictures.

Oh yes, one last thing before the fun begins, I open the vertical blinds and sliding glass door to the backyard. I want any neighbors that may be outside to listen if not get a peek. I step outside and take pictures of what you look like if your neighbor just happened to peek over. You in your thin white day dress, on your knees, face down, bound, gagged and blindfolded. I almost blew my load taking the pictures. My cock stiffly bounced around and a shiny string of precum oozed out and attached to my leg as I walked back inside to the bed.

As much as I wanted to just take you right then, I couldn’t. I didn’t want to be selfish. I’ve jerked off many times thinking about this to be done in two minutes.

Time to begin. First out of the tool bag is the feather duster. Slightly modified to only having a couple of feathers left, I began with your hands and arms. Slowly caressing up and down. Your skin raised with goosebumps, an indication of the desired effect. Every so often I see you flex your fingers when I touch over a sensitive spot, bringing a smile to my face and a twitch of my cock. Feathers across the side and back of your neck, get you to release a muffled moan and tense your arms. Yes, you are mine.

A light touch to the bottoms of your feet make you writhe against the restraints, eliciting muffled noises, as a grin appears on my face. Next with the ankles, I worked my way up your legs, taking the feathers up and down the back of your sexy legs and thighs. And don’t forget that sweet spot behind your knees. The scent of sexual excitement begins to fill the air. Now you are beginning to moan more. The feel of running my hand up and down your thighs, smoothing the goosebumps, makes me moan out loud. Lifting the bottom of your dress up and over your ass reveals an amazing sight. My heart thumping in my chest as I gaze upon your round ass cheeks spread by your bound legs. Your sex swollen, the hair matted by your excitment. I lick my lips at your arousal. I feel more precum flow from my cock hole wave after wave. I look down and see it literally pulse out and slowly drip down to the sheet.

Taking the feather duster back up your thighs to your firm ass cheeks, you quiver and I hear you moan again through the gag. Your pussy lips slowly open revealing your wetness glistening from the light of the open door. Another blissful moan from me as I run the feathers across your ass. You cry out as your pucker hole flinches. You wiggle your ass as more wetness flows from your pussy. Such a beautiful sight.

Back to the bag, I pull out scissors. Normally used to cut bondage rope, now to cut your clothes. Another slight flinch as I drag the metal scissors up your arms. Underneath the right shoulder strap, snip. Across your shoulders to the left shoulder strap, snip. Then from your shoulders down your back, snip, snip, snip all the way down to your ass. Your dress now falls away leaving your body naked for me.

I didn’t think my cock could get any harder, but I feel it strain and pulse as I retrieve my favorite from the bag. Something I know you shied away from any other time it was just mentioned but now you don’t know it’s coming. Laying naked and tied upon your bed, three of your senses inhibited, a mischievous smile comes across my face. You are mine now, as I begin.

Slowly drawing the thuddy purple and black leather flogger across Kartal Manken Escort your hand and up your arm, letting you feel the soft leather tails slide up and fall around your shoulder and neck. Across your head, letting the tails softly fall around your face. I continue to caress your upper body with the flogger tormenting you with pleasure. Inch by inch, I pull the flogger down your exposed back. The tails fanning out like a wave streaking down right over your ass and off, then back upward to your neck and off. The goosebumps are visible all over your body.

Waiting, I build the anticipation of what may be next. After a minute, I start from your feet, again dragging slowly up your legs letting the soft leather tails wrap over your legs. Sliding up your thighs and across your ass and pussy. I see more evidence of your arousal and my cock twitches again as another glob of precum oozes out the head, it’s such a wonderful feeling. I continue to drag the flogger back and forth across your back. Then on the last draw, I pull the flogger up and drop it on your back. Seeing your body flinch at the new sensation, I repeat. Drawing down your back and then dropping it. Soft slapping sounds begin to fill the room. After a few times, I notice that you’re not flinching anymore.

So you’re getting accustomed to the feel? Ok. With the next draw, I pull and with a swing, THWACK! The fan of purple and black leather slaps your back with a thud making you jump. Dragging back down your back, and THWACK! I’m so turned on by the sight of you strapped down and the sound filling the room, my heart is racing, my body is filled with warmth and my hardness is bouncing with each swing. After a couple of times down your back, THWACK! The leather lands across the back of your legs, 24 soft fingers wrapping around your thighs with a little sting. After each leg gets it’s deserved attention, a nice soft drag over your head and down your back, mixing the sensations. I can see your breathing has increased, is it from excitement or apprehension? Now is a good time to open your senses, as I remove your earplugs.

“Remember, you are mine. Everything about you is mine.” I whisper in your ear.

Raising the flogger and THWACK! The thud echoing in the room. Again, THWACK! This time across your ass making you quiver and moan. More wetness is dripping from you.

“You should see the way you look, spread out across your bed. You’re such a slut.” I call out. “If only the neighbors knew you were like this.” THWACK!

“Just think everytime you walk to the mailbox, the women would look at you with disgust. But the men would get hard knowing you’re that kinky bitch.” THWACK!

“But, I know you secretly like being that kinky slut. Always dropping the innuendos when you’re around others.” THWACK! “You like being that tease don’t you? Just look at you, You’re dripping wet.”

With that, I succumb to my raging desire, dropping down and burying my face between your legs. Your wet matted hair all over my face as I take in your sweet scent. Like a thirsty dog lapping a bowl of water, my tongue is licking the folds of your pussy. I moan out loud as my face is smothered by your wetness, probing deeper searching for more, my tongue is inside you. Wanting more, I find your clit. Flicking my tongue on your love button with the warm breath of an exhale, coaxing. Rolling my tongue and pressing against you achieves the desire I need as you grunt and moan, releasing more sweet nectar.

Wet slurping sounds with occasional muffled moans from us both, now fill the room. I reach up with both hands grabbing a cheek and spread you wide allowing me full access. I run my tongue around your fresh rosebud. Another loud muffled moan emanates around the room. “Ahhh, you like that? You are a kinky slut!” I say from behind you. A couple more teasing licks around your taboo area and then, THWACK across your ass, the leather fingers trace your skin. I’m now so ravaged by lust I can’t take anymore.

Somehow within the fog of lust, I had the presence of mind to pick up my phone and take pictures. Oh what beautiful pictures. You’re still laid out, your skin streaked with red lines from the flogger. Your pussy and ass glistening in wetness. Such a wanton slut that needs to be taken.

Wait, not yet. I climb on the bed beside your head. As I’m unbuckling the gag ball, I say, “Do you know what kinky sluts do? They suck cock. Now open your mouth.” As I removed the gag ball, my rigid cock took its place.

“OH FUCK!’ I moaned out loud. I almost blew my load instantly. Your warm mouth drenched my cock. Having the gag ball created so much saliva it was spilling out the sides of your mouth and running down my shaft. I picked up my phone and took more pictures. There you are, so sexy yet being so slutty with my cock in your mouth. Then after a few moments I felt it. I felt your tongue dancing around the head. Then licking the underside, teasing the sweet spot. I slowly start thrusting just seeing how much your slutty mouth could Kartal Masöz Escort take. Your tongue coaxing me further, oh my God, I can’t believe this is happening. My hands in your hair as I hold your head and slowly slide all the way in. I can feel your nose touch my pelvis, as my balls contact your chin. Pure heaven.

I felt that familiar feeling deep within me. After only a moment of extraordinary bliss, I knew I couldn’t take much more. I took quick pictures from just about every angle I could find. Not easy when my eyes are half closed from the best feeling I’ve ever had. It would be a miracle if any turned out half decent.

Slowly withdrawing my cock under protest from every ounce of my being, slipping from your mouth with an audible pop, your tongue flicks out for one more taste.

“Mmmm, so good.” You say, as your mouth is finally free.

“Yes, it is!”

While getting off the bed, I lean down and kiss you. Our tongues instantly dancing passionately. We both release a muted moan. Breaking our kiss, I slide off the bed and prepare myself. Not only mentally by not wanting to cum in the first 30 seconds after such exquisite oral bliss, but also trying to get the thinnest condom you can buy on my rock hard cock.

Approaching the bed, I again took in the magnificent view that I’ve been fantasizing of for years. That wonderful ass of yours I’ve admired in jeans and dresses everytime I’m around you. Your sexy legs that I’ve only seen bare by count of one hand. All those laughs and flirty comments turned into moans and the slutty position I have you in now. No one would believe it. I really couldn’t believe it.

I climb up the bed behind you, my mind still fogged with lust, I take my cock and drop it between your ass cheeks and let it rest there. Letting you feel the weight, heat and stiffness. You say something inaudible. I stroke your thighs feeling your tight legs. I trace my fingers down your back still slightly red from earlier, down your ass and cup my hand on your mound. Feeling your heat, I run my fingers through your hair and rub your clit as your hips meet my pressure, another moan fills the room from your mouth. Slowly spreading your lips, my fingers have no problem slipping inside you. Deep inside they explore feeling around in your love tunnel. Slopping sounds now combine with the moans in the room. My fingers covered by your excitement. So sexy.

I rub your rosebud with my soaked fingers as you stiffen by the surprise.

“OH!” you exclaim with both excitement and apprehension.

“Just relax, and breathe.” I reply. “You are mine!” I say as I stroke my cock with your juices and position the head at your opening.

With one hand on the small of your back, the other guides my cock. We both call out, “OH FUCK!” in surprise euphoria. As soon as my cock head entered your opening, it was sucked inside. So velvety smooth and warm. Your pussy enveloped me like a warm blanket. All the way balls deep on the first thrust and just held there. I can feel you spasm around my cock as you cry out in pleasure, your body trembles. My cock involuntarily twitching in response.

“Oh my God, you feel amazing!” I exclaimed.

“So do you!” You say in labored breath, “Fuck me!”

With no further words of encouragement, I start pulling out and sliding back in. Slowly at first wanting to feel every little bit of you. Your pussy is sopping wet and can feel your juices running down my balls. Grabbing your hips, I start increasing the rhythm. Slapping sounds are now mixed with the sloshing sounds in the room. My balls are hitting your clit sending shockwaves through your body.

“Oh fuck! That’s it, fuck me!” Your voice husky with lust.

“Oh yes! You’re so fucking hot!” I return.

“You like my cock in your pussy don’t you!” I call out purposely, as I remembered the door being open.

“Oh…yes! Your…cock…feels….amazing!” Breathlessly in between poundings.

“You like being a cock slut, don’t you!”

“Yes, I do!”

“Not good enough. Say it! Tell me!” I command you.

“I LOVE BEING A COCK SLUT!” You yell out.

Just then I take my hand and spank your ass. SMACK Heard in the room. Then spank your other cheek. SMACK again echoing with the moans and groans.


SMACK, on one cheek, SMACK on the other. Seeing your ass wiggle both from the pounding and spanking is getting me closer to the inevitable. My balls are dripping and the feeling of them high and tight, slapping your clit is amazing. With your pussy gripping my cock with each thrust, it’s getting me close to sending me over the top.

I adjust my angle higher to go deeper and start hard deep thrusts. Both of us grunting from the pounding. I can’t remember when my cock has ever been harder. It’s like a hot steel rod protruding from me.

I start driving harder and deeper with determined energy, sweating and panting, trying to catch my breath.


I reach up and grab your shoulders for more leverage. While at the same time pushing them down to the bed. Another angle adjustment that seems to favor you as you again cry out in pleasure. The sounds in the room are amazing. All the moaning, groaning, grunting, gasping for breath, bodies slapping is pushing me close.