Alice and Her Daughter Amy Ch. 06


Chapter 6

Torment Training for Alice

A sexually sated Ted and Hellie left Amy in her bedroom that evening. Amy had not been tied out on the bed as she frequently would be. Instead, Hellie had made her lie on a GYN examination table and opened up her pussy with a spreader and placed several things in her small tight cunt. The first thing was one of her special c-balls. The “C” could stand for cunt, cock, come, or cum equally. The consistency of the c-ball was much like dough, slightly less rigid than clay but certainly more solid than liquid. It was composed mainly of a Chinese herb similar to Gen Sang, a notable metabolism enhancer, except this herb Gen Su enhanced all aspects of the sexual process; it stimulated sperm production in males to nearly three times its normal level, it increased the lubrication process in the female and at the same time made the female extremely horny, and on both genders it sensitized the nerve endings so that the entire body surface became an erogenous zone and the usual erogenous zones became torturously sensitive to any form of stimulation. The Gen Su was accompanied by two electrically powered ben wais balls. Over a 12 hour period, the Gen Su would slowly liquefy and infuse its insidious effects on the teen ager’s libido while the two balls would create within her pussy stimulation so strong that she would be crying out for release by morning. She was released from the GYN table and told to put on a tight thick pair of latex panties to keep all three balls buried in her churning pussy. To add to her sexual torment, two nipple vibrators were secured to her nipples and her hands were secured to these in such a way as to require her to fondle her tits thus ensuring that her own hands would add to the hell fires within her over sexed body without being able to move toward her yearning cunt to relieve her own need. Ted and Hellie each kissed Amy good night before shutting the door to Hellie’s bedroom for her to sleep. Then it was on to the dungeon and Alice.

Tina, on orders from Hellie, had already taken Alice from her “guest room” cell and led her to the real dungeon. Alice stared around the large room with a combination of anticipation, horror, and dread, but mostly arousal. Tina helped Alice strip and sat with her as they awaited the Mistress, as Tina called her, and Ted. It was not a long wait.

When they entered the dungeon, Alice could see that they were both sexually worn out by the extreme limpness of Ted’s always semi erect dick and sag in Hellie’s walk. She also noted the twin hideous looking bite marks on her breasts at the aureoles. She shuddered at the thought of the pain those bites had caused the woman. By this time, Ted had sat down on a bench and motioned for Tina to come to him.

“Go get a c-pack for my dick and one for your mistress’s pussy.” When the girl got back from the small refrigerator Kartal Sınırsız Escort in a back corner, Hellie was sitting beside her brother on the bench. Tina knelt in front of Ted and began molding the lump of doughy looking stuff around his limp dick. The dick immediately began rising as Tina fondled it as she packed the stuff around it. It became as long and rock hard as Alice loved it. The girl helped Ted slide a jock strap made of latex up his legs and guided the large cup on its front up around his distended cock. The thick rubber of the cock pocket held two vibrators and a small heater that, in conjuncture with the c-pack, were guaranteed to have his sexual capacity back to normal (or greater) within an hour.

Then Tina moved to Hellie where she lowered her adoring mouth to the flaccid cunt lips and began licking them also. As the pussy became wet, Tina slipped the ball of doughy stuff into the well used slit and followed it with a short thick tampon. Then she stood and returned to Alice. “Put her onto the low GYN table and strap her in with her legs very wide,” Hellie instructed again. Tina did as she was told.

Alice watched with growing apprehension as Ted and Hellie rose and walked toward her holding hands. They stopped beside her and began speaking as if she were not even present. “Just how masochistic is she?” Hellie asked speculatively.

“She’s moderately masochistic if she’s not sexually aroused,” he answered. “‘I’ve been able to tie her and get her very hot by using low level pain and gradually raising the level as she became hotter. But I’m not even in your league when it comes to knowing how to use pain as a sexual stimulant.”

“The secret is to begin with sex. Get the slut to the point where she will get very hot for your cock, or my tongue in my case, and please her, make her come in buckets. The next time, get her to the launch point and introduce some specific painful action that you want to make her respond to, let’s say switching her tits. This might even make her cool down at first. If so, stop and start warming her up again with your cock or my mouth. Within a few days at most, she will remain hot as you switch her tits. The next level is to increase the pain and the sexual stimulation until she is forced to come while you are hurting her. The first time is the hardest one. After that it’s not too hard to increase the level of pain or even use other painful ordeals and still make her come.

The next level is to make her suffer through orgasm denial until she is willing to beg for the pain to have the orgasm. If she is truly a pain slut, as you think she is, she will soon be able to orgasm without the sex, only the pain. This may take a long time so you must learn patience.”

“I’ve already got her to t he point where she will orgasm while she is straddling my cock facing me Kartal Suriyeli Escort and I’m clamping her nipples or switching her tits,” he told his sister.

“Then all we need to do is get her mind to the point where she relates her orgasms to pain as much as your dick. We’ll do that by keeping her hot and torturing her at the same time but only let her come every other day. Tina, you, and I will each do her three or four times a day each of us using a different torture. We’ll have her begging for pain in a week or two.”

Hellie retrieved a pair of very painful nipple clamps to begin Alice’s training. They consisted of two small but strong spring metal arms each three inches long. A flat piece of steel measuring one half a square inch was attached to the end of each facing each other so that if the metal arms were compressed the flat surfaces would meet. Each square surface had several very short and very sharp needle-like protrusions on them. A one inch long bolt half way down the arms passed through a hole in one arm and into a threaded hold in the other arm. By twisting the wing head of the bolt the flat surfaces could be pulled in to touching and pressing very hard together.

She placed one clamp on Alice’s right nipple while Tina placed the other on her left nipple. They were just barely tight enough to hold them in place; at first.

Ted stepped up beside Alice’s head and leaned over and began kissing her. The kiss was long, slow, and steamy. As Ted’s tongue invaded her mouth Alice could feel the old familiar fires rekindle in her belly and breasts. As she began to warm, Tina’s lips and tongue gently began gently, almost lovingly, stimulating the nipples, which were already hard because of the cold metal clamps that were barely caressing them. After five minutes of Ted’s mouth on her’s and Tina’s educated mouth on her nipples, Alice was on fire.

Alice’s legs were firmly secured to the stirrup legs of the specially adapted GYN table. The stirrups could be manipulated in such a way as the woman, or man, lying on it, had their feet nearly up to t heir heads and their knees pointed straight out to the sides. Additionally, the edge where the secured person’s hips were secured protruded a good six inches past the edge of the table supported on the sides by the bars that held the stirrups in place. Alice’s feet were not nearly to her head, but were far enough back to force her knees wide and her cunt and ass open for Ted’s use.

As Alice felt Ted’s gorgeous cock slide slowly into her steamy wet cunt, Hellie’s lips closed over her own and Tina’s mouth continued to suckle at her nipples. Ted’s long slow strokes seemed to bring the pleasure of the Promised Land to Alice’s cunt. She would have loved to respond to his thrusts with her own reciprocal movements, but the tight strap over her lower abdomen prevented Kartal İranlı Escort her from moving her hips. Even her legs were completely immobile. She was to learn later that this was to prolong her sexual torture. Ted with his wonderful cock, or Hellie and Tina with exquisite vibrating strap-on dildos could bring her to the brink of orgasm, so close that a half inch of movement would tilt the slippery slope and let her slide down the orgasm slalom run. There, they would deny her that half inch of movement keeping her on the cutting edge of bliss without her being able to move and push her tortured cunt off of the sharp edge of denial.

Today, however, that was not on the menu. Pain yes, but denial no. For nearly 30 minutes, the two voracious knowing mouths and the cock she worshipped worked on her overcharged nerves driving her nearly mad with need. Then the pain started. As Ted continued to fuck her into blissful oblivion, Hellie began tightening the vicious nipple clamps. She could feel the tiny pricks of the needles even as the pressure of the closing clamps sent sheets of painful sensations through her breasts. As she screamed in pain, Ted would speed up his rhythm and pleasure would mute the pain and her screams of pain turned into guttural groans of anticipated pleasure. Three times this balancing act rocked her brain from pain to bliss ripping her senses into shreds where some of them fell onto the pile of pain and others fell onto the pile of pleasure. The two sensations actually reinforced each other making both of them feel like sharp deeply cutting razor blades slowly moving through her nipples as a lightning bolt of unbelievably sharp pleasure erupted in her clit and tore through the nerves of her body and mind.

Then the avalanche of orgasm fell, the volcano of violent pleasure erupted, and her mind blew into a thousand bits of hot blissful sensation. Oddly enough, some of those blissful points were made of pain. Or was that pleasure? Her mind gave up trying to separate the two and simply luxuriated passionately in the exquisite mixture of sensations.

As the single most intense orgasm of her life passed and her mind once again began to sort out thoughts and feelings, a scream of pure pain began building deep within her abdomen and working its way up through her stomach, lungs, and eventually out of her mouth as her nipples once again took on an identity of their own.

Hellie smiled in satisfaction as she very slowly unscrewed the clamps releasing the torturous pressure on Alice’s nipples. It took nearly two minutes for the clamps to loosen enough for Hellie to remove them. By that time, Alice was sobbing like a new born baby who had missed its last two feedings. Hellie leaned over close to Alice’s ear and said, “Now I know that Ted is right. You really a closet pain slut. Don’t worry dear girl, I am going to unlock that closet, pull you out into the light of day, and elevate your desire for and reaction to pain so that it is the central focal point of your life. You will be my pain whore. I will rent you out to my friends and you will beg them to torture you so you will feel the orgasms that only pain can bring to you.”