Under Indian Skies

Double Penetration

Under Indian Skieswe had agreed to meet in panaji, where i pick up up from the airport. we take a cab to drive us to the lodge i had booked for myself just off anjuna beach. it is low season, monsoon days towards their end, so its not too crowded. just right for us. as soon as we reach the lodge we go to my room. i toss ur luggage in a corner and turn to u. my dick has been hard non-stop since i woke up, and you’ve been dripping wet ever since u boarded ur plane. without saying a word, we teasingly slowly take off each others clothes piece by piece. when your skin comes into view i start breathing more deeply as my blood level in my veins is giving way to the hormones, largely on account of the blood massing up in my now even harder cock. i cant stand it any longer and just rip the clothes of your body. before the shreds of your shirt hit the floor my mouth is on yours, and just seconds later your nipples are in my mouth. my tongue frantically licks all over your beautiful breasts. meanwhile i undo your bottom half so i can reach ur pussy. you stop me from going there as you want to get me totally naked asap. within minutes you have all my stuff flying thru the room and smile at my anticipating cock. without hesitation you kneel and take it deep in your mouth. god, this is divine! eagerly sucking my cock goed in and out your mouth. alternatingly, your suck an dlet your tongue run up and down the full length of my shaft. you have by now discovered that there is a sensitive spot to the front, just a few cm down from the top and you hesitate not to give that some extra attention. meanwhile, your fingers softly tickle and caress my balls. i can control myself no longer and toss u on the bed. i crawl onto you, and without esenyurt escort taking the time to think of a fun position i just pump my cock into my pussy the moment i get a clear view of it. we both have our eyes closed as i thrust my dick in hard and deep. the bed squeeks from our wild sex but theres no other guest to hear. after a few minutes i pull back and give you the licking youve been begging me for during our first few fuck strokes. ur cunt is as slippery as if a cup of ghee has been poured over it. i make sure to lick every sq mm of it. then i attack your clit. it takes you no more then 20 seconds to reach your climax. as i feel ur tummy muscles contract, i change my tongue for my finger and keep on rubbing ur button while i let my cock plunge back in your soft warm and wet hole. your climax rapidly comes as i fuck u with my dick n fingers at the same time. just when you cum, my climax arrives without any notice. i can barely keep my sitting position between your legs as i shoot my load in a few tsunamis of cum deep inside of you. the thought of cumming together gets us instantly so hot that our orgasms suddenly turn deeper and last longer. feeling your strong inner muscle milk every last drop out of me is beyond description. this is heaven.after this we lie on the bed for a while, panting. we rub each others private parts and kiss a bit. i then move down to ur slit to watch my cum seep out. i decide to lick up the first large drops that come out and then french kiss you. after this, we turn into a sweaty and steamy 69. we keep rolling on the bed like this for about 10 mins when u suddenly cum again. your hips move in all directions and im having trouble to keep my tongue at ur clit. avrupa yakası escort after some time we shower to get the sweat of. all other juices had already been carefully licked off our bodies.we then go down to the aangan, where the swimming pool is. we were surprised to see no other guests, but then agsain its low season. so we appear to have the place to ourselves. we lie down on the sun beds that we have shoved togehter. it doesnt take long before we start touching each other. mintues after that our swimwear floats in the pool, and here we are, in our secluded area under the bright blue skies of goa. you roll on top of me, your belly on mine, your beautiful boobs on my chest. as you start to slowly kiss me my dick gets hard. when you feel it is up again, you shift your body half beside mine, on legs still pulled up a bit on my tummy. then you slide down in such a way that your pussy takes my dick in eagerly. you are again soaking wet, and still slightly widened from our wild fuck just before. slowly you start making riding motions while we kiss intensely. eyes closed, just the sensation of your hot bodies, slippery now from the sweat.suddenly we hear a noise, and notice that one of the servants is looking at us from accross the pool. we just smile back. she stands there, motionless, neither coming towards us nor going back inside. we decide to get a bit brutal. you make me sit at the edge of the sun bed, facing our servant girl on the other side of the pool. she still stands there motionless, not knowing how to react. you make me lean backwards, supported by my arms stretched out slightly beside me. you walk around the sun bed, anadolu yakası escort hips shaking a bit. you stand before me, facing the servant. i enjoy the close up view of your beautiful ass and kiss it. you then pud your legs beside and outside mine, and bend ur knees so ur body slowly lowers down to my flag pole. with your legs spreading more and more and ur pussy still soaking, you slide over my dick with no problem at all. you also lean slightly back now, and move your hips up and down so as to fuck me with deep long slow strokes. you catch the girls gaze and just smile at her. she blushes and runs back inside. we dont know wither, but shes probably gonna use whatever object she can find to fuck herself big time. the extra tension of being watched is just the little extra we need to cum. my second cum has a little less fluid than the first one, but is maybe deeper and more intense. i cum screaming hard, not caring if the servant or anybody else can hear me. you just keep your hips bouding on mine, and i respond by fucking you back in opposite motions. i feel my cum drip down my balls and we keep on shagging. within minutes i cum a third time. i now beg you to go off my dick. i want you to sit on my face and gently lick my dick which is now sligtly sore from our rough fuck. you better lick it off gently… with your pussy in my face i start licking. your juices and mine have mixed, and this hot cocktail of pleasure tastes great.after a while we just lie down on the beds and silently watch the blue sky. still naked, we feel up each others bodies. for some reason we cannot be satisfied. but for now, an easy touch & feel is just good. the servant lady brings us our cocktails. without a second of shame for being so nude and explicit with her so close around we just thank her for the drinks and continue our business. we discuss if we wanna ask her or one of the other servants to join in the fun. maybe 2? who knows. for now, its just resting a bit. perhaps, we go to the beach first. see what is to be done there :-Pbut that will be covered in the next episode 🙂