Workmates Wife Fucked over Blacksmiths Anvil


Workmates Wife Fucked over Blacksmiths AnvilWorkmates Wife Fucked over Blacksmiths AnvilThis happened way back in the very late eighties, I worked one season for the silage contractor before getting a full time job in a quarry. I worked my way up to being a mobile plant fitter. The only time the quarry was quite was a Saturday lunch time when the men that was working the full day got together and we had our bait together, we would have a laugh and take the piss out of each other.One Saturday I told the men about a dream I had about one of the secretaries from the office called Melanie and how she walked in to the fitting shop lifting her skirt and flashed her black stockings and suspenders at me, she sucked my cock before I fucked her from behind over the blacksmiths anvil. Everyone had a good laugh about it and I had the piss taking out of me for the next two weeks.One night at finishing time Bills wife Julia came in to the carpark to pick two bags of coal up with the car, she was a couple of years older than me at 26 and she stopped to talk.“I hear you fucked Melanie from the office”“Has Bill told you that”“He tells me every night in bed about the stockings and the anvil”“I only told the men for a laugh”“She will never let you fuck her you know, she thinks she’s to posh for common quarrymen, she comes from Darras Hall” (Darras Hall, Posh area just outside Newcastle upon Tyne)“It was only a dream,” I said “I’ve started to have daydreams about it myself, thinking about you doing that to me over the anvil”“What with me not Bill”“Yes with you, Bill said you only have a small one and no woman would ever be satisfied with it, the more I daydream, the more I want to find out if you could satisfy me”“There only one way to find out” I saidBill came in to the carpark and that was our conversation finished.The next week Julia came in for the bags of coal with the car and stopped me again“I mean what I said last week”“What was that”“You fucking me over the anvil”We arranged it for sarıyer escort the next night, if everyone was going home at six o clock and there was no breakdowns I would phone her at work and tell her it was safe to come at half six. She would tell Bill that morning, she was going shopping and would be late, Bill used a scooter to get himself to work and back home so he wasn’t a problem.That night I was running late on purpose and I told the men to clock me out at six as I was going for a shower, after my shower I unlocked the fitting shop door, cleaned the anvil, put some clean duster clothes on it and sat waiting for Julia to come.She did not disappoint, she came through the door and lifted her skirt up showing her black stockings and suspenders“ I hope this is what Melanie did”“Yes it was, just do what you daydream about and what Bill tells you “ I saidJulia came over to the anvil and kissed me, that was not in my dream but I did not object. Her warm lips kissing mine and her tongue pushing my lips apart, it was a full on kiss off her“I’m so excited,” Julia said as her hands fondled the front of my jeans then we kissed again, her hand undoing my button and zip as she feed her hand inside my boxers,“Fuck that’s not small is it, Bill was wrong about that”Both hands pulled my jeans and boxers down in one go as she squatted down, my six inch but thick cock looked her in the eye. Her hand gripping the shaft as she feed it in to her mouth, a warm moist feeling covered my cock as she slowly moved up and down on it, trails of pre cum frothing on my shaft and her lips. I could see down her blouse front and saw a white bra full with her tits pushing together jingling about as she sucked on my cock. Julia stood back up kissing me with her pre cum covered lips undoing her blouse buttons as I felt her suspenders through her skirt.I turned her around resting her bum against the anvil and lifted her esenyurt escort tight skirt above her waist kissed her knickless hairy fanny. Julia was dark haired and so was her fanny, a well trimmed neat hairy fanny I just had to penetrate with my tongue.Julia lifted herself up on to the anvil parting her legs to show her lovely soft lips, the warm smell of her fanny that had been working in an office all day was in my face, just slipping my tongue along her lips made Julia gasp. She was living her daydreamI licked all around her lips finding her button wanting attention, I licked and sucked feeling her hard lump between my lips, she was panting and pulling me in to her as I slipped my tongue in to her moist fanny tasting her for the first time, all sweet and warm she had her orgasm on the anvil.I stood up pointing my cock towards her fanny as she grabbed my arms to steady herself, she lifted her legs around my back pulling me in to her, my cock slipping in to her moist wet hole. I slowly fucked her looking down at her tits.“This isn’t the dream, you fucked her from behind”“But I fucked her like this first” I saidShe was right it was not in my dream but seeing two tits bouncing in her bra was worth watching.I pulled out of Julia and she climbed off the anvil, turned around and placed her hands on it, her pale white bum sticking out with two suspender straps taught across her cheeks.Her legs wide apart I knelt down kissing her naked leg at her stocking top and my hand brushing along her fanny, this started to make her moan.Julia bent over more leaning on her elbows exposing her lips as I rubbed my cock along them, her fanny all ready stretched by my cock made little resistance as I feed my cock in to her. Her lips tight around it as I pulled out.“This is it, this is my dream,” she saidI was slowly fucking her and I reached around to her tits, feeling the fullness in my hands through her bra, she pushed my hand away with hers avrupa yakası escort and slid her hand inside pulling her tit back out. Julia’s tits were swinging in both hands as I thrust my cock in to her.I felt Julia’s hand come between her legs and rub against my balls, I put my hands on her waist controlling our movement so I could use the full length of my cock and fucked her. Julia’s moaning was getting louder and she was starting to pantI was thrusting hard and deep in to her fanny making that squelching noise on every stroke“Go on come in me”Julia must be coming by the sound she is making“Yes, yes, fuck”I felt her fanny awash with her orgasm as I came deep in side her, holding her tight my cock twitched in side her as her fanny nipped on it. Her fanny muscles milking it of my cum. Julia was leaning on the anvil breathing fast“Fuck, I’ll never believe another word Bill tells me again”“What was that”“You not being able to satisfy any one and being small, he was wrong on both accounts”I pulled out of her followed by a stream of our cum running to her stocking top, she stood still letting it rundown on to her stocking.“Come round here in front of me”I went in front of her and she lifted her head back, still leaning on her elbows on the anvil, she grabbed my cock with her hand guiding it in to her mouth. It wasn’t hard, hard but hard enough for her to suck our cum off it. She worked her tongue all the way around my bell end sucking every little last drop.Julia stood up our cum down on to her black stocking and her tits hanging out of her bra. She grabbed the duster over the anvil and wiped the cum off her stocking and up her leg to her fanny.“Thank you Julia, you have just made my dream come true,” I said“Just as well I come from Ponteland and not Darras Hall, them Darras lot are to posh to suck and fuck like that especially in a dusty, mucky quarry fitting shop”I watched Julia put her tits back in to her bra and we got dressed“I might use you again if I have another sexy daydream,” Julia saidI locked the fitting shop back up and we went home with our dreams fulfilled.I took the piss out of Bill the next day telling him if his missies ever wanted satisfying to come and see me, all the men in the bate cabin had a good laugh at that for a week.Watch out for; I fucked workmates wife and her friend over Blacksmiths Anvil