Erin’s First Visit to a Strip Club


Erin’s First Visit to a Strip ClubMy name is Erin. My two favorite high school girlfriends are Anna and Erica. They are really cute blondie girls. All of us are 18 years old. We’re horny and looking to do new things. Last night, we went for our first visit to a strip club. Not to strip or do anything crazy. We just wanted to see what goes on in those places. We took separate cars so each of us could leave early if we wanted to.We purposely dressed down because we didn’t want to cause any distractions or hustle any business away from the girls that work at the club. I wore my sweatshirt and gym pants but without any panties. Before going to the club, i cut a hole in my pants pocket so i could reach my hand through the hole and play with my pussy during the show.We paid our admission and walked into the main room. It was a total overload on our senses. The music was so loud and there were lights flashing everywhere. One girl was dancing nude on the stage and other girls were walking around topless while they talked to the guys. This club is in a converted movie theatre. The stage is still there and there is a long wooden runway that goes up the middle of the theatre to the back row of seats. The girls dance on the stage and runway. We took our seats way in the back corner and watched the action.Some of pendik escort the strippers didn’t pay attention to the guys and just danced. But other girls looked into the guys’ eyes and a couple of the girls even fingered their pussies right in front of the guys. Most of the girls were really sweet, but a few were jaded.I starting thinking about what my routine would be like if i was a stripper. I think that I would stop the music so that i could talk dirty to all the guys while i masturbated in front of them.Anyway, the strippers had all the guys wrapped around their fingers. The wider the girls spread their legs, the wider the guys opened their wallets.Some guys looked kind of awkward about being there. Especially in between dance sets. But all the guys were horny. Being surrounding by naked women seems to make guys totally lose their minds.In between sets, guys would look back at us. It was very intense. Four guys came up to us and asked us for a lap dance. Some thru money on our laps. Some strippers came up and wanted to know if we wanted a private show. Maybe later we told them.One time a guy sat right next to me. He didn’t even say hi. He just pulled out his cock and started jacking off. After a few minutes he shot his cum all over the carpet. Then he walked away.Throughout kartal escort all of this, i was fingering my pussy through the hole in my pants pocket. I couldn’t help myself. I was surrounded by raw sex.I got the courage to move up to the front row, real close to a cute Asian dancer girl. Just like the guys, i put a bill on the stage, twenty dollars, and the girl came right up to me and spread her legs. I got closer to her pussy and she took the back of my head and forced my mouth into her fuckhole. That was the first time that i ever touched a girl’s pussy.Then i went back to sit with Anna and Erica. After about three hours we had seen all the dancers. We were about to go home. Then this guy asked me to go into the backroom with a stripper girl for a private show. He would pay my way. About that same time, Erica also went into the backroom with a stripper. Anna was excited, but a little scared. She went home.The guy and me followed our girl into a backroom. The girl’s name was Andrea. She was young – couldn’t have been more than 20 – and had the cutest little titties. Blonde too.In the backroom, Andrea pulled out the waist band of her panties and asked me to look down at her pussy. It was bare. Then she took off all her clothes and got down on the floor maltepe escort and played with herself.The guy and me sat on opposite ends of a couch. He took off all his clothes and started to beat his cock. This was all so crazy to me. I pulled my gym pants down to my ankles and rubbed my pussy while looking at Andrea and the guy. Andrea was going crazy finger fucking herself really hard on the floor. The guy’s cock was getting so hard as he stroked it while he looked at Andrea and me.After about 10 minutes, he took his cock and, like a machine gun, started spraying his cum in all directions. A drop of it hit Andrea’s toe. Some of it almost hit me, except that i dodged it.I didn’t cum myself because i was too self conscious. But i’m sure it is something that i will be masturbating to for days to come.After that, i went back to the main room. Erica, i guess, was still with her stripper friend (i still don’t know for sure where she is. I’ve texted and called her and she won’t answer). Anyway, i didn’t want to walk out to my car alone, so one of the girls was kind enough to show me out the back door and security took me to my car.Even though this whole experience was scary for me and even though i didn’t do anything too racy, i had a lot of fun. Much better than going to the movies or doing homework. That’s for sure.I also really respect the stripper girls and the work they do. Hey guys, i hope that you appreciate them too. I know that some of you think they are just there to pick your pocket, but they are doing things that the average girl won’t do. For that, we should all be very grateful.