summer night

Big Tits

summer nightIt was a beautiful summer night,I decided to go sit on the deck and have a nice glass of wine before heading to bed, It was late around 11 but still very warm, I was dressed for bed in my teddy, panties and a silk housecoat, I settled into my lounger on my deck, then something cought my eye, the neighbors basement light flashed on and off a few times, out of curiosity I peered over the fence, hmmmm , my lucky night ,the neighbors son was in his room , naked. Id seen him several times mowing the lawn shirtless and he was quite a hunk for his age, oh dear he moved out of my view, I just had to get a better look, as I crawled over the fence it must have been quite a site but I made it, I sneeked up to the window, there he was ,but his back was to me, but still naked and looking delicious, “oh turn around ” I whispered to myself,”let me see thsat nice young cock” “Hey what the fuck are you doing” I heard someone yell, oh fuck it’s his dad, We never really got along ,well mostly my ex and him but he is long gone and now I have to deal with the mess he left behind. “who is that, Jen? Its you , the dumb cunt from next door, .What the fuck are you doing in my yard” he was waliking towards me and as he got close he looked into his sons window, “who the fuck do you think you are looking at my son like that ,you fucking whore” “hey Jim I pleaded, Ive never done anything like this and I promise I never will again, look Im very sorry ,I’lljust go home and we can forget the whole thing”.”well why dont we let the cops decide if we can forget it” Oh shit that was all I needed, “or should I handle it myself?” I didnt like tha sound of that, he moved quickly towards me and grabbed my long hair, pulled my head back with a snap and put his face close to mine, “Ive always wondered what kind of body bakırköy escort you had, you dont seem to like to dress to show it off do you, well lets find out” “No Jim, I can go to the bank in the morning and give you money ,just let me go home!” “yea OK, bring me 1000 in cash tomorrow, be here by 10” “ok Jim, thanks Ill have it for sure I promise” he let go of my hair and i turned to walk away, then i felt his foot on my ass and he pushed me down with it , I fell onto the grass, “fuck you think Im stupid, Ill never see that cash I have a better idea.”He grabbed my arm and lifted me, now Im small woman, 110 lb and 5-1 ,and Jim was at least 6 feet and stalkiy so I really was no match for him, he turned me around and pushed me face first against the wall of his house, he pressed his body with all his weight aginst me,I could feel him grinding his cock on my ass, then he quickly grabbed my shoulders and the material of my house coat and ripped it off me, throwing it across the yard, he turned me back around, put both hands around my neck and started to squeeze slightly, “alright you horny little peeping tom, pull the straps off that thing and let it drop,” “Jim no please,” he removed one hand from my throat but tightened the grip with the other,he reached out and grabbed my boobs, sqeezing them moving from one to the other “fuck those feel nice, you got some great tits there, you gonna show me or am I going to help myself?” “Jim no Im begging you” “wrong answer bitch” and with one quick move he grabbed my top and ripped it off of me, immediatly I covered myself with my hands. he tightened his grip even more on my neck,”move your fucking hands right now” I couldnt breath , I had no choice I dropped my hands to my side.He let go of my throat and with beşiktaş escort both hands roughly felt me up, pinching my nipples, hurting me,sqeezing hard, staring at then ” shit these are the nicest tits Ive ever seen,bet they taste great” with that he started sucking on one, very hard biting, I let out a little cry “and shut the fuck up you know you love it” how could I let this happen to me, then I felt his hand slide down my tummy, I grabbed his hand to stop him, he pulled back and with both hands grabbed my boobs, pinched both nipples very hard, the pain shot through them “dont you ever grab my hand again unless I tell you to and from now on call me sir” “yes sir” he let go and grabbed my waist, started sliding his hands down, over my hips, grabbed my panties and pulled them down, he moved to the side of me, grabbed my ass with one hand and my pussy with the oter while grinding himself on my hip, he slid a finger along my pussy, rubbing it hard,then he pushed a finger deep inside me, started fucking me with his finger,then he pushed a finger in my ass, it hurt, but he didnt care, then he stopped abruptly, “OK bitch lets see what kinda skills you got” he grabbed my hair and forced me to my knees,alright pull my pants down “yes sir” I grabbed the waist band of his sweats and pulled them down he wasnt wearing underwear so his cock sprang out, nothing to huge but average I guess, he pushed me against the house again, my head against the wall he pressed his cock against mt lips, I cant do this, “open your mouth or Ill just fuck your ass instead” I opened a little and he pushed his cock in, started fucking my mouth,grabbing my hair with both hands, forcing it down my throat,fucking my mouth fast and hard, then he grunted and shot his load down my throat, beylikdüzü escort forcing me to swallow it all,”your a good little cock sucker , now lets get you what you came for”He told me not to move as he went to his back door,”Bobby get you ass out here. dont ask why just move your fucking ass I got something for you” in a few seconds his son whom I had watched earlier came out side, “hey Bobby ,Jen from next door says she wants you to fuck her, aint that right Jen” I just looked up at him . he grabbed my hair and twisted my head,”I said aint that right” “yes sir” “Bobby take your shorts of and do what the lady wants” He just looked a little confused but did what he was told, there he was standing naked in front of me, I moved over to him and got down on my knees, started to suck his young cock, in a second he was hard, I layed back on the grass and spread my legs, “cmon Bobby , come and fuck me” he knelt over me and I grabbed his cock, he was a nice size, bigger than his dad, I rubbed his cock along my pussy, he really didnt know what to do,”push it in me, Bobby.fuck me” I whispered so only he could hear, he moved forward, but stopped, “are you a virgin bobby” i asked quietly, he just nodded his head, “its ok I want to be your first” he pushed forward again, “push hard Bobby” and he did , entering me, slow at first then picking up speed, and jusi as he was getting the rythm he came, filling with his virgin cum,I grabbed him and hugged him hard, Then Jim yelled, “ok get back in the house” and he ran back inside. Jim came and kneeled down beside me, started rubbing his hands all over my body,my boobs, my nipples, my arms and tummy, along my legs and finally my pussy,he slowly slid a finger inside me,he seemed gentler now, fingering me, with the other hand started rubbing my clit, faster and faster, then he made me cum, it was so intense, I couldnrt believe he made me cum “ok little lady,get that sexy ass out of my yard or I might just have to fuck you too,and remember call me sir,” and with that i jumpoed back over the fence and in my door, jumped in the shower and had to get some sleep.