Something New Ch. 02


The ice has spilt. Your cock is hard as ice, but hot as steel. I can feel the urgency straining within you. And there is an answering rise within me. Your hands leave my breasts, caressing my shoulders your fingers trace my pulse and you smile at the proof of your effect on me.

Your face comes closer and my eyes close as I feel your lips on my cheek. My breath escapes in a soft whoosh. You switch hands and your left one squeezes my left breast creating a moan which you catch in your mouth.

You release my hands and they tangle into your soft hair, pulling you closer-if that’s possible-kissing you with all the fire and passion building within me. We come up for air and I grin wickedly. I step forward, twist, and slam you against the machine. I pin your shoulders and kiss you fiercely, biting your lower lip before moving to your ears and neck.

My hands are pulling Zonguldak Escort your shirt free of your pants so I can feel your hot flesh. They slide up to trace your nipples but there are buttons restricting movement-dammit! My fingers make short work of them and my mouth eagerly worship the newly exposed skin.

My hands are massaging your chest, paying particular attention to your hardened nubs. As my mouth makes it’s way downward, my tongue steals out to trace your belly button. I grasp your hips as I drag my lips from one side to the other, feeling the head of your prick brush my chin with each pass. My ears pick up the sharp intake of breath and I can’t wait to put my mouth on your cock and satisfy…

…my curiosity. I smile and trace the skin just above your waistband with my tongue…

My breath is hot on your stomach and your hands delve Zonguldak Escort Bayan into my hair and pull my head closer, placing exquisite pressure against your manhood. I pull back so my finger can undo your jeans, easing some of the tension. I slowly peel back the denim to discover you’re not wearing underwear. I glance up at you, your eyes are so hot! And the intense look you give me makes me catch my breath and clench my cunt.

I reach around to slide the pants over your bare, clenched ass. My hands are trembling. You kick off your shoes so you can step out. I can barely breathe; I can’t believe this is actually happening! I look at the magnificent example of maleness that is in front of me and feel my mouth watering. I gently take your shaft in my hand, caressing it in a pumping motion, catching the bit of pre-cum that has oozed out; your Escort Zonguldak fingers tighten in my hair. My tongue escapes to lick my lips. Your eyes watch the motion. “Put your mouth on me,” you whisper, and you bring my head closer.

My tongue reaches out to lick the shaft. I revel in the salty taste and I love hearing ho the smallest. slightest touch affects you. I go down first using both my lips and tongue before making my way up and doing my favorite thing of all-enjoying the head! licking around it, laving it with my tongue and then tilting my head and taking the whole thing into my mouth. I hear you suck your breath in and the ragged exhale, I love these sounds; they make me wet!

Your hands are holding my head still and you’re trying to fuck my mouth. But taking your entire length requires a bit of time and relaxing of my throat. I’m going as fast as I can. Your hips are going back shoving your entire length into my mouth & down my throat, squirting your cream as I try to swallow. You’re still experiencing aftershocks as you pull out and I lick what remains from your glorious member so I can remember the taste of you.

and that’s the end…or is it?