Sexy Games in Venice

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My eyes stare at the keel. The quiet water is lapping the keel of the boat. Do boats make love? And why shouldn’t they?

Now, thinking over it, the water is licking the keel while the outboard penetrates the water. Yes, boats make love with water.

The water is lightly rippled, like hips wigging slowly, like mine in fact. Venice is like a lover and that’s where I have wanted to bring mine, everything in this city is making love.

This night breeze, a relief after an overly hot day, it’s cool and it makes me feel hot.

I picked this dress on purpose, it’s black with small white flowers, a frill on the bottom.

A deep V neckline, just hinting to the base of my breast and stiletto sandals. Nothing else, and I mean nothing else.

This cool breeze moves my dress, I see the uncomfortable look on my lover’s face as we walk on the side of the canal, not touching.

That’s the rule I placed to this game and he accepted, not only I told him I’m not wearing anything other than my fluctuating dress and stiletto heels, but he cannot touch me, and neither will I, until…the time will come.

I saw him reacting immediately as I explained the rules, an immediate swelling in his pants, and the uncomfortable yet pleased look on his face, ready for another game.

I have let him pick the restaurant, now the stage is mine…so here we sit, on the side of the canal, boats rocking slowly, it’s like quiet panic. Everything looks quiet, still, resting…but…there’s something in store.

We nibble on a share dish of Mediterranean appetizers, sun dried tomatoes lying in their oil puddle, eggplant sauce to spread on small bits Ordu Escort of pita bread, cubes of feta cheese rolling on my tongue, artichokes and olives, each bite is a provoking to the senses. His eyes stare the sun dried tomato entering my mouth, wishing it was his cock, and I show him the same smile a torturer would show to his victim.

He moves on his chair when I suck on an olive to extract the small, spicy, red pepper piece that’s stuffing it.

It’s rewarding to tease him, to imagine his cock growing in his pants, pulsating…

My tease game continues on a dish of grilled scampi served with different sauces, so I can dip them in one, lick it off, roll the crustacean on my tongue, then give it a bite and munch it with a naughty look in my eyes. His eyes are totally taken, his risotto is not capturing his attention as much as my mouth does, and he keeps on adjusting on his chair.

I am excited, I have wanted him to look rough, unshaved, it’s double as exciting and my thighs are glistening wetness from an aroused pussy leaking its juices. But it’s not time yet…

I wonder, if the waiter has understood anything of our game, if he has noticed a bulge under the table and envies us for the game we are playing. How many games does he witness everyday, which could be more interesting? In a while I find myself envying the waiter, he is probably aware of more games than I can think of.

There will be no dessert to this meal, just a final glass, white fizzy wine playing bubbles in the glass. My lover asks for the bill, with the voice of one who can’t hold on for much longer, I am very pleased, truly satisfied.

We Ordu Escort Bayan walk away from the table, I make sure he gets a glimpse of my thighs, lifting my skirt a little while getting up from the table. His breath is heavy, one or two steps behind me, with no touch, as we cross a small bridge and take a lateral alley, a straight endless one with a myriad of smaller, narrower secondary alleys, then I turn right…get lost, right left have no meaning in this labyrinth.

His breath sounding heavier behind me, just one, two, steps behind me…his cock is swollen, dripping wet, I can tell.

There a small, dark alley, a blind one that ends on a canal. I can see the dark water at the end of the alley when a rough hand grabs my shoulder, another takes a hold of my waist and pushes me against a door.

I can feel the engraving on the wood pushing against my back as his hands mess with my dress.

His mouth bites my neck, biting and sucking, I am so damn wet I may be dropping juices on the floor…my clit is swollen, pulsating.

My lover’s hands lift my dress, enough to expose my butt, rough fingers fondle my ass. He keeps me down with his body while his hands get busy on his belt, and pants…I look down, waiting to see how big the tease job has made his cock. His breath sounds heavy close to my ear.

Big, and as hard as steel…with precum leaked all over giving it a glistening look…I want it so much. He has seen the hungry look I gave to his cock, I would like to suck it but it’s not for now, neither of us could resist.

Straight to the point, without a word, he grabs my hips to keep Escort Ordu me still, I can feel the heat coming from the tip of his hot rod…ready to spread me open, he starts pumping immediately as I lift a leg around his ass, to allow easier access.

Barely balancing on my stiletto heels under his blows. Deal was to do it quick and rough, I don’t expect anything different and I the idea of “being mounted”…the two words, are incredibly arousing.

He blows fast and regular, steady, like a machine yet so hot. The hair on his cock entwined with the hair on my pussy. Grinding from time to time, getting me even more wet.

Pleasure builds up quickly, his mouth searches for mine, in a deep French kiss our tongues play even faster than his cock in my pussy. I am sure now, we are dripping juices on the pavement and I get even more excited listening to his grunts, and the fresh salty air blowing on my naked ass…I start coming, and his cock is about to explode, I can feel it pulsating in my cunt, ready to explode.

Pleasure submerges me like a tide, leaving me panting, but soon submerged again by the second, blinding me to grasp to my lover as his blows become desperate for pleasure.

On my second orgasm he erupts, thrusting wildly in my pussy, panting heavily close to my ear, leaving a gap every time it goes out, to refill and open even more as he thrusts his cock back in.

My thighs are all wet with our juices, mixed…he’s holding with his elbows to the door, moving slower, panting. My breath on his neck as I give a last tease bit to his skin.

He slides out, spent, I stand back on my stiletto sandals and regain composure as he zips back his pants, hiding a wet, messy cock…to be cleaned throughly later by a prodding tongue.

Hand in hand we walk down the alley in the opposite direction, water being the silent witness…and some drops on the doorstep. A surprise for the morning.