Sex by the River


As Curtis’s thick, hard cock slid into the moist depths of my pussy I let out a loud moan of pure pleasure. It drove in deep with the first thrust and I took the whole length with ease and would just loved to have wrapped my legs around his slender waist in order to pull him in tight to me. But my legs were open wide, knees bent and my feet planted firmly on the wall opposite me. Perched precariously as I was on the narrow wash basin this was the best position to get my wet cunt well and truly fucked.

Toilets on a Boeing 737 are not designed for fucking in; but after our many trips abroad this was not the first time we had gained membership to the mile high club. Actually we were still only at 20,000ft. Our passion for a fuck in the toilet had overtaken us as soon as the seat belt signs had gone off. A quick rub on Curtis’s cock as I left my seat was the signal for him to follow me……

I clicked the save icon on the task bar and shut the lid of the notebook so as to conserve the batteries. I had been writing for about 30 minutes and needed to stretch my legs. Getting to my feet I ran my hands down my short frock to ease out any creases and strolled up the river bank a short way and then returned to where I had my cool box stood in the shallow water. I pulled out a diet coke and twisted the cap. Placing it beside my note book pc I sat back down to continue my writing.

I looked around me to check that no one was near as I adjusted my position on the soft young grass of spring. It was unlikely that I would be disturbed as the tourists were some weeks away and the children were at school still. The spot I had chosen to write my next story was well off the beaten paths so I was confident I would have no distractions, other than the sound of the trickling water as it lapped over the tiny rocks of the narrow river, and the odd, sweet song from the occasional birds that were searching around for nest building materials.

I had brought 2 spare batteries and, with the one already charged up in my note book, I estimated I had enough power to complete the story. I opened the lid of the lap top and the screen sprang to life again as I typed in my password.

…………With my back pressed firmly against the small mirror and my legs bent and open for him he reamed into me like a pole driver. I’m sure the passengers must have heard my load moaning as I took Curtis’s cock over and over again. My pussy, already wet from the licking it had received a few moments earlier, began to squeeze tight around the prick now fucking the daylights out of me. My nipples were rock hard as they pressed against the thin summer frock now hitched up around my waist. My panties lay on the floor where I had dropped them.

I grabbed Curtis around the neck and rammed my lips onto his and our tongues sucked deep and hard as our lust increased in intensity. He began to increase speed and my cunt delighted in the feel of his hard cock slamming into it. In and out he plunged as he fucked every corner of my cunt. I slid one arm from his neck and dropped it down to my clit and rubbed. I screamed as I felt the orgasm begin and I KNOW the passengers heard me that time. My body shook and my eyes began to water as the flow of my orgasm ripped through me. Suddenly Curtis pulled his cock from my dripping cunt, lifted me off the small sink and whispered;……

The sound of movement behind me sent a shiver through my body as I spun around to stare at the pair of jeans that met my gaze. I raised my head to look into the face of the youth stood behind me. Quickly shutting the lid of the notebook I sprang to my feet and stepped back from him Niğde Escort as he, too, stepped back and raised his hands as if in a surrender mode.

“I’m sorry Miss.” He stammered quickly. “I didn’t mean to frighten you.”

“Well you did.” I blurted back; still shaking slightly. “You shouldn’t creep up on somebody like that. How long have you been standing there?”

I could not fail to notice the huge bulge in his crutch and realised that he must have been reading my typing over my shoulder. I felt my ears warm up as they turned as red as my hair and I knew I was blushing.”

“About 5 minutes Miss. I’m sorry but I couldn’t help but read what you were typing. You are a very good writer. Very sensual. Very sexy.”

I felt my face blush even deeper as my story line had got my pussy soaking wet and I was a little fearful that my juices had soaked through my panties and onto the thin frock. Mainly to turn my back to him; to give myself a chance to check out the front of my dress, I moved to the cool box in the river and pulled out another coke. Turning back to face the youth I asked him if he would like one. “A coke I mean.” I suddenly followed up as I felt my ears heat up again. He nodded and I handed a bottle to him and motioned for him to sit down on a nearby log from a fallen tree. I lowered myself back down to the grass and realised, too late, that he must have seen up my frock before I had the chance to cross my legs. Not that this served much purpose as my short skirt was almost up around my thighs at this point.

As I opened my coke bottle the youth introduced himself as Tony. “God. The world is full of Tony’s.” I thought to myself thinking of my husband and my friend’s live in boy friend; both of them Tony’s.

I felt at ease with the boy by now and introduced myself. I say boy but Tony must have been about 19, muscular in a non body building way, short brownish hair and lovely blue eyes. Beside the jeans he also wore a tight fitting T shirt and a grey pair of trainers.

“Would you mind if I sat beside you and read your story as you type?” He asked suddenly.

I thought for a moment and decided it would be rather sexy. I was in the mood to be sexy.

“Not at all Tony.” I replied as I picked up the notebook and opened the lid again.

As he settled himself onto his elbow and stretched out beside me I placed the curser over the last word, re-read the last sentence and re-started my typing….

Suddenly Curtis pulled his cock from my dripping cunt, lifted me off the small sink and whispered;

My fingers began to pound the keys as the story continued to unfold on the screen in front of me.

“I want your arse baby girl.”

I gripped the edges of the toilet seat as I bent over as far as I could in that confined space and I screamed again as he grabbed my hips and drove his hard prick straight into my tiny arse hole. I gritted my teeth as I felt the thrusting of each stroke reaming deep into me but Curtis knew I loved to be arse fucked as much as cunt or mouth fucked and so he plunged harder and faster into my tight hole until suddenly he moaned and murmured that he was going to shoot it out into my arse.

I felt his cock grow just that little bit harder just a few seconds before I felt that hot cum spurt into me. I felt it slide out and run down my leg as he pulled his cock out before plunging in yet again to finish that massive eruption into the depths of my body….

I felt, rather than saw, movement beside me and I paused my typing to look at Tony. He had adjusted position slightly and, as I turned my head, I saw his hand Niğde Escort Bayan move quickly away from his crutch. Again I noticed the large bulge in his trousers. I smiled sexily to myself in gratification that my story was doing what I always intend my stories to do. Get a guy hard and hopefully get a girl wet.

I smiled as I returned to the keyboard but not before I had slid the lap top down almost to my knees. This ensured that the boy next to me could see the tops of my legs beneath my frock, which only just hid the crutch of my pale pink panties.

……And he continued to ram in and out until he was totally spent and all his lovely hot cum was either inside my arse or running down my leg. I felt his semi hard cock slide from me but before I could grab a tissue from the wash stand to wipe the spunk from my arse and legs Curtis had dropped to his knees behind me and rammed his stiff tongue deep into my now wet arse.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see Tony rubbing his cock through his trousers. I knew that he knew that I could see him; and as I had not said anything he began to rub even more openly as my fingers hit the keys in quick succession…

I almost screamed again as I felt it good in and delighted at the feel rippling through my bum as his tongue then began to lick his own cum from my arse and then my legs……

My typing began to be erratic as my mind drifted from my story to Tony rubbing his cock beside me as he read. I purposefully opened my legs a little and was pleased to see my movement work as Tony dropped his hand from the bulge and placed it on the top of my leg. He looked into my eyes as if to seek permission before sliding it under my skirt and onto the very wet patch on my panties. A sharp intake of breath as I felt his hand touch me and he knew he had passed the barrier…

……Curtis continued to lick his own spunk from the crack of my tiny arse and I moaned in pleasure as I felt Tony slide his hand under the elastic of my pantiiessss ohh fuckkk…

I let the lap top slide from my knees a fraction of a second after I hit the save icon and fell back onto the soft grass. My legs opened as Tony’s fingers touched my naked, wet pussy beneath my knickers and I began to let out a slow moan and thrust my hips upwards to meet his probing fingers. He took the offered hint and rammed two fingers deep into my wetness. I let out a low scream; keeping as silent as I possibly could for fear of anyone else being nearby. His fingers withdrew for a second before plunging back into me and sending another, almost muffled, scream escaping from my lips. I felt his thumb rubbing over my clit as his fingers continued to fuck deep into my soaking wet pussy.

Suddenly he pulled his fingers out from within me; grabbed the elastic top of my knickers and pulled them deftly from my hips, down my legs and off my feet.

His hands then grabbed my knees, opened them wide and dropped his head down into my wetness. His tongue dived in and the touch sent my body into quivers as he began to lick and suck at my flowing juices. I felt his teeth suddenly nibble at my clit and again I managed to withhold the scream as it rose in my throat. I thrust my hips upwards into his probing tongue as it stiffened and slid neatly between my exposed lips.

The orgasm erupted suddenly and I knew he felt my juices spurting onto his tongue as he reamed it in and out.

Slowly my orgasm subsided and his probing slowed to the occasional flick as he allowed me to come down from the sexual heights I had reached.

I sat up just as Tony stood and released the buckle on Escort Niğde his jeans. I grabbed the top button and pulled it open; sliding his zipper down and finished by pulling his jeans down and around his ankles. He quickly used his feet to kick his trainers off and his jeans and boxers followed. I climbed onto my knees, grabbed him around the waist and rammed my mouth over the hard cock that was staring at me. I heard the low moan that escaped his lips as his large cock jerked forward deeper into my waiting throat and I began to suck on the long shaft as it reamed in and out between my tight lips. My teeth scraped up and down the shaft to draw even louder moans of pleasure from his gasping mouth. In and out he plunged as he grabbed my red head of hair and forced my face hard onto him. I almost gagged as his huge cock filled my mouth and entered my throat. I felt that he was not to far off from unloading himself into me.

But I had other ideas first.

I quickly pulled my head away and stood up. Taking his hand I moved over to the large tree log lying on the grass and lifted my dress up around my hips. I eagerly bent my torso over the rough bark to leave my bum staring up at the blue sky above us.

Tony dropped to his knees behind me and inched himself forward until his cock was touching my pussy. I relaxed my body as I felt the tip of his cock probe the wet entrance and I moaned loudly as I felt it slide inside me.

I pressed my hands to the soft grass on the opposite side of the log as I had my pussy fucked hard and deep over and over again. I heard Tony groaning as he rammed into me and the sensations of another orgasm began to rise inside my sexed up body. I suddenly started to cry out as I entered my religious mode; “Yes! Yes! Oh My God. Oh God. Oh sweet Jesus. Yes! Yes! Yessssssssss!”

I came again suddenly and my body shook with the force of the orgasm as it ripped through me. I was surprised that Tony had held out for so long without unloading himself into me. But then I heard him cry out:

“Ohhh Ohhh I’m going to cum. Your mouth. I want to unload my spunk into your mouth.”

I felt his hard prick leave the wetness of my pussy and I was about to get up when he jumped the log and knelt down in front of my face. His hands grabbed my hair and lifted my head upwards to his hard cock. My mouth opened and his hips pressed forward sharply; sending his manhood deep into the depths of my throat. Again I gagged for a second until I began to breath through my nose. My mouth closed tight around the thrusting, throbbing cock and I began to suck hard and deep until I felt it suddenly harden even further and I felt the hot cum spurt into the back of my waiting throat. Globule after globule spurted into me as I began to swallow ten million possibilities and thrilled at the feel of them sliding down my throat and into my stomach.

Slowly the flow of hot spunk subsided and Tony’s cock softened in my mouth. I took hold of the shaft and licked it clean before Tony helped me to my feet and he collected his jeans and boxers and dressed. He passed me my knickers as he sat on the log to replace his trainers. I slipped them over my feet and pulled them up around my hips.

Tony took my waist in his hands and kissed me gently on the forehead.

“You’re a very sexy girl Linda. Good luck with your stories and keep writing.”

I smiled at him as he turned and strolled down the river bank leaving me alone with my satisfied smile.

Sitting back down on the grass I lit a cigarette, took a swig of the now warm coke and opened up my lap top. The screen burst into life and my words spread across the page. My fingers began to hit the keys and I returned again to the small toilet on the Boeing 737.

……Curtis continued to lick his own spunk from the crack of my tiny arse and I moaned in pleasure as I felt his tongue driving into me …………

The End