Sensual Surprise


You come home to find your lover has dinner prepared, the smell of your favorite meal is drifting through the air in the kitchen. The table is set with candles lit, flames licking up into the room, smoke rises gently above. You are seated and the food is brought to you, licking your lips in hunger. Your lover lowers his head to kiss you deeply and whispers in your ear.

You sigh slowly as his hand slides over your breast with a firm yet gentle touch. He exits the room and brings the rest of the meal to the table. He sits next to you and lifts a piece of food to your mouth as your tongue reaches out to taste it. The taste is delightful and made just right, seasoned in sensual ways and arousing your senses, increasing your hunger for other things.

You savor every bite and enjoy the meal, taking with your lover in quiet voices. He touches you on the knee, hand sliding up your thigh as you finish the last bite, then leans forward to kiss you again, slowly teasing you with his tongue swirling around yours. This sensual experience has only just begun.

He leaves the room for a moment and brings back a tray of delightful dessert items, succulent and sweet accents to any treat offered. There Niğde Escort is honey, chocolate and whipped cream on the tray but no items to put them on. You look at your lover in a question and slight smile as he takes your hand, helping you stand from your chair then he begins to undress you slowly, feeling his hands caressing your shoulder as clothing is removed and falls to the floor. He picks up the tray and leads you to another room where soft music plays in the background. He lowers you to the floor onto a large, soft blanket. You smile and giggle, not sure what he has in store for you as you lay naked, stretched out comfortably with pillows around you. He takes some honey, drips it onto your chin and kisses you there, licking the honey from your skin then kisses you as you taste the honey too. You lick your lips between kisses, smiling as you look into his eyes, seeing the hunger and desire within.

He dribbles warm honey onto your large, luscious breasts and lowers his tongue to lick it off each nipple, biting and sucking as the sweet nectar is tasted. You slide your finger through the honey as his tongue sucks it off your finger as you raise it to his mouth. He smiles Niğde Escort Bayan and kisses you again and again.

The chocolate and whipped cream are next in the feast as he dribbles warm chocolate onto your skin of your upper thighs. A drop of whipped cream is placed just above the sweet spot between your legs.

Your lover slides his tongue over the chocolate, licking every bit from your legs then sticks out his tongue to lick the whipped cream from your body. He moves his mouth down lower to taste your wetness, aroused in lust since dinner began, wanting and needing his favorite dessert.

His tongue works up and down your moist flesh, opening for him to reach further, upward and deeper to the special source of that sweet honey that comes only from you.

He hums in a deep voice as he licks you there, fingers slowly caressing the flesh, so wet and aroused, getting closer to the height of passion as he works to please you. You arch your back, head resting on a soft pillow. Your legs shake as they wrap around his smooth bald head, while his mouth keeps moving faster to bring you more and more pleasure.

He urges you with his deep voice and you listen as Escort Niğde the passion fills you, reaching the best orgasm you have had in such a very long time, legs and body shaking as the honey flows all over his tongue and mouth. You moan and whimper louder as wave after wave of pleasure flow from you in a series of orgasms. You smile as he raises his head and slides up to kiss you deeply, sharing the sweetest treat he could ever ask for.

You and your lover lay in a warm embrace, feeling peace and comfort and very sexy as sensations fill you in body and soul. After laying there for a while, he lifts you from the pillows and leads you to the bathroom to take you into the shower where he will wash the rest of the sticky honey and chocolate from your beautiful body, bringing you waves of pleasure again as the water rushes over your bodies.

His strong hands cup your large breast as you feel his throbbing, pulsing hardness press against you from behind. You reach back and invite him in as thrusts inside you, your hands reach for the side of the shower as your bodies rock together under the pulsating water falling on you, adding more sensations to all the thrills you already feel. Your bodies move together as leans forward to talk in your ear.

You breathe heavily and explode in another wave of passion as you reach orgasm again, so turned on by his words and actions, all aimed to please you and make you feel special all night long after a long day . Enjoy it.