Sandy, Mark and Helen Ch. 03


It’s amazing how something so simple can have such a big impact. When some big relational change occurs – like going far beyond simple petting, as we had – it is bound to create tension. In our case, the issue was how Helen would come to terms with behavior at odds with what she had done and believed her whole adult life. We had assumed that she enjoyed this new intimacy, but demons enter people’s minds overnight and “how did I do that” or “I’ve got to stop this before it goes too far” creep in. Her obvious acceptance, and embracing, of this new relationship, shown by that brief comment, was like a pin puncturing a balloon and the tension, like air, gushing out. From that time on, it was just a question of marking time until evening came.

The activities began with a seemingly innocuous statement from Sandy that, as usual, she would like to go into the Jacuzzi. That, of course was the signal that I was waiting for. I quickly put on my suit and went down to turn on the pump and remove the cover, leaving Sandy and Helen to join me when they were ready. I had almost come to the conclusion that they had changed their minds and weren’t coming before they finally showed up. Sandy said that she was sorry that they took so long, but they had things to talk about. I left that alone, figuring that I would hear about it later if it mattered. Besides, they were wearing their robes and I was curious about whether Helen had worn her bra or, as I hoped, was she ready to be topless from the beginning. To my complete surprise, they removed their robes and stood there completely nude!

When the robes started to come off, my eyes went directly to Helen’s tits, seeing my question answered as I saw them bare. Almost instantly, however, I realized that everything was bare! Looking at her nude body, as I said, my eyes went directly to those tits. I had seen them before, obviously, but seeing them now as part of her whole body, without even panties limiting the view, was very different. I didn’t even get the feeling that they were out of proportion – Sandy’s smaller breasts always had seemed to be perfect for the size of her body, but the considerably larger ones were equally fitting. That possibly was true because of the shape of Helen’s tits – torpedoes sticking out from her chest rather than massive globes.

It was not only her tits, however, that grabbed the eye. She had a slim waist from which feminine hips flared out curved like a cello. Even with the attraction of her tits, the eye was drawn inexorably to the neat triangle of hair at the base of her stomach. I, of course, like most men, had focused almost solely on her breasts, but, suddenly, that curly mound of hair changed my thought patterns. Sandy and I had talked about me “getting into her,” but that was probably mostly fantasy because it was so unlikely. Now, however, she was naked before me and her cunt was right there under the hair and between her legs. My hopes were high and my cock was hard!

Nothing was said about their nudity except that Sandy commented that I was overdressed compared to them. I, of course, promptly removed my pants although I was careful to keep my cock under the water for some reason. This time, rather than sitting beside me, Sandy and Helen sat facing me with, unfortunately, their tits, as well as their cunts, obviously, below the surface of the water. We sat close, but apart, with our feet and legs frequently in contact but there was no sexual contact at first. After about fifteen minutes of inconsequential conversation, Sandy, acting as mistress of ceremonies, got out, saying, “I’m going to get us some drinks. Mack, why don’t you move over here with Helen? You’re too far apart and it’s hard to hear over the water.” Laughing, “You’ll both like it better anyway!” Clearly, that was planned because we certainly didn’t need drinks right then, but, obviously, I was more than willing to obey her instructions.

I moved over beside Helen and without hesitation, put my hand in her bare tit and began gently fondling it. I turned her sideways and, putting my other arm around her shoulders, drew her toward me and kissed her. She responded immediately, returning the kiss with real enthusiasm while pushing her tit toward my hand as I caressed and squeezed it.

I don’t know how long that kissing and fondling went on, but I was so lost in it that I didn’t even realize that Sandy had come back until I felt her arm cross mine from the other side as we both embraced Helen. Her hand joined mine as we began exploring Helen’s body. I slid my hand down into her pussy hair and between her legs. She spread her legs, giving me plenty of room to feel her cunt. I ran my finger between the lips, penetrating her slightly. Before I could do more, I was shocked to feel Sandy’s fingers joining mine. Even more shocking was to realize that she had replaced me in kissing Helen and that, obviously, Helen was responding to her as she had to me.

I pulled back a way and could see that Helen was massaging Sandy’s breast while Sandy continued stroking Helen’s Urfa Escort cunt. It was quite apparent that two women who had never touched each other were well into it and what I had hoped, if I was lucky, to be a twosome had definitely become a threesome.

The kissing and mutual exploring continued, with both women fondling and being fondled. Suddenly something new was added – Sandy reached down and grasped my very hard cock and began stroking it. It goes without saying that I enjoyed the attention and I was disappointed when her hand withdrew. Suddenly, however, it was almost too much when I felt two hands on my cock at the same time. If it hadn’t been for the buffeting of the bubbling water, I probably would have gone off when I realized that Helen had her hand on me. Fortunately, I managed to calm down enough to prevent a premature explosion and we continued the exploration of, now, all three of us.

Finally, Sandy pulled back and announced, “I getting waterlogged. Why don’t we get out and move upstairs where we can be more comfortable?” Helen and I stood up and began to leave the Jacuzzi when Sandy continued, “Before we get out, there’s something we need to take care of. Sit on the rim, Mack.” I did so with my cock sticking out like a horn on a bull. I suddenly knew what she intended as she drew closer and took my cock in her hand. I realized that she intended to suck me off right in front of Helen!

Once again, I was barely able to restrain myself as her mouth enveloped my cock. Actually, I don’t know how I did so: I sat there completely naked, my cock as rigid as a rod of steel with another woman who was extraordinarily sexy watching intently. Fortunately, Sandy had become an expert cock-sucker with her practice on me, as well as Frank, and she knew better than to begin too actively. She began to slowly work on me and I was able to dampen down my natural reaction. However, I was well aware of Helen and I watched her face as she, in turn, watched Sandy. She was staring intensely as Sandy’s head bobbed up and down, her mouth partly open, her face blank, but it was not clear as to what was her reaction. It could have been shock, startlement, aversion, curiosity, desire – any or all or something else.

Abruptly, Sandy backed off, taking my cock out of her mouth. Instead of letting it drop, however, she held it in her hand and pointed it invitingly toward Helen. This time, Helen certainly was startled for, as we discovered later, she had never touched a cock with her lips, much less having one in her mouth. Placing her hand behind Helen’s head and lightly pulling her forward, Sandy brought her mouth to my cock. Nothing happened for twenty or thirty seconds and, suddenly, Helen’s mouth opened and my cock slid in.

She was awkward at first but, very quickly, she emulated what she and seen Sandy do and actually was sucking my cock – taking it in and, then, slowly pulling back out with light suction. Sandy took Helen’s hand and put her fingers on my balls and instinctively she matched the rhythm of her sucking with her fondling of the balls. That was almost too much and Sandy recognized that I was about to come. Not wanting to risk me shooting into Helen’s mouth, she gently pulled her away and began the more vigorous sucking and ball manipulation that quickly led me to explode in her own mouth.

With the remnants that remained in her mouth and some on her lips after swallowing, Sandy turned to Helen and kissed her, inevitably transferring some of the cum to her. Far from showing revulsion, Helen not only kissed back, but increased the intensity level. Briefly sated, I looked at the two women who had sucked my cock and now, to some degree, were sharing the cum. Immediately, my depleted cock began to revive and get ready for whatever came next!

As we dried off and they put their robes on again, I was fascinated as I stared at their nude bodies, particularly from the rear. From that angle, I would have hard-pressed to tell them apart. They were the same height and virtually the same weight. More important, that cello shape I mentioned, applied to both of them. The same shoulder width, the same swell of the hips and the same shapely legs. From the front, of course, the tit-size immediately separated them, but other than that, they were the same. Helen had more pubic hair because she hadn’t trimmed it to fit into a bikini as Sandy had, but the hair itself had the same color and the same curls.

I didn’t have time to carefully study them closely, of course, but I doubt that many twin sisters were closer in their physical assets. Their differences were in personality with Sandy outgoing and sociable while Helen was shy with people and almost reclusive. They made a nice matched set!

In any case, with the two of them dressed in their robes and me with a towel around my middle – it seemed to be the right thing to do although modesty hardly seemed necessary after their work on my cock – and we went up to our bedroom. There was some not surprising nervousness and self-consciousness Urfa Escort Bayan on Helen’s part, hesitancy in removing her robe. Actually, we all felt that tentativeness for neither Sandy nor I had ever participated in what clearly now was a threesome. Still, shortly later, the three of us lay side by side on the bed with Helen in the middle. We were nude, of course, and Sandy and I began stroking and fondling Helen as we took turns kissing her and, occasionally reaching across to touch one another. Those amazing tits received a great deal of attention and the nipples were continually being kissed and sucked.

Soon, however, my hands made their way down over Helen’s stomach and into the triangle of curly hair and into the cunt that it guarded. Without prompting, her legs parted, permitting entrance to the cunt, itself. My fingers slid between the lips, finding that they already were well lubricated. My finger went into her to the second knuckle and I finger-fucked her, and she began undulating gently. I pulled back and concentrated on stroking and caressing her clit, getting a more vigorous response. At that point, I pulled back and moved down between her legs and, lifting them, I began licking between the lips, all the way from her clit to the perineum, while occasionally flicking my tongue over her asshole. As she began to move more rhythmically and powerfully, I concentrated on the clit.

From my position between her legs, I could see, over her pubic mound that she and Sandy were wrapped up in a deep, almost frantic kiss while their hands were almost mauling each other’s tits. Suddenly, Helen almost went wild as her hips thrashed up and down and her crotch surged against my face, almost dislodging me as I licked her. That was the beginning of a monumental orgasm during which I could do nothing but push hard against her, giving the pressure she needed. All I could hear was “oh…oh…oh…” as she was completely lost in the throes of that orgasm. Finally, she just collapsed legs spraddled open, sated and exhausted.

She finally recovered enough to gasp out, “My god, I never felt anything like that! I…I’ve never had anything like that done to me!” It turned out that she had read about oral sex, and even knew the word cunnilingus, but had never experienced it – she and Richard never did anything like that. As we found out later, they rarely did anything! Regardless, in a very short time, she had committed felatio – at least the cock had been in her mouth – and she had had enjoyed cunnilingus.

While she continued her recovery, getting her breath and heartbeat under control, I moved to the other side of Sandy and began working on her more familiar body. It hardly needs to be said that she was already fired up and it took little time before she began those pre-orgasmic movements. However, there was one surprising thing as I was playing with her. Whatever hesitancy Helen had had about joining in was gone, for she was activity kissing and sucking Sandy’s nipples and, most surprising, her fingers joined mine in working between Sandy’s legs. As I licked Sandy’s cunt and the climax came, Helen’s hand gripped and pulled on her mound and clit, adding more pressure as she arched up and went off. She was totally inexperienced, but she learned fast.

I lay there, satisfied and happy. Actually, I don’t mean sexually satisfied because, while I had gone off when they sucked me at the Jacuzzi, my cock was hard and I anticipated sinking it into my wife as soon as Helen went to bed. However, I was really happy with the way the evening had gone. I has seen Helen naked, felt every part of her as well as working her to orgasm, even licking her cunt. She and Sandy had been very loving and intimate with each other, which was surprising and very interesting. Sandy had never expressed any real interest in other women and, from what she had said, neither had Helen. Everything pointed toward future threesomes with the clear possibility of fucking Helen sometime in the future.

So, as I said, I lay there, quite pleased with the situation. Then, I got the biggest surprise I had had since Sandy had walked into the house and confessed that she had been screwed in Frank’s big old Roadmaster. We were lying side by side, one woman on each side of me, when she raised up and looked over my chest and quietly asked Helen, “Are you ready?”

Helen hesitantly answered, “I…I think so.” She paused for a moment and continued, more assertively, “Yes… yes I am!”

I very quickly discovered that the discussion the two of them had had before coming down was far more than a simple conversation. Sandy had casually mentioned the idea of my “getting into” Helen, and our recent activities had made me assume that it was a real possibility, maybe even likely, that it might happen someday. However, I suddenly realized that “someday” had turned into right now.

I was totally shocked, for the idea had never occurred to me until Sandy whispered in my ear, “Fuck her, sweetheart, she’s ready!”

Even Escort Urfa with that message, I still couldn’t believe what was happening until I heard Helen say, quietly, “Take me Mack! I love you and want you to have me.”

As you would expect, that galvanized me and, without further hesitation, I moved between her open and spread legs which she had drawn up in welcome. As my cock approached her cunt, I was surprised that instead of waiting for me to find her hole, she reached down, grasped it and put right at the opening. I pushed in, finding her well lubricated, but unexpectedly tight. She had been married for three years and was willing and receptive, but very tight. Actually, this was the first cunt other than Sandy’s that I was going into since high school, so I was not a real expert, but I quickly realized that I would have to work in slowly so as not to cause it to hurt as I stretched her. My cock is of average size, not one of those monsters men like to claim, but I had to think that Richard must be very small not to have widened her passageway.

I tried to be extra gentle and it was several minutes until I felt our pubic bones touch and my balls were against her ass. I was deep inside another woman and it felt wonderful as I began the actual fucking. I slid in and out of her, bottoming out with each plunge inward, moving more rapidly and harder as I felt her relax and respond. I never had had any great desire to fuck another woman, but this was something special since Helen already had become something more than just another woman.

As my excitement mounted, I was very aware that while, at first, she had really been accepting, not really participating, she was now fully engaged and was surging up at me as I pounded down into her. I was driving into her, twisting a bit to get the fullest contact. At the same time, she was writhing against me, seemingly trying to take me deeper into herself. Behind me, I was aware that Sandy was fondling and, as I moved faster, squeezing my balls. I felt my climax approaching and I suddenly erupted inside of her, grinding myself tight against her crotch as I ejaculated. At the same time, or maybe a little before, I felt her jerking up at me, welding herself against me as she reached orgasm. I flooded her with my cum, and she welcomed every drop.

We held together for what seemed a long time, but probably wasn’t, and we slumped down, her legs splayed open and loose as I collapsed on her. As we recovered, I managed to slide off of her and found myself between the two women again. Sandy looked at me with a grin, “That seemed to work well! You apparently enjoyed having another woman. Maybe I should be jealous, after all!”

“Yeah, that was very good – and you set me up! If you’re jealous, it’s your own fault, so don’t blame me. I can’t believe this! What on earth happened?”

Before Sandy could respond, Helen recovered enough to say, “I have never felt anything like that! I thought what you did to me earlier was wonderful, but this was so much better! I guess I just never had a real orgasm before – I think that’s what I just had. I was completely out of control and I just blew up! Oh, Mack, you’re amazing. Sandy said that I would love it, but I had no idea! Sandy, darling, thank you so much!”

“I knew that you would like it if you could convince yourself to let go. Of course, I never doubted that my accomplished husband would be eager to…well as we talked about some time ago, ‘get into you’!”

“He got into me all right, and, obviously, I loved it! You’re generous and he’s wonderful! My god, this is quite a night…I’ve done things I never had dreamed of doing and, most of all, I’ve been screwed! Ooh, I love you both!”

We continued talking for some time, all of us completely comfortable lying naked together. Finally, Helen said, “I think that I should go to bed. I’m tired and I think that you two wore me out. This has been an unbelievable night. Mack, Sandy and I talked about doing something, but I had no idea that we would go so far – actually, that I could go so far. For my entire adult life I have been fearful of becoming sexually intimate with a man – or a woman, for that matter. I’ve never done anything like this with Richard, but I loved it with you. It was a wonderful experience and…and…well I hope we do it again. Gods, I can’t believe I said that – I do want to do it again. With Sandy’s permission, of course!”

I, of course, assured her that I would be delighted to do it again – boy, is that a gross understatement – and Sandy emphatically said that she approved whatever we did. So, with several long, intimate kisses, the astounding evening was over. Well, not quite over, for I wanted to know just what caused these unbelievable developments.

“Ok, tell me, how did we go from me hoping to see Helen braless in the Jacuzzi to complete sexual intimacy in a few hours. Last night I saw her naked except for her panties, but she said that that was as far as she was comfortable in going. Suddenly you’re both naked in the Jacuzzi, you suck my cock and, even, she has it in her mouth. We go upstairs and I work on her. Even more surprising, you work on her! Then you tell me to fuck her! What the hell happened?” Here is how Sandy described the lead in to that incredible development.