Reclaiming Manhood Ch. 02

Big Tits

Author’s note: Hope you enjoy the second chapter of this series. Do you think Jack is the only person she’s seeing? Let me know what you think in the comments.


Jack sat in his frustration while at the department head meeting. Everything that was being said at the table went in one ear and out the other until it came to her voice. “The reason why we are so packed is be 51/50 calls are directly routed to us.” She spoke from frustration but that was the thing he liked most about her. She was passionate and firey. Everything she ignited within him.

The meeting was called and the overworked doctors rose to their feet. Jack stood by the door patiently as the others exited. Maureen trailed in the back discussing health field politics with a colleague. “Excuse me,” she halted at the door with her companion on her side “M-may I talk to her alone.” His voice came off sharp at the end. As a result of them spending so much time with one another, there were moments when he felt comfortable speaking up. Maureen nodded for the man to leave, gently touching his shoulder and saying “Catch you later.” Her playfulness seeping out. Which he thought should only be reserved for him.

“Yes Jacky?” They were alone now and he found himself locking the the closed door.

He reached in for a kiss. Suckling on her lips as if he was an infant at her tit. Uninterested, she did little to carry on their kiss. “Maureen, stop it.” His voice sounding juvenile. He broke off holding her by her shoulders. She was rejecting him. He knew it all too well. Being married to a woman that refused to acknowledge him. Now it seemed she was doing the same.

Her face stayed still and detached from the situation. It hurt Jack to see her so void of emotion. Especially since most of his free time was spent impaling her on his cock. She caressed the worry from his forehead. He savored her touch. It seems like lately she wasn’t interested in their intimacy. He reached in again to kiss her but this time with more force. Maureen let a shriek out before allowing him the taste of her tongue. Oh how he loved her velvet tongue. He clasped her round ass in both hands beginning to grind his hips into hers.

“Jacky,” his kisses were becoming harsh and possessive “come now we’re at work.” That hadn’t stopped her before. Soliciting his attention with lustful text messages or caressing his thigh with her foot under tables. Jack ventured on, his hardened cock evident through his slacks. She clutched on to his throat, squeezing slightly. He retracted his tongue from her mouth. A thin line a of saliva still connecting them. Hurt grew in his eyes. He could sense something was different about her.

“Jacky I’m just not up for it,” she started gradually letting go of his throat “I’ll text you later.” Two words that he didn’t fully understand “text” and “later”. At 34 years old, Jack wasn’t privy to new crazes. So when texting became the primary nuance of communication it made him feel old. Later for her was also new to him. It could mean an hour from now or several hours from now. Or perhaps her favorite time, 2am. Regardless Jack would be up. For her, he would.

She caressed the hardened staff that edged out from his pants. Giving it a little squeeze as she walked out of the room. He moaned, her hand feeling like a vice grip. When her hand left, the pleasureful pressure evaporated and he was left alone.


Jack never rushed home. It had become a desolate land mine of hostility and annoyance. On her part more than his. His SUV pulled up to the driveway of their shared suburban home. Why not get a divorce, he thought before killing the engine. Alice and Jack had no kids together, so it made less sense for them to be together. Although they clearly were over their relationship, Jack tried from time to time. But his continuous rejection made it hard for him.

“I’m home.” He tried to make his statement sound gleeful. Alice was in the kitchen probably fixing another bland spaghetti dinner. He set his bags on the side of the wall and hung up his coat. “How was your day?” He walked towards the kitchen with no answer from her. Jack found his way behind her. Entangling her waist with his arms and pulling her to his chest. She huffed at his spatial intrusion. He pressed on, hoping this sign of affection would rekindle their fire. He pressed his mouth to her ear, nibbling at the lobe.

Alice tried to shrug him off. Her attempts at isolation were fading to the back of his mind. “Let me love you Alice.” He reached around to cup her small breast through her sweater. Her elbow jabbed him painfully into his ribs. He clutched them scornfully “Alice what the hell.” He had raised his voice a small octave. Not even a mouse would be fearful of him. Ego and ribs bruised he retreated to the safety of his bathroom.

He wasn’t sure what hurt more, the rejection of his wife or the blow she dealt to him. He clutched his face in despair. Why would she neglect him? Why would she stay? But more importantly, why would he. It was times like this where his one indulgence would help him through situations like these. He reached into Sakarya Escort the pocket of his slacks to fish out his phone. No text message from her yet. He would reached out to her one more time and this time he would make it risky. The text read: “You’re such a nice cockhold.” The words felt awkward as he wrote them. He hit send before he could change his mind. Often times than not, she had explained to him how meekish he was at times and how he needed to put himself out there. That’s what he tried to do in the kitchen and look where that got him.

Before he could even place his phone on the counter an alert came through. A picture attachment from Maureen. He opened it eagerly hoping to be his light at the tunnel. It was her bare pussy on a marble counter. She always looked so moist in photos, even when she was not wet. He clutched his phone hoping the image would come to life. He could only imagine her tiny body perched up on his bathroom counter. Legs spread open as she played with her breast. He loved to see her pussy glisten from the lights. Making greedy noises as he played with her.

Jack’s cock began to rise with the thought of her. His phone rang again. The text read: “Come get your pussy from Gypsy’s.” Jack jumped at the chance to see her. He retreated back to the front door. Taking one last look at Alice, still cooking in the kitchen, he closed the door behind him.

Maureen stood on the curb of the restaurant. The city was alive with heat from the summer’s sun. Her small maxi skirt rising up as she paced back and forth waiting. Her eyes actively scanning the street for his car. She had been distant lately. Feeling like he needed more than what she could give. A single sigh escaped from her mouth. The breeze from him pulling up to the curb sent ripples through the fabric of her shirt. She climbed into the car with little hesitation. Jack told himself to stay cool, to be how she wanted him to be. He pulled off from the curb and began to drive.

“Thank you Jacky.” She added a sweetness to his name. He nodded trying to hide a goofy smile. He loved getting appraisals from her. Her hand covered his on the gear shift. Her head leaning against his shoulder as he drove.

“You were very mean to me these past days.” He noted keeping his eyes forward. She knew his words were true but didn’t have any need to confirm them. She had used him as a chew toy. Disregarding his texts. Not returning his calls. Even going above and beyond to have lunch with other men. She was indeed neglecting him. She nestled into his arm more. The hand that was on the gear shift drifting to his inner thigh.

“I’m sorry Jacky,” her sweet voice sent chills down his spine “I have been a bad girl to you. How can I make it better?” Her hand was now on his crotch. Jack exhaled deeply, her tenderness is all he ever wanted from her. He gave her question some thought. He could ask her to go down on him but he thought that would bore her. Plus he might wreck the car from that distraction. Maybe asking her on a date but didn’t this count as one. Be spontaneous, he thought to himself.

“I want you…” he cleared his throat. Her hand playing on his most intimate area. “I want you to get a tattoo.” Jack’s words must have sparked interest in her because she looked from her position on his arm. He had thought about their first time together in her apartment and how after, when they were dressing, she spoke of a book series that she had adored as a kid. “I want you to get the VFD eye tattooed on your ankle like Count Olaf.” Her lips pressed into a smile. He had remembered a small detail about her. That was worth something.

“Fine.” She has agreed without hesitation. “But I want you to get it with me Jacky. It’ll be our thing.” Our thing. He replayed the words in his head. Sharing anything with her would be enough for him. He clung to the excitement of doing this with her. Although he never had gotten a tattoo before.

It wasn’t long before they had located a tattoo parlor. They walked in together, Maureen clutching his hand in hers. Jack’s cheeks caught a particular red hue. She explained to the man what they wanted and even agreed to go first. She sat in the chair. “Jacky,” she began to point to a chair at the foot of hers “sit right there.” He complied with her wishes. The tattoo professional gathering his necessary instruments for the job. Maureen cocked open her legs. The maxi skirt she wore did little to cover her bare entrance. There it was, the thing he craved the most. She fashioned her finger to her lips signaling to him to keep quiet.

Jack nodded, he began to notice what seemed like a small pink shaped pill wedged between her pussy lips. He thought it had moved due to her readjusting in the chair. However once she had settled, the small device continued to move. His eyes widened in amazement. She really was his wildflower. A small vibrator was twisting and gyrating inside of her. Maureen bit her lip in anticipation. She knew Jack loved seeing her pussy become slippery.

The tattoo needle’s buzz cut his gaze short. The man had placed a small design on the outside Sakarya Escort Bayan of her ankle. From his position he couldn’t see the inside of her skirt. But Jack could and he was enjoying the sight. The tattoo gun vibrated again, this time meeting her virgin skin. She squealed as it began to drag against her skin. Jack couldn’t tell if her toes were curling from the pain of the tattoo or the device between her legs.

Jack was mesmerized by her but even more so by her cunt. It gave him a thrill seeing her take pleasure. That taxed by her youthful beauty caused him even more excitement. His eyes caught a very unusual mark on her inner thigh, a love bite. It had been days since they were intimate with each other. Yet that mark was there, laughing at him and his ignorance. Of course they weren’t anything official but Jack still felt possessive of her. He leaned back in his seat.

Maureen noticed the change in Jack’s demeanor. She figured that the thought of a tattoo was getting to him. He had finished with the eye on her ankle. She looked down in childish admiration of it. Stretching her leg to get the full view of her ink. “Your turn.” Maureen smiled wickedly. Jack pushed the thought to the back of his mind and revealed his ankle. Certainly he had meant more than any other man she possibly dealt with. After all she didn’t have any other tattoos but the one she was going to share with him.

He flinched at the sudden pain from the needle. Jack wasn’t the one for pain but her sweet smile as he took the needle helped to numb it. He felt the warmth of her hand over his. Her thumb tracing the lines of his palm. A small kiss she gifted him, helping to close his so he could keep it. She was warm-hearted when she wanted to be. And that’s what he admired about her. It seemed as if every quality she had gathered together to form his ideal woman.

The tattoo artist rose signaling that his work had been completed. Maureen aligned their ankles together where their ratios had been placed, the flash of her phone snapping as she took the picture. She smiled down at the identical images and Jack just smiled at her. Although he was elated that she had made time for him, he couldn’t help of think of the mark on her thigh as they retreated back to the car after paying. Beep! The doors unlocked and Maureen slithered into the back seat. How odd, he thought before he buckled in and drove off.

He stole glances through the rear view mirror at her. She was amazed and gleeful at her new addition of art. Still fiddling with her leg, every once and a while the passion mark would mock him. “What’s that on your thigh?” He questioned knowing exactly what it was. Although Jack was an extremely vanilla guy, until he met her, he knew what a hickey looked like.

“Pardon.” She couldn’t be bothered at the moment, still gandering at her tattoo.

“There’s a mark on your inner thigh. I saw it at the tattoo parlor.” She paused at his words for a second. She wasn’t aware that is was there. She scanned her inner thigh and there it was. A single lip shape bruise had been imbedded.

“It’s a hickey” she said seldomly, looking back to him through the mirror. What was he to say? What could he do? Jack had addressed the mark and now he stumbled for an action behind it. He turned right down a cross street and another right placed them into a parking garage. He found a space that was tucked away from the rest of the cars but not too suspicious that it would alert anyone. His car looked out to the bay of the city. Jack stared into the mass body of water. Hoping to find answers on the ripples of the water. Sigh.

He turned over his shoulder to face her. She looked unamused and unbothered by their conversation. “Does it bother you.” Her words seemed curious. Was she truly unbothered by his discovery? Jack pondered, turning back to face the scenery. He had a right to be mad but then again he didn’t. Their relationship was void of a title. And even if it became fruitful, legally, he was still married. Jack was unresponsive to her questioned. He stepped out the vehicle and began to pace on the side.

Maureen watched him like a hawk. She was analyzing him like she did when they first met at the swinger’s party. What came easy to her at first was not becoming more difficult. Jack was changing into a different man, slowly but gradually.

He opened the backseat door and sat besides her. His silence an indication of his resolve. “Jack, it’s not a big deal.” So he was Jack now. Not her Jacky. Not her lover, just a passing body. He reached in for a kiss. Her lips tasting as sweet as ever but missing her usual affection. It all connected now. Her distancing, blowing him off. Maureen was entertaining the company of another. What could he expect? They did meet at a Swingers’ party after all. But he latched on to her lips still, trying to satisfy his own selfish need for love.

“Maureen stop it,” he broke off their one sided kiss “stop it right now.” But this was her. How she operated. He kissed her again and again. But she was unresponsive to his touches. He trailed down to her neck, nibbling Escort Sakarya and biting at her chocolate flesh. It was hard for her to fight back a moan every once and awhile.

That’s what he craved. He continued to kiss her neck frantically wanting her to want him back. A tear began to draw his eye. Similarities of his marriage and his relationship to Maureen were beginning to blur. She was his outlet. His drug and now he was being forced to go cold turkey.

Maureen felt the dampness of his tears against the tops of her breast. He was so fragile but she knew that when she sought him out. She preyed upon him at the party. She got off on it. He was so innocent and inexperienced in pleasure, teaching him was her ecstasy. She caressed the golden short curled locks of his head. Patting them as if she was manually forcing his feelings down. Her hand then changed to aggressors, tugging at them to hold his head up. Jack’s tears shone like diamonds against his blue orbs.

“Oh Jacky,” she smoothed the tears from his face “what am I to do with you?” Kissing the pain away is all she could do for him now. He had gotten attached and as much as she hated to admit it, so was she. His sniffles soothed when she placed her lips on his. He felt like a child seeking safety from a guardian. She crawled into his lap, her legs straddling him. Kisses came like waves of relief for Jack. This moment had made him emotional. But he was glad he felt something with her. Whether it was happy or sad, it had been more than what he felt for Alice. He lapped at her lips as she continued.

This was Jacky, her adorable man child. She smiled into every kiss as if each one increased her own joy. Their shared kisses becoming heated. “Fuck me Jacky” she whispered in between kisses.. Her words giving him the permission to explore her body. His hands gilded under her skirt and against her bare ass. Smack! He palmed her rear after ever smack. Smack! She yelled with glee, his manhood seeping from his boyish demeanor. He reached into her slit and to his surprise it was slippery. The toy she used in the tattoo parlor barely able to stay still. He pulled at it, dislodging it with ease. It was no bigger than a cellphone. He held it out of her opening.

A slow animalistic moan descending from her mouth as he did. He reached down to unhook the latch of his slacks. “No,” she hummed into his ear “fuck me through the zipper.” She nibbled against it’s flesh. “I want her to see my juices on your crotch when you get home.” Maureen always talked dirty when she was ready to be taken. With a nod of agreement he began to unzip his pants. Steering his rock hard dick to the its exit. It judded out of his slacks as if it was a hunting dog pointing out its prey. Jack’s cock was something to be admired. Eight inches of pure meaty girth. A mouthful to say the least.

Just when Jack was about to toss the vibrator in his hand to the side, a thought occurred. He reached under and held the vibrator to her rectum. She had always told him if he took her ass that he would have to go another round with her. Touching her there was a sweet spot. He eased it into her. A whorish moan stemming deep from within. She didn’t flinch or jump as the toy was inserted into her.

Jack was transforming. He walked around in innocents but it only took her a few intimate kisses before he developed into coyness. After the vibrator was wedged into her tight second hole, he began to take her on to his cock. Her juices melting on his shaft. Before his hands could hoist into her hips she began to bounce. Lowering to the base of his cock and lifting back up to the head.

Jack looked down at the sight of her eagerly taking him. He knew he had a big cock, his wife would complain about him stretching her all the time. But Maureen loved it. He was sure that if she was sleeping with another man that he was no match for him cock wise. She still felt tight. Her pussy held onto him like when you shake a person’s hand after and interview.

The sensation of his tongue against her nipples blossomed a new sensation for her. The saliva of his mouth covering thelr their stiffness. Maureen had the most perky titties he had ever seen. Like the ones he saw at topless bars while visiting Florida. A nice bust with a slight swell to make them look fuller. He looked upwards towards her, she always made the most erotic sex faces. To his surprise she was looking down at him, directly into his eyes. He licked at her nipple as if it was the best thing in the world. Wet puddles streaming down her breast. Jack released her nipple with a pop.

Grabbing both of her ass cheeks. He shifted forward, laying her body down between the front seats, her back against the middle console. Her asshole tightening around the toy do to the new position. He pulled himself from her flooded pussy. A drop of fluid leaking as he did so. He gained confidence every time they had sex. It’s as if her pussy turned him into a new man., like Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde. “You’ve been mean Maureen,” he slapped his swollen head on her mound “you need to apologize.” This was new of him, her eyes puzzled at his sudden masculinity. It had always came out during their intimacy but never like this. A smirk coming to her mouth. It wasn’t about dominance in reclaiming his manhood. It was about respect for oneself and from others. She had slighted him without precedence so she needed to make amends.