Manipulating Her Mind Ch. 03


Leaning over her, I kissed her lips, another quick sense of false security. Letting my lust take over, I quickly made her get on her knees. Taking off my belt, I let my cock slide in between her lips once more. I could feel the warmth of her mouth in an amazing contrast to how cold it had gotten outside. Wrapping the belt around the back of her neck, I pulled on each end to give her the silent instruction to take more of me inside her mouth.

One moment of hesitation would give me a reason to harshly punish her. I wanted a reason to punish. I wanted a reason to make her feel pain while pleasing her Master. Looking closely for a reason, I pulled harder and harder with the belt until she began to gag. Feeling myself becoming fully erect again, I looked down to see her slobbering spit down her mouth to her chin.

“Good girl.” I said calmly, as I held her mouth over my dick. Letting out a sudden moan, I slid myself out of her mouth

“Thank you, Master.” she musters in between breaths.

Keeping my belt around the back of her neck with one hand, I used the other to grab her hair to make her stand up.

Jennifer hesitated.

Letting my lustful anger take over, I pulled much harder on her hair, forcing her to her feet right away. She stumbled a bit. Shoving her to the tree and spinning her around, I took my belt and suddenly slapped her cold, naked ass. It was loud, much louder than I had expected. She screamed at the sudden pain.

One thing I have grown fond of is a submissive who knows how to take their punishment. Screaming from pain would not be tolerated. She would be trained for this, right then.

“You will not make a noise, am I understood? We are going to try this again. If you make another noise during this punishment you will receive a much harsher punishment. Am I understood?”

She thought for a moment. “Yes, Master.”

“Ok, put your hands on the tree, right now. Stick your ass out in the air.”

Putting her hands on the tree, she obediently lowered her body and stuck her ass out, away from the tree.

“Good girl. Now, in a moment I’m going to whip you with my belt, a little harder than last time. You are to stare at the tree and only at the tree. You are not to look left or right. You are not to make a sound. Am I understood?” I was so hard right then. My cock was still unbuttoned and out of my jeans, ready to fuck her at any point in time.

“Yes, Master. I won’t make a sound. I promise.”

I was willing to make her prove this. I grabbed the belt and folded it in half, slapping her bare ass incredibly hard. I could feel the impact of the belt and the force reverberating back to my hand.

Jennifer let out a quiet hiss and wiggled her ass left and right, trying anything to shake off the sting from the slap.

I leaned in next to her face. Letting my hard cock press up against her ass, I reached in and grabbed her nipple, giving a hard pinch. Without letting go, I leaned in towards her ear. In a very dominating, harsh voice I told her “You will do better next time, am I understood? No sounds, none. Your body is to remain absolutely still.”

“Yes, Master. Sorry, Master!” She said excitedly.

I saw she was excited by pain. I saw she was excited from her punishment. She was experiencing the pleasure of trying to make her Master happy and the thrill of a painful punishment, no matter the form.

I let go of her nipple and got ready to slap her ass again with the belt. She would get it this time, I could tell. Jennifer obediently kept her head facing the tree and her ass out in the air, waiting for the next painful whip of the belt. I swung the belt again, letting it smack the red-welted spot on her ass from the last spanking. This time she only tensed up a little bit. No movement. No sound.

“Very good girl.” I was impressed. She learned quickly.

I began to slap her ass again, pushing her limits. One slap, then an even harder slap, on the other side of her ass. Then three quick hard slaps over her now glaring red ass followed by a surprise slap to the back of her legs.

Jennifer didn’t move. She didn’t make a sound. She stared directly at the tree.

Leaning over her body again, I leaned in next to her face, letting my hard cock, once again, press up against her ass. Looking over to her face, I saw she had tears streaming down.

“Am I a good girl? Am I a good girl for you, my Master?” She asked, staring at the tree.

“Yes, you are a very good girl.” I was starting to breath heavy, feeling my hard cock rubbing up against her ass as I started letting my hips move to rub around against her. I wanted to fuck her right then. I wanted her body so badly, so fucking badly.

Rubbing her ass, I let my thumb slide over her asshole while I reached around front with my other hand and let it slide over her clit. I noticed her pussy was still very wet. I could feel that she was swollen from being fucked by the stranger.

Jennifer Maltepe Escort began to moan at my touch. I started rubbing her clit up and down and then let my thumb push into her asshole. It was very tight. I didn’t let that stop me and pressed hard enough to allow my thumb to slowly disappear, farther and farther. I could hear Jennifer begin to breathe even heavier as I pushed my thumb in as far as it could go. I held it there, as I used my other hand to begin rubbing her clit in a circle, a bit faster than before.

Sliding my thumb out, I let my hard cock rest between her ass cheeks, pushing up against her asshole. Jennifer tightened up, unsure if she would like this or not. It didn’t matter. She was my slutty sex slave for the night. She would be fucked in the ass, I had decided. Continuing to rub her clit, I pushed my cock against her ass. It was a very tight fit and difficult to get my head in, but slowly I breached her asshole and it began to push in easier.

The tightness of her ass around my cock sent thrills of pleasure throughout my entire body. I just wanted to shove my cock in as far as it could go. I slapped the side of her ass with my hand and then let my fingers dig into her skin. Grabbing harder and harder I began to let my throbbing cock slide in farther and farther.

My cock is a very modest seven and a half inches, it’s also very fat. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing that I can cause soreness with any girl I’ve fucked. I wonder what it’s like for Jennifer to be naked, fucked by a stranger, leaned up against a tree and have a dick shoved seven inches up her ass. Encouraged by this thought, I leaned up against her and let my hips push in, allowing myself to suddenly slide in her as far as I could go.

“Ouch! Owie, owie, owie, ouch!” She was in pain and could not control herself at all. “Stop!” she said, in a half desperate voice.

Jennifer had never been fucked in the ass. Feeling angry that she had allowed herself to be overcome by the pain and allow this to interrupt the pleasure of her Master, I grabbed her hair and yanked it back as far as I could, her head bent back to meet me.

“Did you tell me to stop?” I asked her harshly.

“Please, Master, please. It hurts.”

I will fuck her ass. I will teach her to take the pain. This was yet to be another lesson learned. My mind was too far gone to let anything else happen.

“Put your hands behind your back, right now!” I sharply whispered in her ear. I let go of her hair and slid my cock out of her ass. She sat there for a moment, and then began to put her hands behind her back.

“Are you ready to be taught a lesson? Are you ready to learn to push your limits even further to please your Master? Are you FUCKING ready?”

“Yes, Master.” she said quietly.

“Are you ready? I want more confidence than that.” I leaned in and started rubbing her clit again. I was prepared to manipulate her mind further. I was ready to show her how to let her pain be transformed into pleasure.

“Yes, Master!” she exclaimed, squirming from the touch of my finger on her swollen clit.

“Are you ready for your Master to fuck your ass? Tell me! Are you?”

“Yes, Master!” she said with no hesitation.

Good girl, I thought to myself. It was moments like these when my heart begins to thump almost at its hardest. That moment when a girl is able to overcome her limits and gives in to her Master.

“How much do you want to please your Master?” I continued to rub her clit. I noticed she was shivering a bit. My hands are very cold. I realize it had gotten very, very cold out as the night had progressed.

“Very much sir! I want to please you, Master.” she said, her chest heaving, as she breathes in and out deeply. “I want to cum, Master. I want to cum for you”.

No, I knew this trick. She was trying to distract me from fucking her ass by directing my attention to something other than that.

“No, you will not cum yet, am I understood?”

“Yes, Master.” she said, a bit dejectedly.

“Mm, are you ready for your Master to fuck you? You will cum for your Master when you feel me deep in your ass. Understood?” I kept rubbing her clit, letting my fingers slide down far enough to tease her pussy lips, almost penetrating then back to her clit.

“Yes Master. Please Master. Fuck me!”

“And where do you want your Master to fuck you?”

“In my ass, Master. Fuck me in my ass. Please, fuck me.” She was begging now. She was begging to be fucked in the ass when just a moment ago she was begging me to stop.

I took my belt and began to wrap it around her wrists, which were still behind her back.

“Should I tie up your wrists so you don’t fight me?” I asked her.

“Yes, Master, tie me up. Tie me up and then fuck my ass.”

I finished wrapping up her wrists with my belt and gave the end of the belt a last crude knot. I ran my hands along her wrist to the Cevizli Escort belt and could feel that it was digging into her skin. Fine by me. I wanted this slut to be helpless, naked and outside in the cold. I wanted her to experience a second wave of pleasure that was almost more than she can handle, just the same when she had the strangers dick cumming inside of her wet tight pussy.

Forcing Jennifer to her knees, I shoved her head down to the ground. She was helpless to stop me. I let the side of her face press up against the dirt and fallen pine needles immediately surrounding the tree she had been hostage to the whole night.

I positioned myself over her ass, which was sticking straight in the air, and once again let the head of my hard cock begin to push in. I heard her whimper, which turned into a moan. I slowly pushed my cock into her tight asshole, further and further, feeling myself become even more erect, to the fullest extent.

Jennifer moaned, a guttural sound from deep within her throat. She was experiencing the thrill of giving in to her Master. She was taking great pleasure in the act of this moment, a dark fantasy coming to life.

Sliding my cock back out, almost all the way, I suddenly pushed it in a little quicker and deeper, leaning over and letting my hand press her face to the ground a little harder. I let my cock push that last three inches, to allow myself to be shoved all the way in her ass.

“Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh, God.” These are the only words that could come out of her mouth.

Breathing heavily and quickly, I said to her “Are you ready for me to fuck you? Are you ready? Huh? Tell me”.

“Yes, Master. Oh, God. Yes. Oh my God. Fuck me.”

“Do you want me to fuck your ass? Do you want it to hurt for your Master? Do you want it to fucking hurt?? Tell me!” I was so over the top excited right at that moment.

“Yes, Master, fuck my ass. Make it hurt. God, fuck me. Fuck your dirty whore now!”

I slid my cock out about six inches and shoved it back in so my body slams into her ass.

“Goooooooood. Oh fuck. Oh fuck!” is all she can say.

I would make her my slut. Sliding my cock out a bit further this time, I slammed it back in her ass and immediately did so again, training her ass to allow my cock to slide in and out.

I could tell by Jennifer’s moan that she had never felt anything go in her asshole, much less been fucked in the ass. She was in a whole new world. I wished I could see the look in her eyes. It was too dark to see with her face pushed down to the dirt.

“Are you a dirty whore for your Master??” I asked her.

“Yes, Master. I’m your dirty whore. I’m anything you want me to be.”

Encouraged by her submissiveness, I began to fuck her ass harder and faster. The harder I fucked her the more she moaned from the back of her throat. This was not a moan you could fake. This was a moan when your entire world is consumed by one feeling, which overtakes your body and mind. She was experiencing that right then.

Suddenly, “Master, oh, God. Oh, God. I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum. I’m cumming. I’m cumming Oh, God!”

I began to fuck her ass harder and shoved the side of her face into the dirt as hard as I could. Her whole body began to shake as she started to cum. I could see the first wave hitting her body. I started slamming my cock in her ass as hard as I could. Jennifer could not hold still. The pain of having her ass fucked so hard, and the sensation of cumming just from the pain, was too much for her. She moaned like a wild animal with no control of her sounds. She moaned like a dirty slut, who was being completely used by her Master. She was experiencing, yet again, one of the darkest pleasures that have lived deep in her mind.

I wanted this moment to continue for her. I wanted to take her pleasure to another level. This thought turned me on. I immediately felt myself begin the first feelings of wanting to cum, though I am not ready to do so just yet.

Pulling my cock out of her ass, I reached down and roughly rolled her on her back.

“Spread your legs now!” I yelled at her.

She was trying to react but not quickly enough. I slapped her face, almost wanting to cum at the thought of doing so with her hands bound behind her back. She was able to do nothing to stop the slap in the face. Her only choice was to allow it to happen. There was no choice for her. She was helpless.

I grabbed both legs and spread them as far as I could and quickly shoved my dick in her pussy. The moment I started fucking her I heard voices off in the distance. It was two people talking. Jennifer froze for a moment.

“I’m going to fuck the hell out of you and you are not going to make a single noise, am I understood?” I whispered to her. I could hear the voices get a little bit closer. It was a casual conversation. I knew we had not been caught, but the thrill of being caught again was driving Atalar Escort my mind crazy with pleasure.

“Yes, Master.” she whispered.

“And I’m going to help you to be quiet, am I understood?” I saw her sock within reaching distance and grabbed it. I knew exactly what I was going to do.

“Yes, Master.”

Right as I shoved the sock back in her mouth I noticed it had collected dirt, probably from being wet with her saliva the first time she was gagged with it then tossed on the ground. I didn’t care. I was beyond caring.

I shoved the sock in her mouth slowly, breathing deeply, with my cock resting inside of her. I began to fuck her again, my hard cock going in and out of her pussy. Jennifer took it like a good, submissive slut, hands bound behind her back.

As I began to fuck her even harder she began muffled moans beneath the sock. I could hear the conversation from the two people come even closer. Even more excited, I leaned into her and whispered “I’m going to make you quieter. Are you ready to be even more naughty? Are you ready?”

A nod of the head up and down said she was ready.

I slid my hand up over her tits, up to her neck and let it wrap around. I heard a deep moan of realization that is not my own, as she felt my hand wrap around her neck. Having her beneath of me and helpless, with my hand around her neck, released even more raw dominance from me. She was mine to do whatever I want with. Anything.

I began to fuck her harder and harder. I heard the voices come even closer. I could feel myself getting closer to cumming. I wanted to spill my dominance everywhere inside of her pussy. The harder I fucked her, the harder I squeezed her neck with my hand. She was leaning her head back, dealing with trying to breathe through the sock and her nose, along with being choked. I could see she instinctively tried to move her bound arms behind her back, with no luck.

I’m ready to cum. In one last effort to dominate her one step further, I took my other hand and hold it over her mouth and nose suddenly, grabbing her neck even harder with the other. I wasn’t letting go until I had cum. I knew this already. She was helpless to let anything else happen. I could see the frantic look in her eyes, mixed with pleasure.

I began to cum. I saw waves of the panic beginning in her eyes give way to total, absolute submission. As I started to cum inside of her pussy, I slammed my cock in as hard as I could go. She was silent. Not a sound. As I released myself inside of her I could see her eyes turn wider above my hand. Her head began to shake left and right. The conversation has moved farther away. I had so much cum to give and kept both hands firmly in place, all the way up to the point where I had nothing more to give.

Breathing so very heavily, I suddenly wanted to teach her the ultimate lesson. “Hold still. Be a good girl and hold still for Master.”

I could see her fighting with every inch of her mind and body to do so. She held still for five seconds, overcoming her panic of suffocation.

“Good girl. Such a very good girl.”

I released my hand slowly off of her neck and then her mouth and nose. I yanked the sock out and she took a desperate air of breath, breathing quickly and deeply. She couldn’t move. She was completely spent.

I caught my breath and she did as well. “Oh my god…” she whispered. “Holy, fucking Hell.”

I smiled at her. “You like being a good girl for your Master, don’t you?”

“Yes, Master! Oh, God, yes, Master” she replied with no hesitation and her mouth opened in absolute surprise and joy.

Rolling her over to her side, I took off the belt and she began to rub life back into her hands and wrists.

“Stay right here.” I told her.

She had been such a good girl the whole night. She had learned so much in one night about how to give into her mind. She had allowed her mind to be open. I have a deep appreciation for any submissive who is able to do so. I suddenly wanted to find her clothes, take her home, and keep her by my side.

Walking around, I found her panties and skirt. I quickly brought them back to her. I wanted her to be warm again. I didn’t want her to be caught. My desires for the night had been fulfilled. Watching her, silently and quickly put her skirt back on, I went back out to find the rest of her clothes. Ten feet in the other direction I found her bra and, a few feet from there, her blouse.

After a few moments I had rounded up all of her clothing and she was dressed again. She had hardly spoken.

“Let’s go back to my place for the night.”

“Yes, Master.” she replied as I took her hand and walked her to my car. She was smiling. She couldn’t stop smiling.

I noticed she was trembling and shaking with every step. Tonight had taken everything from her, mentally and physically. We got back to my car and she climbed in the passenger seat. Tonight I would cuddle her to sleep, safely in my bed. Tomorrow would be different though. I already knew my mind. She had allowed me to set the bar very high in one night. I wondered what my mind would conjure up to take this to another level.

I was almost scared at that thought.