Little Sister’s Man

Big Tits

Tonight was Cyn’s first real party after breaking up with Will (real as in; real booze, real drugs, and real people sneaking into the pool to go skinny dipping). Cynthia was never one to do drugs but had a drink from time to time, and really enjoyed going to parties like these but, to be honest, things were always better with her boyfriend around. She had someone to dance with someone to sit and chat with, someone to make out with when she was in the mood. The party tonight was great, it was crazy fun, but as it got later Cyn noticed the crowd dwindling as couples disappeared into nooks, other rooms of the house, some even making their way upstairs to conceal their hormonal sex drives from the rest.

As partygoers paired off in what seemed like greater numbers than before, Cynthia checked her watch and decided 2:15AM was a plenty noble time to head out for the night.

Returning home, she made sure to close the door carefully so as not to wake anyone, not because she missed curfew, in fact she didn’t have one, but just because as she came in she noticed her younger step sister, Raelynn, asleep on the couch under a quilt curled up in her boyfriend, Cooper’s, arms. The two of them are so adorable together! It made her chuckle, quietly to herself, when she recalls all the times over the years that she’s noticed Cooper get nervous around her or try to hide the fact that he can’t help but ogle at Cyn’s body. She never worried about him doing anything that might hurt her baby sister since she can see on his face and in his eyes how much he cares about his girl, but Cynthia can’t honestly say she don’t like the attention.

Tip-toeing to my room, I change out of my lace-up mini bodycon dress that I was secretly hoping would attract more than gawking stares from some classmates’ boyfriends but none were brave enough or drunk enough to try anything more than gaze. I leave on the strapless bustier I wore underneath just in case and the matching silver lace panties because after having a few drinks I started feeling a tad warm, finishing just before turning the corner to drunkenness.

Despite the late hour and my heavy tired eyelids, I couldn’t drift to sleep, though I want to so bad. She can feel the warm itch between her thighs, the one begging to be addressed; to be touched, refusing to allow her to sleep until it was taken care of. Cyn tossed and turned, squirming in her bed, resisting the urge to rub and fondle herself. After over forty minutes of weary consciousness, she gives in, slipping her fingers into her underwear.

Cynthia toggles her own clit for a few seconds before taking her hand out and rubbing over her pussy through her undies, her fingers moving more curiously amidst her covered lips as the warmth grew both inside her and radiated outwards. She felt the heat and in a flash, her second arm darts below the covers to help lower her undergarment to her knees to eliminate any material interference. The fluids coating her lips was somewhat sticky and temperate as she masturbated. Her middle finger took the maiden voyage into her sex, pushing in and out then in and out again, curling into a loose hook form as if it could already detect where she needed to be touched most! She slapped a hand over her mouth to cover the moans elicited by her touch, expecting them to soon grow louder as she zeros in on her g-spot.

Picking up the pace, Cyn inserts a second finger in her cunt and emits a drastic gasp! She’s not watching what’s happening under the blankets but her hand becomes a blurred image as it hurtles in and out of her soaked pussy! Hoping above all hopes that she wouldn’t scream as she peaked, Cynthia took in a deep breath and the button she knew would send into orgasmic bliss!

Much to her surprise, there was no bliss to be found, only utter confusion and anxiousness for release! She pressed exactly where she knew X marked the spot over and over and over again to no avail, only to significantly increase her sensual need to orgasm! She frantically poked some more without much effort in denial of what she knew to be true; her arousal could not be tamed by simple masturbation…this was one of those situations that required outside help.

Once having swallowed that nasty truth pill, she weighed her two options;

) make a late-night booty call and risk waking the parents then getting caught and possibly grounded for life. Her second option she knew would be much easier to acquire, more of a quick fix, if you will, though certain aspects of the idea made her cringe…


Having thrown on her silk kimono type robe, Cyn sneaks her way down the hall and stands at the end where it opened into the living room, clutching the edge of the wall as if Sinop Escort it might hold her back from the crazy idea in her head as she adored the snoozing young couple on the couch.

Cautiously she slid one socked foot after the other on the floor as she made her way across the room, mimicking a figure skater in a rink. She stood behind the furniture, lovingly staring, and feeling regret, tried to turn back to her room where she planned to dildo herself until her climax happened. A sudden throb from below reminded her of the urgency and, biting her lip, Cynthia reached down, covering her sister’s boyfriend’s mouth to muffle any potential screams, seeing his eyes pop open in seconds, motioning with her finger for Cooper to stay quiet and follow her.

Very carefully, he unwrapped his arms from around his beau, recovering her with a blanket flung over the back of the cushion to replace the warmth from his body, and stacked a few small pillows, slipping them under her head so that she wasn’t awoken by a sudden head drop during his absence. Without a sound Coop obeyed his girlfriend’s older sister’s silent request and let her take him calmly by the hand and guide him to where he’d only imagined entering in his wildest ‘it won’t ever actually happen so why not dream about it’ type dreams.

He was then told to sit on the edge of Cyn’s bed and she sat not three feet away from him in a transparent orb chair hanging from the ceiling. Cooper opened his mouth to speak but, as stunned and confused as he felt, no words came out. That didn’t seem to be a problem for her because she came right out and told him in a very hushed tone, “Okay, Coop so here’s the situation; so I’m crazy horny right now and absolutely need to be screwed by a dick,” at this point he opened his mouth again but Cynthia went on to say, “I know you’ve eyes for me since we met,” softly shaking his head in protest, “don’t lie Cooper. Besides, I find it kind of flattering,”. This makes him blush and she smiles, sitting back in her swinging seat, her robe loosening some at the top and allowing him more of a peek at her borderline D cups. The growing lump in his pants unmistakable and Cyn told him, “Coop, I was hoping you could help me with a little problem I’m having tonight. Do you think that can happen?” He nods in response still star-struck that she needs him for something.

She explains about the party and what exactly she was wishing she would get out of again, mentioning a few of her favorite lewd moves, sitting up some in her chair and putting her elbows on her knees, letting the gap in her top widen a bit more. She remembers their age difference and how different things might be in her social life than his, then asks, “Have you ever done anything like this before, bud?” He shook his head, still speechless, and she chuckles under the breath at the idea that she would be the conductor, director, captain of everything that tonight.

Attempting to decide the easiest but hottest way to start things off, she offers, “Why don’t I get us started and you can just jump in when those macho manly instincts that I know are inside of you take over?” He didn’t respond so she takes it as a sign for her to get things started.

Cynthia slid from her seat and onto her knees, motioning for Cooper to sit closer to the edge of the bed. Once they were both in a position she liked, she explained, “I think we should begin with something called ‘Liberate and Lubricate’ “, sending him a wink as she untied his sneakers, placing them behind her on the shag rug and seductively rubbing up his legs. Less than a minute later she shamelessly massaging his groin and squeezing his already throbbing member through his pants. Barely pressing his chest, Cyn watched as he fell back onto his elbows.

Her own urge to be screwed nagged at her and she wasted no time unbuckling his belt lowering them enough to expose the boxers covering his lap and the tall tent pitched inside them. She slipped her thumb and index finger through the slit in his shorts, wrapping them around its base to estimate the size of the cock she was going to be handling. She was not disappointed by the girth she felt and added her other fingers to feel Cooper’s rock-hard solidity.

She lost it after that and tore down his undershorts to his knees, petting and stroking his firm piece hungrily. All she could think of when she saw his cock spring out was a naughty jack in the box. “Cynthia, what are-” but Coop’s question was answered before he could finish it as she tilted his boner, lunging it inside her mouth. Her tongue ran up and down then up and down his length again. The head pulsed while she caressed the hilt and licked the tip like a salty-sweet popsicle. Sinop Escort Bayan She couldn’t get enough of how great it felt to have it in her mouth! Cyn pulled her head back so that only the head of his cock remained inside and violently flickered her tongue against it until the maiden drop of his cum fell onto her eager taste buds! “Ooooooooooh woooow…oouuuhhh,” he moaned in exhilaration.

Cynthia hummed and squealed her excitement as she went to town on his manhood, using her hands to boost his pleasuring; turning and stroking, rubbing and caressing any part of his dick as she cravingly jacked him off!

Her lips moved up and down his cock, encircling his moist flesh, and glossing her lips with every bit of Cooper’s precum as she could. While she didn’t want anyone else to ever know this was taking place, his first blow job was something she never wanted Coop to forget.

Letting his cock slide out of her mouth with a sexy pop, Cyn sat back on her ankles, naughty desires in her eyes and smile as she looked up at her victim wiping her mouth of any stray juices. “How’d that feel?!” She asked him with a carnal tone and a nicely arched brow. It took him a minute or so then he answered, “I think some of those instincts woke up,” and she opened her mouth to what he meant as a sudden rush of strength let Cooper grab her from the floor and drop her on the bed, facing the ceiling.

He yanked his shirt up and over his head, standing on his knees whilst straddling her waist. The hot display of raw masculinity impressed her, and she spoke his name breathily, abruptly unable to catch her breath. Very softly, as if holding a piece of artwork, he slid his hands up the contours of her figure, starting at her hips then gradually coasting all the way to her shoulders. Gracefully she raised her arms above her head, resting her hands on a pillow, in hopes to encourage him to explore further. Stretching forward, already several inches taller than Cynthia, he intertwines his fingers with her clasped hands, leaving a long slow kiss on her forehead. Very slowly, he let go of her hands, letting his open palms drag down her arms as he moved to leave the same kiss on her nose. She whispered his name again, pleading for him to do more.

Cooper’s mouth was, at first, soft on her lips. His hand tenderly cradled Cyn’s face, holding it just beneath the cheekbone, where she never told anyone she like it the most. The hand moves from her cheek, his fingertips tracing down her neck, then playing with the hair that brushed her shoulders. That hand rested in her hair for a moment or two, until she remembered something, turning his head with a finger to look her in the eyes as she muttered, “When I raise my back, unhook my bra,”. A spark of hysteria flashed in his eyes before she raised her body a few inches and Coop dropped to his forearms to follow her instructions, enraptured by the click he felt.

Laying back on the bed, Cynthia raised her arms for him as he removed the loosened garment for her. She was surprised when her girls went grabbed greedily but instead he first let his fingers gently touch the skin around the nipples and the surrounding areas. Once they hardened, he stroked, fondled, and groped them to pleasure her more! He looks at her face to check her reaction. He wanted to make sure she knew how much Cooper loved everything happening that night, but especially her full breasts! After, he cupped her breasts, kissing her on her neck. It was great for her large breasts since his hands couldn’t cover the entirety of her rack. “Ooooh Coops!” Moaning his name in absolute bliss, as much as she didn’t want to, she just had to admit how impressed she was by someone his age.

What surprises her even more was the way he began teasing her nipples. Cooper wet his finger with saliva and gently skimmed it over her nipples, gently blowing on them for a cool effect as if he had previous experience! It was clear to him that he was doing something right by the amazing look on her face.

He couldn’t help it when his hips began moving in that inviting way. As she noticed, Cyn decided to follow his inadvertent lead and asked, “So, Big Boy, why are my panties still on?” He took the hint and casually hooked his fingers over them and pulled them straight down, tossing them away. She followed this idea, slipping her hand down between them and found Coop’s manhood. She rubbed from base to tip and back, feeding the burning flames of his lust. She then reached a little further to feel his testicles, cradling the taut skin in her hand, feeling his nuts roll slowly in her palms. She gently squeezed them a few times and, under her breath, uttered, “My pussy is going to love Escort Sinop these,” just loud enough that she knew he would hear.

With a renewed sense of determination to give her a great screw, Cooper accelerated a bit, the moisture already coating his dick trickled from her hood, over her clit, down her lips, mixing with her juices. With each swipe, more and more as her cunt rubbed against his slick cock. Cynthia’s clit was so sensitive, anticipating his grand entrance!

The grinding continued until she whimpered those magic words; “Coop…oh wow Cooper…Cooper please…PLEASE fill me!” His only response was, “Well, since you asked so nicely…” and no sooner does he finish speaking than he stabbed as vigorous and as deep into the pussy he’d imagined in only his wildest dreams that he had no control of. He crammed his entire piece in her, filling her then and making more room as he forged and swelled.

He finally stopped pushing, for the sole reason that he’d run out of length, even if it did take longer than expected to reach that point. Coop wore a proud smile that covered his whole face. He started moving over and inside me, pulling his penis back then sliding it back in over and over and over again. When he thrust himself in next Cyn pushed her hips up to meet him, seeing a satisfied thrilled expression on his face. He settled into a steady pace and she shoved with him. With Cooper now all manly and in-control, his manhood driving his lady into a frenzy!

Moaning and humming in desire, screeching his name, Cynthia felt herself implode as her orgasm shook through her. All she knew was that she had zero control over her writhing body, huge waves of pleasure racing through her veins!

The moment she comes down from erotic haven, both she and Cooper find themselves lying naked and panting hard. Cyn turns to look at him and mutters a simple ‘thank you’ to which he turns on his side, propping his head up on his hand, and offering, “Same time next week?” She chuckled in amusement a bit, reached over then brushed a strand of hair from his forehead that hung down beside his nose before answering, “Tonight was exactly what I needed Coop, but this was a one-time-only deal. I love Rae so much and I’m going to have to live with the guilt of asking you to help me this for, well, who knows how long and–” “You didn’t force–” “I wasn’t fair to you, bud,” she admitted, giving a deep sigh, moving her hand onto his arm by his side, “I knew you wouldn’t say no to what I wanted. I used you, Coop. I took advantage of you. So because of that I’m only going to ask for one more thing. It’s more of a two-part request though so here it goes; 1) Please promise to never tell my sister, and 2) let me carry that guilt alone. None of this was your doing,” noticing the disappointment on his face, she quickly added, “don’t get me; the things that happen tonight when you were doing me were incredible,”. He gave a weak smile in appreciation then mumbled, “Alright Cynthia. I promise,” and slipped out of her bed and gather his clothing articles from the floor. After redressing, he walked towards the door when Cyn quietly adds, “Wait, hold on,”. She opened the bottom drawer of her dresser and threw on a baseball jersey style sleep shirt, scampering over to him before he could leave.

She took his hands and told him, “I want you to know that everything you did for me, to me—was fantastic and any girl, maybe even my baby sister, that goes to bed with is guaranteed to have an amazing night!” Leaving a sweet but deep kiss on his cheek, letting him step out and gently closes the door behind him, snuggling back in to her bed.

Cooper tip-toed his way out to his sleeping girlfriend on the sofa, standing behind it and gazing at her sleeping form, not ready sneak back in beside her. Remembering the promise he’d made only minutes before, he shrugged off the guilt and rounded to couch to resume the position he’d taken earlier. Running his fingers through her ash brown hair, he brushed it from her shoulder and placed a kiss where her shoulder meets the nape of her neck, then whispers, “I love you more than anything in this world,” before drifting off to sleep.


Inhaling the scent of fresh scrambled eggs and listening to bacon sizzle in a pan, Coop woke up slow, his legs tired and his muscles sore from his earlier activity. Lynn was a vision as she stood humming as she composed her edible symphony. He stepped up behind her and kissed the top on her head. “Good morning Beau. I made you some tea for over at the table,” she said, pointing towards his seat with her spatula.

He hadn’t been sitting for even a full minute before she put a plate of steaming breakfast in front of him. Tapping his shoulder, he turned to face his girl when she planted a romantic long coffee flavored kiss. When their lips separate she lingers a few seconds, hovering under an inch from his face, and whispered, “I love you with all of my heart, Cooper.”