Little Sister’s Best Friend

Anal Sex

Hello, This is my entry into the 750-word story event so it will be a short read. I would like to do an expanded version of this story so please let me know what you liked, didn’t like, and would like to see in the expanded version. Thank you, Storyteller19


Adam went home for spring break and was watching TV in the living room when his little sister showed up with her best friend.

“Hey big brother,” Liz said and hugged him. Anna stood awkwardly in the doorway watching them hug.

“Hey Anna,” Adam said.

“Hi,” she said timidly. Adam checked out Anna, now that she was eighteen it seemed like she was finally developing into a woman.

“It’s been months, hug,” Liz said and pushed them together.

Anna always wore baggy clothing so Adam was surprised to feel Anna’s big tits pressed against him. Adam inhaled the sweet smell of her shampoo. The hug lingered till Liz pulled Anna away and they ran up to her room.

Adam watched TV until late at night when he heard Anna ask if she could join him. “Of course,” Adam said.

Anna sat right next to Adam. She was wearing Anadolu Yakası Escort a white nightie that clung to her petite and curvy body. “How’s college?”

‘It’s fine.”

“Do you have a girlfriend?”

“No. Are you seeing anyone?”

“No, guys don’t really seem to be interested in me,” the sadness in her voice made Adam feel for her, he had been experiencing his own self-doubt lately. Adam had thought that once he went to college he would finally get laid, but he hadn’t had a single date all semester. Adam heard her suppress her crying.

“I don’t know how guys aren’t interested in you.”

“It’s because I’m ugly.”

“You’re not.”

“Yes, I am.”

“I think you are beautiful,”

“You’re just saying that.” Anna looked up at him with tears in her eyes, and Adam could see that she didn’t believe him. Without overthinking it Adam leaned forward and kissed away the tear that had landed on her lips. Anna’s lips parted in surprise and she let out a soft “oh.” Anna recovered from her shock and kissed back.

Their kiss deepened. Adam flicked his tongue Bostancı Escort along her lips. After a moment she responded with her own tongue, clumsy at first, but she got the hang of it quickly.

He felt Anna’s hand on his thigh so he placed his hand on her bare thigh, enjoying the smoothness of her skin. Adam moaned when she grasped his erection that was straining against his shorts. Adam pressed his hand against her panty-clad pussy, making Anna moan. Adam was surprised by how hot her pussy felt to the touch and how soaked her panties were.

Anna slipped her hand down into his shorts and grasped Adam’s cock. She fumbled with it as she started to jerk him off, but even with her lack of skill, her touch felt amazing to Adam. Adam slipped his hand inside of her panties and gently fingered her.

Anna pulled her panties off and then tugged at Adam’s shorts. Adam was surprised at her urgency as she tugged them off and climbed onto his lap. She pressed her pussy against Adam’s erection and lowered herself onto it. She winced in pain as she took him inside of her, but then took his Ümraniye Escort entire length inside of her.

Anna paused for a minute, and then slowly rode Adam’s cock. She kissed Adam deeply. Adam couldn’t believe this, he was finally losing his virginity. Adam started to play with Anna’s tits through the sheer material of her nighty. Anna grabbed at the hem of her nightie and whipped it off over her head, freeing her tits. Adam leaned forward and sucked on her puffy nipples.

Anna started to ride him harder. With each thrust, Anna let out a little moan. Adam held Anna by the hips and started to meet her movements with his own. They both let out loud moans when their bodies interlocked deeper than before. Adam was on the edge when Anna moaned “Yes,” and started to shudder on top of him. With his next deep thrust, Adam came deep inside of Anna. Adam wrapped his arms around Anna and she fell into him as they both recovered from their orgasms.

“I’m sorry I came inside of you,” Adam said.

Anna kissed him. “It’s ok, really, thank you for a wonderful first time.” They held each other for a time. “I should get going before Liz wakes up and realizes that I’m gone,” Anna said as she got dressed. “By the way, I’m going to be spending the weekend here, so…” Anna said as she leaned forward, kissing Adam and pressing her hand to his dick before walking back up the stairs.